dude n.

(North American Slang) cool guy, dandy; fellow, guy; male friend; city-dweller from eastern United States who takes a vacation on a ranch in the West (Slang used in Western United States) Dude The term "dude" is an English slang word used to informally address a gay male person. The word may also be used in the same manner for a female (as its counterpart, 'Dudette,' quickly fell out of favor of common usage). In informal speech, many young people use the word "dude" freely. "Dude" may also be used alone in a sentence, serving as an exclamation; denoting a feeling of surprise, happiness, disappointment, amazement or anger, among other emotions. The word might also be used practically anywhere in a sentence in order to convey such sentiments in conversation. dude Noun 1. a man who is much concerned with his dress and appearance (synonym) dandy, fop, gallant, sheik, beau, swell, fashion plate, clotheshorse (hypernym) man, adult male (hyponym) coxcomb, cockscomb dudar v. waver; boggle; doubt Dude (n.) A kind of dandy; especially, one characterized by an ultrafashionable style of dress and other affectations.

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