Junior and Senor Show Requirements

Photo 2 and Photo 3 Only

Images are due by Friday, February 18th
All students in Photo 2 and 3 classes are required to submit work for the Junior and Senior art show. The show is a county wide event that showcases the best work in the area. It is a juried show and there will be awards given out. Go through all of your work (including photo 1) and select your 4 best images. Once you have your images selected, follow the instructions below on how to submit your work. - Be realistic about your work. If its something that has been drastically edited in photoshop, do not submit it. - If you are having trouble picking 4, submit up to 7 and we can narrow it down later. - Stay away from cliche images

Formatting your images
1. Open your image in Photoshop. 2. Open up Image size (image => images size or Command + Shift + I) 3. Change the resolution to 300 (very important do this before changing the size) 4. Change the size so that your biggest dimension is 7” ---- If your image appears to be pixillated when in full view (command + zero), rescan your original file----5. Save your image as a jpeg in a new folder Goto File => Save as Save your new file in the JR / SR Show folder (see steps 1 and 2 below) If you do not hit “Save as” it will save over your new image

Artist Statement
Keep to a maximum of 300 words. Write in general terms about the body of your work, not just a specific piece. Things to consider in your statement: What have you been interested in exploring this year? What is your concentration? What artist mentors have been an influence on your work? Talk about the technical process of making your work and the meaning/theme and ideas behind the work. What are you planning to do with art in the future? Write your statement in Microsoft Word or TextEdit.

Submitting your images to My Book (for a completion grade)
1. Go to “my book” => turn in folder => Jr / Sr Show 2. Create a new folder with your Last name followed by your first initial. - Ex: Hanson M 3. Copy your work over if it is not already saved into the folder. 4. Label your work: Last name, School Abbreviation (HoHS), Image # - Example: HansonHoHS1 - You will be required to have a title for each piece by February 25th, Untitled is unacceptable 5. Copy your artist statement over in a separate file (either word or text edit)

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