Before you watch “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”

1. What do you do on Dec 24th and 25th? 2. What is a Grinch?

After you watch
1. Where does the Grinch live? a. North of Who-ville on a hill b. South of Who-ville underground 2. Why does the Grinch hate Christmas? a. His shoes were too tight b. Nobody gives him christmas cards c. His heart was two sizes too small 3. What was the grinch’s idea? a. Dress up like Saint Nick and steal Christmas b. Sit at home and ignore Who-ville 4. Who is the Grinch’s reindeer? a. a reindeer b. his dog named Max c. his mouse named Mark 5. What does the Grinch take from the houses? _______________________________________________ __ 6. What does the Grinch hear in the morning? a. singing b. crying c. playing

Put the words in the correct boxes Toys Decorations House Checkboard Christimas Tree Chimney Stockings Fireplace Roller Skates Pop Guns Icebox Window Drums Light Ornament .

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