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Chinese New Year With Prasetiya Mulya Toastmaster Club

Chinese New Year With Prasetiya Mulya Toastmaster Club

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Published by: Christine T on Jan 31, 2011
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Chinese New Year with Prasetiya Mulya Toastmaster Club The mission of Prasetiya Mulya Toastmaster Club is to provide

a multually supportive and positive learning environment in which every individual member has the opportunity to develop oral communication and leadership skills, which in turn foster self-confidence and personal growth. What·s your plan for the upcoming year of Rabbit? Prasetiya Mulya Toastmaster Club has held its meeting on January 26th, 2011 in Room 2105 at 18:20 WIB with a total attendance of 22 members. This current 9 month-old club always hold its meeting on the 1st and 3rd week of the month and many roles are available for members which requires different skills and ability that can be useful in the future worklife. The theme of this meeting was ´Chinese New Yearµ and the word of the day was ´Prosperity. ´All members had to wear RED as their dress code. The Toastmaster of the Meeting was Maryani Koswara (our mentor) and the General Evaluator was Donnie Naragung ( Batch 40). One of the most important event that occurred in this meeting was the inauguration of 11 new members from MMR 43 batch. Congratulations to«««««««. Some of these members will be the 2nd executive offcers of Toastmasters from April 2011 ² April 2012. There were few types of speeches addresed such as Table Topic Speeches, Prepared Speeches, and Evaluator Speeches. All of the members are encouraged to mention as many Word of The Day, less ´Ah,µ correct grammar, and use of words with interesting flow. The Table Topics Speaker is the most challenging part of a Toastmaster meeting and continues a long-standing Toastmasters tradition ² every member speaks at a meeting. But it·s about more than just carrying on an anxiety-ridden tradition. Table Topics is about developing your ability to organize your thoughts quickly and respond to an impromptu question or topic. The Topicsmaster in this meeting was Ardi from Batch 43 will give a brief description of the purpose of Table Topics and mention if the topics will carry a theme. The Topicsmaster will state the question or topic briefly and then call on a respondent. Each speaker receives a different topic or question and participants are called on at random. Your response should last one to two minutes. Now, take a deep breath and get ready to be remarkable! The speakers were Henny, Karina, Yohan, Mita, and Nico ( all from Batch 43) The winner for this session was Karina. Congrats Karina! The next speeches were the Prepared Speech, In order to earn Toastmaster Competent Communicator Certificate, each member is obligated to present 10 prepared speeches with different objectives. The prepared speeches were carried

by Paramita Sularso, Koessulistyanti, and Christine M.Tan (all from batch 40). All of the topics were about the theme of the meeting. The winner for this session was Christine. Congrats Christine! And as for the evaluator were given 2-3 minutes to present their evaluation regarding the prepared speeches. The guideline for evaluation are available in the manual handbook called ´Competent Communicator.µ The evaluators were Sartono Hendrarso for Paramita·s speech, Mutiardani for Koessulistyanti, and Paramita Apsari for Christine. The winner for evaluator was Sartono Hendrarso. Congrats Tono! After the evaluation session, the Grammarian by Sidarta (batch 43), the Ah Counter by Putri (batch 43), Ballot Counter by Desta (batch 43), and Word of The Day Counter by Intan (batch 43) announced the winners. After all of these General Evaluator helpers evaluate and then the meeting is concluded by the President.

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