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Hello friends,

I am supposed to answer a interview for designer post. Please could you help me
with the following questions of ProE, as expertise in ProE is a prerequisite...
1)What is trial file?
2)How to interchange the positions of the rows of a parametric BOM in detailing?
3)What is the difference in and
4)What is k-factor and Y-factor?
5)What is formulae of developed length?
6)What is datum target?
7)What is.dtl file?
8)What are snap lines?
9)How to use family tables in Assembly mode?
10)What is parametric format?
11)What is publish geometry?
12)What is package?
13)What is envelop?
14)What is ribbon?
15)What is the difference between reroute and redefine?
16)What is simplified representation and skeleton model?
17)What is restructure?
18)How to associate a particular independent text with a view?
Waiting for ur reply.
Thank you.
P.S: could you please pose some other proe related questions... and provide thei
r respective answers too


1. trail file is a text file that pro/e generates, ercording everything the user
is doing on pro/engineer. and is pro/e crash; one can run the trail file to sav
e his data.
2. never heard that this kind of thing is possible.
3. is setting of pro/e lie units. searchpaths. map keys ets. config.
win is setting of interface.
4. k factor and y factors are formula use to calculate developing length of shee
t metal.
5. L=a+(R=q*s/2)pi*angle/180 +b....................
where a,b.......... are the stright length, R radius, q correction factor and s
material thickness
6. datum targets is used to indicate critical measurement points on the drawing
7. .dtl file controls the behaviour of drawings.
8. vlad has answered this
9. same way as ysed in part mode
10. perametric formats are the formats that take information from the part or as
sembly and changes acordingly.
11. publish geometry is a tool in pro/e that can collect surfaces. datums and ot
her fearture. and can be used in making a new part. (i hope i explained it right
12.package is not fully constrained componenet in an assembly
13. envelop is a simplyfied version of assembly used when working as a team.
one user can take one envelpo from the assembly and work on it.
14. A Ribbon surface is a datum that represents a tangent field created along a
base curve. The Ribbon surface is tangent to reference curves that intersect the
base curve.
15. reroute is taking the feature up or down in model tree. and redifine is def
ining the feature again.
16. simplified representation is to make the part or assembly simple. containing
only the required fetures ar parts. skelton model is a part having some datums
and surface. from referance of whisn other parts are made.
17. restructure is placing the restructuring the parts in assembly. you can take
one part from an assembly and put it in some sub assembly and visa versa
18. use group comand situated in edit tab

1. What is the difference between object reference and geometric associativity?
2. What are the file extensions given to sketches, parts, assemblies, drawings?
3. How should you create a new part or assembly? Why?
4. What is the use of file?
5. What is a trail file?
6. What is the meaning of "store back"?
7. What is the difference between File -> Erase and File -> Delete?
8. What is the difference between File -> Save and File -> Backup?
9. After performing a File, Save As, what is the current object?
10. If I use Window in Pro/Engineer and Close without saving my model, have I lo
st my work?
1. Object reference is a data management term that has to do with the way one ob
ject references another. Geometric associativity has to do with how a parts geom
etry can be changed from the part or drawing.
2. Sketches - .sec, Parts- .prt, Assemblies- .asm, Drawings- .drw
3. You should always create a new part or assembly using the copy from option in
the new dialog box and copy a start part. This ensures the proper layer setup,
saved views, datum planes, parameters, etc.
4. The file contains configuration options which control the behavior
of Pro/ENGINEER. This file also contains user macros which are called map keys.
5. The trail file is a record of every menu pick and screen pick and keyboard in
put during an entire session of pro/engineer. This file can be retrieved and edi
ted and replayed to retrieve work lost during an unexpected failure of a session
6. 'Store back' refers to the behavior in which an object is stored back to the
directory from where it was opened not necessarily the current working directory
7. File erase removes the object from the ram of the computer and file delete re
moves the object from the disk or hard drive of the computer.
8. File save stores the object in the directory where it was opened from and fil
e backup copies the object to the specified directory using the same name.
9. After performing a file save as command the current object is not a new objec
t it is the old object.
10. No.