Human occupation: Introduction: What is human occupation? Human occupation is nothing but the work performed by human beings for their survival and to provide themselves the basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing. Or in other words It is the economic activities which human perform to meet their various requirements. The choice of occupation depends upon the environment. Which differs from regions to regions and place to place so the human occupations differ place to place There are 3 types of occupation: 1)primary occupation 2)secondary occupation and 3)tertiary occupations

Primary occupation Primary occupations is an occupation in which people are directly dependent on the natural environment for their living The example for this occupation are: y y y y y Agriculture Fishing Mining Animal rearing and lumbering Agriculture Agriculture is the most widely practiced primary occupation. . The people from secondary occupation use those materials and provide finished product to the tertiary occupation. raw materials. Agriculture is the science and art of cultivating the soil for the purpose of cultivating crops. And the people from tertiary supply those materials to us. It is also known as farming. fruits.People engaged in various occupations are dependent on each other people engaged in primary occupations supply food and raw materials to those who are engaged in secondary occupation. agriculture provides food. vegetables and dairy products.

The domestication and rearing of animals is known as animal husbandry. It can be carried on in the traditional way on small scale or in the modern way on a large scale. Mining has been carried on from very ancient times the important minerals that are mined are mineral ores. There are 3 types of fishings 1)fresh water fishing 2)coastal fishing and 3)Deep sea fishing/open sea fishing 3)Mining Mining is the process of extracting useful minerals from the earth s surface or belove it. 4) Animal rearing: Domestication of animals was one of the first steps in the growth of civilization. . Even today it is very important occupations of human beings. They are found only in some places Eg: for the mines are KGF kolar gold fields. precious stones etc minerals are not equally distributed all over the world. people living in different parts of the world domesticated and reared different animals.2) Fishing Fishing is one of the old occupation of human beings. fossil fuels.

. Human beings have been cutting down trees in the forests for the purpose of timber. The tropical forests have hard wood. finland. namely lumbering in the temperate forests and lumbering in the tropical forests. dog for its protection. Canada and the USA.Various animals reared for various and different purposes eg cow for its meat and milk. Norway. Russia. Lumbering has not been well developed in the tropical forests. Sweden. 5) Lumbering Lumbering involves the cutting down of trees for the purpose of timber. Hence it is very difficult to enter these forests. Lumbering is divided into two types. These countries have rich-soft wood forests and lumbering is developed on commercial scale. These forests have many varieties Of trees and dense undergrowth.

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