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::Resepi Kuih Raya:: Kuih Batang Buruk Recipe
Mar 1st 2007diyanazmanFood glorious food! & Recipe Kuih Raya Share
There is a category in this website that discusses food. In some of the entries I even include recipes of the goodies that I cook. However ladies and gentlemen, they are published not because I would like to share them with you; BUT it is only because I felt like blogging at that time though I had nothing to blog about. Besides my Father in Law at the kampong is very IT savvy, may he happens to view this website, I want him proud to note that the accelerating development of his son’s waistline and tummy is highly contributed by the clueless Daughter-in-Law-in-skimpy-jeans’ cooking. This entry however is in a different league. I assure you that I am absolutely not kidding when I write it because Mel ( has dropped a msg at my shoutbox requesting for the recipe of the “The Ugly Stick Cookie” or more commonly known as “Kuih Batang Buruk”. Except in Malay the name sounds slightly vulgar. To Mel, I found this recipe from my cookbook and I am yet to try it. May be u can give some feedback once you have. Enjoy!

KUIH BATANG BURUK Ingredients for the pastry: 400g wheat flour 200g grated fresh coconut ( only the whites) & toast till golden brown, let cool and

baking powder. Mix flour. Once cool down. rice flour. Fry in hot oil till golden. Once cool. egg. Roll out small amount thinly and cut into small rectangulars (2cm x 3. grind together with sugar and put aside.grind finely 2 table spoons of rice flour 1 egg beaten 2 teaspoon of baking powder Salt to taste Enough water 4 tablespoons of margarine Cooking oil for frying Ingredients for the filling: 200g green bean 180g castor sugar Methods for filling: Roast the green peas in a wok without oil till fragrance. stuff the filling inside it. To shape the rolled out dough into cylinder use the stem of a papaya leaf. Cover the bowl with damp cloth for 30 minutes. toasted coconut. salt and margarine well.5 to 4cm). (God knows where to get this thing so I guess if you can’t find any I think a chopstick or a thick pen will do) Ensure the dough is not too soft else it will not keep its shape. Add water and mix into nice dough. .

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