The Tale of the Tape

Curtis Sliwa
John Gotti Jr. & Andrew Cuomo Knows where all the bones are buried English Proficiency Getting into a cab (and subsequently getting shot) Red Beret & Sateen Jacket Sliwonics i.e. “Moolah Schmoolah” instead of money Armed with a Microphone Imaginary Superhero Street Conservative First Radio partnership ends in divorce; Second radio partnership ends in feud. Will the third time be the charm?


Gerson Borrero
Rudy Giuliani (aka the Pinochet of City Hall), Mike “Miguelito” Bloomberg

Top Ranked Opponents to Date Greatest Strength Greatest Weakness Biggest Misstep Trademark Identifier Language Weapon of Choice Occupation Political Persuasion

Knows who buried them English Proficiency

Partnering with Curtis Sliwa

Dark Fedora & Necktie Spanglish A Pen that’s Mightier than a Sword Muckraker Fiercely Independent Fired from WADO Fired from Noticias 1380 Is numero tres the lucky number?
Photo by Eric Krauss

How Long will it Last?