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The Enrichment Project
DNR: Flying WILD
1. Flying WILD.
Flying WILD has over 40 activities focused on birds. They explore conservation and
environmental issues through contests, quizzes and hands-on projects. Review the table
of contents to see what this program has to ofer.
2. The Birding Beat.
Review “The Birding Beat” activity available online. Is this something you can incorporate
into your programming?
3. Gulf Oil Spill resources.
Review the materials for the Gulf Oil Spill resources.
4. Explore birding links.
Explore the extensive list of links to additional birding resources.
5. Participate in a Flying WILD workshop.
Find and participate in a Flying WILD workshop. Review all of the materials you
receive free at the end of this workshop. Explore one or two activities that you can
use with others.
6. Incorporating Flying WILD with Girl Scouts.
Look through the provided lists to see what activities you can incorporate into your
Girl Scout activities.
7. Incorporating Flying WILD with Boy Scouts.
Look through activities to find out how to incorporate Flying WILD with Boy Scout
8. Create an activity box.
Create an activity box based on the program/youth you work with to introduce adults
to Flying Wild. Include instructions on how the activity works and where the adult can
get their own materials if they are interested in learning more.
9. Service.
Explore how you can do a service project with a group or individually — based
on Flying WILD. Plan and do your project.
Flying WILD
Flying WILD deals
with migratory
birds – conservation
and environmental
Flying WILD is a part
of Project WILD.

10. Become a trainer or coordinator.
Find out what you need to do to become a trainer, coordinator or volunteer for Flying
11. Explore ways to share Flying WILD.
Find ways to share Flying WILD with others beyond those listed above.
Sites to Explore
All links are provided within the steps above.
Check out larajla’s Enrichment Project
to start your own adventure.

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