Useful Excel Shortcuts

Shortcut F1 Key F2 key F3 F4 F5 F7 F12 Ctrl keys Ctrl and A Ctrl and B Ctrl and C Ctrl and F Ctrl and H Ctrl and I Ctrl and N Ctrl and O Ctrl and P Ctrl and S Ctrl and U Ctrl and V Ctrl and X Ctrl and Y Ctrl and Z Ctrl and 1 Ctrl and Home Ctrl and End Ctrl and Page Down Ctrl and Spacebar Shift and Spacebar Shift and Left cursor Shift and Right cursor Alt and = Alt and F8 Ctrl and ; Ctrl and : Left arrow Right arrow Up arrow Down arrow Page Up Page Down Result Help Edit current cell Paste Name If used whilst typing a formula makes a cell reference absolute Goto Spell Check Save As Select entire worksheet Toggle bold text Copies the item or items selected to the clipboard Displays the Find dialog box Displays the Replace dialog box Toggles Italic text Creates a New File (copy mistake whilst typing!) Open file Print Save file Toggles underline text Pastes the contents of the clipboard Cuts the selected item Redo the last undone action Undo the last action Displays Format Cells dialog box Go to top of worksheet (cell A1) Go to end of Worksheet Go to next worksheet Select entire column Select the entire row Select all cells to the left of the active one Select all cells to the right of the active one Autosum Macros Insert Current Date Insert Current Time Move one cell to the left Move one cell to the right Move one cell up Move one cell down Up one screen Down one screen

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