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Project Proposal Approval Form

Project Proposal Approval Form

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Published by: Sean Hodgson on Feb 01, 2011
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Project Proposal Approval Form

1 2 3 Team Name and Chrome Engineering # Team #1 Project Title Laboratory Development Project Company or organization Sponsor name and phone number Brief description of the project Dr. Michael Lipsett University of Alberta Mechanical Engineering Name: Dr. Michael Lipsett Phone No. (780) 492-9494 Planning the setting up of a new laboratory in Room number MEC E 1-38 in Mechanical Engineering building by migrating the equipments and infrastructure from room numbers MEC E 2-22 and MEC E 2-14. The planning should facilitate coordinated and optimized movement of lab resources in the most efficient way possible such that the disturbance to the ongoing work/studies in the building is minimized. Laboratories affected by the migration process need to be thoroughly inspected for available furniture and equipment, and a tentative layout of the new lab in MEC E 1-38 needs to be prepared. Discussion with students, researchers, faculty members and administrative staff who are going to be affected has to be undertaken and feedback should be incorporated in the project plan. The migration process will be conducted after the winter term of 2011 ends. • Personal interaction with client • We are dealing with a lot of stakeholders • A great learning experience • It is a complete project • Client priorities (due in 3 months)

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