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Songwriter's Monthly Jan. '11, #132 - Kekell Sá

Songwriter's Monthly Jan. '11, #132 - Kekell Sá

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Brazilian-born pop star Kekell Sá talks about her current single, "Addict!"
Brazilian-born pop star Kekell Sá talks about her current single, "Addict!"

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Published by: SongwritersMonthly on Jan 31, 2011
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Kekell Sá

“Wow!” Factor

Songwriter’s Monthly - Jan. ’11, #132


“I love writing songs that make people feel sexy.”

Scores of extremely talented individuals dream big. However, even among the ranks of the most gifted, very few have what it takes to launch themselves from the respected label of “artist” to the revered status of “star.” Fewer still could even remotely ever consider that one day they might earn the title of “superstar.” Brazilian-born artist Kekell Sá is one of those few who could seriously consider that possibility. What makes her a candidate? First off, she has a killer instinct for writing melody and beats that would make Max Martin crazy-envious. Second, she possesses such a hypnotic fluidity to her movements that she dances like a Songwriter’s Monthly - Jan. ’11, #132

silk scarf caught in a gentle breeze. Third, her voice is so crisp and pure — even when she’s singing a little naughty — that listening is like sipping from a pristine mountain stream; it’s an invigorating experience. But even with those appreciable abilities, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Kekell will be able to capture and sustain the attention of the world. It takes something more. It takes that extra, intangible quality that keeps fans listening, watching, googling, and religiously following tweets. It takes a “Wow!” factor. Kekell has just released the latest single from her debut album. The track is entitled “Addict.” It is a driving, http://www.scribd.com/SongwritersMonthly

effervescent pop song charged with enough sexy to out-chart Britney, Enrique, Katy and Bruno. Kekell was

KS: I'm learning to play the guitar and piano. SM: At what point do you work with a producer? Do you wait until you have a song nearly finished or do you work together from the start? KS: It all depends on the song. Sometimes I tell him an idea, or even start creating a beat and send it over to him so he can add his magic, or he may send me a couple of beats to choose from, or we sit down and start a beat together. It's similar when coming up with the lyrics and melodies. Sometimes I have an idea and I record it and send it over to him and he may create something from

“My inspiration comes from the energy I get from the beat.”
gracious enough to answer a few questions about her music, her songwriting and even her fans. Songwriter’s Monthly: What inspired the current single, “Addict?” Is there a story behind the song? Is there someone who gets you that worked up? Kekell Sá: "Addict" is all about having fun, feeling sexy and letting go of inhibitions. I'm Latin and I love writing songs that make people feel sexy. I don't like to write songs too specifically about my life experiences. My songs are not a diary of my life; my inspiration comes from the energy I get from the beat, or from a cool concept I may have had, and may vary from the mood I'm in. SM: Do you tend to write beat first? KS: It's easier for me to write songs with a nearly complete track. Sometimes I come up with a melody without any backing music, but it comes easier if I have a beat. Sometimes I will put together a beat just to get the melody. SM: Do you play any instruments? Songwriter’s Monthly - Jan. ’11, #132


KS: I love every bit of it. I love the whole process of a song coming together, but I feel complete when I'm on the stage — the energy of the song and the crowd is absolutely magical. SM: What part of songwriting (if any) requires the most work? KS: The hook, because it's not only about writing what you want, it's creating that catchy hook, something easy to remember and sing along to. SM: What part of songwriting (if any) comes without effort? KS: Melodies and harmonies come to me like magic. SM: Would it be accurate to say I hear some J.Lo influence in your music? KS: When It comes to influences, it's hard for me to name one or two. I don't like to look or sound like any other artist because my music is my creation, it's who I am and where I come from. I work very hard on creating a unique and fresh sound. However, when it comes to describing it, it's easier to say that I'm something “like” a Brazilian version of J.Lo or Shakira :) SM: With your music, image, talent, style and charisma, do your fans ever get out of control when they meet you in person? KS: (smiles) My fans are amazing, they are the most rewarding thing about my career. When you put so http://www.scribd.com/SongwritersMonthly

what I've sent him, or we come up with ideas together right there on the spot. When we are all ready, we get together and lay it all down. SM: You’ve lived in a number of different places around the world (Brazil, Spain, Jamaica, London, etc.), do the different locations change the way you write or influence your style? KS: Most definitely! I love being versatile and mixing all the cultures and styles and making them my own! SM: What is your favorite part of what you do (writing, performing, recording, touring, dancing, etc.)? Songwriter’s Monthly - Jan. ’11, #132

much love into something and you have somebody loving it as much as you do, it's incredible. But yes, they

“ I want people to forget about their problems and get carried away with my sound.”
can get a bit out of control and they all want a piece of you to take with them. SM: Your voice and vibe can be so different from track to track, do you ever think of songs like different characters? Do you ever think of yourself as an actress when singing/ performing/writing?

KS: Most definitely! I love different side of me in Interpreting a song takes skills to deliver the emotions accurately.

expressing a each song. some acting words and

SM: In closing, is there anything that you’d like to bring up about yourself or your music? KS: The most important thing I want to bring with my music is happiness and joy. I want people to forget about their problems and get carried away with my sound. I want people to get inspired and have a little moment of joy with every song; that's the way I enjoy music and I want everyone to feel the same! To hear Kekell’s latest single, visit: www.kekellsa.com

Songwriter’s Monthly - Jan. ’11, #132


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