Fallen Into Darkness


Chapter One
Her tears stung her eyes, and her head pounded as her blood rushed to it, the sound reverberating in her ears. She whimpered a tiny, animalistic sound of agony, muffled by the duct tape plastered across her mouth. He'd taped her wrists and ankles, too, but she'd lost sensation in her extremities hours ago. Desperately she tried to breathe through her nose, feeling as though she couldn't take in enough air, and as her abdomen bounced on his shoulder her stomach boiled in reaction to the pain. She longed to heave violently, but even the luxury of vomiting was denied her for she knew that with her mouth sealed, she'd only suffice to drown in it. Oh God, oh God, oh GOD! Another wave of panic overcame her as she hung helplessly. She felt her blood, moist and sticky between her legs and the throb of her sex and her ass from the brutal rape just a little earlier. Please, God. God had abandoned her hours ago. And now her captor and rapist carried her to the final dumping ground. It made sense. You don't just brutalize a girl and then leave her where she can get help, identify you, and then accuse you later. No, when you do horrid things like rape and torture you hide all evidence of indiscretion somewhere no one will ever find it. She looked around desperately, thirsting to see something; anything that would tell her what was going to happen; where she was. When he'd driven with her locked in his trunk for what seemed hours she'd feared he was taking her out to the harbour to dump her. She'd curled in a miserable ball; hot, sweaty and stifled. The trunk reeked of something rancid, and she didn't dare imagine what he could have allowed to rot in here before. But when he'd lifted her out, blinking into the grey dawn, it smelled fresh, green and moist. The rustle of leaves in the breeze was music to ears that had only heard the bump and whirr of tires on pavement for hours. They were in a wooded area; a remote wooded area. Every serial killer flick she'd ever seen passed before her eyes; especially the parts where they found the dead bodies buried in the forest. But he didn't have a shovel. It had made her hopeful. He'd pulled her roughly out of the trunk and threw her over his shoulder, the impact on her pelvis making her moan in pain as he handled her more like a corpse than a living, breathing woman anymore. Then he carried her for a long time, stomping through the woods breathing heavily, but saying nothing more. Finally he'd made his way into some kind of cave; some kind of abandoned mine shaft perhaps, and they walked down into the ground for a long time. Oh GOD! He's just going to abandon me here to starve to death! Or... She didn't allow herself to continue with the thought. Tears filled her eyes again and she cried in misery yet again. Who wouldn't when your panties were soiled with your own blood, your arms and were legs bound, and your captor and rapist grunted but said nothing else as he carried you down a rocky hallway. Yes. It was a hallway. It seemed like a mine shaft on the outside, but as they continued inside the floors were finished. In the dim light of his flashlight she could see peeling linoleum, concrete walls...what kind of place was this? Perhaps there were many bodies here? Bodies of the girls who'd denied him? She'd gotten the idea after his screaming and beating and raving that most women didn't refuse his attentions. And by looking at him, you could agree. He was gorgeous; dark brown hair, beautiful blue eyes, a ruggedly handsome face. Any woman would spread her legs for him, right? Except she'd said no. She didn't have any reasons as he'd pressed her. She wasn't a lesbian, she didn't have a boyfriend. She just didn't want his company for the evening. That had been the wrong thing to say. Because she got his company; in her pussy, in her asshole, and in her mouth. His condom-covered cock had invaded every orifice on her body beating her as he did it. Now all she could do was cry and wait for whatever he was going to do with her.

Finally he stopped. She couldn't see much hanging over his back like she was, but she didn't want to just quit caring. She closed her eyes and listened, hoping the sounds would give her an indication of what was happening. Her stomach boiled again, and she swallowed back another wave of sickness. Hanging upside down draped over his shoulder wasn't helping much with her pain and nausea. Her ears began to buzz as she felt an even thicker darkness descend upon her, the darkness of unconsciousness. Then a beautiful sound echoed in that throbbing blackness. It was a song; a Chopin Nocturne she remembered from long ago. It had been her mother's favourite one. In such a dark time, the sweet comfort of fond memories overwhelmed her. Even as she tumbled into unconsciousness, she remembered the song, she remembered love, and she remembered the haunting melody of a time long gone. There was a creak of hinges and then her body was tossed quickly into a dark room. The door slammed shut behind her. *********** She awoke lying on the floor in thick darkness. She whimpered; the only sensations were the cuts stinging her face, her throbbing body and her hearing. She tried to huddle into a ball. The chill of the ground seeped into her aching body making her even more miserable. "You are awake," said a soft, male voice. It was strange; sensual, but weary, as though the act of living was a chore. "Mmm," she whimpered through her gag. For a moment she rejoiced. She wasn't alone! And then she panicked. She wasn't alone. "I would approach you," he said. "But..." there was a hesitant pause, "I do not know my own control." She tried to huddle into a smaller ball. She doubted it would protect her. She was already tied up, it wasn't as though she could fight. "What is your name?" he asked. "Mmm," she moaned again through the tape across her mouth. "Ah," he said. "You are gagged. You smell of blood and sex," he said. "You smell of fear, of pain." She choked back a few sobs bravely. "I am going to come near you," he said after a moment. "But I must explain. I am a vampire. I have been imprisoned in this place for a month at least, and I am greatly weakened. That is why he put you here. He thought that I would be consumed with bloodlust and I would kill you like a monster in order to replenish myself." The voice sighed. "He is partially correct. I am desperately hungry, but I am also very old. Such things are more under my control than what he thinks." She could hear him move, his step was light, though she could hear that he took deep breaths as he approached her. "The reason I am telling you this," he said as he drew near, "is because when I get closer to you, I will have to drink of your blood. There is no way I can resist. I can smell it on you, and it makes desire course through my veins. It has taken all of my strength to let you remain unmolested this long." His voice was very close. She wanted to cringe away in fear, but she couldn't move; his words almost seemed to enchant her. "It is not painful," he continued in his smooth, coaxing voice. "I promise not to drink too much. Only enough to give me some strength back." He was right next to her and she could feel his hands upon her stroking her hair from her face gently. As if his touch released her from the strange enchantment she screeched behind her gag and tried to pull away. "Easy," he said even as he took her in his arms and held her body with a strength that belied his

In fact. "There." she wailed." she paused and buried her head in her hands sobbing." he replied. and he held her body close to his almost cradling her. "He raped me. His voice was stronger now." he said." he said." he said holding her close to him still." "Where am I?" she asked quietly as she rubbed her wrists. "I was hoping you could tell me. but almost like good love-making. She whimpered a little. "Do not move. but wiggle your fingers. child. Her body quivered in enjoyment as he drank. "No. "I believe that this is some old laboratory in the forest. Why would he wish to do this?" She shivered." He held her head still with her hands even as she panted in terror. "Oh God!" she wailed. Gently he picked at the duct tape on her mouth and peeled it away slowly." he said. She could feel a terrible drain. but it wasn't painful. or perhaps you feel them too much. . "I know it's painful. "If I drank more I would be able to see you." he said in a commanding voice. "I was sitting at a café reading and he walked by and started talking to me." she said trying to be calm about it. He spent the entire night. "At least now you are not bound. "Are you all right?" he asked her. "and you were so brave. Finally he licked the wound at her neck closing it completely and sending a shiver down her spine. It was euphoric." he added gently. "Thank you. "I promise I will not hurt you. "I will remove your binds." he coaxed. The command didn't keep her from choking another sob as she felt his warm breath near her neck though.. and I didn't think anything of it. At that command it seemed her will to fight left her and she no longer struggled against him. child. "Good girl. but then they closed in pleasure and her body relaxed. "This room is not a natural cave." His fingers touched her face. He asked me to go with him to dinner but I refused." He then picked at the tape around her ankles until he'd removed it. it tore open the bruises and cuts on her mouth from her captor's abuse and she felt the coppery taste of her own blood in her mouth again. even more sensual than before. It was him. "Are your feet bound." he explained.." he said gently. her body relaxing and submitting to his feed. It is sealed with a keypad. but a car pulled up beside me and someone grabbed me and threw me inside. "But I did not wish to harm you. Rather I think it was to kill you. it was strangely sensual. Blindly he worked at the tape peeling it away from her wrists until she whimpered as he finally pulled it from her skin. Suddenly there was a sharp pain and a wetness against her throat as his mouth latched on her neck right over her jugular." he paused. though try as I might I have not been able to crack the code. "I did not expect you to be brought here. He kept pressing the matter. child. She did as he commanded. I left the café a little later. her eyes filling with tears yet again. "Shh." "Why am I here?" she asked. Despite his tenderness. He took her hands and touched her fingers making her wince for the circulation had been cut off for a long time. then he let out a quivering sigh." he said. "I can tell from the coolness of your fingertips that you cannot feel them yet.weary voice." she replied. It wasn't the bloody atrocity they showed so much on the TV shows where the vampire ended up ripping out a person's throat. I am sure it was not to keep me alive. too?" "Yes. her heart pounding violently. She shook her head desperately and struggled madly whimpering her protest. It was melodious. "Forgive me. For a moment her eyes widened in panic realizing that he was feeding. They were sticky from the tape and sore from how much she'd pulled on them. He ran his hands across her body noting her arms taped behind her back. His mouth was pressed against her throat.

. It was almost a hopeless sound." he said. "That is my true name. The more fantastic your stories become. "You are stuck with me as your cell mate." he admitted." "Your neck is sore?" he asked his voice concerned. my teachers reported my parents twice. It's Elianna Kennan." "Does sunlight kill you?" "Eventually the prolonged exposure to sunlight can kill us. I find their perceptions amusing and thankfully far off base. They usually fade quickly. "They have gained power through technology and they would put vampires in one of their labs prodding and poking us trying to learn the science behind our power. the less-likely they are to be believed. "I did not wish to bring you any more harm. "Let's see. though. what would you think? The effects of Christianity have no power over us.. "So he dumped you here to destroy the evidence. "Do not be ashamed. "I never believed in you." "It's a pleasure to meet you. too. "This is what they show on television about vampires?" She laughed a little. "I guess so. "There is plenty of evidence on my body. "Yes." he said. For some reason she didn't want him to stop talking to her." she said through her tears. "I never believed in vampires. But when I am feeding regularly and am back to my normal strength. Women have always been the spoils of war. I was created beforehand. My body marks easily. though." He sniffed. and taking away the horror from her last eighteen hours. because if you just grab me harder than normal I bruise." "What all that stuff about holy water. you know the stuff the show on TV." He laughed. though doctors say nothing is wrong with me. In today's time." she said. "Do you now?" he asked. and men have raped and brutalized them when they should respect and protect them. but you just drank my blood a few minutes ago and now my neck is sore. but everyone just calls me Anna." "Forgive me. for vampires keep this knowledge hidden." "Will you tell me about vampires?" she asked quietly. ." he admitted. When I was little. stakes through the heart. I would not last long. I am called Alexander. "It is not supposed to hurt you. "My name is. If you saw me in the light I'm probably covered with bruises. Alexander LeGaulle. petting her comfortingly.. child. "There were a lot of shows about vampires about a decade ago." "Is all the stuff they say about vampires true?" she asked. "If I were to walk out into the sunlight in my weakened state. tangled hair." he said when she had finally settled a little. He ran his fingers through long. "But my people have no desire to refute it. "Actually it's Elianna. I am very much like a human. "That has been the way of men for centuries." She laughed bitterly." "We do not usually reveal ourselves to humans these days." he mused thoughtfully. "Mostly not." she said. We are older than Christianity. You are one of the few alive who know it." "Who are you?" she asked." he said." "My name is Anna. "Humankind goes through cycles of fascination like that." she said shuddering." he replied.He took her in his arms and drew her close holding what felt like a lithe. His voice was comforting her. Anna. delicate body in his arms as she sobbed brokenly. crosses. I will answer all your questions. "I suppose everything is sore. "My name is Cael. He ran his finger across the place he'd drunk sending another shiver down her spine." he said gently." he paused thoughtfully for a moment and then he sighed." he admitted.. turning to dust when you die. You must know what to expect from me.

. and usually I am a creature to be reckoned with among my kind. except of course I shall be accompanied by the smell of your body decomposing. "No." he said. We are creatures of the night.and was alive during the time Christ was walking the earth." she snapped angrily. but in Greece and not in Israel. "But it is also reality." "I don't want to die. "I do not know. judging by your slenderness and that you were brutalized before you were disposed of here you will probably die from lack of water. "Yes." "Can you fly?" she asked. We do not turn to dust. "No." he admitted. as will prolonged exposure to sun light." he said sadly. "I'm so tired. I was turned long ago by another vampire. In five to ten days. when I am feeding regularly. "You have satiated my need for the moment. but simply dead corpses like humans. a blur of movement to your eyes if you saw me at all." he admitted chuckling a little." He sighed. "I am sorry. "I wish. Anything through the heart will kill us. though. I have never died. Some people say we are the 'undead' but that is a misnomer." "Okay." He sighed and leaned against the door holding the warm girl against his body letting her sleep. You are right. But I have power over the minds of humans. "It is the loss of blood and probably your torture from last night. I fear... too. I'm sorry the floor of this place is not more comfortable." "Won't you be tempted to have another. though in my weakened state. "Cael. I can also move very quickly." he agreed. child. "You can hold me when I sleep." she said." she whispered." she said. yet." "Yes. Anna. I have other magic." she paused not knowing a delicate word for sucking her blood. "Believe it or not. Anna. Then I will be alone once again." "That's disgusting. It is nice to hear a kindly voice after all this time. "I fear that we will both die in this place. I daren't use it. If you like I can hold you while you sleep." "What's going to happen to me?" she asked quietly. your presence comforts me a little too. I have been here a month waiting to die." he replied.

. she pleaded. too. he grew more violent. uncontrollably. She lay gasping even as he pounded into her viciously. She begged." She could feel the blood as it dripped down her legs. Anna. Finally she quieted. You know you love it. She began to convulse as he pushed deeper into her. "I want to go home.. He started chuckling darkly. She stared in horror at his blood-soaked cock. "Cael?" she whispered at last. She sobbed brokenly. "Yes." she choked as the nightmare of her dream overshadowed the warmth once again." he admitted. calming her. She hadn't considered that a vampire might cry. "No.. Her heart and her breathing slowed as she came off the adrenaline high from her struggle and she breathed heavily once again." "You?" she asked in amazement. sensual warmth of his words slide over her body and her mind. The voice in her head screamed at her. Fight! Her eyes flew open only to be in darkness." said a smooth. to pull her head into his lap. but his grip was like iron crushing her limbs against her body rendering them immobile. It was almost like the light brush of a lover's fingertips across her sensitive flesh and she felt her body tingling and trembling. sensual voice.. but as her shrieks grew more desperate. She was lying on top of him and he had pinned her arms to her sides and she could feel his legs wrapped about hers to keep her from kicking. fight. knocking the breath out of her. stroking his fingers through her hair. "Me. His words felt warm and soft. Her struggles subsided as she let the strange." he said evilly. You know you wanted it all along. and they flowed over her like a tender caress. but he slugged her in the side with his fist. almost like someone emerging from a deep comforting sleep. "No. soothing her. He pulled out of her and grabbed her turning her roughly to face him. "If I feel your teeth. please! Please!" "Easy. "Squeal like the little whore you are. "I don't want to die." "Oh God. She sobbed brokenly. He was so much bigger. "Please. Fight. except that strange echoing voice in the back of her mind.. flailing wildly.." he breathed." She repeated it over and over again choking and trembling. "Easy. FIGHT!!! She shrieked and pulled with all her might trying to flail wildly." she begged. She had nothing left to feel. "No!" she wailed. He stuck his fingers in her hair and twisted it around his fist. Someone was restraining her." She choked as he thrust into her mouth." she said to him after a while. a man. She struggled and flailed against him trying to escape the ripping pain. "I have spent many an hour crying for my home the same as you. rocking her. but he held her close.Chapter Two Anna screamed and tried to wriggle away as his cock ripped into her ass tearing her flesh brutally. "That's it you little bitch!" he snarled as he slammed into her. She tasted her blood and she gagged as he pushed into the back of her throat. She couldn't breathe! She couldn't breathe! She struggled madly to get away." "I wish I could take us both home. She struggled towards consciousness. "I'll knock them out. "You do not understand the agony of slowly dying after having lived for so ." he agreed. But he restrained her. please.

an unearthly wail of unfathomable loss. "There are many vampires here in America. wincing in pain as the tears in her body protested to the movement. who has been a thorn in my side since I came here." he continued." he continued when she'd settled down. There were so many warning signs. He got to my people.." "I should have known it was all too easy. This time he let her go and she squirmed out of his embrace with her back to the cold door panting fearfully. as though he sought to assuage those very fears. she found that thought at once disturbing and comforting. Inevitably those who share your bloodline die out.even Gregory. Kaiden. They offer me little comfort. holding it tightly. "I called for a massive search.. his head in his hands sobbing in despair. Lee. just wait until you're hungry again. but still my rage hasn't abated. "When Elizabeth... I am responsible for North America and have been watching over it since your American Revolution. If I had just searched their minds." he paused thoughtfully. turned up missing. It was so powerful that she felt her heart scream along with him. I won't hurt you." He chuckled a little in wry amusement and squeezed her hand almost affectionately. "I am what my people call an Ancient One. She cringed at the anger and malice that radiated off of him as he spat the words. Anna. He isn't young. comfortingly. She shivered and drew her knees close to her body. Kaiden has grown strong faster than I would have imagined. There is one. rage-filled and harsh. "I was betrayed by my own people!" he snarled. Her fingers unwillingly brushed the place where he'd bitten her making her shiver. "He is probably hunting his bloodline down and slaughtering them. I had forgotten the Proverb. "How did you become trapped here?" she asked him. His embrace had shielded her from the bitter cold of the concrete floor and the freezing metal of the steel door.Jack was agitated. I 'suppose' I am not as powerful as I thought. but never anyone close to me." "I don't understand. Some of us are older than others." he said his voice changing from the sensual tones that had comforted her into something powerful. one of my closest friend's new mate." she breathed. Suddenly she didn't want to be touching him. "I didn't mean to frighten you. but I have always been more powerful than he could ever dream of." he said quietly. either. infallible." she said. My people did their job and after several days. "Perhaps 'supposed to be' is the key. Her heart started to pound and once again she tried to pull away from him. There are very few of us left.. "Pride goes before destruction?" she asked quietly. In our society your power comes with age. He reached out and took her hand into his much larger one." . "Aren't you supposed to be powerful?" He chuckled darkly at that. "I was betrayed. but he isn't quite an Old One. she thought bitterly. Actually." Suddenly she had a mental picture.but I trusted them." he said. blackmail maybe? I guess it doesn't really matter anymore.. his voice more controlled again. "Yes." He sniffed. so as you age the power seems to grow within you. The minute she left his embrace the cold bit into her. "Because I am so old I have gained great power. a man on his knees.. I was oblivious to it all." "Wow. I don't know how.long. He sighed bitterly. I'd been hearing about strange disappearances for several months. and we respectively govern our lands. I'd always believed myself to be so strong.. I have been left with only my thoughts and memories and demons for a long time now. In the end she wasn't sure who was holding whose hand. "I have been cursing them for a month. in this place. Anna. It was the kind of loss that she could never comprehend. "Yes." Sure. "That was 200 years ago. we thought we'd located her." She could hear the arrogance in his voice.

"You're kidding. deadly. "How old are you?" she asked suddenly interrupting his thoughts." she said thoughtfully. she . the world was so different. from my enemies. She wondered what she'd do if he flew off the handle. When I handed her body to Lee." he said. I don't pay attention to it anymore. I accompanied the team. "Which is why. "Not everyone who lived in Greece was Greek. "Of course." Finally the vampire sighed in resignation. This girl probably had no clue what Athens really looked like even now. she'd never even seen him." he replied a little surprised. "Probably about twenty-five centuries or so. "That bastard laughed at me. "I'm an Athenian. My suffering will be greater. I knew. Lee and Gregory. "How true. Usually he didn't answer this question." She was silent for a while. "She was here. "She was still warm. She wondered if he was trying to control his rage. "Greece. "Your name doesn't sound Greek.how could she fight it? There was nothing left to fight.” “I can defend myself. "It's a vault door. He shut the fucking door on me laughing. God. Even with all my strength I cannot break these walls." He sighed. "No. with Jack. he didn't just try to kill me. penetrate this room." he replied. For such a tiny creature her will to live was strong. "So despite your great power." he replied smiling a little. She must have struggled against her captor like a hellion and in the process brought more agony upon herself. "Yes." she said softly. "Her throat was ripped out. "This place could probably survive a nuclear bomb. solid steel. For a mortal. Kaiden knew I did. Of course. They were both going to die." "Yes. "That's Ancient Greece?" she asked." She sighed. "And so I have fallen from glory by my own folly and pride. but why not? It wouldn't matter in a few days anyway. The ancient vampire could feel her internal struggle. I am sure. She was going to die. Most people didn't associate him with Ancient Greece." he agreed. "I've tried. Maybe that was once its purpose." He sniffed bitterly. Perhaps he wasn't sure he could. He didn't look like the Mediterranean folk of today. "So twenty five hundred years ago. I knew I was betrayed and hopelessly outnumbered. and my long life on this planet will end." he said. even Gregory. though I know mortals struggle with such things as time. Kaiden has been preparing this trap for me for a very long time. Now I wait in this black hole for starvation to overwhelm me." He took a deep breath then. but it was too late." she accused." "Where were you born?" she asked. Poor little wretch." she said in disbelief. Anna. in this place. He paused."God defend me from my friends." "Why can't you use your power to open the door?" said Anna. Athens was so different back then. She scooted further away from him and let go of his hand. I used my power then. He stood right there. she only knew his voice and the touch of his hands." he agreed. you are as helpless as me. even with all those forces at his back. I could see it in his eyes.." he said. His voice was quiet now. "But it will be several weeks before my body finally succumbs to starvation and death." he replied." He sniffed in anger.. I owed it to Michael to bring Elizabeth back safely. And then Kaiden stood there with a smug smile on his face." Cael smiled as he still referred to himself as such.

" he mused. then. "I thirsted for stories when I was younger. He wanted to revel in it. "That was an awful thing to say. He was thinking exactly that. "I don't know. "Everyone dies. "I guess so. "If you think I can't shut up. "To be honest. He couldn't be sure why he told her." he noted. No one would DARE call him arrogant! He couldn't believe it. "Yes. My mother died when I was a boy. "Not that it mattered in the end." he agreed." she mused." she said. I never really thought about it." "Oh?" he asked. and I never had a father.. I was a poor wretch.. Cael is the name my mother gave me." she observed." she started trembling. "Did you read much Greek Literature?" "Yeah. control. "You're right. Her heartbeat was accelerating again and the fear fell off of her in waves. He rather liked that she didn't shut up. "It is. I didn't mean to. "I hunted down every little story I could find. huh?" "Perhaps not. it brought him comfort." She sighed a little. it's Celtic in origin." he admitted. I hated going to Sunday school. but every time she said it. power." There were several more moments of silence. "Yes. Here they were dying in a vault that could survive the worst nuclear attack imaginable. "From the first time I read a story in fourth grade. It had been silent for a long time. It was nice to hear it on such a lovely voice. "I always loved Greek Mythology. The vampire laughed then. It would be the last time he'd hear it spoken aloud." she began again." she admitted. at least." "It seems the arrogance has followed you a little." she said with bitter sarcasm." "What do you mean?" he asked. "So what are you really?" she asked curiously. making your own story." he admitted at last. He sighed." she admitted. It was a strange sound in that black pit. "There were so many great things in Greece during that time. Now I don't remember them as well...…” Cael chuckled. debating the origins of a name he hadn't shared with more than five people since he became a vampire. "But honestly. "Your family is religious." he admitted. Educated?" "Yeah." she commented. but then he would be no better than the bastard who'd raped her. and I was such a young." she admitted. He could almost feel her smile nostalgically. "You're right. "Well. "You would have been a treasure back in those days with your quick wit and your way with words. Cael froze in rage." she said when he was quiet." he replied his mind lost in memory. "You speak Ancient Greek. "Life takes you from lusting for stories to making meaning on your own. "Cool. warm and melodious." she admitted. "Your brother is a scholar then?" he asked. "My brother would love to speak to you." He sighed. "What was Ancient Greece really like? Was it beautiful?" she asked curiously. arrogant fool I did not appreciate them until they had long been destroyed.was pretty sharp. rich. "Fuck." "Cael sounds Gaelic. I ." she said.enchanted. with a wicked lament." Suddenly she laughed bitterly. evocation of fear. Didn't she know who she was talking to? She should be cowering on the floor before him! "I'm sorry." she admitted. "Our plight is a true Greek tragedy. I can hear him now pulling out his manuscripts and debating with you the meaning." he said bitterly. And he'd left that part of his own monster behind long ago. I couldn't sit still. Many inhabitants of Northern Europe spoke a form of Celtic language back then. "It was the most beautiful city in the world. I was." he admitted. "Biblical scholar.

I've felt closer to it. "Have you ever been to India?" "Yes." she said to him quietly. "I know.It wasn't as strong as it used to be. "Um.did like the Bible stories. "I see. Did you ever see them?" Cael smiled to himself. bats." She sniffed in amusement. "What are you singing. "I know. "Spiders. Anna. Yes." she said. What delightful dreams she must have had as a child. "Yes. "Tell me another story. "Yes. "They believe that we are the devil incarnate." he replied. He could feel her strength. "What kind of story would you like me to tell?" he asked.. "There's something a little. They were dried and cracked like sandpaper against his. ************ The girl was humming to herself." It was his turn to chuckle. "When you've seen so many die like I have. to create fear and control the minds of others. slipping from her body. I don't think I believe in anything. a sign of her dehydration.. Cael?" she asked quietly. Humans made it easier with their vampire lore." he agreed." he commented.creepy about sucking someone's blood. imagining the places he'd seen that had been lost to time.. What a delightful little creature." he replied. Fight. If there was someone out there." he added. Well.." "Would you tell me a story." he said. anyway I sort of gave up on religion. "After last night." "Are you sure it's just religious people and not everyone?" she asked in wry amusement. "And probably full of more interesting people anyway." he breathed. "Right. "At least it will give you back your strength. "Dark things. mosquitoes.." Cael said softly. Actually many religions have such legends. She was getting wearier. I have been growing fond of you these past few days. I can't do that. He heard it now." He kissed her gently on her swollen lips. "Tell me about." he breathed as he lost himself in memories. "It's a song that's been stuck in my head since I got here. It was a Nocturne." "Oh?" She shuddered." she said squirming a little." she said." He smiled when he felt her shiver. "I think you should drink my blood and end it. Anna?" he asked." "I'm dying.. though." He could feel her mind making the natural connections. "No." he admitted." "You think he's sending most of the world to hell?" she asked. leeches." "Many of the Christian religions have strong folklore about vampires. "A Chopin Nocturne. how could he let us suffer so much?" "I believe in something. the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. her life. "I'm scared.. you realize that Hell would be far too overcrowded. many times. . You're breaking my heart. "There's some kind of being out there. "True." "No. She hummed to herself again. "My first was back during the time of the Dark Ages in Europe." he agreed.." she replied bitterly. As I've grown older. "You are my friend. That was part of a vampire's power." he said." she murmured. She closed her eyes as he spoke.

" she said quietly. "But we figured it out already. "I promise." He pulled her close to him and kissed her cracked lips." "Except every time you try it and you get it wrong it shocks you. freezing ground. The shock could kill her. He felt strangely protective of this dying girl. "Yes. "Anna?" he asked hovering behind her. listening to the song." she said." she breathed." he said. She wouldn't last but a few more days. He didn't want her to suffer any more." she sniffed bitterly." he reminded her. "I understand your desperation." he said putting her hand on the keypad. "Here it is. "I'm going to do it anyway. "Little One. What were our odds? Impossible. her prison with Cael. Anna pushed every number on the pad listening to the tone." she said. but he couldn't.. She took a deep breath." He wanted to pull her away then." Finally after about three minutes she pushed in the song.*************** She was being carried back down the hall to her black prison." he whispered. . He didn't want her to die. FIGHT!!! Anna sat up her heart racing. "What are you trying to accomplish?" "It's the last thing I heard before I was tossed in here Cael. Then she started playing.. He could smell her sweat." she said bravely." he said quietly. I have nothing to lose. She punched in the numbers. Tears were in her eyes and her body was throbbing again. "I could only tolerate it a couple times. "Okay." she said. She'd been begging him to just end her life. He could hear her blood pounding. "Anna!" Cael cried. He wouldn't give up hope until she was at death's door." "Show me anyway. He helped her stand." "It's up to you. "If I'm wrong does it hurt badly?" "Yes. "For luck. Then she heard her mother's Nocturne as she was tossed to the hard. If Kaiden was doing this to add to his torture. then feathered light kisses on her cheeks and forehead. "I'm only going to try this song. "Okay. "Here it goes. "I keep hearing it in my dreams. "I have it." he said. "Besides. Anna. "What's wrong?" asked Cael. He held her steady and turned her around to feel the keypad. child. He couldn't bear the thought of her whimpering in any more hurt. then hit the enter key. Mom's Nocturne. "Do you know where the keypad is?" she asked. he'd succeeded. and I can tolerate a great amount of pain. noting that she was wobbly. cringing." he admitted." he said.

He wants to see the show you've been giving me. flicking his nipples and rubbing her wet sex against his leg letting his coarse hairs and the delicious friction stimulate her. bouncing orbs." he said lying back down on his back. he was right out of a catalogue. the slut red nail polish turning him on as he watched her fingers gently tease and caress. She held herself above him for a few moments rubbing her soaked folds over the tip of his cock smiling a mysterious smile. She smiled and crawled onto the bed kissing her way up his legs. She looked up at him with her innocent-seeming honey coloured eyes even as she gave him the wickedest ministrations with her mouth. "Fuck." said a cool. fuck. they were a little short. He watched. but the curly bob fit her. lightly scratching his balls. I want to see your tight little ass this time anyway. growling hungrily. wet. holding his stiff cock up invitingly. and Rebecca . but this guy. "Have her turn around Bradford. smooth voice from the corner of the room. He groaned as her fingers rubbed his balls. "Harder. Yeah. twisting her light brown nipples smiling as she gasped and moaned. so he could watch his rigid manhood slowly part her lower lips and slide inside her warm. baby. "He's a friend. Her fat." he growled smiling as she bounced upon him wildly. sensual lips slid over the tip of his cock sending a shock of sensation through him as her warm. too." he breathed as she suckled upon him sending a delightful shiver that went from his cock up to his spine making him groan again. "Come here and take this. this time squeezing his sac as she went down on him making him twitch beneath her.Chapter Three "That's it baby. baby. Unable to contain himself anymore. power." said James reassuringly. He was tall and muscular with dark hair and ice-blue eyes that almost seemed to glow in the dim light. he took her head in his hands and began to fuck her face. each squeeze of her hands making his body spasm in pleasure. The round globes of her breasts bounced deliciously as she moved and her blonde curls flung wildly about as she tossed her head in pleasure. God! Slowly she moved up and down on him bracing her arms on his thighs so he could watch himself slide in and out of her. up his chest taking the time to suckle and then nip at his nipples before she straddled him. velvety sheath millimetre by millimetre. that's all. and danger." James growled. The girl froze and looked at him suddenly unsure. She suckled hard on him and scratched him with those nails moaning on him. Then she slid down on him with the same agonizing slowness she'd swallowed him. "Fuck." He smiled lecherously. Those whorish nails were raking the inside of his thighs. sex. "Besides. There was an aura to him. Rebecca froze as she looked at the most gorgeous man she'd ever seen. mesmerized as she took him deeper and deeper into her mouth. mouth enveloped him. swallowing him back into her throat and then slid up again with agonizing slowness. and gripped him with her pussy muscles as she moved faster and faster above him. each touch." he moaned over and over. He laced his fingers through her satiny gold strands." She smiled at him and obligingly turned around to face the new member of her intimate party. the taste of his musk on her mouth making him smile with possessiveness. He reached out and cupped those soft. Before he completely lost control he pulled her luscious mouth from him and kissed her hard. Bradford was hot. Damn the bitch was good. Again she took him deep.. "It's okay. and even delivering gentlest torture-turned-pleasure to the base of his cock. suckling and then teasing him with her hot tongue on the underside of his now purple head..

so I thought I could dump a body in there to hide the evidence. At that very moment the man who had been kneeling before her. Bradford. I have something to discuss with you. "I can read your fucking mind. "How may I serve you. Great One?" "Tell me about your trip to Alexander's tomb a few days ago. and soon she was moaning even more. He didn't even seem amused. "Play with your clit.. Smiling at Bradford wickedly he kissed her lips deeply and then with a negligent twist of his arms.liked it. She looked at the new man as she began to ride up and down." James nodded and slipped on a pair of boxers. she was fantasizing it was me. I want to know why. "Forgive me Great One!" he begged. "Damn it you killed her!" "Don't take it too hard.. No one was supposed to know about that. drawing James into the climax with her as the walls of her pussy clamped spasmodically around his erection. didn't you?" . you fucking idiot!" the vampire snapped angrily." "You dumped someone in there?" Kaiden said raising his voice in rage. "The screamer from the other night. James smacked her harder than before causing her to bite her lip and draw blood. "The whole time she was fucking you. "Since you've finished your entertainment for the evening. yanked her head to the side and bit down viciously on her neck." the man commanded watching as she bit her lips drawing even more blood for him. and the man before her grinned suddenly. even as she sat back down on Bradford's rigid erection. "Smack her harder. Bradford smacked her again and she yipped obligingly noting that her little screeches were turning the god-like man on. "Now. Her pussy clenched and unclenched around James's now softening cock deliciously even as she continued to wail and moan riding high on those rays of bliss. "Ah. She decided to get real noisy. caught her hair in his hand. She did as he said eagerly." he said in understanding. the pink tone of her skin the trembling of her fingers the glassyeyed stare a woman gets just before she. his voice suddenly deadly. "Not after I was through with her. and there wasn't much blood left. "A human with blood still in it?" "It was just a girl. She moaned and tossed her head." he growled." said the vampire. The vampire satiated his hunger with the woman's endorphin-filled blood and then licked the wounds at her neck sealing them." he said. He walked towards her and knelt at the foot of the bed watching her ride his friend. She touched her breasts as she went watching his reaction as she palmed and squeezed the soft orbs that most men couldn't keep their hands or eyes off. You opened the door on the Ancient One's tomb and risked all my years of plotting and planning to get him there. biting the thick flesh of her lip temptingly." James looked at the gorgeous blonde whose head was now hanging at an awkward angle in comparison to her body and shuddered. How had Kaiden. "I figured he was dead." said James. that is. "You went the vault. Suddenly she yelped as one of Bradford's hands smacked the left cheek of her ass. Bradford." James Bradford fell on his knees. "What the fuck!" cried James. James froze. building up to an incredible climax. She screamed again as her world shattered into a million points of light whimpering as the vampire fed." he commanded. She smiled at him and licked her fat lips enticingly." said Kaiden darkly. She looked up to see the man's attention was solely focused on her." Kaiden stiffened. Rebecca screamed as she came. Then he saw it. snapped her neck and tossed her to the ground... "Let me see you pleasure yourself. Then he lifted her almost tenderly off of James's body cradling her sated and sweaty body close to his. You took the girl from the café that I highly advised you against taking.

" he stated in a deadly voice. I would have turned you and then tortured every day of your life for eternity!" Bradford said nothing and bowed his head. Great One. "Forgive me." said the vampire. "Do you understand you risked everything!" "Forgive me Great One. ******************** "Anna!" Cael cried. "But I did enjoy the screaming. Now that her family has been all over the news pleading for her safe return. too. That one had a gift. and a resting place by a dead vampire. I don't even have the strength to stand. "Yes. two hours after sunset. "You should go. or too weak to attack you. The girl whimpering in his arms finally brought him back from his reverie and he tried to stand." she said with determination." Bradford bowed. and the call of the night insects and they sang their songs of evening." "The only thing it got her was a ripped body." he said.Bradford shrugged. and I thought it was a safe place to dispose of the girl." He looked at Rebecca's body a little sadly. "I wish I could just let you be weak right now." he said to her brushing her ear with his lips. Suddenly his eyes grew distant and glazed a little." She sniffed. "She was hot." she said. "I didn't think Alexander would still be alive. "She saw right through your façade. "And she denied you. She was a really good fuck." he said lifting her in his arms." "You're lucky. She wrapped her arms about him and suddenly began to sob hysterically. "You did it!" he said hugging her close in jubilation. "I can go no further. "I could hunt for some wary animals tonight and gain strength that way. he'd never known how depraved an existence without the sight of those heavenly jewels could be. Kaiden was most unpredictable when it came to these things. He was panting by the time they were out. Come. songs of mating. Just not in Alexander's tomb." he explained. holding Anna gently in his arms and exulted in those tiny morsels of life he'd ignored for centuries but had been bereft of in what he thought would be his final days. "Then we ." the vampire chuckled. He heard the pattering of tiny nocturnal creatures about him. "But we have to get moving. Even as a creature of great power. He stumbled as he carried her out of that horrible chamber and through the crumbling hallway. He looked up at the stars. He drew her trembling and panting body into his arms. "Get out of my sight." he said. Sometimes he wondered if the human was even more fucked up than he was. and Cael had never felt so alive! The breeze was blowing gently on his face and tousling his hair." he said. tears filling his eyes as he'd realized that after hardly gazing at them for two thousand years. "You're lucky Alexander was either dead." Kaiden shook his head. "I'm too tired to run anymore. the tenacity and will of this child was overwhelming to him at times." Bradford said coldly. Cael just collapsed on the ground." snapped the vampire angrily." said James still on his knees. but collapsed back onto the soft earth. she could recognize an evil bastard even when he appeared to be a good guy. Perhaps I have strength enough for us both. He didn't know how she could sound so strong when he knew she was so frail. It was night. "You risked everything for a fuck. He could smell the sweet earthy scent of the dirt. "And dispose of your trash while you're at it. Cael held her for a moment and then shook her gently. and the herbal musk of the trees that had opened their leaves to the night. seduction and longing. Because if you'd allowed him to escape." "We can't escape just to die here outside our prison in weakness." "I do. "I am weak. it was an even better choice than I could have predicted. until this moment.

He leaned over her neck his hot breath against her skin.. If he started. now. Perhaps at another time it would have been a highly erotic act for both of them. The second is my blood. "You will pass out. He pulled away taking a shuddering breath. "Okay. "Are you sure?" She nodded and put her hand on his cheek that she could sort-of see in the starlight. He could smell her fear. but he'd promised. LeGaulle. dehydrated blood splash on his tongue prolonging the feed but he couldn't help but savour the flavour of her life essence. but they were playing roulette now. "They could be on their way. though her weakening body continued to cannibalize itself as she faded.." He laved the tender spot with his tongue. He licked the wound closed and held her close to his chest listening desperately for her breaths and her heartbeat. a willing donor. would he be able to stop? "Hurry. Could he take only enough? He shuddered with hunger. "I think they might be able to tell if we've broken out. "I believe that luck always comes in threes." she said when he'd finally released her mouth. He could smell a town to their north. "Will it make you strong enough?" "You do not have much strength to give me. Let's use our luck before it runs out." he stroked her cheek gently with the back of his fingers. shaking. but he could sense her determination." she said. he lifted her into his strengthened arms again and closed his eyes." he said. The third is you. "it frightened you so much last time. I trust you to get me to safety." She smiled a little splitting her lips once again and a ruby red jewel of her precious essence formed in the tiny wound. The first was the door. "Please Cael. sending a shiver through her body. "I promise I will take care of you and I will get you somewhere safe. she was so sweet. smelling. but he could get a glimpse that she was beautiful.. Satisfied that she was still alive. feeling." he said. And." she replied." "I will only take what I need to save us." she urged. Even though he'd only fed from her once." she said. She flinched and whimpered in pain as his fangs sunk deep into the artery drinking her now dehydrated blood." He looked into her pale and bloodied face. he'd been doing that frequently on her less-serious wounds." he began as he licked the spot on her neck where her life pulsed. Cael kissed away the sweet droplet shuddering at the taste and then licked her with his tongue to moisten those cracking lips. It was the first time he'd actually seen anything of her features. Anna. Mr. with need. and bit down upon her neck once again. my dark angel. he found her taste addicting. For a moment he lost all thought. He purred in pleasure against her and he wrapped his arms about her tightly and possessively. hoping to reach some shelter before dawn. and he started to pull deeply. Her hands were trembling again.I know I have enough for you. His powerful hands trembled as he fought his desire to consume the last drops of her life away. "I trust you. He would only take what he needed. "If you drink more of my blood. "I'm feeling lucky tonight." he said. and he made his way there. "Okay." He kissed her lips a little more seriously.could possibly continue on tomorrow night." She shivered bravely. He needed to get them a room and get . For a moment he couldn't bring himself to do it. She was covered with bruises and her own blood. "It could kill you. He let her thick. this time at himself he closed his eyes. and using what strength he had to find civilization. His control was wavering. What he found was an old motel alongside the highway. There he knelt with his mouth at her throat. "They might know even now that the door has been opened. but with another growl. His tongue had healed the cuts again.." She shook her head. but in their weakness it was only a physical manifestation of their despair and need for mutual comfort. Anna." She ran her fingers through his hair.

" he said. She was barely able to swallow." "Wanna call the cops?" said the manager." said the manager. For a moment he couldn't move as he looked into those stunning orbs. He filled a cup with water and poured some into her parched mouth gently urging her to swallow. She did without protest and without struggle. asking questions like an excited historian who'd finally found the answers to an age-old perplexing mystery. Her discussion." said the man. but he couldn't let her wallow in her blood and defilement any longer. He needed to black out the sun so he could heal and he needed to get Anna some food. After twenty-five hundred years of life. her questions probing. But in the mean time. like the azure sky on the clearest of days. "A fucking practical joke from my friends. He'd learned the lesson long ago about being somewhere without money. When they were both safely inside the hotel room Cael sucked in his breath. her observations astute. washing away the dirt from that accursed prison. he was going to clean both of them up in the shower. he'd never imagined she'd be this battered. moving quickly in the dark to keep from the watchful eye of the motel manager. I've just made it back and blessedly saw your place. "All I want is a shower and a room. roughed me up and dumped me outside the city without my car. He stroked her hair from her face tenderly then he walked into the office alone." said Cael. That is my greatest concern ." he said pressing the cup to her lips. He dumped the blankets in the room and then went back for Anna. but he felt himself aching with empathy for this girl." replied the manager. Carefully he hid his weakened Anna in some brush wrapping her in his coat to protect her from the cold. but when he was done. Anna's as well as his own and started the water. "Drink. He poured another cup of water and climbed on the bed lifting slightly. The water ran brown with her caked-on blood for a while. After all this time in the dark. "Here. This place only had a shower which would make things awkward." "You got money?" said the manager. He stepped out of the shower with her and dried her off with one of the tiny towels." he admitted. "Plastic work for you?" "As long as your bank says it does. "No. He scrubbed at her hair using the soap that came with the room trying to remove the oils. Her entire body was covered with bruises and dried blood. She'd been using his tales to escape the shadowy oppression of their seemingly unavoidable demise. and the act of sharing and listening had done just that. Even as he thought it. It was more than a vampire's primal urge to hoard its prey. "I guarantee you its good. "They got me drunk. He looked at her in shock. Cael had five extra blankets and a key card to a room. Then he wrapped her in a blanket and put her on the bed. Those eyes were the most incredible blue he'd ever seen. He stripped their clothes off. "What happened to you?" Cael laughed bitterly. he was satisfied. He knew what she'd been doing. In the last several days he'd gotten to know her. Anna's eyes were open. despite her pain and fear had been delightful. "Hey buddy. human kind's brutality did not surprise him anymore. he saw the stains of blood between her legs and growled with that same possessiveness he'd felt while feeding from her." he said. When he returned from his own shower. He drew out his credit card that he'd managed to hide in the sole of his shoe. begging him to take them out of that wretched cave into lands of beauty long forgotten.for the both of them. She'd listened in dreamy contentment as he told her about his experiences and places long lost to time. wrapping her long." "We'll see. He needed to get her to a hospital. "I'm not sure. Ten minutes later.cleaned up. black hair to keep it from dripping. It's been a cold couple of nights. "You're dehydrated. "Are we safe?" she asked weakly closing her eyes again releasing him from her spell. "And maybe about five extra blankets." he said. Then he gently cleansed her wounds.

had it been just a week?. blocking out the sunlight he knew would be coming in less than an hour." he said. Her body was slender. near death. He knocked loudly and the man. He lunged at the stunned man and held him in a powerful grip. It felt good to be powerful! He returned to the room he shared with the girl. "I'm tired. long. Kaiden was close. he continued to work on the window.right now. perfectly arched brows. "Like you. He was getting stronger." She nodded. He'd need it dark during the day to help him heal.he'd gotten used to her scent. Her face paled. "I'm going to go feed. She cooed dreamily in her sleep." he continued. sampling the fresh-washed taste of her flesh with his tongue. The human had stilled beneath him now. but that wasn't why he couldn't keep his eyes off of her. "Then I will be strong enough. In the past week. "Remember.. tortured and defiled. I will erase his memory of the event. Anna. She obediently drank. the pleasure of the feed overwhelming his fear. He felt his fangs elongate as he thought of the wicked man plundering her slender body noting the bruises that clearly resembled handprints. letting the beast devour what he would. Even so ill. sensual pink lips." he said. "I do not kill when I feed. I should gain enough power from him to do it. You need to do a few sips every few minutes. black hair. Cael washed their clothes and hung them to dry in the shower. I'm going to wash them and hang them out to dry. "There is a lone man two doors down. He looked at her sleeping form. He had ruled to gently this past century.. an angelic face. he licked the wound closed hiding the mark of his fangs. nestled against him. He nuzzled into her still-damp hair and dozed off. He could feel the life flowing through his veins. Shaking himself. The vampire smiled and with his fangs bared it was a terrifying sight. No wonder the human had fucked her so hard. this was violent and controlling. wrapping them both under the blanket. who was drunk. No traitor would be given mercy. her body pressing into his greedily for warmth and settled once again. though now. throwing the deadbolt and then he went to work on the window. He wrapped his arms about her body nuzzling close purring with pleasure at the physical contact and the warm essence that was uniquely her. He awoke late that morning.. Then with a strong mental command. "Another sip." "Are there two more people here?" she asked. He was on their trail! Cael grinned wickedly. taking long pulls growling in hunger and delight as the thick liquid splashed on his tongue. He'd been weak for a long time." he chuckled. Then he removed his wet clothes and crawled into the bed beside the naked girl. and the vampire drank deeply.. his heart pounding. it was warm. "I will probably need to feed twice more. And when I am finished. closing the door behind him. female and even in that dark cave. He would be shown none. When he was finished." she whispered. He inhaled her now clean fragrance kissing her soft skin with his lips. Unlike his sensual feeding with the girl. "I need to spread out my consumption or it can make me ill. and covered in bruises she was stunning. opened it. He bit into the artery viciously. It was time to remind the . If Anna hadn't come. overly so. She was beautiful." He looked at their filthy clothes for a moment." he admitted. he directed the human to crawl in his bed and go to sleep. Cael rushed him quickly. there still lingered a sweet and flowery hint of jasmine. Her hair was drying and her cheeks were pale." he murmured. "These are the only clothes we have. Finally he was satisfied with the coverage and he sighed." "When will you be at your full strength?" she asked. he would have perished in that blasted cave. It’s pleasant for the human." he said gently. but she had curves in all the right places. He was going to personally dismember that bastard piece by piece as he screamed and begged for mercy. Then he put on his still wet boxers and t-shirt and shoes and went to the door of their neighbour.

"You must drink some more. "Thank you. I was wondering if you could bring me something to eat in my room? You could add the service to my tab. He untangled himself from the sleeping human's limbs smiling a little at how they had snuggled together greedily consuming the warmth of the other." "Tell me about it honey. He sighed and sat up behind her leaning against the headboard and then used his body to support hers. but did not feel any lasting effects. he put aside the tray and snuggled back down into bed with pulling her slender body close again. He would owe her for the rest of eternity. though the withdrawal of his warmth made her whimper in protest even in her sleep. "I'm going to see if they have any breakfast they can bring us. "Thanks again. She moaned in response her stunning blue eyes opening and staring out blearily. there was a knock at the door." he whispered shaking her gently. and that he'd accepted both sides of himself. "You need food. "The sun hurts my eyes when my migraines get this bad. He nuzzled into her hair and let his rest take him. He rose and filled another cup with water." "Well. Finally when she could consume no more." he said." said the woman gruffly. He opened it remaining in the shadows. . He let her take several larger gulps now. Cael winced when he took it." he said." he said. "Hello this is Mr. "I get them. Several moments later." he said. "Thank you." He dialed out on the phone." he said closing the door. "I have a terrible migraine and the sunlight hurts my eyes." "Okay. LeGaulle. he patiently fed the beautiful little human girl that had given him her blood and saved him from torture in that awful chamber." he said gently. child. "Let's try to get some food into you. A surly looking woman delivered the food on a cafeteria tray." She whimpered and did her best to sit up but he noticed that she didn't have the strength." he encouraged her putting the water glass to her lips.vampires who he was and who he'd become. "Anna. With the tray on his lap. too." he added. too. He moved gently to keep from waking her.

Fuck. Cael. wanting to float on the cloud of bliss for a while longer. parasite. truly some Grecian deity from the old legends. a creature that lives solely on the life of others. The covers felt like a cocoon over her body and the sheets were soft against her sleep-numbed skin. that little voice. He had wavy golden hair that seemed to sparkle in the dim light. pulled her towards wakefulness. Taking a deep breath to calm herself. and handsome features that weren't too square or too fine. sensually full lips that seemed made for kissing.. It almost looked like a nice hotel room. Not even the person who was pressed against her naked body. YES! She was in a hotel room... His body was all muscle.Chapter Four The world was warm and soft. Was this truly Cael? Even asleep. Hotel. a concern pestered her.. She felt as though she'd lost something. Irritably she sighed and opened her eyes. Rape! Oh GOD! Her pounding heart nearly stopped as memories overwhelmed her. She didn't recognize the room at all. though she couldn't imagine why she'd be in a hotel. torture. Fuck. Time perhaps? She shuffled towards the bathroom and turned on the light pausing to look at herself in the . she couldn't move. Her limbs were heavy in that comfortable. darkness. a beautiful. Naked.. She had a sudden fear.. he was beyond beautiful. In the back of her mind. she carefully tried to pull out of the embrace of the man she couldn't even see because he snuggled against her from behind.. restful way. That thought made her shiver. She pulled away from him and slid carefully out of bed. lying in the arms of a man she couldn't remember. She didn't want to wake him. and then nothing. Hurt. She couldn't remember anything else.creature that held her against his body possessively.no. and snuggled against the warm flesh that pressed against her from behind holding a possessive arm about her bare middle. Had she been unconscious? She could remember nothing. a beast. salvation.. It was dark. However. not the bulky. naked.. Her mind was labouring as though it hadn't had to work so hard in a long time. godlike.. She turned carefully now to look at the man. For a moment. She felt her heart begin to pound as the little part of her mind that had been trying to communicate to her almost screamed in relief. a fighter. over-developed kind.. starvation.a killer. the nag in the back of her mind that was usually right even as unwelcome as it might be. She didn't want to be hurt.. and her mind was lingering in the aftermath of pleasant dreams forgotten where the sense of peace was the only memory that remained. He was a vampire. He was a god. but needing to orient herself. Something wasn't right. Unknown man. fearing to wake him. It was like her life stopped the moment she had escaped with. but there was the soft glow of sunlight streaming through the corners of a window that had been blacked out with some blankets on top of the normal curtains. She cooed happily to herself nuzzling into them. How? She couldn't remember.. but in her contentment and dream-addled brain she couldn't quite place it.. but those of an athlete. a runner. Rape. She closed her eyes and tried to ignore the unwelcome sensation.

He opened a few drawers in their room and smiled a little naughtily. which he also had. his eyes were the most incredible colour of green she'd ever seen..." he replied. Cael possessed some kind of magic. More than just the physical power of her rapist. Had she really been in some kind of coma? She closed the door to the bathroom and turned on the shower." he admitted.damn." she replied quietly. as though they were many days old." she said shyly. and ointments for your cuts. She sobbed. though." he said. Yes. He smiled and it seemed that all her fears melted." he said." For a moment she didn't know what to say. They literally seemed to glow in the dim light keeping her rooted to the ground hypnotized and transfixed. She took a long time to scrub at her defiled skin.mirror.. I brought you to a clinic. Looking in the drawer she felt the blush deepening and she knew that her fair skin must be scarlet. He was quiet for a moment. For a long time she just stood there.. He had a beautiful smile.. "Are you all right?" the vampire asked as she stepped out of the steamy bathroom. brought back every moment of her torture. She swallowed. provocative. If his body hadn't been enough to overwhelm her. . She looked at Cael again. You were almost dead. I am a man of my word. "I bought you some clothes. The Victoria's Secret catalogue online is quite extensive." He rose and she found herself trying very hard not to stare at him as that godlike body moved with the grace of a cat. Anna.foggy. "I promised to help you and take care of you. Scrubbing away the defilement. "I feel like I've been out of it for a really long time. The gorgeous man before her really was her companion in the dark. antibiotics. "Yes. He smiled a little as though he knew exactly what she was thinking.. they might be a little loose. Anna." "Why don't I remember then?" "I didn't want you to remember that kind of pain. He was sitting at a small table in just a pair of boxers in front of a laptop. I kept you under except to tend to your needs until your body had a chance to heal a little. though judging by how much weight you've lost in your sickness.body. She felt sick. "I hope they fit. sexy. the smooth sensuous voice she knew so well squashed them.. Many of the cuts on her body were simply red scars..intrigued. doing her best not to lose herself to tears again. Irritated at herself for staring. "You can do those kinds of things?" she said in a tiny voice. body and mind. "The second night of our escape. confused. "Are you okay?" "I don't know. She couldn't imagine something with that kind of power. letting the warm water beat upon her skin. "What?" she said almost guiltily." "You bought me clothes?" she said feeling like an idiot repeating him so much. "I actually enjoyed shopping for you. "It has been easier to flee with you. If she had any lingering doubts that the gorgeous creature sleeping beside her had not been Cael.. but they were fading. For a moment she froze and stared at him in amazement once again. and.." "You kept me that way?" She didn't move.. and even the deep bruising around her wrists was turning yellow. They gave us pain pills. terrified. wrapped in a towel she felt cleansed." Anna blushed profusely but lifted her chin stubbornly as if she dared the blush to go any further even as she joined him and surveyed the purchases he'd made. What happened?" "You've been unconscious for about a week. She'd cried so much in that damn black pit that she figured she should be finished with such things. she looked at his. "These are beautiful Cael. "Anna?" he asked again shocking her from her distractions. The lingerie was beautiful. she was covered in bruises. She felt so dazed. "I've kept you that way. and. Finally when she emerged.. She suddenly felt very afraid.

but since I am dead to my world. His voice echoed strangely in her ears like she was in some kind of dream and a buzzing lassitude overcame her. "Come and sit with me for a moment. "Now.." She didn't know how to respond to that. "I did not know what kinds of things you liked. She turned around in confusion even as the air around her throbbed and her body seemed to vibrate. "You've got no business thinking those kinds of things." She looked through the beautiful clothes. "For some reason I've always pictured you wearing a suit."You are a beautiful woman. everything." She emphatically agreed with herself and pushed the thoughts of her gorgeous companion aside. "What do you mean?" she demanded "Why not?" She went to the phone anyway and made ready to call." She blushed a little." he said in a low voice. She could literally hear her own heart pounding in her ears now.shy. "I owe you my life. we'll have to order you some others." she commented. She shivered as she thought about those incredible green eyes. "What would a two-thousand year old vampire want from a beat-up. He looked like some model with those clothes. "I'm sure my family is worried sick about me. young lady." he said opening another drawer. my fortunes. "Put the phone down and turn around. she felt. as though he could tell exactly what she was thinking and knew exactly how to comfort her. she hadn't been ready to die. "Cael.." he said simply. The sensuous pull of his voice seemed to call to her. She looked at herself in the mirror sternly. given that she was overly skinny from starvation and sickness. "You look great. now that she was conscious." "You cannot call home. She'd fill out in a few weeks. "It is fitting for a man of my power." she said. She opened the door to see Cael had dressed in some stylish jeans and a top. "I also bought you things to wear over it. "I need to call them. "Thank you for these. Anna." "I usually do wear a suit." he replied. I figured a disguise would be appropriate." She nodded mutely and took the clothes he offered back into the bathroom to change." She paused on the way to the fridge. She looked at some of the labels." "I live in south Boston." he said. "This is. "They're the nicest clothes I've ever owned. For some reason she just didn't feel right about dressing in front of him. The vampire stared at her for a moment and then held his hand in a gesture for her to sit across from him at the small table. but..." He walked up to her and kissed her cheek. not some ancient king of vampires. his well-muscled body. The hand that had been reaching out for the phone dropped back down to her side. " Especially when you told me how old you are." he said.. "You are my delivering angel." He smiled." "Good.." she scolded herself quietly. half dead. and her lips tingled from his chaste kiss. She was just trying to survive. He smiled at her and kissed her lips lightly. "There is food in the refrigerator. "You really must be fucked up if you're having those thoughts so soon. "The clothes you wore before did not do you justice." she said." she said. They were simple but she could tell they were designer make. . will you try these on? If they don't fit." He put his finger on her lips. "Besides. "And so you don't think I'm a pervert and just bought you lingerie." said Cael. but you should eat something." she muttered. his sensual mouth closed over hers in something far less chaste." he admitted as he ran his hands over the jeans to smooth them a little self-consciously. Now that you're well enough we need to get moving. defiled girl like you anyway?" The clothes fit well enough." he said. She knew he'd seen her naked body for the past week and had probably tended to her needs.

"Forgive me. Her family was worried. It was a moot point anyway." She nodded though she didn't quite believe him. He reached out and touched her hand. Even if she had thought to say it. you will put your family in danger. It was natural for her to want to go home.wrong? "If you go home. She needed to get back to her life. It was the camaraderie of experiencing together the depths of utter despair and the intimacy of bringing mutual comfort and support. "I'm not trying to harm you. No one would ever rape her again! "Easy. She didn't even have to say anything. She knew he was forcing her. as well. I have been manipulating so many people to keep us safe lately that I didn't think about using my power on you. "Have you ever thought about how we ended up in that cell together?" he asked. Cael was forcing her to obey him with his magic. Anna. her body remembered the trust and nurturing he'd provided her. "I have given this much thought." He looked at her seriously for a moment and then the throbbing and buzzing was gone. her body vibrated and she found herself unable to keep from doing what he said." he said helpfully. so they were her decisions.. Obviously it was her life. She knew this was all wrong. Actually. so let me finish." "Then stop controlling me. She needed. "Okay. Even though she feared him now. "I give you my word. "I wish. "I want to go home. She relaxed slightly. He looked at her thoughtfully and nodded. and she'd never known the voice to be wrong. "If you don't look at me and you control your emotions it makes it more difficult. . There is nothing I can do about it. She took a breath to talk and then closed her mouth. "I want to go home. She felt perfectly normal as though nothing had happened. "Please let me explain. She had been about to argue. She closed her mouth. Damn. It didn't feel like his magic. I can sense your thoughts. I should not use my power on you. No one was ever going to dominate her. People with power always abused it.. don't do it on me anymore. Anna." he said... she'd be throwing a temper tantrum. She walked over to the table and sat across from him." There was something about his touch that calmed her. She'd be damned if she let him read her mind." She nodded not so sure what to say. She decided not to push the matter." he responded smiling a little at her. she felt a stab of pain though she couldn't figure out why." The moment she said it. Anna's little voice of consciousness was screaming at her in horror. the anger had been replaced with fear. She didn't understand.wrong went through her as though home was NOT where she belonged. you are my friend. She needed to let her family know she was all right." he said. If she had been able to react true to herself." Once again that same stab of pain. screaming.." she said." he said. She nodded and bowed her head even as she took a deep breath to control her temper. but whatever it is that you do to make people do what you want. I'm trying to help you. "And you were thinking that very loudly because you're upset. The minute he let her go she was going to bolt. Right? Then why did saying the words suddenly feel so.. Funny enough she was sure the little voice in her head was telling her this. but it seemed he could also read her mind. That came with having power. She knew this was magic. and you're still too young to guard your mind and hide such things. You're right. She wondered if he'd agree to stop doing that.Once again her world throbbed. shouting and demanding why he was forbidding her to make such calls that were obviously hers to make. It was just the genuine closeness of body and soul they had shared over the last two weeks of their torturous ordeal. she'd never really considered it. No one was ever going to control her." he said gently. of absolute. "Now that I can see your eyes. Anna was freaking out now." He chuckled.

" he began." he snapped. but only because he used people I loved and trusted. and he's not an easy vampire to overthrow either." said Cael. "You're scaring me." she said in a small voice." "How can you be sure? What if they know I've escaped with you? Then they'll go after my family and. Anna. He smiled. and now that she saw him." She bowed her head. If you return to your family.. "Are you. She could hear him moving towards the door and she imagined that he was looking out the peephole. Damn it! She hated being some weepy girl. don't move. "No thank you. almost as though he knew that her existence was spinning. . and he would kill you without a thought if he thought it would get to me. There was a long moment of silence." she said in a tiny voice. After all she'd been through. He may have tricked me once. I have spent the last week fighting to bring you back.. He knows who you are and he knows about me. Her breath caught in her throat when she heard him remove the latches to the door.. in order to undermine his power. "Because I have chosen my successor. family. she felt herself trembling in fear once again. my second. His presence was overwhelming and the air seemed to throb with his rage. Such things take good planning." He kept holding her hand. you should be dead. Her world was simpler. To a vampire like Kaiden the lives of morals like you and your family are meaningless." he said gently. She was caught in something that was way beyond her knowledge and understanding.. "Room service?" she heard a female voice ask. "Kaiden has no idea what being an Ancient One really entails." she sniffed as tears filled her eyes. you can't hold a coup based on the fact that the old leader is dead when he's alive and roaming around. She hated being so weak. and subterfuge in order to be successfully done.. treachery.She was more focused on getting out. She felt so tiny. He reached across the table and took her hand in his again and with his touch. "Dead is safer. Kaiden will most likely need an army. friends." She nodded and crawled on the floor by the bed furthest from the door shaking. you would be. "My family must think I'm dead." She smiled a little. "You have nothing to fear from me." "Why didn't you?" she asked." she began. I am going to show him what true power is and I am going to make sure he screams himself into oblivion in the end. He needs me to be dead. and saw the eerie glow in his eyes. Could they have found them already? Was Cael strong enough to protect them? She did her best to keep quiet and even breathe shallowly." "Anna. After all. he might harm them or you to get to me. the reassurance came. "It sounds like you've done this a time or two. "Dead means they won't be looking for you. "Sh. He was unable to finish because suddenly there was a rap on the door. I swear it. "I think it means that the man who tortured you associates with Kaiden. "Get over by the bed and lie on the floor. If you stay dead. and I am sure he is working on subverting those around Kieran... helpless.. Cael chuckled wickedly. "I've just been a burden. felt his power. work. you actually stay alive and so does your family. Anna. He has greatly underestimated me." she said. It means they'll only be expecting to find me. now can you?" "Why hasn't he already taken over?" she asked curiously. "Everyone must think I've been murdered or something." Those jade eyes seemed to glow with maliciousness. Whatever you hear. If I'd drunk my fill of your blood the night we escaped. The rage she remembered in the cave was back in his voice. "If you think about it.

" Anna didn't know what to say. then sat down at the small table and ate slowly. now that I'm conscious. you can take it. "We've been in one spot for too long. and she was still weak from her torture. but he'd seen many beautiful women in his time. He cared for this woman more than he cared to admit." He smiled at her flippant tone. She didn't touch the pain medication. and by keeping her close he wasn't sure if he was protecting her or not. In nearly 2500 years. if it makes you happy. Yes." he said. --------------------Cael watched the girl pack up her things." he said. She rose from her spot on the floor. "I don't want to take it. "There is food in the refrigerator. but he couldn't bring himself to part with her.there was something more.. She was only a human. I'd rather hurt. You need to eat and take your medication. "You've got two more days left of the antibiotics. but for now. Anna. It broke his heart to make her move so quickly. Little One."Okay. "I should warn you. I'd rather die than have anyone stick needles and tubes in me. Over the past few days he'd been wondering what to do with her. yes. He'd considered sending her away. He was drawn to her." "It's a narcotic." "You mean that you might be difficult?" he asked. "How long has it been since you've nursed a human." she said. "and these are for pain. He could sense her fear and see the doubt in her eyes. "Are you ready to go?" She nodded." She picked through the food and selected a few things. All he knew for sure was that she was coming with. Cael had never been so inexplicably drawn to anyone like he was drawn to her. The simple. There was something about this woman. "Lead on. "We need to pack up and get moving. she was coming. She was intelligent and intriguing." he said." Suddenly she smiled at him a little wickedly. But. He shook his head angrily at himself and continued to pack his own things up. Cael?" "Several hundred years. "I would feel better if you took the other. "You've been in a lot of pain." he said. middle-class life she'd lived was crumbling away. I'll feel strange." She smiled the most diabolically charming smile he'd ever seen. She was beautiful. There were people who were looking for them. "Your smile makes happy. but he could sense Kaiden on his trail again and he wasn't ready to confront him. He wouldn't have it any other way. It wasn't her blood. her conversation had been like a ray of light in the darkness of his tomb. She still looked terribly thin and weak. but I'll take my antibiotics. and if you need it later. She was going to be difficult." he admitted." . she was willing to go with him. She was now in a world of vampires and magic." he said shaking the bottle." He nodded. then. "A little. though even the thought of how sweet she'd tasted made his hands tremble with desire. "I'll keep it out. You're lucky I was out of it when you took me to the clinic. "I'll finish packing up. For the moment. "Come then. The sharpness in his voice had frightened her. that I'm not a very agreeable sick person. hiding her with some of his own kind that he knew could be trusted." She read the bottles carefully and then opened the antibiotics and took one.. Ancient One. "It's all right. She heard him close the door and re-fasten all the deadbolts and chains.. It scared the shit out of her." replied the woman at last.. Let's move. When she seemed to have consumed a goodly amount he brought her several bottles." he said.

"She never remembered coming to our door. For a while they didn't say anything to each other. though he wasn't sure why. Kaiden was doing everything in his power to find him." He could tell his responses upset her. With his physical abilities alone he'd tortured her. and he knew why." He put the car into gear and headed out of the parking lot. It was a feeling in the earth. Cael put their bags in the rear and closed the hatch again.He led her out of their room and through the dim hallway in the hotel. There was no telling how deep his connections with the humans were. He didn't want her to get hurt. "I promised not to use my power against you. He couldn't even remember what it felt like to lie in a field staring into the sky as the sun warmed his body. he bowed down took her hand in his and kissed it gently. "Don't we need to check out?" "They never remembered us checking in. he reasoned. he could imagine it." She looked up at him with those amazing blue orbs. Ah." she teased. It was only an hour after sunset. She just looked so frail. You looked like your condition was improving. It suited him when he hunted. though she didn't really need it. "You've done more for me than the most honourable men. He was familiar with the rhythms of the earth and more aware of human patterns and behaviour even as they evolved and changed. She smiled wanly. I always thought all that metal was absolutely ridiculous. "How did you get this?" "I bought it two nights ago. but looking at her. He was travelling with a weak human. raped her. Then you could dazzle me by bashing someone else in a tin can as fabulous as yours with your heavy two handed sword. Even though he didn't turn into a screaming mass of burning skin in the daylight anymore. Anna. The girl stared into the night silently looking at the lights of the small town and then . and he'd been calculating their escape carefully. just to please her. He couldn't get over how incredible those eyes were. He'd forgotten how much he'd enjoyed her whimsy." he said gently. I'd say you were my knight in shining armour." She laughed suddenly. Right now they were most vulnerable. something he always looked for when searching for hotels to stay in. Perhaps another vampire would never perceive it. and Kaiden had an entire army of humans and vampires who were hunting him. so I determined it was time to get moving. Though the place was old. A large silver SUV's lights flashed and the rear hatch lifted at the push of a button. "Ridiculous. sense the alert as it vibrated about him. Was he trying to reassure her or himself? So much about her confused him. Cael had not been idle. but he was an Ancient One. Then. If I didn't know you predated the time period. He could feel the tension. "Oh come on!" she giggled. He put his hand on the frail woman's arm beside him gently. He went around to the passenger side of the door and opened it for her once again reaching out to steady her as she stepped in. "I'd look great with a conical hat and holding my dress pretending to be pregnant like the blessed virgin. She had already been physically dominated by a human who had no special power. Though his Anna had been ill. smell the watchfulness. a scent in the air. "The car is this way. the magnificent Cael!" He chuckled a little. and defiled her. yet looking into her eyes was like staring into the brightest of blue sky in the afternoon. "This wasn't quite the metal armour I was thinking of getting you in. "My lady. Cael." He sniffed." She smiled at him and blushed prettily. "But what about the maid?" Anna protested. His power frightened her. it was nice enough and the hallways were enclosed." he replied. He could almost hear her wondering what kinds of things vampires could do with their magic. but Cael could sense watchfulness around him. he still shunned it. "I am a man of my word." he said as they left the lobby and went in the parking lot.

and I am a man of my word. It was a mesmerizing sight. "I am going to keep you safe until I am sure it is safe to return you to your family. She was just worn out and weepy.. to. Kaiden blamed him for Alexander's escape though no one could prove the introduction of the girl is what allowed the Ancient One to get out. and her ass was pleasantly rounded." "How do you know it's a secret?" "When you are an important person. and he had a political coup to dispel. or I shall entrust you into the care of people who can protect you until that time. She knew better." he said. He wasn't sure what he was going to do with her. He couldn't admit to himself that he wasn't willing to let her go free.." he said at last. I promised to keep you safe. for both their sakes. Her skin was creamy white and flawless.finally into the blackness as they passed into wilderness. . Anna. Of course that's the way it was. He couldn't admit to himself that he cared for her. She knew he could sense her thoughts. I occurred to me that I'd built a hunting lodge but had never actually gone there to hunt. The thought of waking up someday without his arms around her in a protective embrace made her soul scream. I actually forgot about it myself until I saw a man dressed in hunting clothes the other day. My second Kieran went there last year. and no one knows about it. though he'd mentioned that if he wasn't looking into her eyes he couldn't read her exact thoughts. So that's the way it was then. That was it. but he's the only other person who knows of it. Her lips were soft pink and her cheeks hollowed as she swallowed Kaiden's throbbing erection deep into her throat over and over again. She really was going crazy. "Yes. Her hair was the colour of fire and fell about her naked shoulders and back in loose waves. Of course she was emotionally exhausted." ------------------Anna stared out the window in silence after that. James knew to tread very lightly. I think it shall be safe and its existence is secret. quite unusual for a redhead. He was quiet then. It was a desire he knew he must fight. This was her first night up after all. He opened the massive oak doors and stopped for a moment as he saw his leader sitting back in his leather chair." "Like now?" she said snuggling into the chair. It probably wouldn't do him any good anyway. to keep her. "Either that. She knew that he could tell she was upset. to protect her. it sometimes becomes necessary to make places that are secret. Right? She didn't look at him. "I have a home in Minnesota. They enable you to escape prying eyes when you have to. She wasn't ready for those kinds of emotions so soon after such torture. He did everything respectfully these days. She wasn't sure what she was thinking. "Where are we going?" she asked. ***************************** James Bradford rapped on the doors to the study respectfully. "It's secluded. That was why Cael's honourable words made her upset. He had an uncontrollable yearning to be near this woman. What could a two-thousand year old vampire want with a beat-up and defiled little human like her? Tears filled her eyes but she blinked them away dismissing them as a reaction to weariness." "What are you going to do with me when you reach this place?" she asked. The woman was absolutely perfect. "Come!" replied Kaiden's voice from behind the door. A stunning redhead was on her knees before him suckling his cock in her mouth. All she knew was that she wanted to stay with the vampire. possess her. For a moment James stood transfixed.

Kaiden was already pissed enough at him. "This is Elise." said James bowing low. but the words were smooth and hot. He imagined the redhead doing the same thing to him in that very chair and had to stifle a groan at the thought. "Tell me James." "Yes. For a long time the room was filled with the sounds of her suckling. "I leave you two to enjoy each other. Great One. The girl moaned as Kaiden talked to her and redoubled her efforts. "No. Finally Kaiden spoke. "I have to leave this beautiful woman without providing her with the same satisfaction you have just witnessed her give to me. The woman moaned and ran her fingers down his thighs enticingly until with a roar the vampire came convulsively into her mouth. Bradford felt himself grow hard as he watched them." Kaiden looked at James a little quizzically." he said gesturing to the beautiful. Kaiden's heavy breathing and his dark. But I think I know how to make amends. It wasn't until he closed the door that James heard the distinct click of the lock. light pink nipples that were puckered and aroused. Fuck.He ran his fingers through those fiery tresses and coaxed to the woman in a language James didn't understand. foreign words that he whispered in a deadly voice. my friend?" James looked at the beautiful woman in confusion. He was on Kaiden's shit list. naked redhead who still knelt beside him. James looked away then. James felt a lump in his throat. He turned to look at the beautiful woman but to his horror he saw her canines elongate into fangs. Suddenly Kaiden fisted his hands in her hair and took absolute control forcing her up and down on him rapidly. Her breasts were. Creamy. She was a natural redhead." he replied. "Ah. He heard the lovers speak for a while in that other language and then he heard their lips press together in a deep kiss. Oh Fuck! . round. He knew the door locked both ways. Hell. "I see you made it on time for once." He walked past James chuckling to himself.. Kaiden chuckled and nipped at her ear. James inclined his head politely. Why would he give him such a beautiful woman? "Is that okay with you Elise?" said Kaiden as he pulled the beautiful woman to her feet kissing her soft pink lips gently. The last thing he needed was more torture. have your people managed to find Alexander?" Bradford's head bowed. my lord..incredible. he'd locked people in with the vampire many times. The beautiful woman smiled at him and nodded kissing the vampire back passionately. too. "You'll stand in for me won't you. his voice low." The vampire refastened his trousers and tucked a few strands of the woman's hair behind an ear affectionately.

" he returned. He shook his head mockingly. How had Alexander managed all this? How could things be falling apart so quickly without him? God. but damn it! He couldn't figure out who it was. "Kieran. You're looking awful. and no-nonsense. "Fuck!" He slammed his hands on the desk in frustration. and frustration. Not only that. The empire of Alexander LeGaulle was somehow crumbling rapidly and the people about him were getting scared. She'd seen his tirades before. "He knew me so well. Darian Moiree couldn't help with the problems in America. And now it was just him and Darian. and like New Orleans in the face of Katrina." "Well." said Kaira as she brought in another stack of reports. The Ancient One's employees and the people close to them were disappearing on a daily basis. Good thing she was because he didn't know what the hell he was doing anymore. his eyes were tired. and the reports were ominous." Kaira didn't say anything. "You've been going to bed after noon. a sounding board. "Alexander would be pissed right now if he saw you. Just like the rest of them. overlaid with an essence that . but no one knew who was initiating it and who the leader would be. Darian doesn't think they'll be able come to a decision for another month. All Kieran knew for sure was there was a storm brewing." She looked at him hard in the eyes. There wasn't enough of him to go around these days. Please get some rest. You're no good to us worn out. everyone was whispering about a coup. grief. He was a mentor. Even thinking about Alexander reminded him of how empty he felt. What rest? Not only was he trying to maintain the business side of Alexander's empire. ************ Anna snuggled against Cael's chest dreamily. she was afraid. He hadn't expected her to. Her body was pressed against his greedily absorbing his warmth. "You know I can't! You know what's happening. but a country and an ocean away. There was someone from within betraying them. they don't know what the hell they're doing. "I'm heading home. Kieran. Alexander and him." He looked at the reports on the desk and sighed. His neck ached. but now there was a different glint in her eyes.Chapter Five Kieran Montasse put his head in his hands and rubbed his temples wearily. He buried his head in his hands again in weariness. and she reveled in his scent each time she took a breath. a companion. She was beautiful. He smelled like the woods after a spring rain. He hated the sound of that. It was just up to him. "Take a break for a few. Perhaps the real reason things were still straggling along was because Kaira was so competent. "What does the Council say?" Kaira asked almost shocking him from his reverie. It was going to be nasty. which had been his original job." "Yeah. "The council? Without Alexander." "Alexander would understand. He felt like he needed his creator more than ever today. Kieran smiled sadly as he thought about the three of them. Kieran was sure of it. but if I've already lost the power what's the point?" Kaira touched him on the shoulder gently as she put the reports down on his desk. You can't keep this up. A friend of a thousand years was not so easily lost. He's highly recommending me to take over. he could only watch it come. or so the saying went. but now he was in charge of the political stuff." He looked up at the lovely woman who had been Alexander's secretary for years. practical. delighting in the softness of his skin against hers." she sighed. Darian. and Alexander was more than just a friend. The world had been their oyster.

was male, warm and slightly musky. There was something infinitely comforting about resting in his arms even though they were both naked, and they probably shouldn't be. Drifting closer to consciousness, she noted that she had snuggled against him entwining him in her arms and legs almost possessively. It was as though in her sleep, the strange longing in her subconscious that she had felt and fought the day before had been unleashed. Now her body and mind purred with happiness as though it had resolved her turmoil by laying physical claim upon his body. If only her conscious mind could come to such resolutions so easily. Of course she would have strong feelings for him. They had been through hell and back together, and when he could have left her for dead, he guarded her and protected her. Upon waking, she found that her protector was more than just a friend in the dark; he was gorgeous, smart, dark, and dangerous. He was everything a little girl dreams about when she imagines her knight in shining armour. He was the kind of guy she'd dreamed would come and sweep her off her feet. Nestled in the embrace of her dream-lover, there was only one slight problem. He was a two-thousand-year-old vampire. Damn. She sighed and carefully removed her limbs from his doing her best not to wake him. He was so beautiful asleep like that, and he could probably use the rest after driving all night. As she pulled away from him he growled softly and rolled over as though to catch her in his embrace again. Curiously she pulled out of his reach and was rewarded with another dreamy growl of frustration. It was a strange noise; a deep rumbling in his chest that was a mixture between something fierce and a purr. Definitely not human, but she found it rather... sexy. She could imagine that sound as he lay above her kissing her gently, his lips pressing against hers, the velvety texture of his skin against her, his hands caressing her... Rolling her eyes at herself she slid out of bed and went to the bathroom to start a shower. Everything about Cael confused her. The thought of him made her belly feel warm and moisture pool between her thighs and she hated herself for it. It made her feel like some kind of whore whose lust was so insatiable that she would still desire a man even after she'd been raped brutally. Was this some type of sick coping mechanism? Did she feel so defiled that she wanted to wallow in the shame of it by screwing every man in sight? God she felt so ashamed. The acts of her rapist from that night were emblazoned into her memory. Perhaps when she and Cael had been dying in the vault, she'd been too sick and too afraid of her fate to let such things bother her. The need to survive outweighed the need to process, grieve and cope with his brutality and degradation. Now that she was recovering, the memories hit her like the horrible episodes her dad used to have. As a little girl she could remember moments when he'd suddenly pause trembling and sweating as something triggered a flashback to his time in Vietnam. They weren't as frequent now, but, he still had moments where his eyes would gloss over and she knew he was watching his buddies getting blown apart once again. She wondered if she'd have flashbacks of that night for the rest of her life, just like her dad still was haunted by the horrors of war. She tried to analyse it, compartmentalize it, and control the memory through consciously identifying her feelings and processing what they meant. It wasn't the beating. She could take that. Beating was impersonal. People got in physical altercations all the time. Hell. She'd been in a few brawls when she was a kid. No emotional scars. No. The scarring came from the intentional acts of defilement; the words, the animalistic grunting as he thrust into her were etched into her mind. The horrible things he'd said to her as he humiliated her echoed in her ears. No one had ever called her those words, and as she choked on his cock covered in her own blood, she'd given up to despair and believed him. The scent of his sex and body still lingered in her nose, and several times yesterday she felt like she tasted him still in her mouth. She'd chewed gum or sucked on mints all the night before trying to get his taste out of her mouth and the smell from her nose. Tears filled her eyes as she stepped under the hot water. Opening the bottle of body wash she'd

made Cael buy her at their last stop, she poured a large amount into the wash cloth and scrubbed at her skin. The strong fragrance overwhelmed her senses, filling the shower with the perfume of clean spring rain and erasing the scent of her rapist's body for a few moments. She hadn't mentioned at the gas station why she needed something other than the soaps the hotels provided, and Cael didn't ask. Perhaps the thoughts had been so emotionally charged, he'd been able to read her mind. She rinsed the soap off and stood under the water again breathing deeply. The stale scent still lingered, but it was weaker now. Bitterly she wiped at the tears that were in her eyes. She might never get his rancid odour out of her nose. She turned off the water and dried off. She couldn't be weak right now. Cael was fighting to keep his kingdom together. The last thing he needed was some weepy human who couldn't take care of herself at his side. There was a light rap on the door. "Anna?" Cael called to her. Wrapping the towel around her she opened the door a crack. "Yeah?" "What's wrong?" "Nothing," she replied quietly. "I'm okay. I'm sorry I woke you." "I don't need to read your mind to tell you're lying to me." He pushed the door open the rest of the way and walked into the steamy bathroom completely naked. Her eyes widened as she saw his nude body, those muscles bunching and flexing with each move. She felt her hands tremble and she unconsciously drew her towel about her more protectively. He ignored her rather defensive body language completely though. He seemed totally unaware of the fact that he was naked... and gorgeous... and... "If you talk about it, you'll feel better," he said shocking her out of her wide-eyed stare. "What?" "If you tell me why you are crying, then perhaps I could comfort you," he repeated. "Believe it or not, I have moments of occasional wisdom, for a two-thousand-year-old, that is." She smiled at his light joke. "Quit lying about your age," she returned only half-heartedly. "You're cutting half a millennium off." "Tell me how to help you, Anna," he repeated. "Tell me what's wrong." "I can't." Damn. The tears were coming again. "You see? I'll lose it." "What's wrong with that? You've got the right you know." "All I've done since I met you is become your burden. You've always helped me. You've always comforted me. You have a kingdom to save, and you're trying to tell me that I need to let my feelings out. Neither you nor I have the time for that." He pulled her into his arms and just held her close, running his fingers through her wet hair. He smelled good. She couldn't smell...him... when Cael held her. She closed her eyes and wrapped her arms about him absorbing his warmth and his strength. For a moment time seemed to stand still. A sense of safety and peace washed over her as his presence overwhelmed her. His magic seemed to hum through her weakened body, and his strong arms enfolded her in a protective shield. He was right. She needed it. "Anna," he whispered softly in her ear after a while. "I'm sorry. We should probably get going huh?" She sighed and moved to pull out of his embrace, but he wouldn't let her. She froze and looked up into his vivid green eyes seeing a strange glint in them. Were they cloudy with...desire? His mouth brushed her lips gently, the velvety softness of his lips against hers stirring something deep inside her. Whatever it was, she wanted more; not just a butterfly's kiss. She whimpered against his mouth. The need in her voice shocked her. She didn't need sex right now. Her body was still recovering from rape. Honestly, she didn't know what the hell she wanted.

Cael instinctively seemed to know, even better than she did. His smooth, moist lips covered hers once again, but this time with more intensity. She reveled in the soft heat of his mouth, even as her body shuddered and the tight warmth in her belly she always felt when she was near him began to consume her. The sensations on her skin seemed to electrify, and she could feel his smooth flesh and the contours of his muscles against her. The towel was suddenly too much between them and with an irritated pull she yanked it from her body, craving to feel the vampire's flesh against every inch of her naked skin. At the press of their naked bodies against each other, the sexy growl she heard from before rumbled through Cael's body. A shiver ran down her spine at the sound and she moaned in return as his tongue danced with hers, his lips covered her mouth possessively, and his hands roamed her body touching her lightly with his fingertips as though she was some fragile piece of china. She nearly flew apart in his arms, the sensations overwhelming her and sending her reeling with shivers of passion. God. She'd let him have her right there on the bathroom floor if he asked. She wanted him to ask...didn't she? He growled again, but this time she could hear agony in the rumble and he broke their kiss. "Anna," he groaned. He feathered light kisses over her face, and then put his forehead against hers. "Forgive me." He held her for a long time against his body, breathing deeply, as though he was struggling for some kind of control. She could tell he wanted her. His hot erection throbbed against her belly trapped between their bodies and she could feel the moisture of his arousal on her skin. On one hand she knew she should step away and give him space to fight his passions, but she was weaker. She tried to convince herself to pull away, but as tired as she was, she didn't have the strength or the desire to fight her body's longing. The little voice in the back of her head rather pointedly told her that even if she was completely healthy she wouldn't pull from his embrace. "You are so beautiful," he breathed holding her close. "You are so strong. Forgive me. After all these centuries, my passions sometimes get the better of me still." She didn't want to say anything back. She simply wanted to remain in his embrace. "Come back to bed," he said gently. "I need to rest for a few more hours. Lie with me, Anna." She nodded taking his offered hand and followed him back into the bedroom. ************** Kaiden paced irritably in his study. Damn it! Alexander wasn't doing anything the way he'd expect. When he first learned that the Ancient One had escaped from the abandoned lab he'd waited patiently for him to re-emerge, march on over with an army and try to string him out in the sun. In a way, he'd wanted it. He wanted to see the old bastard's face when his own generals turned on him. He wanted to see that fierce rage he'd seen in the lab change to one of horror, shock, and submission. He wanted the fucker on his knees this time! But it had been nearly two weeks of...nothing. No word. Alexander LeGaulle was still dead to his world and he'd made no attempts to contact them. What the fuck was the bastard doing?! "Maria called to say they've still heard nothing," said Elise as she entered the study without knocking. She smiled at him, kissed his lips softly and then plopped on a leather couch. "He's not contacting any of his people." "That's the fucking problem, now isn't it?" He paced even more. "We know he's alive, but he's not DOING anything. He must have access to money, but Gregory palmed his wallet. Can Maria get access to his accounts?"

" She didn't wait to hear any more. "You bastard!" she snapped baring her fangs in anger. I'm going to shove my cock up your dry ass right now. . love. Smiling cruelly. her heart pounding in fear. "Damn it!" "Maybe he decided to give up his rule." snapped Kaiden. ********************* Anna smacked Cael's hand playfully as he snatched another French fry from her lap. "Are you going to quit pacing and do something productive?" "Like what?" She dropped to her knees before him and licked her lips enticingly. and from what I hear it took a lot of convincing to get Alexander to accept Western Europe. He'll not give his power up so easily. "Don't you think his people would know he's alive.." She rose uncertainly. then. "He would not have fled. A woman's eyes were most lovely when they were wide with terror or filled with tears. He was frustrated and Elise's sumptuous body could give him release in more ways than one. Elise. We should watch him and see if he starts acting strangely. "Get the fuck off your knees. It might be an indicator as to what Alexander is doing." Kaiden thought about it and then nodded. Two. I want to know at once if LeGaulle calls them." "Silly girl. I'm going to fuck you till you bleed." said Elise." he said in a dark and deadly voice.." He looked at the beautiful woman on her knees. "He's one of the oldest and most powerful of our kind alive. "Betrayal by one's friends is a difficult pill to swallow. Licking the blood off her lips she looked at Kaiden uncertainly." "I thought you said he just recently became king of America.." said Elise standing before him." He growled at that." "Kaiden." he said in a cruel voice. Her green eyes were dark with hunger for him and her flawless skin had the slight flush of arousal. "Actually.. He's planning something. The only vampires that I know of who have been in existence longer are an ancient Pharaoh and his queen from Egypt." Elise's pale face went white. he reached out and slapped her hard across the mouth splitting her lip. he accepted the challenge and relinquished his command in Europe to his best friend." "If you don't run little girl. She wanted him. "For an ambitious man." said Kaiden. At once he opened his phone. "He might be getting assistance from Moiree. you're rather dense sometimes. "He will not surrender his rule so easily. "I bet you might think of something. "One.." "It doesn't make sense. Her fiery hair was gorgeous." "No." "Do you have people watching Moiree?" Elise asked.. She turned and ran.." "Now." She rolled her eyes and stood. But he was in the mood for something a little more involved. Kaiden smiled as the passion in her eyes transformed to fear. When America started to grow and a need to govern our people here became important." He threw a glass tumbler at the wall shattering it in his irritation. because if I end up catching you before I'm ready. double the watch all the other Ancients. It's all he's had for nearly a thousand years. "Three." he said..Elise shrugged. Vampires only adopted kings the last 500 years. Darian Moiree. dear. too? They don't. He liked them better that way. "Double your people watching Moiree. "I thought of something to do. "I'll give you to the count of ten.

should be able to afford his own fries. but she didn't fight him. For all her rash stubbornness she could sometimes think before she talked. She turned up the seat warmer to counter-balance the icy coldness of the drink so that she was just comfortable. Cael was wise not to confide in her." she said. but the smile was the only one she felt completely comfortable with. One misplaced word and we can have an outright war. She sniffed.." She wanted to smile to herself. "Why haven't you just returned to your people? You seem to have enough power to destroy Kaiden already. The last few hours of their drive she'd watched him react to her conversation noting his body language and responses.. you don't have a cool Transylvanian accent.. "Look who's talking. I'm driving Kaiden insane. but she held her tongue. She'd say outrageous things just to see those sensuous lips twist in a smile." "Stealing them is half the fun of eating them. I cannot trust my people. Anna wondered if the worry over his kingdom and his people was starting to get to him. He's waiting for me to call in the cavalry to start a war. "My favourite is actually potato chips. I'm also seriously disappointed that you can't fly.. "Cael. I've got the . He knew she was teasing him." For all her banter. It made her feel hurt that he'd exclude her." he answered at last. Cael didn't seem all that talkative. It amused her to know that an ancient vampire like Cael had a weakness for French fries. We're a lot more human than you care to believe. There were so many things she wanted to see those lips do. She was lost in her own thoughts. She could see those jade eyes staring off thoughtfully and she knew he must be plotting." he reasoned. you don't turn into a corpse when you sleep. There are only a few now that I will confide in. "If you keep eating junk like this. He trusted her! "What of the people you do trust? Won't you need their help?" "Yes." he commented as he stole yet another. then wouldn't you know it. you'll get sick. "I am not returning home because I know he has spies planted there. That's what Kaiden is waiting for."You're stealing from a starving woman. and now I find you have a thing for stealing French fries. Since when do vampires eat food? I thought you were on a strict diet. It was probably better that way. The whole point of remaining in hiding is to keep Kaiden in the dark. He reached over and stole another fry absently. "Obviously vampires can consume human food. As long as I don't. Why are we running to Minnesota?" He was silent for a long time. Perhaps this was one of those times that she wasn't going to get an answer. But I must go about getting it carefully. I'm leaving him just enough of a trail to let him know I'm alive. "I knew there was a catch. He smiled and ate it anyway as they drove along. I figured you were O-negative all the way. "Right now. She wondered if people dared to tease such an important person like him and the thought made her rather sad. but I must be careful how I even contact them." she asked after a while." he said. She almost thought to ask again. Cael's life was probably very lonely. and the wisest rulers try to take care of things without getting engaged in a mass battle. "First. but figured in the end." she agreed." His lips curled up in a slight smile of amusement. but he seemed to like it." He chuckled at her.which I LOVE. but not enough to tell him where I'm going. I'm doing the opposite of what he'd expect me to do. I mean any man who has the money to buy a luxury SUV with a GPS and nice seat warmers. She was weak compared to his people and they could pick his plans from her mind easily." "You've been a disappointment in so many ways. She stared back out into the blackness of the highway and snuggled into her seat sipping her soda. "You know you could have just bought yourself some.

how could this feel right? Once again her inner voice told her that she was supposed to be with this strange." she protested. he was only three thousand years old. I have ancient vampires as my allies that I know he cannot control. Cael. I'll never be able to go home..all bony and still showing discolouration from the deep bruising. but it still looked pretty nasty. to be afraid or to fight. "Please." She paused. "I want to help you Cael. So I was hurt. She should have known Cael would be old-fashioned. subverted your people. she felt indignant.. She didn't know what to say. She wanted to be with Cael. but. Like hell she'd just stand aside! "I'm not made out of porcelain." She reached out and took his hand holding it tightly. It felt so right to be next to him. just like you did in that wretched hole. this is my life. after all. "He's got you outnumbered. but the marks on her wrists and ankles had bruised so deeply that they had turned from purple to green and now to a rather sickly yellowish-red. Most of her other wounds were healed. and he's got humans working with him. I am going to give him a sampling of Ancient Power that the world will never forget. too. and then her little voice got combative once again. It was just like a chivalrous man to lock a woman up and keep her safe from danger. "I will NEVER allow this to happen to you again. sharing French fries. for all of about two minutes." His eyes seemed to glow eerily with anger and for a moment she thought he'd lose it. "Do you see this?" She nodded. Cael. That gives me just as much right as you to fight these people. but he took a deep breath to control himself. "Anna?" She jumped. if you truly wish it. Anna. Anna shook her head at herself. and they're threatening my family. arguing. So I'm a human. what am I supposed to do?" "Right now. I'm NOT going to back down. The power and passion of his words were overwhelming." He brought her hand to his lips and kissed it gently. The bruising was disappearing.. If you don't beat Kaiden." He reached over and grabbed her wrist gently holding it up. but his rather over-bearing protectiveness had an inverse effect on her. Perhaps he thought such words would make her feel special." "That doesn't mean that I have to just stand aside either. "I have two choices." "Ah.. but I have true strength on my side. The thought of beating Kaiden and returning home all by herself made her soul scream.power. too. Kaiden and his people hurt me. startled from her reverie. Fuck. holding his hand. "In the mean time. I have learned from my foolishness. but he didn't let it go. I'm not the type to live in fear. Kaiden has no idea what the Old Ones among our kind can do." Damn." ************************* Kieran jumped at the sound of his cell phone swearing as he banged his knee on Alexander's . I shall rise from this more powerful than I have ever been." "You don't have the strength to fight vampires. ancient vampire. though. Anna. Anna couldn't determine whether she should exult with him or fear him. "Yeah?" "I've got an idea how you can help." She could hear her voice rising in anger and she forced herself to take a deep breath. She wanted him. She did look pretty awful right now." "I don't see how that's gong to work. you can give me company and comfort. he may have numbers. She couldn't really blame him." The glow in his eyes was breathtaking and chilling. For a moment she was aghast. "I want to help. I'll never forgive myself if you get hurt in this battle. "I know I'm just a human." she said thoughtfully. He stroked her skin softly for a moment then put his hand back on the wheel and focused on the road again. I NEED to help you.

? Who DARED call during the day! He snatched his cell and opened it." "Do you know what to do?" "Yes. "Stop screaming at me. He should be asleep. where should you be in 2047?" He almost dropped his phone. Grabbing the offensive little piece of technology that had disturbed him irritably. "Please just listen.m. Brothers." he almost begged. It would be just like them to get some phone sex girl to call him so he could 'let off some steam. "No. now. He growled in irritation when his phone rang again." the woman said." said a sweet feminine voice on the other end." she returned quite calmly. I'm a busy man. Listen girl. Can anyone hear this conversation?" Kieran was just too tired to fight this morning." she snapped right back startling him. He ignored it. The mansion was empty. Obviously the woman wasn't going to give up. "Don't say anything. Whatever my buddies are paying you. His heart was pounding.' "Are you somewhere people won't hear your conversation?" the girl asked again. "Stop calling me!" he roared into the phone. "Blood. "YOU listen!" For a moment Kieran was speechless. He'd fallen asleep in the chair yet again.. too. There was a pause on the line. He had to keep her talking he had to KNOW! "Please. Good morning!" He snapped it closed and slammed it on the desk irritably. "Excuse me?" Kieran replied fearing this was some fucking practical joke from one of his friends. send me the bill and I'll take care of it. No one dared talk to him like that! He was an Ancient One. "Do you know who they are?" "No. "Who is this?" he asked quietly. "I'm in my rooms. "Hi. "Do you understand this?" she asked. young lady." she admitted. Who did this little thing think she was? "Are you somewhere private?" the woman demanded. His hands trembled. He was stuck." he snapped irritably.. He groaned and rubbed his knee that was still sending little stabs of pain through his entire leg. Good morning!" He made it all the way to his room before the cell phone rang again." he replied slowly. . The ache in his neck was killing him. Do you understand this?" "Yes." she said. "Now answer my question. Brandy. "I'll have to be cryptic. Then it rang again. "Okay. I'm supposed to tell you these words and you're supposed to know what to do.desk. He began to swear in every language he knew as he grabbed the cell phone and opened it again. He needed to shower and get to bed. "No. "Are you Kieran?" "If you don't know. "Listen. "This better be good. What the fuck! Who would call him at 10:00 a." he replied." "Yes." he snapped. Kieran couldn't move. he made his way to his chambers. He looked at the clock." Kieran was silent then. You know that your own people are betraying you. Everyone was asleep." The woman hung up at once. and he had to leave his cell on for emergencies. you shouldn't be calling me.

Was it possible? .

He stroked her back and ran his fingers through her long. staring at him indignantly and turning her wrath upon him now. her tiny fist clench. Kieran Montasse. No one. blushing. He growled possessively as he deepened the kiss. hissing angrily? This human. merely a mite in comparison to their kind.” She sniffed stubbornly. He kissed those luscious. They were so warm and soft.. Everything about her was intoxicating. reveling in her softness. How could I possibly deny you?" "You're teasing me. "No. "How could any man get angry at a beautiful angel such as you? Your glory alone keeps me in awe. and her eyes glitter in rage as she literally shouted back at him! If only Kieran had seen that this slender creature was the one who'd just stood up to one of his famous. "Do you know you just talked down Kieran Montasse?" "So?" she returned. her lips pursed stubbornly and the air around her vibrating with passion. Holding her close he could hear her heartbeat. She really was like a tiny kitten hissing and growling at a large bulldog. Kieran is especially grumpy when his rest is disturbed." she returned in irritation. Her crisp tone and fiery eyes amused him even more. terrifying tirades! What he would give to see his old friend's face when he learned this fiery little kitten had stared him down with her hackles raised. was completely undeterred by the powerful vampire's wrath. "No one talks that way to Kieran. her pale cheeks flushing insecurely. Vampires don't like to be awakened. pulling her close to his body in a fierce hug." she retorted as her blood boiled yet again. even her temper.talked down by a delicate. He couldn't help himself. "perhaps because you're my soft-spot. He needed to . and then turned around to storm off. If only Kieran had seen her pouting lips purse angrily. her stunning blue eyes flashing with irritation. dark tresses. little human! "Are you making fun of me?" she finally demanded." He could hear her heartbeat accelerate as he caressed her. I don't have to put up with that kind of crap. I expect to be treated better than that. I'm laughing because you're incredible. claws bared. pouting lips.Chapter Six Cael couldn't help himself as sat down on the hotel bed and laughed. stubbornly remaining stiff in his arms. whimpering slightly as he suckled." "Mmm. her shoulders square. and smiled as he felt the stiffness leaving her body. delighting in her softness. Her rigid body softened beneath him and she opened her mouth. but it was enough to send him into another fit of laughter. Those tiny limbs had clenched angrily as she shot back over the phone. and he couldn't help himself as he laughed even harder. and it just made him chuckle even more. He needed more contact. longing to taste her again. smell her sweet scent." he nuzzled his cheek into her hair. feel the heat of her body." he chuckled. like brushing his mouth against the smoothest satin. She threw her hands up in frustration swearing. she'd nearly glowed in her anger. He figured it was just out of principle and not because she was unhappy to be in his embrace. matching the other vampire's rants word for word. "And rude. That tiny little sound nearly pushed him over the edge." "He was an ass. I'm not laughing at you. "You probably woke him. He could only imagine the priceless look on Kieran's face. "You've never been rude like that. God. seeking entrance to her warm moistness with his tongue." Cael laughed even more and nuzzled her cheek. In a flash he jumped off the bed and rushed to her. Anna looked at him curiously.. He knew she couldn't tell whether he was laughing at her or about something else.

to feed from her." She pulled out of his embrace and wrapped her arms about her body protectively. the side that was part beast. he was one of the oldest alive. and to possess her in the way vampires possessed their mates. The pull was undeniable. She seemed to fill an empty spot he'd not acknowledged to anyone.but now. In all his life he'd never believed those silly old legends. "I shouldn't have said that. the taste. It was then he suspected.. "I don't understand. And she was right to question herself. Fuck! She'd just been raped. He had but one moment to make a choice. "I've made you uncomfortable." He wanted to swear when he saw tears fill her eyes. FUCK! She took another trembling breath and sniffed slightly and moved to turn away from him. wrapping his arms about her tightly. she challenged him. Her cheeks were flushed with embarrassment and her glorious blue eyes were glistening with tears." he said gently. the smell. She wanted him? She was being drawn to him as strongly as he was being drawn to her? Damn. she'd just been raped. the confusion. Even her obtuse human senses felt it." she shook her head. She wasn't sure what she should be doing. figuring he felt so attached out of obligation. what's wrong with me?" He couldn't help but to freeze.." He could feel her sudden unease. Did he dare tell her she was right? What would she say when he told her they both craved each other? At first he thought that the strange pull he'd felt in the cave was because of the emotional agony in such a horrible situation. No matter how much he wanted her. With his vampire speed and strength he rushed her once again and trapped her in his arms. God! How could he be such a fucking wretch? "Anna. A mate. for nearly three millennia. He lost himself in the sensations that were all her. "I. either tell her or spurn her. Fuck.. Her eyes widened as she stared at him.. take him into her depths.. "I'm sorry. He'd hurt her. He stroked her comfortingly even though he ached with desire and his cock throbbed painfully. including himself. too. Finally.. His body made the decision for him. He wanted to feast on the soft skin of her breasts and to watch her gorgeous eyes literally flare with ecstasy as he pleasured her. He should know. when she awoke and they began fleeing together towards his secret home. Whatever she was going to say seemed to die on her lips. "Yes.. She teased him. and she laughed with him. "I shouldn't want you like this. unfounded.. He desired her. She wanted to run. leaving him all alone to die.after everything. I should be. to escape the moment of awkwardness." she hiccoughed.. He moaned and reached out pulling her close again. He'd assumed he just didn't want to hear her die. He could imagine watching himself slide into her. He could sense it. "Cael!" she gasped pulling away suddenly... "Why do I want you so much?" she whimpered quietly. to take the pleasures of her body. I shouldn't. He knew she could see his feral side. "I'm sorry. the soft coos. He brushed it aside.. and convulse upon him in pleasure. That part of him ached to possess her. feeling her heat surround him. Then he bent down and devoured her mouth with all the intensity he . the pull had grown even more intense. His mind screamed at him to make love to her. and mark her as his own with his essence. Then they escaped and the feeling had continued. and her passion-glazed blue eyes looked up into his. and completely uncontrollable... Last night during their drive there was a sense of camaraderie.feel her naked flesh in his hands." she stammered taking another step back cautiously." he breathed even as he looked at her hungrily. It was irrational. the stories of immortals and their 'true mates' were a bunch of bullshit. God.

Anna writhed and gasped beneath him whimpering in ecstasy even as her head thrashed back and forth on the pillow. "Yes.felt and didn't stop until they were both gasping in need. She moaned at his touch and impatiently pushed him away to shed her shirt baring her lace encased breasts for him. Desperately she began to divulge him of his clothes. "Oh God! Don't stop. pulling the lace away to bare her pink nipple that stood erect. red and weeping for his attention. delighting in the feel of her satiny skin against the sensitive flesh of his lips. He latched his mouth to the fabric. "I feel it too. feeling her warm stomach and the faint outline of her ribs with his fingers..she was his! He consumed her mouth again. the slight hint of the toothpaste she'd used just a little while ago. leaving her mouth to kiss her jaw line. He cupped one of her full breasts lovingly even as his mouth descended upon the other sucking at the taut nipple through the lacy fabric. "Cael. I can't explain why or how. He parted her folds and feasted on her. He'd always loved a woman in lace. mating his tongue with hers." she groaned. twisted and lathed it with hunger. He put his hands under her soft knit shirt. moaning into her . groaning as her fingers traced the contours of his muscles and caressed his back." he growled even as he continued to consume her flesh. the same desire roaring through him to feel her warm." she wailed desperately. the beautiful lingerie only frustrated him. waiting for him to suckle into his mouth. He tasted her. He moaned in blissful agony seeing her in the sexy lingerie he'd bought. even as he reached behind her and unclasped the lacy bra." he groaned as his mouth trailed downwards kissing the protrusion of her ribs and then making their way to her belly button.. She was so soft. I want you more than anything. so warm. her pale skin flushed with passion. She was as beautiful as he'd imagined. but he'd never realized how much it would turn him on and drive him insane to see her creamy mounds framed so delectably. the saltiness of her tears. "Cael. When their soft flesh finally met. Those delicate hands seemed to be everywhere on his flesh. naked body against his skin." she gasped. He ripped the panties from her body and nearly lost it when he stared her glistening sex. growling in desire at the thong that graced her mound. carried her to the bed and deposited her gently in its middle even as he continued to devour her mouth hungrily. he lifted her into his arms. He latched onto it. purring in satisfaction that he'd been the one to stir such passion. He pressed his lips against hers demanding entrance into her warm mouth. He couldn't get enough of her taste. tasting her arousal smiling as she shrieked and twitched the moment his mouth made contact with her heat. "Never. He turned his attention to her other breast. All I know is that I do. Now that he'd tasted her flesh." he breathed. and he helped her. "Cael. Her skin was so sweet. Her pleading cries. Growling possessively. sending shivers of pleasure down his spine making his pulsing cock throb in agony. His fingers nimbly undid her pants and quickly pulled them from her hips. He needed more. hungrily suckling the tiny nub into his mouth. an electric shock roared through his body.. speaking his true name with such need momentarily shattered his control." she cried even as she raked his back with her nails. her black hair framing her face. so warm against his mouth. He hungrily inhaled her musk even as he visually assessed her dampness. He groaned and pushed his pelvis into hers. the friction of their bodies teasing them both. She cried out as his mouth latched back onto one of her pink nipples and suckled. His mouth traced her collarbone to her breastbone to rest between those soft mounds." He didn't give her a chance to question him. and the sweetness of her flesh stirred his senses. His mouth kissed the insides of her thighs and all around that small triangle of lace. making her jump as though his lips were shocking her with some kind of erotic electricity. Her tiny hands clung to his shoulders as though he was the only thing steadying her in the torrent of sensation. shaved and hairless. her forehead her ears. even her neck where the blood of her life pulsed. "There's nothing wrong with you..

He could hear the pounding of her heart. He smiled at her unspoken demand. he closed his eyes and took a deep breath struggling for control. Not this time. kissing her deeply. When she was mindless with need he took his impressive length in his hand and pushed it against her opening. slowly. trying to be mindful that her last penetration had been brutal. her body coated his fingers with its juices her hands balled in the sheets with agony. Even in bed she was stubborn and willful. whimpering with need. Her delicate hand wrapped around his cock stroking him. Suddenly she became more aggressive. rubbing her clit. They both groaned as he inched inside her. suckling on her aching nipple." she begged her voice hoarse from desperation. holding on as her body . He groaned in agony. slipping his fingers back into her folds. watching himself disappear within her depths in rapt concentration. Fuck! Her heat was almost unbearable. It drove him insane to have her touching him while his body was imprisoned in his clothing. Fearing to lose the last threads of control he took her tiny hand in his and held it still. She reached out to run her fingers through his hair. both hands clinging to his shoulders as he assaulted her with his tongue and his questing fingers. For a moment. Anna?" he growled. stroking her sex. "Do you want this. He kissed her with the same intensity. Whatever pain she'd last experienced he wanted to erase with pleasure. those tiny fingers on his skin delighting his senses making his moans of need echo her own keening cries. making her even hungrier for another release. she unbuttoned his pants and put her hands inside to feel him. kissing him passionately and forcing her tongue into his mouth. "Please Cael. There was something about seeing her angelic eyes staring in amazement that nearly broke him and when she reached out once again and wrapped her slender fingers around him. He groaned at her touch and closed his eyes for a moment as an image of her beautiful mouth devouring his cock flashed before his mind. Her pelvis moved in tandem with his thrusts... Taking pity on her. Growling impatiently. Just before she cried out in frustration he'd suckle or nip her again sending her beautiful head thrashing on the pillows. he gasped in agony. Then he started thrusting with agonizingly slow. her soft walls gripped his digit longingly. the musky scent in the air of her arousal. He inserted another finger and moved them within her slowly and gently at first. and he filled her so fully that they both lay still panting with the sensation. In moments she was writhing beneath him again with need. spreading the moisture of his arousal around the throbbing head with her thumb. in the artery in her groin. forcing himself away from her weeping folds and back up her body delighting in the salty taste of her sweat. he latched his mouth over her clit suckling hard until she came screeching and bucking beneath him. and then with more force and fervour. She was unbelievably tight around him. Even as he licked and supped upon her sensitive flesh. but he toyed with her. "Please. She moaned beneath him and clasped his shoulders with her tiny hands. staying away from her jugular and back to her mouth. he pushed a finger inside her.softness at the sweet taste of her arousal. For a moment all he could do was stare at that delicate hand wrapped around his throbbing erection and watch in mesmerized rapture as she stroked him. Instead. the blood throbbing in her sex. he told himself. With deft fingers. She groaned and he felt her squirm beneath him. she reached out with her other hand and pulled him down upon her again. her almost black eyes. Anna screeched incoherently at his touch. he removed his pants and his boxers noting her wide-eyed stare with satisfaction. steady strokes. letting her taste herself on his lips. her tousled hair and smiled at her. His mouth supped its way up her neck." He looked up at her flushed body. She didn't answer. flicking her clit only for a moment before kissing or licking the juices that coated her. Cael kissed her ear and then her lips then worked his way down to her breast.

Little One. "Oh no. She came with a keening cry. . making her writhe and squirm beneath him. but he connected with her mind and felt her body still tingling with little shock waves from her orgasm. and in return he lightly twisted one of her hardened nipples making her squeak in bliss. "You are amazing. "Are you all right?" he whispered." he whispered. "So incredible." Anna whimpered at the sound of his dark. he plundered her mouth once again mating his tongue with hers fiercely and ground his hips against hers." he continued. He had so much more pleasure to offer her with his body and his power. "I'm going to ignite the flames of your body like no man has ever done for you before. "Our evening is far from over. "I'll feed from your blood. nipping at his lips even as he nipped at hers." he whispered in a dark. He thrust harder even as he found every sensitive spot on her body with his fingers. but he chuckled in her ear. he caressed her hair from her face. "Mmm.spun out of control with sensation. and she could only coo her response. my seed and my blood. She whimpered and tossed her head from side to side. She obliged him. He took her legs in his arms and draped them over his shoulders groaning as he penetrated her dripping sex even deeper. dangerous." he growled into her ear with a deadly voice in a language long forgotten. her fingers raked his back causing him to shudder deliciously. kissing her lips tenderly. "And soon. Her delicate fingers turned to claws as they raked down his back hungrily. smiling at his ability to fuel her passions so easily." She was gasping and moaning beneath him as he pounded her now. Finally as his breathing settled and her whimpers subsided. but he clenched his fist in her hair and with every last shred of his control he forced his beast down. Mine!" He felt his fangs elongate hungrily. masculine voice." she moaned. His hand palmed her breast and his hips began to thrust against hers again. flicking her clit as he thrust." he growled. For a moment he almost lost control. Cael growled possessively. her tight walls gripping spasmodically around his cock. You're mine. his earlier tenderness turning to forceful passion. He slipped his hand between their bodies. mating her tongue with his. her body convulsing beneath him. This time her moan was a scream and her body convulsed beneath him. caressing every pleasure centre in her brain. dominating voice. stimulating her aching clit. She was beautiful in the throes of lovemaking and he wanted to watch her face as she came yet again at his expert touch. my little Angel. panting into her ear once again. delicate creature in his arms was his! He began to kiss her hungrily then. earning a delicious whine from her lips and he watched in delight as he worked her into the frenzy of another orgasm. I'm going to make you scream my name in ecstasy. You are mine. her tiny claws drawing blood as they sunk into his arms. "Cael!" she cried as she built. cursing in every language he knew as he rode out their mutual orgasm. She relaxed and nuzzled against him after she came down from her second orgasm." he breathed. her sex gripping his cock. He touched her mind with his power then. I'll devour your essence and mark you with mine. suckling on it. uncomprehendingly. Her eyes were closed. "I am going to fuck you until your only thought is my body in yours. Little One. "You are MINE!" he growled into her ear. "That's it my little kitten. He wasn't ready to find his release yet. but Cael had mastered the art of lovemaking. He came with a feral roar." Those blue eyes looked up at him lazily." she replied in dreamy contentment. Instead. Elianna. This beautiful. "You are mine. She groaned into his mouth as her body responded to his passion. "Cael. The sound of his name on her lips sent a shiver down his spine.

I have to do something to keep his arrogant Greek ass in line. purred in contentment and nuzzled into her slightly damp hair as he drifted off to sleep. There are two more. The place is awash with tension and treachery. the older vampire replied proudly. I could sense it when I arrived. God damn it. trying to sense anyone listening. and he'd spent days awash with grief. They could have bugged the place. "It's priceless. I got a call this morning. Alexander will be pissed that you didn't share your technique with him. Moiree replied as though slightly offended. Kieran replied as silently." He paused and looked around meaningfully at the walls. "You must tell me how things are faring. They had been brothers for nearly fifteen hundred years. I've found a way to detect them. Kieran could tell he was pushing his thoughts around them. Darian!" "You and your art-collecting." the other Ancient chuckled. "And here I though you'd be happy to see me. "Did you really like it that much?" Kieran swore a multitude of oaths pouring himself a drink and then offered another glass the expensive brandy to Darian." said a familiar voice. Of course. A woman. he knew Darian was feeling the same. "I'm thinking of returning to Europe and leaving America to its ." Kieran stopped pacing and embraced his friend warmly. He looked at Darian pointedly. "Darian?" Kieran said in amazement. He looked around at the walls curiously and closed his eyes. Even now the call made his hands tremble." he said aloud. You can't sense modern technology. he thought to his friend. "I remember these." said Darian. If he's alive." Darian said aloud nodding meaningfully to Kieran. "I see you haven't lost your sweet demeanour in the last few centuries.. "You needed me. Are you sure? Who called? A vampire? I am sure she was a human. He wouldn't admit it to anyone but having his creator beside him in such dark times was comforting. She said the ancient oath and then mentioned the location in 2047. He had much to think about. You have always been my teacher. "So I was right. His mentor winked outrageously and continued to push out with his mind sweeping the chambers for listening devices." He nodded. Kieran nodded in understanding. this place is going to hell. Kieran chuckled darkly and shook his head in amusement. He bared his fangs and growled angrily at whoever dared intrude. Losing Alexander had been a sore blow. son.. "What the hell are you doing here you old bastard?" "Glad to see you. the ancient vampire nodded growling in approval at the vintage. I always thought they were a little tacky." He shattered the vase grunting in satisfaction when he pulled a small black device from the shards. ***************** He Kieran started as the door to his personal suite opened without a knock. "Stop!" Kieran cried in a strangled voice. Darian chuckled. We'll misdirect them. Darian nodded. Hardly. The devices give off a slight noise if you know what to listen and feel for. There were still moments when he felt an aching loss. He froze for a moment and then walked to a small vase near Kieran's desk. but I want them to think I think I've outsmarted them. Darian stared at him for a moment his mouth gaping. "Without Alexander. you don't trust your own method. too. Aha! Laughed the younger vampire silently.He slid out of her and gathered her limp and sated body in his arms to hold close. "Fuck me. and even though he was an ocean away." said Darian.

even as you said." said Darian sincerely. replied Darian. We have to go. I have no desire to stay.if he's even alive. "Now that Alexander is gone. . It will be difficult to get away unnoticed. Kieran could sense his thoughts were dark. He's got to be in need. but he could be calling out to us. Now he remembered why he'd decided to stay with Alexander. Darian grinned wickedly. Of course we're going. There are eyes everywhere." he said aloud.vices. Kieran looked around meaningfully again. You'll just return home with me. Kieran cautioned. Darian replied in the infuriating calm voice that always drove Kieran insane. It was rather infuriating to think that he was nearly a thousand years old. Kieran thought. It could be a trap.. His creator sometimes treated him like a little boy.. Kieran. I'm always careful." "I'd welcome you home with open arms. Not at all my son. Who will know any better when my private jet deviates from its flight plan? We'll have to be careful. and Moiree still looked upon him like a newly made Little One.

She’d never felt so treasured and protected. That sense of contentedness overwhelmed her once again. She shivered again. He was the only link to gaining back her life…A life without him. to use them. The more she felt the strange compulsion to be with him. battered goods. she wanted him to hold her. She was falling in love with a vampire. It was more than just strong feelings. His body was warm and his flesh was smooth against her naked body. His magic and immortality made her feel helpless. She stood under the hot. “I could say the same for you. There was something about him that constantly pulled her towards him. And that. and… she’d never had three orgasms before. The draw had been so overwhelming that she’d slept with him only a few weeks after being brutally raped. Cael didn’t need her like she needed him. to talk to her. erotic. She took another deep breath and let it out. powerless. clean skin. She inhaled deeply letting the feeling of his presence fill her senses. useless. You need your rest. she squirmed out of his embrace and headed for the shower. It was almost a… craving…. She was the bedmate of a vampire. What was wrong with her! “Anna. She frowned. What was happening? She’d just made love to a vampire. She’d never felt so unsure of herself. She was drawn to him. Vampires had…fangs. Her soul screamed. so divided.wild. .” “Not when you’re upset. pounding water trying to sort out her thoughts. A life…without…Cael.” He pulled her close and nuzzled into her hair. She felt her eyes fill with tears at the thought. in itself. His scent was a mixture of male musk and fresh.” she lied.” he breathed. A VAMPIRE! The sense of contentment faded as the reality of her actions slammed into her viciously. In that light she was really just worthless. It was the best sex of her young life. Had he used his magic on her? Had she even wanted to have sex with him? She felt a horrible pain in her chest even as she struggled to breathe. His powerful arms made her feel safe and loved.” he breathed to her dreamily. to seduce them. “Really. almost knocking the wind from her lungs. Absolutely normal. They had magic to make people do what they wanted them to do. They sucked blood. He could take his kingdom back without her help. She knew so little about Cael’s world. the more it frightened her. She closed her eyes and thought back to their love-making earlier. It seemed that being the bedmate of an ancient vampire had its advantages after all. Go back to sleep. could they? Tears filled her eyes and she choked back a little sob. “I’m okay.” he returned caressing her arm softly. She couldn’t believe she felt as completely comfortable as she did waking up with his arms wrapped around her. was inherently fucked up. and worse. passionate. “Are you okay?” She jumped in surprise. Irritated at herself. She could deal with that.Chapter Seven Anna nuzzled against Cael in contentment. to kiss her. What if it was all a lie? Their connection was so intense it was frightening. All those feelings couldn’t have been Cael’s doing. “I didn’t mean to wake you. in her entire life. She wanted him. Impossible. Nodding to herself she exhaled and breathed deeply.

She was trapped! He reached out and touched her cheek gently making her flinch. Everything was fighting her.” he breathed softly in her ear. She didn’t want it to be a lie. He was her only anchor. “I could feel your anxiety even as I slept. his touch. She wanted to run away. Slowly her labouring heart slowed. Of course he knew. “Cael.” she choked again despite herself.” he breathed.” he paused and looked into her eyes gently. “Let’s talk about it. He knew everything she always thought. his eyes. The world around her was pounding. She couldn’t stand this compulsion.” He pulled her close and held her tightly stroking her back comfortingly.” he whispered. “Easy.” he breathed softly.” She clung to him like he was the only thing that anchored her spinning world.” she whimpered after her adrenaline-hyped senses seemed to come down off their natural high. “You know what I was…” she began in surprise but she stopped herself. Look in my eyes. or just run. She wanted him to hold her. He stepped a little closer and brushed her dripping hair off her forehead.” He stroked her back again comfortingly. “You’re okay. . and she couldn’t decide if she wanted to vomit. as though he was illuminated from within. The door to the bathroom opened and she let out a little shriek in surprise and slammed her body into the wall her eyes wide. He was a vampire. she dried off quickly and threw on a pair of jeans struggling to pull them up in the moisture. faint. “Anna. She couldn’t stand it to be a lie. and each breath was agonizingly painful and frantic. Something inside was screaming and she wanted to scream with it. melodious voice chanted. “Oh God!” she sobbed in frustration.” She didn’t want to look.” he cooed. Shakily she ran her brush through her wet hair doing her best not to whimper aloud in panicked frustration as she couldn’t steady herself enough to even pull through the tangles. “You have a right to question me. her breast heaving. With trembling hands and shortened panicky breaths. Fuck! She was… She shut off the water and wrapped herself in a towel. “Cael. GOD! She couldn’t think. even her clothing as it stuck to her damp skin.” Cael said gently. Her hands trembled. Come. She stared at him feeling as though she was falling into some kind of trance. Anna. and her heart pounded loudly in her ears.” It was the slightly vulnerable look in his eyes that shattered any remaining resolve to resist him. Her body trembled at the sound. His fingers caressed her cheek gently making her shiver involuntarily. “Please. She wanted to get away before she was completely lost.” his smooth. but she tried to pelt herself against the wall as though she could escape him if she just squished her body tighter. almost sadly. his voice. but she didn’t bother to listen. How could a man’s voice sound so beautiful? She sunk into him. “Shh. did she? She couldn’t. I’m very different from you. “You’re okay. They seemed almost to glow. The little voice in her head that was so logical told her she was having a panic attack. “Anna. Let me answer your questions. Tears filled her eyes as she stared at him. “Look at me. Cael approached her slowly. “Anna.” he replied to her unspoken thoughts. His glorious eyes were hypnotizing her. “I only read your mind just now because I was worried about you. “Love. and her panting breaths became deep once again. Her voice sounded pitiful and needy to her ears and she felt tears fill her eyes in shame and frustration at her own weakness. She looked up into his stunning jade eyes. I’m a vampire. He could read her mind.She couldn’t breathe. and he was…a vampire.

” “Yes. especially when the vampire has feelings for his victim. It occurred to her that she wasn’t even afraid. and his wavy golden hair was tousled from sleep. He kept his arm about her. when he looked at her so tenderly? She let him lead her back into the bedroom and sit with her on the edge of the bed. She didn’t think ‘sucking blood’ was an appropriate thing to say. white fangs remained the same. Anna.” He stared out thoughtfully. except perhaps his eyes seemed to glow a little. “Strangely enough. There was no hint of a “demon in disguise” as the legends went. She wondered if it was painful for him to make them grow from his gums like that. It was at once intimidating and empowering. It wasn’t the question she really wanted to ask. Usually I had a supply from donors that I kept in the house. In fact. sharp. “What is it like to…” she shrugged helplessly.” he admitted. but finally he sighed. I should tell you no. “You were very sick. It was…incredible. his sensuous voice sounding almost sad. “I don’t remember how blood used to taste to me before.” “I don’t remember it very well. “Feeding can be very… intimate. “What do you want to know?” She looked into his handsome face.” he admitted. “Does it hurt when you bite people?” she asked reaching out to touch them and then dropping her hand. and she tried to imagine those fangs puncturing someone’s neck. “Victim?” . as powerful as he was. but it was a beginning. I suppose it’s like drinking the best. She felt an odd sense of elation as he bared his beast to her. “You don’t understand what you’re asking me. warm blood. “Anna. terrifyingly magical. It made her want to cry. “Feed?” he said for her. “You fed from me that first night. his fangs made him even more dangerously beautiful. but to me it’s sweet. His gentle eyes grew a little wary then and she could see a myriad emotions flash though his eyes. Forgive me.” She felt her eyes widen.” he said after a while. then. Slowly his canines began to elongate and sharpen into fangs. She nodded. For a vampire it can be as intense as making love. Was he truly a monster and he’d been hiding it from her all this time? For a moment she thought he wouldn’t show her. “Usually I suppress the sensation from their minds so they feel no pain. “I can’t deny you anything. “Ask me anything. sweetest drink you can imagine. “They say it’s coppery. “I know you don’t understand how much power you have over me.” he said. His stunning eyes were soft and gentle.” she said trying to think back. It was a strange juxtaposition to hear him talk in such a gentle voice and while looking at those deadly fangs. because I think it will upset you. but it was an inconvenience in my life with all my responsibilities.” “Can I see your fangs?” she asked a little timidly. It was probably not good etiquette to touch. but I can’t.” “Tell me what I’m asking.” “Will you feed from me now?” He froze and his fangs went back at once in surprise. But everything other than those two. even though he could probably rip out her throat if he wished.” he groaned. He sighed.How could she deny such a man. I’d almost forgotten the elation of drinking flowing. comforting her as though he seemed to know she needed him to steady her life. Most vampires still do. She looked back into his eyes fearing that his face had distorted somehow into one like the monsters she had seen on television.” she demanded.” She watched in fascination as he opened his mouth. this is the first time in a long time I’ve actually had to hunt. It was hard to believe that this man drank the blood of others to live.

“Easy. Even though she wasn’t panicking anymore.” She looked at him in shock. You’re still weak. She bowed her head thoughtfully trying to digest all that he’d shown her. “You’ve seen my fangs when I’m at peace. “Is there anything else?” “Like what?” he asked taking her hand in his. First. his body inside of her.” she said. “It should be useful for you if you have to go up against others of my kind. Not that she was short. Yes. though she cringed instinctively.” he paused and smiled wryly. “It’s a little like that. “I’ll show you. “Why not?” “For many reasons. then.” “So any vampire can just make me do what they want?” she said.” he said quietly. that panicky fear edging back into her mind. Second. She shrieked and jumped in alarm. “Not just over the minds of others. Like a moth to the flame. “No. There was so much to ask… “What else? You said everyone can do mind-control. I’d never hurt you.” “So it’s not like donating blood?” she asked. claws… but he was so normal.” she said. and she felt a burning desire for his mouth against her neck. a demon’s face. her thoughts whirled so fast she couldn’t follow them.” She was silent for a moment as she wrestled with the idea of mind control. Looking at his masculine hand as it enveloped her slender fingers she felt like a little child holding onto an adult. my angel.” His eyes glowed for a moment when he spoke. My power is almost limitless. It helps them to feed. Controlling minds is almost instinctual. not threatening you. she wanted to be closer than she was before.” he said squeezing her hand. “Like powers or things I might see that would scare the crap out of me?” “I’m a frightening creature. What else can vampires do?” “I can’t explain it to you. terrifying…intriguing.” he said kissing her hand with his sensuous lips. “I can show you how to block that power. it’s very difficult to control me. This was what she wanted to know… she couldn’t .“Anna. Have you ever donated blood?” She nodded. “other than breaking down a steel vault door it seems. He didn’t push her. but first you have to promise not to be frightened. become a part of him. It was nothing like what she expected. but even a normal human would feel exhausted after a vampire fed from them. all vampires have that. “I can control my environment without touching it. but delicate.” “Thank you. She had an image in her mind of Cael lying above her like before. God. your life force. “When I’m angry. “Connection?” Her heart began to pound. She never realized how tiny she was in comparison to him. She’d expected fangs. let his essence overwhelm her. even block me.” he explained.” he admitted. She wanted to press her body against his. you’re still frail. Even as he thrust into her body.” She nodded mutely.” “I know. he was gorgeous. his power was awesome. “I’m scared. He made a slight gesture and the chair that had been pushed under the small table in the room was suddenly flung across the room crashing against the wall. “I suppose it is. I have power.” Was he truly that powerful? He could bring the room crashing down around them. her blood flowed into his mouth… “I want you to feed from me.” he said squeezing her hand encouragingly.” he admitted. I’m so scared that someone else will come and…hurt me. you don’t understand what it will do to our connection. The image in her dream felt so right. and she was grateful. I would be drinking some of your blood.

“I find that there is very little that doesn’t piss you off. He held her for several moments in silence. It made her feel like she was completely out of control. She’s delectable. She sighed and nodded. and much to her irritation. you’ve never felt…this before?” He shook his head. finally allowing herself to lean into him. At least she wasn’t just another girl. He smiled at the little thing and noted that she blushed appropriately. my boy. too. nutmeg hair.” They boarded Darian’s private jet and took their seats in the luxurious couch-like chairs. made her want him more. I’ve known only four vampires who’ve experienced it. He’d gone a couple of nights ago.bring herself to ask. Paws off! Kieran smiled roguishly. She was going to have to get used to it sometime. She stared at him in amazement. and only two are alive today. It should only take a few days. In all his centuries. “We need to pack to leave. At least her feelings weren’t a lie. lad.” she managed to say. She felt a surge of irritation at that possessive. You don’t expect them to just let you out of their sight? It pisses me off. You’re crafty for an old bastard. to let his powerful body support her. Why did she find cocky bastards so attractive? “This feeling between us isn’t common. Ancient Ones?” asked a gorgeous vampire with long legs. Perhaps her partner would be willing to share. GOD! Couldn’t he just tell her what it meant? He smiled knowingly. So how are you planning on ditching our shadows? We’ll just deviate from our flight plan. ******************************** . If you’ll pack us up. It irritated him to no end that the old vampire still treated him like he was five. knowing grin. I am around thirteen hundred years old. More than anything he’d just shown her or told her. too. “Something to drink. almost arrogantly. as though he knew that was what she needed but then he finally sighed. but… “I don’t understand. “You really are a little demon. Darian sniggered. and fat lips that just begged to be devoured.” “You know. Kieran thought to his mentor. I’ll be back in a few moments. As much as he loved Moiree like a father. you know? Moiree smiled. “I’ve missed you. that thought made her feel better. The younger vampire nodded in approval. land at the personal airport of an old friend and get a car. She has a partner. Kieran knew what he wanted to drink and it wasn’t brandy.” Kieran sniffed. Especially since I won’t be able to for a few days once we reach the house.” he said.” Kieran smiled baring just a hint of his fangs. Damn. he’d never felt the pull they were feeling now. “I need to feed tonight. Quit screwing with my stewardess. he felt a little too much like a father sometimes. Darian chuckled wickedly. Moiree rolled his eyes in irritation.” “You mean in all your life. There was no other woman that had this with him. Of course.” Her face paled at the way he talked about feeding but she swallowed and nodded. *************************************** We’re being watched. “See what I mean?” Kieran chose to let it lie.

“What do you mean they disappeared?” Kaiden asked.” “Please. “Oh. He swallowed hard. Her breasts bounced in the lacy bra. “Kaiden. tasting her blood as his fangs cut into her lips. Her hair was mussed and her lips were swollen and red.” Kaiden took a deep breath to calm himself.” she gasped. her chest and her stomach where he’d nipped at her flesh. you can expect the girl to be staked out in the sun. Impatiently he unfastened his pants and freed his now throbbing cock. she’d always had a hard time accommodating his size. After nearly a century. he’d finally managed to get Alexander LeGaulle at his mercy.” he snarled. He thrust inside of her roughly smiling as she shrieked and convulsed around him. “All we know is that Moiree’s private jet never made it back to Paris. She was wearing a slim-fitting blue skirt and a slightly transparent white silk blouse that was unbuttoned to show the swell of her breasts.” he said irritably. If you fail to produce anything useful. “Kaiden. He slipped his fingers into her hot folds. He looked down at Elise smiling cruelly.” she smiled sauntering over to him. a slow and painful death.” the other vampire begged his voice breaking. and she moaned as he slammed into her viciously. What the fuck had gone wrong? A girl. You have twenty-four hours to figure out what the hell happened to them.” she gasped.” said his informant on the phone. left to starve to death. dominating her. “Listen…” “Shut up. sending buttons flying. “What. She whimpered in his arms and tried to push him away.” Elise purred as she walked in the room. The empire of Alexander LeGaulle in America was getting ready to crumble. Even pissed he couldn’t resist the seductive sway of her hips. The bastard had been locked in an indestructible bomb shelter. Impatiently he ripped it. fucking. Things had been going perfectly. licking her. she was just what he needed to let off some steam. She whimpered and grimaced as her body struggled to adjust. He pulled her against his body and crushed her mouth possessively. At his touch her hips bucked against him convulsively. nipping at her and sampling her blood.” he growled as he pushed her skirt up about her waist noting in satisfaction that she was wearing no underwear. God. Elise. growling hungrily at her exposed skin. human girl! That’s what went wrong. Her skirt was pushed up and bunched at her waist and her legs dangled off the side of his desk. finding them slick with arousal.” Kaiden slammed his phone shut growling angrily and paced yet again. A stupid. “I’m not in the mood for you right now. “Fine. Listen…” . "That’s it you fucking whore. “And Montasse was with him?” “Yes. He nipped harder at her skin suckling her blood as his fingers sought her wet depths and stroked them. He pushed her back on his desk flinging things away as he devoured her skin. “I have news. making her writhe and moan as he assaulted her with pleasure and pain.” she said smiling.” “Do more. and he growled in irritation. “Stop it. And Bradford. “I think you’ll be in the mood quite soon. Her shirt was ripped and her blood was dripping in little trails from her mouth. A light rap on the door interrupted his thoughts. Just the thought of being buried inside her made him growl hungrily.” he growled as he began to pound her. but he growled warningly as he began to fumble with the buttons to her blouse. “I’m doing everything I can. As her walls convulsed about him sinking him in pleasure he groaned. noting her face contorting in pleasure and pain with satisfaction.

” she snapped as she tried to right herself. I want at least a hundred. “it did help. She growled in anger and kicked out.” Elise said. Her eyes flamed and she shrieked angrily. “Fuck you!” “You’re right.” Kaiden nodded. but he’s definitely fond of her. I’m going to make sure the little bitch suffers. “Where?” “In Minnesota of all places. “Let’s get a team ready. She slithered off his desk awkwardly. “I’ve ordered the tail to be doubled. Kaiden froze for a moment and stared at her in shock. “We’ll use that. He lost control and with three quick thrusts he filled her groaning into her mouth with blessed release. his icy eyes glittering wickedly. “Fuck! Moiree and Montasse are missing. As quickly as he’d assaulted her he withdrew leaving her on his desk bleeding and unsatisfied.” “Where’s he going?” he said aloud to himself even as he began to pace in agitated excitement. “You BASTARD!” she shouted angrily. “That wasn’t why I came. and it seems that Alexander is very protective. She’s with him. She was glorious when she was pissed. her fangs elongated and her emerald eyes glowed fiercely.” “There’s more. “You fucking bastard!” She made a fist to slug him. humans and kin. “I’m coming for you Alexander!” . I’m feeling better already. She shrugged.” “Well then I guess you don’t give a shit that someone spotted Alexander.” she replied as she pulled her ripped shirt across her breasts. Kaiden smiled to himself. too. “The girl.” she snapped. His heart began to pound in elation.” he smiled wickedly. The contact said that he couldn’t tell if he’d turned her. We’ll need more than a hundred.” “She’s alive?” he said in disbelief.” he smirked in amusement.” He nodded.He slapped her across the face. She opened her mouth to say something else. Seeing her green eyes glittering angrily did him in. We’ve got to get to him before he calls people to him. but he caught her hands and restrained them easily as he continued to thrust inside of her. “Yeah. but Kaiden dodged her easily. “I don’t want to hear you talk.” Suddenly he raised his hands in the air and growled in triumph. “Oh well.” He paused suddenly.” he growled. but he closed his mouth over hers to silence her. “Are we tailing him?” “Of course. Her fiery hair tumbled about her shoulders. Elise.

For all her tirades and seeming impatience with things. Use it. and it makes me want to do anything and everything you ask of me." he mused." "This is hard. Anna." she said. Once again it was like he grounded her. imaginary a black line that severed her connection with him. It hurts." "Are you intentionally trying to piss me off?" she snapped. but I get the idea that it's not supposed to work against you. "How did you get back in?" He chuckled rather wickedly. She gasped and let go of the wall between them panting." she whined. "I think you had it." "I'm trying. and in her current frustrated state it only served to annoy her. She felt his hand enclose over hers. I understand this about as much as you do. She wasn't used to things being difficult. Most things she tried came easily to her. "Not until you work harder and block me. She felt a sense of triumph! It was working." she said. "Ah!" she squealed in frustration. let alone a human." She nodded and found herself clutching his hand. but the moment she severed their connection her head began to pound and her eyes filled with tears." She shivered as a wave a pain and nausea overcame her." he said. frighteningly strong." she cried. There was something odd in his voice. "I'm not even trying." The moment he touched her. and thoughtful. "Breathe. The sickness had begun when she had finally successfully blocked him. I have no idea how it will manifest itself. At that thought he began to chuckle again." she admitted. "Your mind is more powerful than you think. She couldn't feel his presence in her mind anymore. "Yeah. "Cael. Forgive me. "Deep breaths. "Almost like a petulant toddler. then start blocking me. "I can't. She'd be damned if she'd keep letting him do this to her. "It seems not. Their 'connection' was getting strong. he stopped the world from spinning and she felt drawn to him even more than before. "You're funny when you're frustrated." she moaned. Damn him! It was impossible to keep him out of her mind. quiet.Chapter Eight "That's it. Angrily she took a deep breath and closed her eyes to focus." he finally said after a long moment of silence." he returned. "Are you all right?" he asked. I've never had a magical link with anyone." he said. You have incredible will." Cael said as he drove. "If you don't like what I'm saying. "Oh God." Anna snapped. keep pushing on me." She wanted to scream and leap across the centre console and throttle him. "It's good for you. or I'll keep ripping your thoughts from your mind and using them against you." "I'm trying!" she nearly shouted." "Obviously it doesn't like it when I block you out of my mind. "It doesn't like it when I try to think of leaving you. Why ." he explained. How could he drive and be so calm when he was pushing her so hard? "Because it's part of my magic. She imagined a wall between them. "We'll pull over at the next gas station and get you something. "Keep your focus. It seemed subdued. she wasn't stupid. "I feel sick. she felt better. "Stop it!" she screeched. Her fingers grew cold and she began to shiver even as she felt terribly dizzy.

your best defence is to get somewhere you can lock yourself up." He nodded. "It is?" "Of course. If Cael hadn't been beside her she would have fallen over. Don't be afraid. Don't speak. "Let's get you taken care of. they headed back out. She shrugged. too." It was the way he said it that made her look at him. too.do I always have to be the weak and stupid human?" "It's controlling me. I can usually sleep off my nausea. If you're not able to keep going we'll stop for the night. we're vulnerable. I will protect you. He was talking in her mind! She opened her mouth to say something. "You adjust to change much better than I do." She opened her mouth to reply. "Let's get me some stuff and then we'll keep going." he said softly. "I can feel it. I think if we push we'll make it tonight. whichever one is closer. and she liked that she could always tease him about it. If worse comes to worse. I want you to run back inside." he said. "What do you need?" he asked. "My point was that this is difficult for me. After buying a barrage of water. She was nobody. Cael was a magical being and if he felt danger. but she liked how he lied about his age." He nodded and pulled off the road into a lone gas station. I sense three vampires. I'll go to sleep. The car or the shop. She wasn't really feeling like teasing him. Perhaps it was their practice in the car but she could sense his thoughts a little." Anna nodded. "I keep trying to pinch myself like this is some kind of dream and I'm going to wake up. If they try to attack us." she corrected absently. You have become my life. Anna didn't like the looks of the place. She wanted to argue with him. Even though vampires are fast. I'm just a little more used to feeling the pull of magic than you are. "I have a feeling we're being watched." Cael was saying. "I think I'm going to be sick. you've only lived for a few decades." "Two and a half. After a few seconds her equilibrium returned and she smiled wanly." she said quietly. They pulled up as we were shopping. I've been alive for two centuries." "Come on. Anna stared at him in surprise. then they were in danger. "Maybe some water and maybe some anti-nausea stuff. Anna could feel the tension in the air as they walked back to their car. but her stomach soured and she clamped her hand over it at once." She shook her head. "You don't want to stop. "Don't forget that for all the change you are experiencing. "Why?" He shook his head. Such things are more familiar to me." she said. just listen. It had that run-down feeling these isolated places seemed to have." He hopped out of the SUV and walked around the car to open her door. and she suddenly wasn't so sure she wanted to purchase anything. I'd feel better knowing we're in my house with its security system. She could almost hear his sensuous voice chuckling darkly. He nodded and took her hand. In a hotel. If they are foolish enough to cross me. Dramamine. but he put his arms about her and supported her. She knew when to suck it up and just do what she had to. too. You're not used to magic at all. She slid out of the truck and suddenly her world went dark again. and some saltine crackers to settle her stomach. He chuckled. Anna. they will probably go for you since you are weaker. She'd been a measly accountant getting her . They are foolish if they think I can't handle them.

You are my life. She nodded." Anna looked at the other vampire curiously. but his fangs were extended and his dark eyes seemed almost black." said a man's voice. melodious quality of the voice. On the road we're relatively defenceless. You will keep safe." Anna's eyes widened as she heard the vampire scream suddenly. he will kill you. She didn't need to be told twice to get in. Though Anna didn't want to say anything. "I know you're sick. I'll put you to sleep. Understand? She nodded. "Good evening. Tell him to come. He peeled the SUV out of the gas station and took to the road driving aggressively. Great One. You have outlived yourself. Without another word. "You know who and what I am." he said." Cael cautioned." She nodded mutely. Cael's jade eyes glowed brilliantly. but we need to make it to the house. This man was vampire. "Do not forget why I am king. truly the wail of a monster." "I have no intention of attacking you. Without thinking she slammed up the black wall Cael had taught her and shoved the vampire's thoughts out of her mind violently. she had her foot on the "imaginary brake" and clutched her seat as the vampire's driving far exceeded the speed limit. as he continued to do whatever he was doing to them that made them scream in such agony." Cael hissed. For a moment she felt drawn to him. and was wearing a leather jacket with jeans. He didn't look any different from a human. Let's get there. He was the most powerful person in America among his people. he put his hand on her back and gently nudged her towards the car. You will run if there is danger. They had been surrounded. I am waiting for him. It snarled at her." "I feel better." "Okay." she admitted. She felt a strange singing in her mind and she almost took an unconscious step forwards towards him before she realized what was happening. Anna had been around Cael enough to recognize the strange. If they bring enough vampires. "Up to this point. "I am here to deliver a message. Kaiden wants you to know that he is coming and this time.MBA working for a no-name shipping company. the voice in her head said firmly. Cael wasn't lying. "Aren't you afraid we'll get pulled over?" she said between clenched teeth. It was an unearthly sound. and she heard two other voices echo those horrible screams on either side. He was a king. You WILL. "Are you okay?" he asked as he pulled away. . Finally their screams of pain subsided to animalistic whimpers." "Then deliver." he replied. "Do not get in my way. He had shaggy brown hair. As they made their way to the car she could feel eyes on her back and the malice in that stare made her shiver. Cael growled angrily and suddenly the vampire fell to his knees his nose bleeding and his hands clutching his head. I've been well-behaved about my driving. what I do to you tonight will be a pleasant memory. "I have the power to make your worthless brain explode with just a gesture. I will not be able to beat them. If you need to sleep. as though she wanted to approach him. "It seems Kaiden's near success has made him cocky. "I think the adrenaline helped. I'm going to push us to get there tonight. If you dare cross me again." "Your kingdom is crumbling." Cael chuckled.

If all the key players were out of the way. I have a feeling he's going to use the human population to hunt us as much as possible. "You got quiet and I got worried.. She remembered in the cave how he used to boast about how unstoppable he was. she saw what made people fear him. Obviously being a vampire meant that you could talk your way out of a ticket." she asked a little embarrassed by her thoughts." She nodded and then looked forward again. and a limo driver making our way through Montana and North Dakota isn't going to be a secret for long. She didn't know what he did.. those strange eyes. musically inclined human like her. He was so handsome.. me." Moiree reasoned. he took care of her." he breathed.bailed out of death by a simple. For the last week. Their minds blend more into the surroundings and they can get much closer than that before I recognize them. and that house Alexander set up. "The call was for you. his golden hair."No. now.okay. And between the two of us." reminded Moiree. The events were starting to sink in. now." she replied feeling foolish.. I'm sure he knows I can sense a vampire's presence within a mile. He didn't like blindly driving somewhere without knowing what. "I only came in towards the end. "You're still trying to figure out who's doing this?" mused Moiree. Anna felt desire pool between her legs as she thought about him like that and she squirmed a little in her seat." . you know he's going to want secrecy." he replied. He'd sent three of his people to their knees shrieking with only a thought. Darian. "If an officer thinks of tailing us. We could hold it until reinforcements got there. Tonight." snapped Kieran. "An amazing human like you." ********* "Damn it. Kaiden has been studying what I can do for a long time. They were literally screaming in pain." he replied. but it completely incapacitated three vampires without even touching them." "Oh. she had good reasons. but humans are a different story. He was so gentle. he had been so gentle and reassuring. "If he's alive.." he admitted." he admitted. She looked sidelong at him as he drove intently. "That doesn't mean he's not using other means to follow us. fleeing with him had been a fun adventure. "Do you always have to listen in. The vampire kingdom in America was shaky. "Are they following us?" "I don't sense them." "What are we going to do when we get there?" "We're going to fortify ourselves and wait for reinforcements. "How much further?" "Two. and they'd just talked for hours and hours as they made their way towards his house in Minnesota. "What if whoever got rid of Alexander has his sights set on us?" "You. A creature as powerful as him. if anything. Even when she freaked out for no good reason. She jumped as she felt him take her hand in his and bring it to his lips.." He gestured to the small sedan that he was driving down the empty roads in North Dakota. "You didn't tell me that we'd be roughing it like this. maybe three hours. son. though he didn't even touch them. Anna.. "Come. He didn't like it. She started to understand his devastation at being locked in that cell to die.perhaps it wasn't just boasting? He seemed so normal when she was with him. we'd be in a fair fight against a small army. was going to be there to meet him. "It's time to fight. So they shouldn't be expecting me." he replied. "I get the feeling you. God-his body.. whoever was trying to take over would have no problems. I will mentally discourage him." Kieran grumbled. I thought your deductive skills were better than that." "What if this is a trap for us?" Kieran returned.

It's almost sunrise. he covered her lips with his. "You sense for cops and I'll increase the speed. he was going to find that little thing and put her in her place. though he couldn't help to chuckle as those blue eyes looked at him with sleepy confusion still. Whoever that girl was. He hadn't realized how depraved his life had been until this delicate woman was thrown into it. He pulled his own belongings out of the SUV. Unable to resist. "Come on sleepy. She kissed him back." said Kieran. He wants America. No one. All the more reason to hurry. Secondly. "Done. This was a dwelling of the Ancient One. the Ancient among the Ancients. Finally those blue eyes opened and she looked around in confusion. So. even on the phone. She knew the oath. message from Alexander (he hoped) or not. Kaiden Rice. She cooed and moaned." She nodded and climbed out of the truck. but now the raw power is there. especially a woman. but he had to admit she was just cute as she stood there blinking groggily. He had some suspicions but nothing solid enough. And she hadn't seen the large field outside in case there were more visitors. He smiled at her little sounds. "Anna. then readjusted herself in the seat. delighting in the warm satiny texture of her skin. she either had no clue what she was dealing with. He smiled at her as she took in the sights of the huge garage that was under the house. There was so much about this whole thing that was a mystery. He was more powerful than any of them could imagine. They were like music to his ears." "I don't understand why. We're here." He chuckled." He handed her the bag with all her clothes and also another bag that had her makeup." said Kieran thoughtfully. that is our problem." Cael whispered stroking her hair out of her face. He's wanted the power since the inception of this country. He feels that America is his. wake up. no measly woman was going to get away with that. Kieran. It was more like a parking garage with spaces for 25 cars inside.Kieran growled but said nothing. First." She moaned and stretched a little sighing in sleepy contentment. "We both need to rest. hoisted them over his shoulder and then . Rice is the one who has spent the last two centuries killing off his predecessors. I want to be there tomorrow." ******** "Anna. secret though it may be. hairspray. no one. he'll give you a long dissertation about what he thinks really happened. Why were there no vampires here?" "Ask Alexander. Darian laughed. and toiletries. it had the ability to be self-sustaining and to accommodate a small army. though. Normally he was impatient with humans and the way they seemed to struggle with transitioning from sleep to waking. "You're an idiot." shrugged Moiree. and you're still pissy about the woman who called. She's the least of our concerns. "I'm sure when this is all over. he is one of the first of our kind who was made on this soil. Do you have to go the speed limit?" Kieran growled." "Rice isn't powerful enough to pull something off like this. When this was all over. "Here I am trying to get you to think about who is behind all this." "He doesn't have the age to tap into the power." he said unbuckling her seat belt. or she was mocking him. He's been trying to get Alexander since he rebuked him two hundred years ago for attacking his maker." Moiree nodded. It's my guess he got very close to the end of his bloodline. glassy eyes that she'd been in a deep sleep. "America was populated by indigenous peoples long before the Europeans came. "Let's get settled." "Not yet. "He has the belief that our kind is some kind of magical creation that originated in Mesopotamia with the Ancient kings. had the balls to talk to him like that. He could tell by her squinting. no one gets to Alexander.

The carved mahogany bed was a huge. Schlosse Shoenbrun. The windows were blocked out with thick velvet draperies in deep green lined with matching green satin. he caught her arm. He really was like a king to his people. Suddenly. "My rooms are this way.naked. She was Cinderella to his Prince Charming. He growled. Versailles with a modern twist." he explained. This is my 'house' inside the 'house. "I want you. the tiles were dark.. even without Cael.. we won't get unpacked and comfortable. feeling the bulge in his pants against her belly acutely. even though he'd had a hand in designing it." He looked over his shoulder to see Anna looking around with wide eyes. It looked like it could fit five people.preferably with Cael.. She smiled and threw her arms around him in delight kissing him soundly on the lips." he said opening another door in the room and turning on a light. I'd be accompanied by about fifty or sixty staff plus bodyguards.. "If you keep that up. LeGaulle!" she teased in mock surprise. It seemed to be calling for her to dive into that fluffy softness and forget her troubles." she breathed. there were elegant carven mahogany cabinets. dark woods. Cael pulled from the kiss gasping. pulled her back against him and then kissed her for all she was worth.that was for sure. lavish furniture. not so much like the magnificent palace the rest of the mansion seemed to be. the prospect of relaxing in there was pleasant. She wanted him. He kissed her back just as soundly pulling her close to his body. When he pulled away. "First the seat warmers and now a Jacuzzi tub! You know my darkest fantasies!" He chuckled and then his jade eyes darkened with passion. She turned to look at the tub.state of the art security. "This is a series of rooms that are mine. "Usually if I was to come here. She smiled at him as he stared at her in surprise. She needed him. they were probably too quaint to be in this place. “Perhaps my lady would like me to draw a bath?" he whispered in her ear. ran his fingers through her hair.. and palmed one of her breasts making her head swim and her body tremble. Heat pooled between her legs and she pressed against him.. and satin bed coverings in warm greens. This was like the Hoffburg Palace money. She stood in the largest bathroom she'd ever seen. She knew people with money: designer clothes.. He'd never actually been to the place.'" She nodded and looked around at a well-appointed living room with a small kitchenette in the corner. right there. but.. She hated the fact that he could be so controlled and her emotions were all over the place. The place was certainly up to his standards. "Little One. The décor of the place was. This was incredible." She sighed and nodded pulling away. This was probably an adjustment.opulent. but this was money. She followed him up a flight of stairs and he opened a door solicitously. sweet. If she thought things were nice and expensive.. tumbled marble in a rustic brown hue. She followed him across the room to another door that opened into an enormous bedroom with gorgeous wood floors covered in beautiful rugs. Damn. average American. Anna looked around feeling like a peasant who just stepped into a fairy tale. "Come. but her eyes were drawn to the huge Jacuzzi tub in the corner... million dollar homes. middle class. "Later. so he had to orient himself when they entered. soft lighting. She'd never really considered Cael's financial situation. she wasn't even sure if she ." She smiled a little devilishly and leaned against him a little more. At least this place felt a little smaller." he groaned. "I've got to take care of security.led her to the entrance to the main house. expensive cars. It was like a fire had suddenly been sparked in her gut. He knew she hadn't been the wealthiest human when he'd surveyed her clothing.. four-posted mammoth of a thing covered in luxurious velvet. "Mr. browns and earthy tones. right now. He thrust his tongue in her mouth. Suddenly Cael chuckled." he breathed in her ear.

"I expect some pampering. and she knew he'd read her thoughts. I'll come to check on you." He smiled wryly." he added.could stand.. It was a refuge for a time of need. "When I'm done unpacking us. he tiptoed towards the bathtub and slowly stepped in delighted that he was slipping in beside her unnoticed. She leaned in and kissed him then softly at first and then pressing against him even more running her fingers across his cheeks and through his golden hair. some oils. comfortable. He programmed everything the way he wanted and then made his way back to his rooms. and even though there was nothing sexual about the gesture itself. the more he could sense her. He ran his fingers through her tresses for a long time almost petting her head. She pulled her hair back and twisted it on top of her head with a rubber band and then happily sunk into the massive spa-tub cooing in delight." he breathed his eyes glowing hungrily. and delighting in the air jets that were currently soothing her aching back and shoulders. "Here's some bath salts.. The closer he got to them. Anna was simply lounging with her eyes closed." she said in a dreamy voice." he said pulling several decanters out of cabinets. "If you're coming in. and Darian knew about the place. "Your wish is my command. he felt her body tremble in arousal. And the place had the weaponry and technology to defend itself against a small army. though he couldn't imagine how. her hair pulled up. his finger tracing her tresses down her shoulders now and about her neck. She was relaxing in dreamy contentment. though a few strands clung to the side of her face in the moisture. A time like now. He didn't want anyone in the place that didn't go through an intense mental screening. Not that they hadn't made sure every state of the art security measure was installed. He chuckled a little." he breathed into her ear. angel. She pressed the button for the bubbles and then closed her eyes to relax. "But I get to make a few demands of my own. Everything looked in order." Obediently she removed the bun from atop her head letting her long. . It seemed he wasn't as sneaky as he thought. Suddenly she opened her eyes and looked straight into his very seriously. "Relax. "Now. Only he." he continued on thoughtfully smiling devilishly. He would tolerate no leaks. With everything that had happened he'd feared that the place had been compromised. Cael made his way to the security room and checked that proper procedure had been followed when the staff entered on Fridays. perhaps on the dining room table. Her body quivered a little at his words even as she blushed at the thought of him thrusting into her as she lay atop that expensive mahogany table in the dining room they'd passed.. The staff wouldn't be able to enter in a couple days unless they were screened by him. He kissed her lips softly as he stroked her. He shed his clothes in the bedroom and snuck into the bathroom catching his breath when he saw her." She opened her eyes and smiled back as he sunk down beside her. He brushed an errant strand off her cheek and smiled." he pulled jars of different compounds out along with several candles and a lighter. Without a word she crawled closer to him straddling his thighs facing him.. Kieran. "Oh?" "Take your hair down. He entered in his code and reprogrammed the system to deny everyone entry except those that had the master code. She started the water and dumped in the salts that she liked and quickly shed her clothes. and then the bed." he added laying it within reach of the tub along with a towel. It had been designed as a retreat from their responsibilities. "I want to run my fingers through it. black hair tumble down her shoulders and into the water. Anna didn't miss a beat. She was so beautiful! Not wanting to disturb her until the last moment. too. He could tell she was warm. Good. "Don't worry. and perhaps a place where they could meet and just be good old friends again. "I have every intention of joining you in that tub." he said gently. There's a robe here.

and she looked up at his passion-filled eyes smiling a little devilishly. Cael ran his fingers through her hair. sampling his bellybutton with her tongue. right now he'd do anything she wanted. "Shh.. Her fingers moved their way down his chest and to his abdomen and finally she took his cock in her tiny hand." he groaned pulling her into his arms. longing. "Mm. his warm body felt like the finest warm satin and she squirmed and trembled as she became more aroused. For a moment she was completely transfixed by those glowing eyes staring at her with such unbridled hunger and longing. but Cael's body felt just right. The oils in the water had softened his skin making it a little slick and she felt her body shiver at the smooth." he groaned." she breathed as she ran her fingers down his cheek to trace the muscles of his chest. "Yes. He literally jumped in need as she touched him. God. She knew he'd read those thoughts. she could tell that he was terribly turned on by the way she was taking control of the situation. "Right here?" he asked. Most men his size had hurt her during sex. his neck. tasting his skin... his shoulders. "Right there." she said pointing to the top step of the marble tub. she could see in his eyes what she needed to see. "No.love." he breathed. "Anna!" he gasped as she licked him from base to tip. and she purred against his flesh as she worked her way back down." she replied softly even as she licked him again. She looked back into his eyes. "Woman. and the last time he'd been so in control and had her keening in passion that she'd not taken the time to thoroughly explore his body. She might not be able to read his mind. delighting in the delicious sensations her mouth made on his body forgetting what it was like to have a woman's mouth worship him like this." she silenced him with her lips even as her hands moved down his well-defined chest. though this time it was around the . He groaned at that one. but she wasn't ashamed. he obliged her and stood then sat back down upon the step. Even though his jade eyes glowed with possessive passion." She scooted closer to him to kneel between his legs and looked up at his body again. He wanted to bring her pleasure." she replied as she stared at his godlike body dripping with water hungrily. She smiled to herself as he looked at her curiously."Anna. They'd only made love once. How could this little human drive him so crazy? Anna smiled to herself as his body twitched at her touch. "Sit up there. She rose up on her knees and followed her fingers with her lips as they traced their way downwards over his ribs and then his belly. wanted to feel her slender body convulse beneath him. but she could sense the same passion. She could feel his desire. Through their strange connection she could feel his desire. but also the strange sense of power she had over him. Suddenly she realized that she'd give her entire life to have him look at her just like that. He reached out and ran his fingers through her hair again. Against the ultra-sensitive skin on her lips. warm texture of his flesh under her fingertips. As she looked into his heated stare. Slowly she worked her way up his inner thighs right towards his. "Anna. As she took his length in her hand she realized how large it actually was and she was surprised at her ability to accommodate him. "Shh. Following her fingers her lips left his to kiss his collarbone. She reached out and caressed his cheek smiling a little. She looked right back into his eyes and kissed him soundly even as she moved her hand up and down upon him. He wanted her. She pulled away then and sunk back down into the water to kiss his thighs." she said firmly.. At that moment she was absolutely sure what she wanted from him. She wanted more.

but that wasn't it. It was a fantasy come to life.. He rose lifting her in his arms easily and pulled her close. "Oh. "Cael. "Yes Anna.spongy tip. "Do it! I need to be a part of you.He gasped and cursed until he thought he might lose it." she gasped. he pulled her from him and kissed her deeply tasting his own musk on her lips. Her body and mind demanded more. "Wrap your legs around me." she agreed. "Yes.what the fuck more could she need? She looked into his glowing jade eyes. She needed. for if he let her go she'd slip and fall into the water with a dreadful crack." she whispered. the mental. She clung to him in fear. but that sense of being completely at his mercy was incredibly arousing.. in a language she didn't understand. the physical." he breathed. She needed more from him." he commanded. It was intense and prolonged as he continued to thrust inside of her driving her higher and higher forcing keening cries from her lips even as she clutched him desperately. even as her warm mouth and insistent tongue nearly drove him out of his mind. At her cries Cael fucked her even harder speaking in a deadly. he was open to the intensity of the moment. but she could tell from the tone. His fingers locked in her hair as she began to pick up her pace suckling and massaging him with her hands and he began to guide her head staring in absolute rapture as she went down on him. sexy voice. Her luscious mouth inches away from his cock." she whimpered as he flicked her clit with his fingers making her head spin. "Do it. She groaned as he thrust inside her. She knew he was strong. He held her against him for a moment and then leaned her against the cool marble wall at the back of the spa. She whimpered into his mouth and something about that cry drove him over the edge. He groaned again. impaled her upon it. and rhythm that it was dark. Suddenly she knew what she needed. Somehow she knew what she needed. "Fuck!" he growled.. I need to be inside you!" . her tongue flicking the tiny hole. shocked by his forcefulness and his strength. "Touch my hair like you did before." he returned as he continued to fuck her. the cadence. One of his hands slipped between their bodies and began to flick her clit as he thrust. God!" It was like nothing he'd ever felt before. tasting his arousal. Her control shattered as he mashed against her clit and she moaned as her body quivered and convulsed about him. glowing with passion glowing with power and. Then he held her with just one hand and taking his throbbing cock in the other. Her nails dug into his back and her breath came in pants. sexual and commanding. She wanted more. She wasn't scared anymore." she cried in desperation. her black hair clinging to her naked body.. You're inside of me. impossibly excited. the visuals. She wanted more.. her electric blue eyes wide and provocative. their connection was so intense she couldn't tell where her sensations ended and his began. Now that he knew and understood the connection between them. Groaning. but the way her held her like she was no weight at all was breathtaking. "Cael.. She moved up and down on him massaging his balls with her hand somehow sensing from him exactly what drove him crazy. He couldn't help but to oblige her and as he did." Cael almost lost himself when she looked up into his eyes...hunger. It turned her on even more. "That's a good word for it. his thick length making her feel impossibly full. she took him into her mouth suckling gently. She made the most sensual picture he'd ever seen. Anna did as he told her. Slowly he began to thrust in and out of her body holding her with only one arm and tweaking a nipple artfully with his other hand. He could sense how much this was turning her on. glowing with arousal. and suddenly dreadfully needy for release. "You don't want me to.

"forgive me. "Please!" Whatever restraint he still had. riding out their mutual orgasms.. "I lost control. Mr. smarter than me and more experienced than me. He groaned and felt his body stirring with passion for her again already." she said as she pulled from the kiss her lips barely brushing his as she spoke." he began. he mastered himself and pulled from his bite licking the wound at her neck to seal it. He had no response. His cock swelled and with a feral growl. his cock was aching for release and one spurred the other on. "I know that you're wiser than me." he said quietly." she returned looking straight into his eyes." she said her voice soft and sexy after her release. he exploded inside of her. She turned her head. baring her neck to him. pulled her even more tightly against him. "Are you all right?" he asked her quietly after they both seemed to come down. Then she smiled mysteriously. "Anna. As he tasted the endorphins in her blood. dancing her tongue with his. don't argue next time. "Cael!" she shrieked.He still refused and bounced her on his cock flicking her clit until she was squirming again in his grasp. wrapped his arms around her securely and bit into her perfect neck. "Please!" she cried. But I think that for a few moments in our lives. She kissed his lips to stop him and in his sensitized state he growled helplessly as she drowned him in the taste of her sweet mouth. They sat with their limbs entwined in the bubbling water panting." Cael's heart skipped at her words. we can make each other incredibly happy. Damn. Her sweet blood filled his mouth. Then he cradled her in his arms and sunk back into the tub still joined with her body. and the beast he'd been fighting for so long growled in triumph and pleasure. her essence flowed into his mouth. ." He pulled away from her a moment to look into her eyes. left him when she bared her neck to him." she replied nuzzling against his neck. Anna leaned her head on his shoulder and he stroked her perfect back. He growled possessively." She kissed his lips again passionately. God! He'd forgotten how addicting her taste was! For a moment he was overwhelmed. her body shattered in orgasm once again in his arms. it felt kinda good. "Mm. Those incredible eyes stared right back into his intently." she said against his lips. He pumped forcibly into her body grinding his pelvis against her clit and at the onslaught of sensation. "if I ask you to bite me. and felt her body spasm and clamp down upon him he lost the last shreds of control. My life is too short for either of us to let this pass us by. "So." "Only if you promise to do it again. running his fingers down her spine. Finally. LeGaulle. "I know I'm just a child to you. though. "I think we'll have to do that again. He simply kissed her back and lost himself again in her body. "Besides. his body shuddering with pleasure. For a moment he just held her possessively to his body taking little sips of her blood.

he regretted that it was time to rise. "You." he returned his voice growing predatory with lust. Fuck it." he teased in his best Transylvanian accent. and she ran her fingers through his unruly golden hair moaning and squirming beneath him. He nuzzled into her silky.Chapter Nine Cael awoke to the sunset and for the first time in centuries. "Of course. His heightened senses heard the blood rush beneath her skin." She whimpered again. something to satisfy his urges for pleasure and occasionally companionship. breathing in his scent. This was the closest he would ever get to heaven. She seemed to know exactly how to drive him insane with need. She clutched to him as he overwhelmed her with passion. and he stifled a groan as he felt his body respond. For time untold he'd only viewed women as entertainment." "No breakfast in bed?" She teased as she rolled over and laid her head on his shoulder nuzzling into his skin. "Good evening. Plans could wait. Anna whimpered and thrust her hips back against his. her skin enticed him. and those eyes were rapturous. Growling appreciatively into her mouth he slipped between her thighs spreading her wide for him and grinding his erection against her soft mound." He wrapped his arms about her suddenly and rolled her onto her back. Anna was snuggled against him her back to his chest. her scent surrounded him. and he had cared for many women." he sighed. He wanted to spend the next two thousand years of his life waking up just like this. "We need to get moving. her heart pounding and her lungs gasping for air. "Wake up. all good things must come to an end. Her eyes peeped open and she looked at him blearily. black tresses and breathed in her sweet scent." he breathed. He couldn't believe how much she'd changed him in a few short weeks. For a moment her glorious blue eyes widened with surprise. He sighed despondently. Her tiny hands traced the muscles on his back. She chuckled and then stretched languidly against him. something about the way she touched him made his body ache with passion. her body fitting snugly against his. peace to wake up beside this woman for the rest of his immortal life. was the very same moment that something horrible was slowly creeping up on him? For a second he dreamed of trading his rule in America simply for peace. but he'd never imagined that he'd want to make any of his relationships eternal. "Nothing. Not in nearly twelve hundred years had he even considered having a mate. but then she moaned in supplication to the desire she felt through their connection. He couldn't help himself. "What?" she asked curiously. Cael shivered at her tender caresses. But in less than a month. She panted and writhed beneath him. His breath caught a little in his throat as he felt her soft skin rub against his. He was starting to learn all the little places on her body that drove her crazy and for a while he played her like a musical instrument listening to her keening cries as he drove her higher and higher into the heavenly realms of passion. felt the moisture between their . Why was it that the instant he felt absolute contentment. But it seemed that even for powerful ancient vampires. locking his mouth with hers and thrusting his tongue demandingly into her mouth. She stirred against him and made one of those little coos that he found so endearing. silently begging him to fill her aching emptiness. her body sweating. he found he couldn't live without this woman. "Angel. Whatever restraint he had on his passions were gone the moment she nuzzled him so affectionately. Her warm skin was like satin as he traced his fingers down her side and caressed her thighs smiling as she squirmed and moaned even more at his touch. there's breakfast in bed.

Her breast heaved as they shared the sensations of his penetration. he slipped his fingers in her wet folds making her squeak and gasp. "Stop playing with me and fuck me. Her usually musical voice was husky with need.bodies like warm oil and smelled the musk of her arousal. running her fingers over the tip and spreading the moisture around the aching head. he took his stiff cock in hand and thrust slowly into her soft womanhood. "Cael!" she gasped as he played with her clit." she demanded. "I want the only thing in your mind." He pulled out of her with agonizing slowness and then slowly inched back in feeling every millimetre of her satiny sheath as he filled her. She squirmed beneath him. Instead. He chuckled sensing her impatience." he breathed. "I want to hear your cries as I torture you with bliss. she reached out and grabbed his hair forcing him to look into her eyes. Suddenly. clenching her muscles to entice him but he ground his teeth together and continued to torment her. Cael reached out even further into her mind longing to know exactly how she felt. "How do you do this to me? God! It's like I'm addicted to you. and he was to her. The beast inside of him roared to life exulting in her human body's primal reactions to his ministrations and it took every ounce of his control to fight the desire to feed from her. The more he played with her soft mounds the more he sensed the desire to feel him move between her legs. how his skin tantalized hers. "The magic goes both ways. grabbed his shoulders and pulled him down towards her once again. "Then show me. wanting to bring her pleasure like she'd never imagined. Last night she had given him the greatest pleasure a vampire could experience. "I'm just as addicted to you as you are to me. GOD! She was beautiful! "I want you." he groaned as she explored him eagerly. mating her tongue fiercely with his stroking his cock and thrusting her hips against his fingers as he alternated flicking her clit and plunging them inside her. my angel. "Come for me. "I want to feel your heat gripping my cock." He suckled hungrily on a nipple making her gasp and her head thrash on the pillow once again. Instead he nearly gasped as he felt how tightly he fit inside her. with a strangled cry." she commanded gasping from the intensity of their kiss. the only word on your lips. "I want to taste every inch of your skin. He took one of those breasts in his hand and caressed it. and he knew it would be harmful for him to take from her again so soon." She reached up and stroked his shoulders. "Show me how addicted you are." He reached out and caught one of her tiny hands and guided it down his sweat-slicked abdomen wrapping her fingers around his rigid erection." ." he continued as he began to develop a tempo to his thrusts. "That's it. Her human body was still fragile. then clutching to them as he thrust into her with more force. how her pink nipples throbbed in time with the same aching need between her legs. their minds linked by the strange magic that connected them. and her pale cheeks were coloured a soft pink from the heat of her passion. her eyes were almost black." Her blue eyes seemed to flare with passion at his words and with her other hand she reached out. the ecstasy of feeding and the bliss of sexual climax combined together in the same moment. Her sky blue eyes darkened to a deep indigo as he entered her and her head arched back into the pillow. lightly running her palms down his arms. worshipped it. my Angel. the only sensation you feel to be me." Growling hungrily. She kissed him demandingly. and smiled as he could feel how much it pleased her through their link." he breathed as he felt her body build. He wanted to show her just how addicted she was to him.

"First. He surveyed her naked body with a twinge of possessive satisfaction. pulling the covers up around her shoulders and burying her head in the pillow. "I'm as addicted as you are. "Something like that. "We're going to spend some time in the dining room. She cried out in ecstasy and as her muscles clamped down on him he thrust forcibly. "You wouldn't dare!" He arched a brow at her. once I've placed a few calls for reinforcements. Angel." "You're kidding. "We're really getting up now. "Now. but he fully intended on mussing her again later." she sniffed thoughtfully as she turned her attention to washing her hair. He chuckled and kissed her pouting lips softly. he listened to her heartbeat as it slowed and then grew lazy with rest.Her darkened eyes suddenly widened." he added grinning devilishly. Yes. For a moment he stared at her in complete distraction as he watched the soap make creamy bubbles on her skin. "Let me tell you my plans for the day. or I'll toss you in and turn cold water on you. and her head fell back onto the pillow as her body convulsed beneath him. Why were perfect moments always destroyed by the demands of necessity? "Okay. It's built to withstand a small army. her swollen lips parted. With a growl of satisfaction he released deep inside of her his body exploding with passion. He ripped the covers from her body and grabbing one arm and one leg pulled her to the edge of bed smiling as she squeaked and giggled." "Oh? Are you going to cook me dinner?" He gave her a heated gaze. "You see. "Then?" she prompted giving him that look every woman seemed to have when she knew she had a man's undivided attention. Her lips were still swollen. Angel. He sighed." He lay down beside her wrapping his arms about her sated body holding her close once again. There are some peculiarities that I'd like to show you that might just come in handy." . "I'm going to give you a tour of the house. Grumbling." "Yes. He chuckled to himself and slid out of bed." he began." he threatened playfully. "Let's get a shower and get moving. Too bad they had to clean up." he said as they stood among the multiple jets in the luxurious shower. Gasping." "Hmm. "Guilty as charged." he said kissing her back just as sweetly. He'd give up his rule for an eternity of this. He took her hand and pulled her towards the bathroom." he sighed sadly. "Then I'm going to go out to the security bunker on the west end of the property and activate it." She rolled over kissing his lips lightly and smiling." She rolled over indignantly." she teased as she squeezed some of the expensive body wash into her palm and began to soap her limbs. "And then finally. Nuzzled against her." He almost believed she was rebuking him except for the look of dreamy contentment in her eyes. then walked around to her side." She smiled and continued to soap her body making her way to her breasts." She moaned in protest and rolled away from him. "That was entirely your fault. her long black hair was awry and she smelled of him. he collapsed upon his elbows to spare her his weight and he nuzzled his cheek against hers. she rolled out of bed. "Either get your sexy ass out of bed. my angel?" he panted against her ear. "Now. This place has weapons and such?" "This is a dwelling of the Ancient One. That should give us access to all the artillery that surrounds the house. Ancient One.

" She followed him to the other two rooms and committed the code to memory." She nodded. it'll be you and me against an army." he suggested. Preferably close to one of the security rooms. There was a bed." he said pushing the code into the panel." he said when she finished. probably a hundred or more. Let's get you situated. if things work out the way I'm planning. She couldn't imagine this rich vampire being much of a techie. a living room. "They're keeping them up to date." He sat across from her as she ate her soup and crackers stealing a cracker or two and smirking at her as he did. "I'm going to go out for a few hours. they were for staff when they stayed. Things were coming to a head very quickly." She nodded. I'm going to have to disable the security system on the house as well." . He'll bring a decent number. "Watch TV. but it was not so with weaker vampires. too. "you're probably due for some new clothes. "This is one of the rooms I was telling you about.. "I know you probably don't shop the way I do." Anna nodded." he said. If something happens or you are afraid you need to make your way to one of these. There seemed to be meals in the freezer that just needed to be defrosted so she pulled a couple that looked appetizing out and put them in the refrigerator that was filled with." She followed him back to one of the many rooms on the second floor. I want you to stay in the main area of the house or my rooms. They were weaker during the sunlight hours and were difficult to rouse when sleeping during the day. "or. If I don't get everything up and running now. His great power made day and night seem the same to him. Try to stick to designer clothing. Anna stared at the room in surprise. and small kitchenette in what looked like a luxurious studio apartment. "The idea is that you could survive here for several days if necessary." Cael pulled a bag out and checked the date. "He's only a day or so behind.blood bags. Cael led her through the opulent mansion." He looked away thoughtfully. Good." she said. Some wings he didn't bother to show her. but it sufficed. television. "In order for me to activate the defences of this place. "Now I know. bathroom. but you've only got a few things. "Kaiden will know better than to come here with just a few vampires. "But the west side of the property is about three miles away. but. "I was just about to ask what you were going to do for feeding. "I see." he pulled out his credit card. my people will be coming here soon. She smiled back. "Let me show you the ones on the other floors. "There isn't anyone around." Once they'd showered and dressed. Anna scrounged and found some canned soup and crackers. "Come. so therefore the cabinets always had regular food.For a moment her eyes widened and then she chuckled to herself blushing. is there?" "Not for a mile. Then he took her to the kitchens where they raided the cabinets for some breakfast. For that very reason. and jeans are probably not quite appropriate anymore. Cael explained that he always had a few humans on his staff to make sure the vampires who usually accompanied him were protected during the day. This one happened to have a huge flat screen television and remote. No one can get inside without the appropriate code. There was also a laptop charging on the coffee table. not the best breakfast. many vampires had human attendants." "Do you know how to do all this?" she asked. "I'll do what I have to.. The closet here is full of more for me." He looked her up and down. but there were a few places he wanted her to commit to memory. I'll be as fast as I can." he said. "It's a safe room." He opened the door and walked inside. just in case someone enters while the system is down.

but he'd been so serious." He pulled the slide and chambered a bullet." He took the gun from her shaking fingers and turned her around forcibly. He kissed her seriously then. 45mm semi-automatic. Since they'd met this would be the first time he was leaving her all alone and going more than a few feet away. "You can kill a vampire with a handgun. Tears filled her eyes. aim for the body. I want you to fire at him and then run to the safe room. and she felt very tiny and scared. "How about I just look but wait until you're back to buy?" He nodded.. The best way to slow a vampire is to shoot him in the legs. "Anna!" he called from in the hall. there were directions inside about the login information and after a few moments she'd logged in and was happily surfing the net. "If anyone other than me comes in here. "If you want. It won't kill him. but since you're not familiar with shooting weapons. but I'm not leaving you defenceless." he paused." He put the gun back in her hands and started to walk away. I don't expect anything to happen. He walked back in the room and after carefully pointing the gun away from his body he drew her close and kissed her lips. "I promise. Anna put the gun pointing away from her on the coffee table. She nodded mutely and kissed him. Remember. I have to get the system up and running. To her delight. You can't kill a vampire with a handgun. "My angel." she said kissing him softly." he breathed. Buy anything you like. "You make me happy." he breathed.. You spend your clip on the bastard and run. Anna." she admitted eyeing the guns warily. "I can't shoot anybody. "Do you hear me?" Anna nodded feeling suddenly sick. "Be strong for me. or only a word away." she said in a tiny voice. "The people after us will have no problem raping and torturing you again. "Use your other arm for stability. which means I need to leave you for a while." He held her close and kissed her seriously. He nodded and selected a smallish one from the assortment. "You're going to be okay. "You hold it like this." She smiled. She felt her jaw drop . He sighed and then left her alone. The kick isn't too bad. I want you to be happy here with me. but it still smarts." he said in her ear. "Cael. The deadly tone in his voice made her shiver. Behind that panel were several handguns. "This gun looks small but it's a . "I don't need 'stuff' to make me happy.." He put the weapon in her hand." He adjusted her fingers around the trigger. She felt terribly empty knowing he wasn't just down the hall feeding.She looked at him uncertainly." she almost sobbed. She couldn't imagine shooting another being. But don't you dare get that close. and you've got seven shots without reloading." Anna looked at the gun and shook her head." He pushed a button on the wall and a panel slid away. "What?" she sniffed back. "Cael. She turned to stare after him with tears in her eyes.well." She looked up into his strange jade eyes. "Listen to me. I'll leave you with the card anyway. They were so gentle and tender. Then she grabbed the laptop and opened it hoping that there wasn't a security code to get into the system. A shot to the head and a shot to the heart at point blank range ought to do it. Just for kicks she went to a couple designer stores and looked at clothes. "One more thing." he said bringing it up and showing her how to brace with her other hand. "Have you ever fired a gun?" "A long time ago..

She didn't belong with a man or a vampire like Cael. Suddenly she wondered if Cael and the other vampires even cared about human politics. her brother.. He probably had money stashed away in Swiss accounts that totalled the net worth of small countries. she logged on to some news sites and caught up on politics and world events. she didn't know about that kind of money. Curiously she clicked on the link and stared in utter amazement. Morbid curiosity took over. She did manage to find a couple things she liked that didn't seem to outlandish. staring in open-mouthed amazement at some of the crap they called clothes. There were over 500 new messages..right? She looked around at the opulent mansion and then looked at the prices online again. family. It seemed that Cael existed in the human world as well. People were insane if they expected her to pay that much for a cashmere turtleneck.. After she grew bored of shopping.. Tears filled her eyes and blurred her vision. They could. she logged into her email account. Re: Words of Farewell to Elianna. It seemed the more time she spent with him.. the brainchild of entrepreneur Alexander LeGaulle. Of course he made brilliant decisions. Words of pain." "ALG Corp. She was definitely waiting for him to shop for her. makes hefty donation to children's hospital. They all had the same title. She stared at the computer for a minute and then with shaking fingers. her five year old nephew. Suddenly she had this vision of vampires using humans as their puppets. he was twenty-five centuries old." Anna read them all curiously.. Anna sniffed. and co-workers. They had the power. She began to wonder with a twinge of paranoia. Her family and friends thought she was dead. the more removed she became from her old life. the superior race and the subordinate race never once paying attention to the other. but she did have a good time checking things out. She typed in Kieran Montasse and Darian Moiree and got several more pages of articles and mentions of the high-profile vampires.. Curiously she entered the name "Alexander LeGaulle" onto Google...ALG Corp.as she looked at the prices of things. Cael must not have been serious about designer clothes. There in a list of several web pages were messages from friends.save the midnight feedings? The more she read about Cael. She didn't know how to act. the more curious she grew. Almost to protest her own death. sorrow and loss were jotted down and sent to an Anna Kennan who would never read them. She wondered if they did. The police had probably already given up believing that she was just another girl that had been dumped in some grave in the forest. They believed what everyone believed. "New York City's most Eligible Bachelor: Alexander LeGaulle. Hundreds of pages came up. She went to every designer she could think of. As she skimmed articles about Cael and her friends she felt a strange pain in her heart. she clicked on them. her co-workers. she read them all. she was dead. as a millionaire entrepreneur who had shrewd business acumen and made brilliant deals to better his company. God. Her old life. or so they believed. She shuddered.. her best friend...or perhaps they controlled them. friends of friends. She couldn't stop herself as she sobbed . She really was dead..... she looked at a $700 shirt at Neiman Marcus and cringed when she was sure Cael would have thought it barely sufficient.until she saw the price tags. controlling the outcomes of elections and other world events. a missing person for over a month. Did the vampire world secretly rule the human world? Or perhaps their dealings were separate and cursory.... Some of the messages were like epitaphs and some of them were simply a few lines of remembrance.. She doubted whether Cael would ever expect her to dress like a runway model. How could they even imagine that she had been tossed in a vault with an ancient vampire? How could they know she'd escaped? Would they even believe? No.

There was that musical quality to the voice that indicated vampire." said the vampire. Something was wrong. Fuck! Her heart pounding. Then she wet her fingers and ran them through her long.she'd feel it if it was him. but this time she felt a strong resolve. Elianna Kennan had died. His skin was slightly olive toned and his shoulders in the suit jacket were far bulkier than Cael's. The little voice that had screamed to her so loudly when she was dying in the cave echoed in her soul. She'd lost everything. her hands shaking. Her breakdown had been cathartic." said the vampire. Everyone. Anna froze and turned towards the vampire. "There's lights on back here. tall.. She didn't know where it came from. She couldn't go home." he said. He was tall with dark brown hair and dark eyes that seemed to have a wicked glint to them. . As she cried. An unknown vampire was in the house. family. Why don't you drop it?" Anna felt the pull on her mind to obey his voice and it almost sent her crashing to her knees.. Fight. "Interesting. she hurried across the room. she got a strange feeling. "Good evening. but finally she got the strength to swallow her sobs. "That's quite a handgun you've got there. "I don't think so. something within her changed. Cael was right. "What have we here?" said a deep male voice. Anna crept towards the table and picked up the gun. Someone was in the house and she knew it wasn't Cael. mourning the loss of everything she loved. she felt that same twisting in her gut. Everything she knew was gone. dark. When she emerged from the bathroom. That was her only option. She shook her head and put her mental wall up to protect herself from his psychic powers. She was ready to be strong. she felt clean and refreshed. friends. "You know how to block me. it gave her clarity and courage. She had to protect them. She stared into her eyes in the mirror. Shit. Just like the ache she felt when she wanted to flee from Cael. She wept like a little girl." she heard a voice say just outside the room in the hall. From this moment forward. black tresses to tame them and straightened her jeans. Even as the thought flitted through her head. This was the kind of vampire that you saw in horror flicks. She sniffed and wiped her nose. Slowly she started to slide towards the hallway. Something was very wrong. she would help Cael fight. Little One. FIGHT BACK! With a new strength she pulled herself together. The vampire growled and in a blink he stood in front of her destination. She got the feeling this vampire was terribly powerful. Little One?" She said nothing and continued to inch her way towards the door.uncontrollably just as she couldn't stop herself from reading every message. She went to the bathroom just off the living room and washed her mascara streaked face and took the remaining makeup off her eyes. Fight Back. Kaiden would kill everything she loved. towards the hallway that led to the safe room. Fuck. It was the only way to protect the people she loved. It was simply a shiver running down her spine. menacing and powerful. but the moment she felt it her heart began to pound. Who taught you that. She read the emails again. her life. The moment she'd been tossed into darkness with Cael. Finally she understood what she needed to do.

"You don't listen well do you. "She's terrified. "Drop the gun.Anna's heart dropped to her stomach." he said when he got a good look at her. Suddenly. Little One. No." snarled her captor. She flailed and kicked wildly all the while her heart sinking." Anna stared at him in horror. "She's really scared. "Bring her in here. his eyes flashed and he growled. No." said her captor even as she continued to flail against him. "Christ." "Fine. "Why don't you make yourself useful and see if you can find some rope. "Maybe you need to be taught a lesson. She lifted the gun up and pointed it at him even as her eyes filled with tears." said the other vampire. no! Please. He was incredibly fast. "I'm almost at the end of my patience. "Come. "I do believe I've caught a banshee. "What the hell did you do to her?" . but this dark vampire was terrifying. The silver-haired vampire sighed. Dear God." said the vampire who was restraining her. "Bad move." "Can't you get her to be quiet?" "She's got a mental block on me. Anna screamed and struggled. but it seemed the action had the desired effect on the vampire." he snarled." he said. "What the hell?" cried another vampire's voice from the living room. Why don't you just stop screaming and settle down? We're going to get what we want from you whether you settle down or not. At her gesture. Please not again. Not again. She'd never imagined herself shooting another. "Here. Come." he returned. but really." "She's not that easy to restrain. strong hands grabbed her from behind twisting her around forcibly. "Better. He looked slightly annoyed and amused. She screeched as he blurred again and suddenly he stood before her grabbing her wrists roughly and wrestling the gun from her hand before she even thought to shoot at him. Do you think you can quit with the 'lad' crap?" The blonde-haired vampire chuckled a little wickedly. She closed her eyes and began to sob. No." he snarled. "I know he's terrifying. "I'll need the hand over her mouth for that." he said sadly. "How's this?" Anna squealed under his hand in terror. No." Anna shook her head and backed away. "I'm fifteen hundred fucking years old. Let's just make it easier on everyone. Cael! she screamed in her mind." her captor snapped. Do you always have to scare the shit out of everyone. There's nothing you can do to resist us. lad?" "God damn it!" he captor snarled. Anna stared at the other vampire as he walked into the hall to join them. If he was a human he'd have passed out. He had white blonde hair and silver eyes and he was dressed in a suit. "I don't think so. No! NO! FIGHT! She kneed him hard in the balls. Her fingers shook as she tried to enter the code on the door." the vampire snarled as he gripped her arms mercilessly. Anna wrenched her arms from his grasp and ran frantically towards the safe room." "Speak for yourself. Little One. anyway." he demanded harshly." snapped the other. Not again." he said putting his hand over her mouth. Anna felt her heart sink. we've got no reason to harm you. He groaned and fell to his knees cursing. "Either that or a human female who's contracted rabies. and she sobbed in frustration as she entered it wrong.

"What did I do to her?" he snarled. "She kneed me in the fucking groin and she almost shot me." The other vampire stared at her thoughtfully. "I'll find some rope, just don't do anything else to her." The panic was starting to settle in. The voice in the back of her mind was no longer logical. It was simply screaming... No. No. NO. NO! At that moment, Anna realized that she'd rather die than endure what had happened before. She would never let some man thrust his cock into her mouth, into her pussy, into her ass while she was a sobbing mess of despair beneath him. She'd rather die. She'd rather kill herself. Whatever strength to fight that still remained in her soul surged forward. Anna let her legs give out beneath her, and her captor swore angrily again. "Damn it," he snapped. "I'm getting very irritated Little One." His grip on her loosened so that he could pull her off the floor and desperately, Anna kicked his kneecap hearing the snap of the bone with satisfaction. At least she knew enough about anatomy to know what would disable someone. The vampire roared in pain and anger. She got back on her feet and ran like hell hoping that the other vampire wasn't near enough to catch her. She didn't know how long it would take for the dark vampire's knee to heal, but she hoped she had long enough to get downstairs and into the other safe room. "God damn it," she heard him shout. His voice was dark, and murderous. "I'm going to kill you, you fucking bitch!" She jumped on the banister and slid down it then raced for the safe room hallway. She was almost there...almost there... Something hit her with enough force to knock the wind out of her and she tumbled to the ground. She couldn't screech but the vampire tackled her growling and snarling. There was a brief struggle and then he pinned her body with his own. When she realized that he'd overpowered her again, Anna began to sob hysterically. God! Not again. She couldn't do it again. Not again. "No, no, please no," she wailed. "Too late for please," he snarled. "That's twice you've attacked me. I've killed humans for smaller offences." Suddenly there was another snarl and she felt the vampire who had tackled her be physically ripped from her body. There was an awful thud against the wall and the pictures crashed to the ground. Anna simply huddled in a ball sobbing hysterically. She didn't have any fight left. She didn't care anymore. She only wished she had the gun so whichever vampire won, no one would be able to touch her. ********************** "Alexander? Fuck. Is it really you?" Kieran looked into the face of his ancient friend and almost didn't recognize it. The rage in those jade eyes was unlike anything he'd seen in their ten centuries of companionship. Plus, he'd never been overpowered so violently by any vampire, and staring into those fierce eyes, looking at his elongated fangs, and feeling his power almost sizzling in the air was frightening, even for a vampire like himself. "What were you doing, Kieran?" His voice was deadly. Once again Kieran didn't know what to think. Alexander had never spoken to him like that before. He'd never seen that almost rabid look in his friend's eyes. His eyes moved to the human that had curled into a little ball, her slender arms wrapped about her body protectively shaking and

hiccoughing in panic. "Shit. I wasn't sure what I was walking into." Actually, he still wasn't sure what was going on. "So you attack a tiny human woman?" "There were lights on upstairs," he explained. "I was hoping it would be you." He looked at the human again thoughtfully. "But it wasn't." Alexander's eyes were still murderous. "I tried to get her to give me the gun, but she protected her mind from me. Then she tried to run. I gave chase. For a human, she fought well. She broke my knee and kicked me in the groin, and for those two reasons alone I attacked her." "She should have shot you," Cael snarled. "I managed to get the gun away from her using my speed," he admitted. "Forgive me, friend. I didn't know who she was and I surely wasn't aware that she was under your protection. I was trying to get information and she was very unwilling." For a moment Kieran wasn't sure whether Alexander was going to kill him or not. The power of his rage was overwhelming and the air was still crackling. He knew better than to move. Perhaps more than anyone, he knew the Ancient One's power. He knew that he could kill with just a thought and he shuddered to think of the painful deaths he'd seen Alexander contrive for those of their kind that really pissed him off. Kieran never thought he'd see Alexander direct that kind of rage at him- especially over a human. Then, slowly his expression changed and his face calmed slightly. Out of the corner of his eye, Kieran saw the girl was sitting up now and was staring at them both cautiously. He didn't dare look at her much save in his peripheral vision; Alexander was being terribly possessive, and the last thing he wanted was for the Ancient One to construe that he was interested in the delicate, shivering human. He tried to ignore her and tried to stifle of anger he felt towards her; he still wanted throttle her for the kick in the balls and the knee, but looking into Alexander's eyes he knew that would earn him a death sentence. "Cael?" she said to him in a tiny voice. Kieran snarled suddenly. No one knew the Ancient One's true name save him and Darian. Alexander looked at him fiercely and then threw him roughly to the floor. Without another word, he walked over to the girl and knelt down next to her stroking her black hair out of her face. "Are you all right?" he asked her in a gentle voice. Once again Kieran froze. Alexander was never gentle like that. The girl nodded and then flung her arms around him holding him tightly. He held her close and stroked her back tenderly. Kieran felt strong hands under his arms helping him to his feet. He realized that he'd sensed Darian's presence for a while now. His mentor had seen it all. Alexander lifted the woman in his arms and held her close. She'd buried her face in his neck and simply clung to him mutely; she was strangely strong for a creature so small. Most vampire females he knew would be a sobbing mess, but this tiny human was almost sadly stoic. Then she looked up at the two vampires for a moment and Kieran felt his gut wrench. Her eyes were incredible; like the bright blue sky on the clearest, sunniest day, and those amazing eyes were haunted and tortured. "I'll be back in a few moments," said Cael to them as he carried the girl upstairs. Kieran didn't dare reply, and it seemed Darian was smart enough, too. "What the hell was that?" said Kieran quietly when the Ancient One was gone. "That," answered Moiree, "was Alexander almost killing you." "Over that human?" "Yes. Over that human."

Chapter Ten
Anna awoke in bed alone. It was a little after 9:00 according to the clock by the bed, and she sighed and stretched languidly. To her surprise her body ached miserably. She couldn't remember doing anything that would make her sore... well... not sore like this. She tossed the covers off and made her way to the bathroom. When she turned on the lights she looked at her bruised body in horror. There were handprints bruised into her arms and wrists, her knees were purple and there were several marks on her abdomen. These kind of marks didn't come from her usual klutziness, this was serious. Why couldn't she remember? Cael. He'd told her once that he'd erased her memories of the pain she'd been in right after their escape. Was this another of those times? What had happened? She thought he'd promised not to use his magic on her like that again. Her eyes filled with tears. She was covered in bruises, some of them obviously handprints and she couldn't remember why. Her heart started to pound and her breath shortened in panic. Her memory was gone. Why? She couldn't do this. She dressed quickly and washed her face. Frantically she brushed her hair and then tossed the hairbrush back on the dresser. She couldn't remember. She couldn't remember. Cael had taken her memories away. Her hands shook with rage. How could he do this? Damn it! Damn it all. She opened the door and peeked out. The house was silent; eerily so. For a moment, logic prevailed... Maybe she should wait and confront him? No. She was leaving now. She would not let him manipulate her. She was so angry. So...hurt. How could he do this? She made her way towards the garage figuring she'd take one of the Jeeps she'd seen parked there. Surprisingly she remembered noting the keys hanging on hooks on her way in. It would be so easy to just leave, and put all this behind her. Each step she took, though, her heart seemed to pound harder in her chest. It was almost labouring. Well, hell! Tears of frustration clouded her vision as she realized that their magical connection wouldn't let her leave him. She stifled a sob and wiped at her eyes stubbornly. What kind of idiot runs away from their problems anyway? She nodded angrily to herself. Running wasn't going to make things better, but screaming at him would. Suddenly she had the urge to pick a nice little fight. "Anna?" She froze, but she didn't turn around. Yeah. Screaming sounded just right. "You shouldn't be out of bed," he said. "So what," she snapped. "You erased my memory and kept me asleep?" "Anna," he began his voice irritatingly placating. "You promised not to," she said still facing away from him. "You don't understand," he returned. "Please listen. I can tell you're panicking. You're upset. You're afraid of me. Let me explain. Angel..." "Don't call me that!" she snapped turning around irritably.

Damn it! "So you're just going to run away from me without letting me explain?" he asked the gentleness in his voice slipping just a little.." "Let me continue. but. His golden hair was neatly combed back and its soft waves were tamed with gel." He offered his hand. Finally she shook her head over and over again. "Their attempts to capture you sent you into hysteria and you fought like a wildcat to get away. However Kieran is a powerful vampire and in the end. "Let's sit down. hoping that after resting you'd calm down. "I'm a mess.and he looked absolutely edible. "I don't even know what I'm thinking anymore. since she'd known him she hadn't flown into one of her famous.. Let me explain. he restrained you. "Let's go to the kitchen. He always had that effect on her." he smirked. He was in a pair of dark slacks and a crisp white button down shirt. dramatic tirades yet. Settle down. "So I did.. She'd forgotten how much she longed for him. but dropped it when she didn't take it. This was the closest she'd ever gotten. Suddenly he laughed again. he'd rolled up his sleeves. It was awful." He looked at her tenderly. She'd forgotten how gorgeous he was. "I guess that means you're going to have to listen to my explanation after all. "I can't. He was put together again. Suddenly he chuckled. I'll give you a shot. The vampires were my friends: Kieran and Darian." . It was arrogant." he said staring at her thoughtfully. After waking up for the third time yesterday. Just sitting across from him cooled her temper a little... she was pretty sure she could nail him. after quite a struggle. vampire or no. for you and for me. You begged me to make it stop." He smiled a little smugly and for a moment she wanted to lunge at him in anger to wipe it off his face. You started having nightmares like you did back in the vault. "Last night you were attacked while I was out. It wasn't like her to be at a loss for words. "At first I just put you to sleep. but this time it was a little more kindly. "Have you tried?" She wiped her eyes again. She opted to stare at him warily and see what he did next. Deal?" She nodded. and you screamed and screamed in your sleep.. If you still want to lob something at me when I'm done. you begged me." she said. high handed and it made her see red. "All right." He sighed. She could imagine something like that happening." he began. That's when I found you. You know in your heart I'd never hurt you. to make love to her. Did he think she was a fucking idiot? "You're being a little irrational you know.damn him! It was impossible to remain pissed when he looked at her like that." he responded to her thought. She scanned the area for something to throw at him. She glared at him stubbornly. She felt his hand enclose around hers and with his touch came comfort and calm. It wasn't like her to be so off balance. "I have good reason." She looked at him uncertainly. "But the vampires who you thought were attacking you were simply trying to restrain you so they could get some answers." She nodded and followed him.She swallowed as she stared at him." She was torn between running at him and screaming angrily about how he'd betrayed her and flying into his arms begging him to hold her and comfort her. but it didn't work. He gestured for her to sit at the table and then sat across from her. Remember them?" She nodded though she was suddenly irritated at him. "Okay. Being softball pitcher in high school. Anna.

I have many quirks. Anna." "Twenty-five. She held to her first opinion of Kieran Montasse. or I'll go psycho. He smiled. "Let's not go there." He nodded. "She has good control over her mind.but she didn't feel the panic." said Kieran. "Do you know how incredible you are?" "Yeah." He smiled wryly." she said." said a male voice. "I'd never have guessed. "When bad things like that happen." said Cael. Kieran thinks you're part banshee. "I've suddenly developed an intense fear of concrete vaults. "this is Kieran. ignoring the blood bags. "I need to speak to you in private. Looking at his rather wicked eyes." "It is always going to be this way? Will I always go nuts?" she said in a tiny voice." said Kieran inclining his head." Anna stared at the menacing vampire cautiously as he entered the kitchen completely." He chuckled. "Really?" he teased in mock amazement. She remembered the chase.. "Come in slowly." She smiled wanly." he replied. dark eyes and olive skin. "Are you all right?" She shrugged." He smiled wryly. and you should be pleased to know you kicked Kieran's ass pretty well for a human. only to find it occupied by another vampire who was watching the news. "Alexander." "Things like this are very normal. "Whatever you want to say. Suddenly she knew he was the vampire who'd attacked her and to her surprise she remembered. "Just don't try to grab me. I had to crawl into one of the security vaults last night and I nearly passed out from panic. "Though running off is probably not one of your best moves. That was almost a parallel situation for you. They were ." he admitted." "Yeah." She opened the cupboard and grabbed a granola bar and opened the refrigerator and grabbed a can of soda. his words. "It's nice to meet you. Cael shrugged." she corrected. he was an ass. For some reason she got the feeling that she'd done something to him. he didn't like her and he wasn't going to say anything in front of her. "Is he pissed?" "He'll get over it." said Cael watching her closely. "It's okay. her terror." she admitted ruefully." "If it's any consolation." Cael called after her."You've been incredibly brave. She got the feeling that they were used to business attire even when it was just a casual thing." She nodded. she decided she was just fine with that. You're allowed moments of hysteria. "Anna." Her face blanched. I don't need to hear anything." "Hello. "Anna. He was dressed nice. Anna started and turned around to see who had spoken. "Easy. "Yeah?" she replied. She stared at him for a while." "I have a bit of a temper." she sniffed." she said rising." Kieran eyed Cael cautiously. At once Anna could tell he didn't trust her. you can say it in front of Anna.. He was tall with dark hair. just like Cael and Kieran. "Serves him right for the way he screamed at me on the phone the other day. flashbacks will creep up from time to time. "I'll just grab some breakfast and hit the TV room. "Twenty centuries of them. She made her way to the TV room. Kieran. "It's not like I have any other options.

" "Officially. "Well. She mentally compared the two vampires that were Cael's dearest friends. if it connected them closer. "I just took these women's studies classes in college. You'd think after a thousand years he'd get over the cultural bias. "Stop that Monsieur Moiree. Anna started a little at his interruption to her thoughts and then chuckled. there were several notable exceptions." "You could just ask me. and comparing him to Kieran she got the strangest sense of Yin and Yang. Actually." "Now I know why Alexander is so fond of you." . at least not from your time. kitten. "You did exactly what you should have done. "I'm a child of my environment. She felt a slight push on her mind and she sniffed." "Kieran's really not that bad you know. "He could sit and debate with you for hours." As she snuggled up in the corner of the couch." she said a little ruefully. She could imagine his black eyes glittering in the night. "There aren't that many cultures that were historically women-governed anyway. She shrugged. "I was thinking how you and Kieran couldn't be more opposite in appearance and manner." she added.kings. though not in comparison to Cael. Anna took a bite out of her granola bar thoughtfully not really focusing on the newscaster. You may fight like a hellcat." he called to her. His smile was infectious." he replied. wicked balanced with good. "I suppose you and Kieran have every right to be irritated at me. I'm glad I haven't managed to irritate both of you. you didn't lay a claw on me. it seemed Darian exuded kindness. but she got a sense of gentleness from him. well. Moiree was like a bright white light.. Of course. some kind of historian?" Darian asked in amusement. Looking at Darian. "Besides. and. He chuckled. light and dark.. but you're no match for vampires." "I've been doing lots of things to piss Kieran off lately. if it gave Kieran just a little bit of light in his dark soul. maybe Ancient Israel with Deborah as a judge. dangerous and he had a slight aura of evil about him. and then there was Cleopatra. what were you thinking?" She shrugged." "No. I see." he mused. "Sure." "What are you." She shrugged. Just like Kieran felt a little dark. "Okay." she said. "He probably hates my guts. "You have a pretty strong mind for a human. He was beautiful." she admitted." He chuckled a little. She could only see him in profile." She thought about that for a moment." Anna smiled thinking back to their words in the darkness." He looked at her soda and granola bar and arched his white brows. It was kinda interesting. "You must be Darian Moiree. "It's nice to meet you. and his silver eyes glittered like platinum. She couldn't imagine two so completely mismatched companions. you know. well Elizabeth I was a really powerful queen. Anna decided that she instantly like Darian Moiree just like she instantly disliked Kieran Montasse. Anna admitted she was a little biased there." said Moiree. "Breakfast of champions. She wondered how it felt sharing the same blood. just like every vampire movie she'd ever seen." she returned." he disagreed. Your best defence is running. "And so we did. stalking an unwary human on the street corner.. exactly what Alexander told you to do." "Are you okay with the news?" he asked. "I've heard of wallflowers." "Aren't most cultures are slightly misogynistic?" she asked shrugging. He rose and bowed to her smiling. "And you're Alexander's Anna. but I've never heard of a door-flower. "He has this thing about women. "Nah. I was wondering what it was like to share blood with him. She supposed that went with the deal." she said to him walking into the TV room. Kieran was everything dark.

unless it's a private moment between the two of you." "What?" "You're using Alexander's true name. When he's weak. "He's at an estate out in the middle of nowhere." Elise's eyes glowed with anger. and the two strangers in the shadows weren't weaklings. Little One. If they saw her. Seal it off. "For the first time since this thing began. There is no one alive who is in his bloodline." "I wouldn't recommend it." he said." he mused." Kaiden chuckled. She may not be powerful." Elise returned. "Little One? You guys use that a lot. arrogant. "He's grown weak with age. This part of town was rarely frequented by her kind." one of them said."Alexander told you that he was my Little One long ago." "I'm offended. but it should never be used in common speech." he seemed to struggle for a second. "Anna. "Good. bleeding and that fucking human he's so fond of is gutted in front of him." she said. His voice was dark." he said. She knew better than to draw attention to herself. "Your three messengers are completely mad. She hadn't planned on meeting any other vampires tonight." Darian winced and looked at her seriously. It gives away some of his power. He can't withstand an army." "Cael calls me that a lot.. humans." "I've always called him that." she protested. And then I will be the Ancient One in this land. now. "You better get used to some things being a little different. I will. "You're smarter than you look. A fledgling if you will. There has been no movement on the property since then. It's about a seven hour drive from the gas station where your messengers were attacked. "It refers to anyone who is young." Kaiden retorted.. "But saying his name during those kinds of moments gives him a great deal of pleasure. "You can't keep calling him that. I'll kill the bastard. Make sure no help can get to him. It is also the term for a newly made vampire that is under the protection of his or her creator. "You're in our world. and vampires. but Mara was observant." "And I'm going to be the one to kill him." Kaiden growled." "Is he alone?" Kaiden asked. He's more powerful than you can possibly imagine. *************** "We've got him. "So what does it mean?" "We use it in two ways. so I wouldn't stop using it all together." she returned smiling a little." he said. Kaiden. You cannot call him. "Cael. This time I'm going to kill the bastard personally. Does it mean something?" He chuckled." ************* Mara hid behind the dumpster and shielded her mind the best she could." Elise cautioned. "I wondered if it meant something more than what I thought." "I got him locked in that cell.. ." He smiled a little roguishly. "He wants more humans and vampires. I really do think you're mad! He's an Ancient One.." "You better hope you can get him weak enough." said Elise. The best thing she could do was lay low and wait for them to move on. "Don't worry Elise. "Our people found it this morning. Vampires like these didn't meet in dark alleyways like this unless they were up to no good." Anna blushed furiously. "My plan is flawless. Kieran and I know it. she knew she'd be in trouble.

" "These people have no fucking clue what's happening. but she could feel it. but when he continued to race by. For a moment she feared she'd been discovered." said Anna suddenly. Smiling to herself at the thought. "I can't feel his presence. "The only ones left are the denizens of our society.. The only thing that remotely interested her about the entire conversation was the bit about the mansion. "One doesn't kill an Ancient One so easily." Mara couldn't see his smile.Alexander. Anna felt strange. For a brief moment she wondered if she should tell someone. she didn't think so." Anna explained. well." she replied catching herself at the last minute. I'll try." "This better work. "I can't feel him. she made her way through the night." the wicked one returned arrogantly." "Sh!" the other snapped harshly.. but get it done. "Never say anything like that again. she'd still be stealing to survive. The place is a mansion. just like the night before. It freaked her out. He's better off bringing more of his own people. There was some kind of treachery going on. One got into an expensive car." Mara's ears perked up at that. there's bound to be things they could sell or pawn. disarming security systems was one of them." "It'll work. "Just get the numbers. No matter who was in charge.sneering.. uneducated." "Fine. ***************** They'd been watching TV for a while but after a while she got this feeling that something was wrong. "And it needs to stay that way. Otherwise. "What do you mean you can't feel him?" he demanded. she knew she was safe. and the other dashed away passing Mara's dumpster. the Ancient One didn't give a shit about her. A mansion? Money? "Yeah." The two vampires parted ways.. We need the numbers. living in deserted buildings.. and they're the least likely to respond to a summons by the Ancient One. "Then promise them money. There was something truly wicked about that one. Replacing one Ancient One with another didn't change her life one bit. ugly." "He wants to be prepared. but when everything was over. but then she sniffed bitterly. Fuck them all. "Darian." he snapped. I don't care how you do it." "What?" "C. Granted. "We've almost depopulated this entire region. If these people knew what was really happening. He didn't know about her. Why would so many vampires be joining in a fight to kill an Ancient One? Did they know what they were really doing? From the secrecy in their voices.. "I always seem to know where . we're all going to be staked in the sun. she had a knack for some things. For a moment. He's not in the house.alone. She felt. but something like this was a big deal. and he didn't really care about her. Don't count on any numbers from that line." The dark one chuckled wickedly. she considered what she'd heard. It was worse than being alone. She wasn't stupid enough to go there and fight in some battle." the other replied. She was still just a weakling among their kind.. They were going to try to kill an Ancient One? They were going to try to kill THE Ancient One? The thought disturbed her.. it was a sense of vacancy and she knew in her gut that Cael was no longer nearby. Perhaps she might be able to make something of herself after all. He was at least a few miles away. and barely powerful enough to psychically control her prey.

"This sense of presence you feel with him is usually only felt among mated pairs." "Talents?" Her interest was piqued. She could feel her face growing even redder. When Cael and Kieran had come to talk to him." Darian looked at her seriously." she said. "No. "Okay. but the absence of his presence made her almost feel panicky. "I'm omniscient. It would kill him to lose you. She didn't like it. She blushed outrageously as she imagined herself trying to explain that to his good friend. I don't. Alexander has been waiting for you for a long time. Omniscient. how do you know?" "I'm a dream walker." She looked at him curiously. Mr. "I mean how can you be so sure?" He winked outrageously. He'd spent the last few hours teasing her outrageously. and the normal vampire things. "It's beginning. He heals almost instantly." "Something's happening. So. It makes him one of the most powerful of our kind.talents. "Ah." he replied simply." "You're his mate. "Yeah." said Darian smilingly knowingly. "You're still human. He was looking at her very seriously." he agreed. no one else can even begin to fathom his power." He paused thoughtfully. "Because you're connected to him. "I'm sassy like that. His lips always seemed to be twitching in a smile. "Why do you ask?" she demanded. She shook her head and stared at him blankly. run fast. it's Alexander. but he wasn't smiling now. "Just keep safe through all of this Anna.. She'd not drunk any of his blood. alone. "He's fine. tiny. We can all do mind control." she shrugged. almost daring him to say something. "I don't like this. but right now. If you had been attacked by a vampire other than Kieran last night." she muttered under her breath uneasily. but she had gone down on him a couple of times and tasted him." "But I'm not a vampire. She felt lost." "You're trying to tell me something that I'm not quite getting." she said shaking her head. "Have you drunk of his essence." He nodded. "What can I say. Kieran's power is in his physical abilities. She took a deep breath and then stared him in the eye. he'd been almost flippant." She endured the vacant feeling for a little longer trying to focus on the rerun of CSI. she got the sense that Darian was a bit of a joker. "If there's one person I have complete faith in. He can pretty much do whatever he wants to with just his mind." Darian reassured." Darian chuckled. "Each of us has powers that are unique to us. the Ancient Ones especially have certain. "Or at least I wasn't the last time I looked." "Does Alexander let you talk to him like that?" Darian chided. he always found a way to put in a really bad comment. Anna?" She thought about it. "What do you mean by that?" The ancient vampire sighed. Among the companions. "I'll do my best. you would have gotten away.. and my mother was a virgin." he said grandly. . Alexander and Kieran are getting things ready for the attack tomorrow." he said simply. but some of us. He can withstand injuries and heal from them far faster than most of our kind." she said looking into those platinum eyes uncomfortably. She arched her eyebrows at him skeptically." he explained.he is. Anna." "How do you know there's going to be an attack tomorrow?" she asked. It scares me. Anna. "I can feel tension. "Alexander has telekinetic abilities that are incomparable. He's brutal fast in a fight and has more physical strength than any vampire I've met.

"Alexander. Anna knew Cael well enough to recognize that his face was grim. "I can invade the minds of others." he said. "It wasn't good. They planned enough to last for about a week. "While you've been watching them use science to identify body parts. don't open the door for anyone. "Much the same as yesterday. I know he'll survive." "When the battle begins. Kieran and I are the only people who have the code to get in these rooms.well. wasn't it? . "Were you able to do anymore dream walking?" asked Cael. "Actually we should get you situated now. I have been skimming the thoughts of our enemy. "I know his plans. She couldn't believe they just accepted executions like that. "If you end up having to lock yourself in. though I've stayed away from Kaiden and his higher ups. Together we've worked up a plan to entrap his army. but neither Kieran nor Darian said anything." he said. but they are only feelings. They removed the blood bags from the refrigerator and brought up food from the kitchen. Little One. yes. he always looked grim. if Bradford was with them. Those who are younger can't detect me. Alexander and Kieran are making sure that the people Kaiden has deceived are not slaughtered. Anna. toothbrush. From them I've learned that a violent storm is nearing this place. "I want a list. she hoped Cael ripped his heart out. "Sometimes I have premonitions." Darian said almost sadly." She nodded and followed him to the safe room on the second floor. *************** Cael and Kieran returned just a little before sunrise. I did find that there are several people on your staff that are helping him." "But me?" she asked. He shrugged but didn't look into her eyes. He remained silent. Wait until he comes for you. "Just don't open the door." "You've had a premonition about me." "So you know what the enemy is planning?" Anna asked hopefully. Anna felt like she was planning to stay in a luxury hotel room." she said. "you should lock yourself in one of the safe rooms." She nodded. though. Darian nodded. Back in the day. He was silent. Understand?" She nodded." said Darian gently. "When this is over. a change of clothes. This is going to be a difficult fight." "Can you see the future in your dreams?" she asked curiously. hairbrush. I'm staking them in the sun." Anna's face blanched." said Cael said coldly.' You might have noticed I've been a little quiet. Alexander wants you to lock yourself in if they manage to breach the defences. Let's get everything ready so that when he gets back he won't have to worry. we called it 'dream walking. "He's in love with you. Bring food in there to last you several days.." Darian instructed her as he helped her pack. They also brought her things. But that was different. "Don't let your human impatience get the best of you. "Me?" Darian repeated." Suddenly he stood. many humans and vampires will die. Of course." he said at last."And you?" she asked curiously.. Kieran. Despite our efforts. You must wait until one of us fetches you. "They are good plans. read their thoughts and control them from afar. I know he will.

clinging to his shoulders. "Just about anything through the heart works. For a moment." she whispered when he released her mouth to pull her shirt over her head. his scent." he said. when her parents would spell things because she wouldn't understand or when they made the comment. His jade eyes met hers and with a soft moan he bent down and devoured her mouth passionately. He pulled her jeans and underwear from her legs and for a moment he knelt on the bed . He reached out and pulled her against him kissing her lips softly. Those glittering. but it wasn't for her ears. She swooned with passion in his arms hungrily kissing him. "Sorry Angel. "The two of us will go first. She reached out and unbuttoned his shirt impatiently."He's got humans. "You can take the last watch." she said quietly. 'this conversation isn't for little ears' and then would go off and whisper. "Cael." said Moiree as he motioned to Kieran. "I'm going to kill many of my people tomorrow. she saw something that looked like intense grief. her knight. she needed to feel his flesh under her fingers. For eons he'd seen death. Anna. The battle is upon us?" He nodded. his lips. Suddenly Cael smiled at her and she felt her irritation melt away. All she felt was him. At the dawn of such a day. dancing her tongue with his." admitted Moiree." he said. the atrocities of humankind. He didn't let her go. She wrapped her tiny hands around his neck and clung to him. She panted with desire and her hands shook. She didn't answer." Cael nodded and the three of them stood in silence. too. jade eyes were pools of sadness. "See you tonight." She looked up into his face and for the first time since she met him. it made her feel like a little girl. it annoyed her. destruction. the weight of it seemed to diminish him." "Eww. heartbreaking sadness. "Kiss me. "They're here. There is no such thing as victory. she knew he needed her. "We sometimes forget to speak in words. Anna looked at their eyes and could tell they were saying much more to each other. She felt him deposit her in the middle of the bed." she whispered. The need to assuage his grief overwhelmed her. She barely felt him lift her in his arms and carry her to their room. "So this is it?" Anna said as Cael pulled her towards his bedroom. Anna grew desperate. wanting to have contact with his skin. Just like when she was a little girl. dancing her tongue with his. We'll need to rotate today." She nodded. I don't think we want to wake up with a stake through the heart. she needed to lift his darkness. his long life had been filled with moments just like these. She felt the shiver his name on her lips sent through his body. but leaned her head against his shoulder and let his embrace comfort her." Kieran said. eternal. is it?" Anna asked. the soft mattress cradling her. If only for a few stolen seconds. "Just in case. It's so much faster without. longing to feel their naked bodies pressing against each other and she felt his fingers nimbly disrobing her." said Anna as she pictured it. She felt it like a sharp knife in her heart. too. "It's probably safer that you don't tell me all your plans. "No one is going to touch you. She needed him. "Are we going to win?" Cael sighed wearily. dwindled into a plain and weary man. his warmth. For a brief moment her protector. She fumbled with his shirt and his pants." said Moiree as he and Kieran left them." He growled possessively and he pulled her tighter against him. "That stake in the heart thing isn't real. "Braining does the trick.

taking him deep into her mouth and down into her throat. Cael moaned into her mouth and wrapped his arms about her body his large hands caressed her hips and her breasts. his hot mouth worshipping her breasts. and brushed his nipples delighting in the velvety texture of his skin. shrouding them in a silky curtain even as their tongues mated fiercely. She could almost feel his stare caress her. she wanted to commit every part of him to memory. she knew him solely by sensation. She pushed him off of her and he willingly rolled onto his back. His body was almost hairless. following them with her lips. She recalled that when they first met.. she'd never taken the time just to look at him. and he bent over suckling her nipple gently. salty and somehow spicy. pressing her body into his. Her hand cupped his balls rubbing them as she bobbed her head slowly up and down. inside of her. She could tell he was watching her. inside of her he felt just right. She took his cock in her hands. Even then he had been her everything. Now. She was surrounded by him. She pulled him even closer. feeling his texture on her tongue. His skin teased her nipples. "Stop!" he gasped reaching out and pulling her up his body. a touch. his hips jumping off the bed in need. He caressed her stomach like she was a fragile piece of china. So smooth.. Her tongue snaked out. she locked her mouth over his. his soft lips worshipping her breasts. pulling him close. he was losing it.. those gentle caresses contrasting so much with his fierce eyes. slipped away. She shuddered above him feeling every vein. running her tongue around the head. Her heartbeat accelerated and her breaths grew shallow. the more her body throbbed with need and slowly her control. . She needed him. Every time they'd made love. and yet. felt his silky hair. She ran her hands along his chest. his scent. just to appreciate everything that was uniquely Cael. she wanted to devour him. Anna closed her eyes and reveled in sensation. Her black hair tumbled about her shoulders and over their faces. smooth. Rising up on her knees and straddling his hips. and once again stared in amazement at his size. memorizing every muscle. Now. hot. Her fingers could barely wrap around it. it was driving him crazy. He reached out and brushed her hair to the side. She felt his lips on hers again and she moaned into his mouth wrapping her arms about him. But when he touched her.. his hands were soft. and Cael had merely been a voice. every ounce of him. "Anna!" he groaned when her mouth enveloped him. She watched his eyes as they seemed to survey her. The more she kissed him. every taste and smell. She needed him to be closer.except for the hair on his eyebrows and his head. Before he could protest more. his powerful body. She couldn't get enough of him. she took a moment to survey him. His flesh was like warm velvet against her lips. her desire to tease and tantalize his body like he'd done to her. his large hands caressing her. tasting him. He groaned as she licked him. She suckled him. In that wretched tomb she was blind. every ridge of him against her velvety walls arching her back in pleasure as he filled her. when they were at the precipice of wretchedness and horror. as though he was visually taking stock and cataloguing in his mind every part of her. She took his thick cock in her hand and slowly impaled herself upon him noting his eyes watching as he disappeared within her soft depths. lightly flicking the aching tip with his tongue.she wondered if he was born this way or if this was the way of a vampire. his strong hands lightly brushing her sensitized flesh. absorbing his warmth and his strength. She traced the contours of his body.straddling her hips. the moisture of his arousal hot against her belly. his erection pressed between their bodies. sampling the taste of his arousal again. a smell. ready to devour her completely. hungry and possessive. It was like staring into the eyes of a wild beast. Her slender fingers brushed through his hair and across his skin. His touch made her shiver. letting him taste himself on her tongue.

"God, Angel," he breathed. "You're so beautiful." He reached out and cupped one of her breasts in his hand running his thumb across her aching nipple. His touch made her gasp as a shiver ran through her making her ache even more. Her body shuddered and she ground against him, needing more. Slowly she lifted herself off and then just as slowly inched down until he disappeared completely within her. She clenched her thighs and her muscles, developing a slow, torturous rhythm that sent shivers of ecstasy through her body. "That's it. God yes," he whispered in a dark, husky voice. His hands clasped around her hips, guiding her thrusts, and she saw his eyes were glued to her watching as she impaled herself upon him over and over again. She moaned as everything around her caught fire. The skin where his hands touched her throbbed, her own hair teased her shoulders, her back, her nipples driving her crazy, making her hungrier. She moaned as sensation overwhelmed her; everything about Cael consumed her. Her body shivered, trembled, sweated. Suddenly she felt a glorious shiver starting in her womb and radiating out to her aching breasts, her fingers and her toes. She moaned incoherently her body convulsing, her heart pounding, her skin vibrating with pleasure. Cael couldn't imagine seeing a more erotic thing in his life as this beautiful woman made love to him. Her blue eyes glittered, her breasts bounced, her hair tumbled about her, her lips parted as she gasped. Her beautiful body glistened with sweat and her soft moans were musical to his ears. She was an angel from heaven gracing a creature of the night with her glory. And then to watch her come like that to see and feel her absolute bliss...Heaven couldn't be any better. For a while he just held her trembling body against his, absorbing her warmth, feeling the after shocks of pleasure that still made her shiver. Then he rolled with her again, still joined with her, and gently laid her into the soft pillows smiling at her dreamy eyes, her swollen lips. He kissed her softly delighting in the smooth texture of her mouth. She kissed him back, her smoky eyes glittering from her release and her tiny hand reached up and tucked an unruly strand of his hair behind his ear. Slowly he began to move within her again smiling at her dreamy coo of pleasure. He shivered at the sound and thrust inside of her with more intensity. Her hips arched to meet his thrusts and her head thrashed against the pillows as she built once again. "Cael," she moaned. Hearing his name on her lips as she whimpered beneath him in passion sent a shiver down his spine. His true name! On her lips it was like magic. He thrust inside of her forcibly, the sound of their flesh echoing in his ears spurring him on to take her harder, faster, deeper. "Cael," she moaned again. "Feed from me." "Anna," he groaned. "It's too soon. You'll be weak." "Do it anyway," she returned. She turned her head and bared her neck for him, wrapping her hands about his head and drawing him to her. He couldn't resist her. The vampire roared to life and latched onto her neck, claiming her blood and her body with a primal growl. He wrapped his arms about her tightly, trapping her in his embrace and pushed her thighs apart as he thrust deep inside of her growling and moaning as he fed from her and made love to her simultaneously. She convulsed beneath him, screaming in orgasm, but he held her fast, drinking, thrusting, growling, until with a vicious roar he came inside of her, his body thrusting convulsively as her blood filled his mouth. Gasping, he licked the wounds at her throat and nuzzled her, his body trembling and quivering in pleasure. He was still inside of her... he could feel his seed inside of her, he could feel her blood inside of him. God, he wanted to be a part of her so much. All he had to do... He moaned longingly. "Not yet," he whispered softly to himself. "Mmm?" she cooed softly.

"Shh," he said gently. "Rest, my angel." She nuzzled against him dreamily and fell asleep. He was still inside of her, and he couldn't bring himself to let her go. He rolled onto his back, pulling her with him, keeping their bodies joined. He wanted to be inside of her forever, but for now, he settled for being inside of her until he fell asleep. *********** Anna awoke with her head throbbing with a migraine. She felt awful, and someone kept pounding on the walls. God she was going to kill her fucking neighbours. Couldn't they learn to keep it down when someone slept? She moaned and pulled the covers over her head. She couldn't remember how much she'd had to drink last night, but this was perhaps the worst hangover she'd ever had. The pounding and the noise was even worse. Damn it!! She sat up and looked around, fighting back the wave of nausea that went with having a splitting headache. For a moment she was completely disoriented. She wasn't in her apartment? Looking around at her luxurious surroundings, it took her a moment to remember where she was. Then it hit her; the luxurious linens on the bed, her body aching deliciously in all the right places, and the scent on the covers smelled like him. She was in Cael's bed. She moaned miserably and collapsed back into the pillows. And she felt like hell. Thinking back she remembered asking him to feed from her last night. That would do it, all right, and she had the migraine to kill all migraines because of it. Plus that horrible pounding echoed with mind-splitting pain in her ears. Pounding... Why would there be pounding in this luxurious mansion? Despite her weariness she managed to roll out of bed and stumble towards the window. She drew aside the velvet curtains that blacked out the room and for a moment she winced in the bright afternoon sunlight. Opening one eye, she forced herself to look. Shit...

Chapter Eleven
There were bodies everywhere. Oh God! They weren't vampire. It was daytime. Kaiden was sending humans. It was like a battleground; smoke, burning vehicles, mangled bodies, blood. As she stared at the absolute destruction only several hundred yards from Cael's window she realized that the pounding that was making her head throb was the pop of gunfire and the dull thuds could only have been artillery. She'd only heard sounds like that in movies, but now she was in one; a fucked up horror flick with vampires, rapists, war, and magic. Her head spun and her stomach rebelled at the carnage; she wasn't so sure she even wanted to crawl out of bed today. Get out of the window, Anna! Cael's voice nearly screamed in her mind. She jumped in surprise then closed the drapes at once. Shaking her head angrily at herself, she realized someone could have shot her right out of the window. She was so sick she wasn't even considering her danger. "God damn it, Anna!" Cael wrenched the door open and stormed into the room. "What were you thinking?" She cringed. She'd never known him to raise his voice at her, but it seemed that with all the tension, Cael's temper was quick. In his anger he was an impressive creature to behold: his eyes glittered, his breast heaved, and his presence... With a pounding headache and the grogginess that came with it, Anna was overwhelmed by him. Her eyes filled with tears and she backed away from him even as she choked out a strangled cry of alarm. For a moment he froze and stared. Her heart pounded as those eyes held her with unreadable scrutiny, and she wrapped her arms about her mid-section and backed away a little more. "Easy Anna," he said his voice softening. "I'm just irritated. I'm not going to hurt you." He shook his head and ran his fingers through his hair in what seemed a long-practiced habit from frustration. "Do you realize how stupid that was?" She nodded and sniffed. "I woke up sick and I wasn't thinking. I'm sorry." He sighed. "No, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have fed from you last night." "I asked you to," she reminded him wiping her eyes. "I usually don't follow orders." He closed the distance between them and reached out pulling her close and enfolding her in his arms for a moment. As always his presence and embrace seemed to give her strength. Perhaps it was their strange connection; perhaps it was just a part of Cael's powers. All she knew was that in his arms she felt her strength renewed, her world became centred and she had the power to do whatever she had to. "What happened out there?" she asked quietly. "Kaiden had some humans try to break through our defences," he explained as he stroked her back tenderly. "They came with a couple of trucks and tried to mow through." "They tried?" Anna asked. "The vehicles didn't make it within 50 feet of the house," he said grimly. "Oh." She jumped as she heard another shot. "So why all the gunfire now?" He gave her that look. The look that said, 'you can't handle the truth.' Anna decided she might agree with him. "I think you might feel better with some fluids and some breakfast," he said to change the subject. "It should help with the loss of blood and give you some strength."

After eating. People were trying to get inside to kill Cael. times of fear and aching heartbreak. *************** He was right. fluorescent lights and industrial looking doors on her left and right at regular intervals.. It was one of the few times in her life when Anna didn't quite know what to do with herself. she noticed that the pop of gunfire had stopped. She closed her eyes and tried to feel his presence. she didn't dare go down there. well-light hallway.. she followed the steps and found herself in a dimly light wine cellar. She didn't feel right just sitting down and watching TV as people were dying and fighting outside. Opening it curiously. She could imagine the Ancient One and his buddies reminiscing about old times as they sipped away at the stores in this place. Cael. the wine cellar was exquisite. a hidden door. People were dying outside. but for some reason she felt pressed to find him. Shelves were lined with bottles of rare brandy.especially since they seemed to be underground. Everything felt wrong. searching for a sense that only occasionally called to her in the back of her mind. the place was an alcoholic's treasure trove. She wandered through the immense house feeling like a fool. She wondered if Kaiden's human army had given up whatever they were trying to do but the silence felt just as eerie as the gunfire. She wanted to cry with frustration and the feeling in the back of her mind was getting more and more urgent. but Anna was starting to feel a little better . a need. There was a sense of urgency as though finding him at that moment was not optional. Breakfast and fluids did help a little. She didn't feel right doing anything. Anna found herself in a long." He kissed her lips softly. and probably her. Perhaps she should try to find the others? Cael had never really told her what he wanted her to do when the fighting started. Elegant mahogany wine racks were filled with bottles of every imaginable vintage. It was the only thing she was sure about.. She looked around at the room a little jealously. too. vinyl tiled floors. the secrets of the Ancient One's house were both exciting and frightening." She nodded mutely. She took the time to raid every drawer in the kitchen and found a bottle of aspirin. None of the doors had windows. She just didn't feel right. but the only thing she could imagine was the garage and with soldiers killing each other only a few hundred yards from the house. this could be a place for good times. With trembling fingers she opened the other door leading into the unknown. Anna found a narrow winding staircase that looked like it led downwards towards. but all she'd ever known of Cael and his 'brothers' was this. too. It was a call. Nearly in tears she stumbled upon the hidden entrance almost by accident on her way to the TV room after giving up..She nodded. It seemed that vampires tried to take care of their human attendants after all. Almost brokenly she turned to climb back up into the living room until she noticed yet another doorway in the cellar. "I'll put myself together and hit the kitchens. Like everything in the house. almost like a hospital hallway. white walls.. "Just stay out of the windows. More out of curiosity than from the need to find Cael. She'd never actually tried to use their strange connection to her advantage before. Cael. It was then she noticed that in the back of the living room a part of the wood panelled wall was slightly ajar. He was beneath the house. It was strangely clinical.

" They both stared at each other in silence.. She didn't ever want to see the inside of a vault or prison. "He's unavailable. The moment the door opened she heard a low growl. She didn't really like Kieran. She started violently from the staring match at the sound of Cael's voice and when she turned back to face Kieran. "He's coming now. "If you'd just answered my first question I'd have left two minutes ago.. the blood . "What should I be doing then?" she returned. He made her very uncomfortable. "How did you. She quickly deduced that the door was reinforced for a purpose. ever again." she snapped back. She let out a terrified yelp as someone grabbed her roughly. Curiously she peeked into the first room on her right. I'm looking for Ca. "and don't swear at me. but she also knew that he would know where Cael was and for some reason. glittering eyes scared the shit out of her. rocket launchers. he was staring at the monitors again." she shot back. She reached out and opened it curiously. Go upstairs like a good little human and wait for him to tell you what to do. The next door on her left wouldn't open. perhaps to hold a vampire or two in a prison cell? She froze and dropped her hand from the cold handle swallowing a surge of panic." His eyes grew distant for a moment and then he stared at her a little more warily. "Were you born an ass or did it take a few thousand years? What is your problem?" She couldn't believe herself." "Gladly. I'd show you exactly what I'm capable of.lexander.. She stared up into black.they led to such interesting places. "My name's Anna. For a moment she held her breath. Anna actually looked at the monitors. She stared in open-mouthed amazement as she looked upon shelves and tables filled with weapons." he returned. and restrained her with lightning speed. with huge bolts. He's in the holding cell with one of our unwilling guests. hand guns. I just can't sit around." he said. this one was not reinforced." Kieran arched his dark brows irritably at her slip and he seemed to growl under his breath a little. "You shouldn't be here.. It was like her tongue had taken a life of its own and she almost cringed as the words left her mouth. Taking a deep breath to calm herself she returned his angry glare. "What the hell are you doing in here?" Anna stared at the dark-looking vampire warily her heart still pounding. Was she just asking for it today? "If you weren't Alexander's little play toy right now. but he looked up and then back down at her. "I want to protect you." "Fine. "I don't want you to see these kinds of things. Anna didn't have time to think. She froze. rifles. She stared at it in disappointment for a moment until she noted a keypad beside it and took a closer look at the door. "Anna. not 'woman'. In some of the screens there were bodies lying unmoving. she felt the need to see him even more. "Damn it woman!" snarled Kieran releasing her at once.about opening unknown doors." Cael began. thick.." For the first time since she walked in the room. It was like some sick war movie. steel. It seemed that the Ancient One could supply his own army with weapons if need be. glittering eyes and nearly screamed again until she recognized them with a shiver. There were four doors that were similar to the first. Anna admitted to herself that Kieran's dark. machine guns. Near the end of the hall was one more door. It was some kind of vault door. "Now get the fuck out of here. pulled her into the room.." Cael said as he opened the door. Still not feeling quite comfortable with weapons she closed the door again and continued on down the sterile hallway. but she forced herself to stare him down anyway. so she bypassed them shivering a little as she walked by. "People are dying outside." He put his arm about her comfortingly." Her blood boiled.

You know so little about us. but she couldn't as she stared at the screen and watched in horrid fascination. what real.." she whispered. It took her a moment to make the connection. his neck gushing." he said quietly. It was. Bradford was a human.. Then as she looked more closely she saw that they were attacking each other. It was a vision from horror movies.obvious." "Don't.but they were still just like the monsters in the movies. his eyes seeming to lose their amazing glow again. "Anna. the shock value... The vampires dashed from the brush and charged the unwitting humans ripping the guns away from their hands and beating them. She realized that while she was wandering through the house that the sun must have set. I will come for you. "Darian is controlling them. but he was just as monstrous as the vampire you saw." Cael said trying to gently pull her away.." She didn't argue. No matter what you hear outside. "It's a necessary evil. "They're attacking each other." She froze as one of the vampires ripped the throat out of his victim leaving the man vacanteyed. her guardian.. If Cael's arm hadn't been around her she would have fallen to her knees. The image of a vampire ripping out a human's throat was etched in her mind. "There is so much I want to give you. but it suddenly felt like she was surrounded by dead or dying bodies. all his kindness." She looked up at him. His jade eyes were so gentle. don't be afraid. her protector. Anna." said Kieran quietly. in others the people were twitching. Seeing us at our worst is not the best way to do it. She couldn't look away. "I need to see. but Anna could just tell by the way they moved they were vampires. Darkness she knew would consume her completely. Everything he'd shown her about vampires. His wavy golden hair was slightly mussed as though he'd been running his fingers through it in frustration. a vampire crouched over a body." Cael stared into the monitors for a moment." .. his fangs glistening. his eyes glowing wickedly. but all you've seen is the horrors they can bring. There were. I promise you. Other people were coming out of the brush now. and then finally jumping on them and latching on their necks." said Kieran pointing to a monitor on his right.. she couldn't bring herself to let them die in peace. She wanted to do something to comfort him. He was her friend in the dark. about me." Cael tried to explain. "Let's get you to the safe room. isn't he? He's out there somewhere controlling their minds." he whispered in her ear. "Dear God.her lover. to show you." Kieran said his dark voice strangely quiet. "Anna. "There will be plenty of time for you to understand vampires." he breathed." "Come on. "It's time. Her stomach boiled and her head pounded. honourable vampires are like. I wanted to show you what we were like. "No. She stared in amazement as the people shot and madly lunged at anything and everything that moved. Morbid curiosity. She stumbled through the hallways blindly beside him. such a contrast to his expensive slacks and shirt. "Be strong. "Here they come. I wanted to show you the glory of my kind. attacking friend and foe." she said quietly. she felt her entire body shudder. She couldn't bring herself to count. "Alexander." He kissed her on the lips and she melted into him clinging to him as though he alone would keep her from falling into some unfathomable darkness. or perhaps the fact that it was still just on TV. his face bathed in blood. "Anna." she said quietly. and writhing with pain as they clutched bloody wounds. How could someone like him be a beast just like that? "We all have a little bit of evil in us. I need to understand this. darkness that was knocking at their door.a lot of them.. good.. but when she did.awful.

frightened. She and Darian had packed enough food in the refrigerator to last her about a week if she was careful. Anna was too terrified to leave and miserable while she stayed. there was some kind of code breaker doing it. Now more than ever. spicy flavour of his mouth. She lay still on the bed and listened as the codes were attempted. There had been no word from Cael and she couldn't feel his presence anywhere near. her limbs pulled close to her body and she listened as code after code was entered into the system. angel. Didn't Cael think of something like this? Wasn't there some kind of safeguard for this? She couldn't sleep. Yeah. The beeping was relentless. the press of his sensual lips against hers. and locked in a cell that she had imposed upon herself. She closed her eyes and felt for his presence. He moaned softly into her mouth. . "Be strong. The more she listened the more she realized that there was a manual automaticity to the beeps of the keypad. She wanted to savour the warm. But when it all boiled down to it. Her only comfort was that she knew he was alive. That could be the only explanation. "Okay. and that in itself was depressing. she indulged in several movies and several other kinds of movies. They were being methodical. They had been working on the code for hours. wanting to memorize his scent and to cover herself in it to feel close to him. Anna sat on the bed. ******************** The safe room was comfortable. for a prison. When she'd agreed to go inside and wait for Cael to come and tell her everything was okay. deeply. "I love you. She could still feel that much of him. "I have to go. Her fourth night. I am determined not to lose. Someone was testing codes on the keypad outside the door. Anna scrambled around her room looking for some kind of weapon. The only way she did was by paying attention to the news on TV. even if he was miles away. but the buttons kept chiming and the door never opened. Anna." She nodded and kissed him again. He never said I love you. but Cael was still far away. Fuck. but she was half-way there. Someone wasn't pushing codes. There were reruns of her favourite TV shows and since the place had satellite. After her third day in her luxurious prison." he said at last." For a moment he paused and stared at her with a strange look in his eyes. Then she realized what was happening. ************** It had been hours. Anna started to worry. She inhaled deeply. I will come for you. She turned off the TV and listened. She watched television. it started. and she knew he sensed her thoughts and understood her need for him. She felt like a couch potato. It was hard to keep track of time. She prayed that whoever was working on the keypad outside her door wouldn't find the code." he replied gently. lounging on a luxurious bed covered with the most expensive and softest linens money could buy. Anna didn't realize how much it would feel like a prison. He closed the door and she heard him enter the security code to seal the door. but she found none. Alone. she was alone.She kissed him again. She heard the chime of buttons being pushed outside. The safe room was designed to keep someone safe so they didn't need to use a weapon. watching pay-per-view. and munching on snacks in her refrigerator. With those sounds her heart sank. At first she had leapt out of bed with joy delighted that Cael had finally come for her.

" Cael snarled at Darian as he paced. "she's the one." he shook his head. They were going to crack the code. "That should give us the numbers we need." "Damn it!" he shouted startling the others around him." he said softly. I promise." "She's afraid. He was the only one with amazing vampire powers. The odds were starting to go in their favour. They'd been working on the code for at least a day now." said Kieran as he got off the phone. Or. "Something's happening. "You have given her the greatest chance for life you could. "Capac's people will be here an hour after sundown. They'd have to work on it for several days. She doesn't have the strength and speed to avoid our kind." Cael nodded. "We're doing the best we can. knowing that he was the only one who could talk to her like that.Oh God. ****************** The beeping of the keypad was driving her crazy. There wasn't any more beeping. Anna. She wasn't stupid." "If I lose her. too. The door was open! Her heart pounded and her breath quickened. they would know her scent. Eventually the code would be broken and she'd be helpless. I can feel her fear in my heart. Oh God." "She'll be all right." he said.. We're coming." He looked at the large house longingly. Anna had given it a lot of thought." "I know." "Anna's in the safe room. She and froze. That was why she was supposed to be safe in this special vault. With all the time to herself. Our numbers are still too small to take Kaiden's forces. "The code on the vault is difficult to crack. They were going to use her to get to Cael." "You and I both know she would have died in the assault. They would have ripped her beautiful little throat out. She gathered that the sense of smell of a vampire was exquisite." he whispered. because she was simply a weak little human. Cael! Where are you? Oh God. "They've had several days." Darian replied." "You're not going to lose her. "We should have brought her with us.." "Darian." Cael said pacing in irritation once again. OH GOD! The door opened outward. NOW!" "The forces should be here tonight. She stood and backed away from the door shaking. They must know that she was in the room. I've waited so long. We've got to claim the house. "Brother. she was on the verge of hysterics as she listened to the relentless punching of the numbers. Every time she heard a successful pattern of five numbers and then a pause she started." Darian put his hand on his shoulder. "I can't imagine continuing on if I lose her. They're going to get in! She screamed it at him in her mind. then. ******************** "We've got to reclaim the house. .

" Anna's chest tightened. Cael was coming. "Now." he purred. his blue eyes glowing almost maniacally. All she had to do was hold on. don't you?" purred Kaiden. That's a surprise. . Sitting on the couch as if he owned it. She'd never asked him about his women in the past." Anna closed her eyes. He lunged at her quickly. It didn't matter. "If I have to chase you. For a brief second. the inherent grace. Her will to fight had abandoned her. "You still have faith in him. panicking mind filed the thought away as soon as it occurred to her reserving the notion for when she could use it. Her frantic. "He's been gone for nearly four days. Kennan. "My name is Kaiden Rice. "Ah." he growled looking over his shoulder fearfully. "I can smell your fear. Bradford. Her captor simply dragged her roughly out of the room and down the hallway towards the TV room. "How I did love your screams. He had blue eyes. No! NO! "Ah. "How does it feel to know the vampire you've been fucking across the country left you to his enemies?" She couldn't control the tears as they fell down her cheeks.. You're lucky we got you out of there. her rapist. "Good evening. "Have you missed me?" She stared at him in horror." he threatened as she backed away even more." He walked into the room with the grace of a cat. "You didn't really think the Ancient One would come back for you did you?" he mused reaching out to tousle her hair like she was some kind of dog. "You still smell like him. It hadn't mattered." Anna shook her head and backed away. was the most beautiful man Anna had ever seen. The sensuous sound to his voice. "You heard him. Just like hers. I'm going to hurt you. He might have left you there to die." The vampire leaned forward and sniffed her. her captor. If she wasn't cornered." Tears filled her eyes but she continued to back away shaking her head over and over again."Good evening. His eyes seemed to glow wickedly when she entered the room. I've known the Ancient One much longer than you." Bradford dragged her roughly across the room and threw her to her knees before him." snarled the other vampire. all you really needed was the touch of a vampire? I'll be happy to oblige you again my dear. she could escape him. Elianna. "I'd forgotten how attractive you were. Ms." Anna didn't answer. little rabbit. Perhaps the Ancient One knocked some sense into you? Perhaps he fucked you harder than me? Perhaps. He'd come. He inhaled deeply his eyes glittering with hunger. "Let's go." said the vampire. He's used you for food and sex and has abandoned you now that you are no longer useful to him.Oh GOD! "Silence. "grab the girl and bring her to me. afraid." "Bradford!" cried another melodious voice from down the hall. Then it clicked in her mind. No. "Speechless I see." he chuckled. "We'll just wait and see." he whispered in her ear. You're only a child. He's done that with all his human women. Little One. Anna wondered what kind of creature could make James Bradford. girl. Her mind wasn't working. her torturer. She screeched in terror as Bradford's hands wrapped around her arms and she struggled sobbing hysterically." said a familiar voice. No wonder why Alexander took you with him. but Anna noticed he wasn't nearly as quick as Kieran had been. He would come." He grinned wickedly and his fangs elongated.. "Don't fuck with me." The face that had haunted her nightmares for the past few weeks went from arrogant and wicked to fearful.

She sat at Kaiden's feet. Do you understand?" Anna nodded. . Hell. "Good girl. or I'll let him play out his dark little fantasies on you. You're going to do exactly what I tell you." He reached out and played with her hair again like she really was some kind of pet. Anna looked at him through her tears."Open your eyes. you're going to be a good girl. "If you don't want Bradford to rape you like he did before." he growled. starting every time he touched her. tears running down her cheeks. wishing that his words hadn't stung so deeply. I might even join him. Ms. But how could she not believe them a little? He never said I love you. Kennan.

The girl screeched in pain and began sobbing. He had to snap out of it. Elise smiled at the girl as she struggled a little more. Kaiden was thoroughly enjoying himself. baring his fangs and twisted her arm behind her mercilessly until she shrieked and then froze panting. and even if his kingdom was shaky. he was getting hard. It was definitely not sufficient enough to hold the place against any kind of siege. He'll probably run and lick his wounds a little more." "Ask your pet. she watched the girl as he ran his fingers through her hair. Kaiden growled. the need to cause her pain. Their well-planned attack had completely fallen apart and they were lucky that they had even managed to take the house. For several moments. "Even with the strange behaviour of our forces. "If he meant to come back for her. They had been in the opulent mansion for only three days." Elise said. She looked at his pants. the Ancient One knew exactly where Kaiden was. She could also imagine how the little snit would weep and sob as he graced her with his attentions spurring him on to ravage her even more. Alexander won't risk his own life for a mere human. and the Ancient One now had three days to gather his own warriors against them. It had been absolute bedlam. he would want to torture her for his amusement. he surely won't now. a creature that been under the protection of the Ancient One. Elise." "True. She looked at Kaiden with annoyance. She could imagine him taking the girl to his bedroom and using her body. but the power is rare. What happened to our army? How did he slip past us? How did he do it?" "I've heard of dream walkers being able to do things like it. She could see it in his eyes. Even though she was in jeans and a knit shirt. I didn't know he had the gift." said Kaiden with confidence as his fingers stroked the little human's cheek. The Ancient One had managed to escape and had somehow controlled half of their army making them kill each other. The force that held the house was much weaker than they had initially planned." She shook her head.Chapter Twelve Elise walked in the living room and stared at the human kneeling before Kaiden. but she was getting antsy and concerned." Kaiden mused. Things were not going as well as he'd planned." She smiled as he grabbed the human by her hair and hauled her into his lap. her eyes were an electrifying blue. "Is Alexander a dream walker?" he asked her." "He's not coming back. He was lucky to escape himself. He got off on the feeling of dominance and power. It seemed the Ancient One had shown a lot of care and concern for a creature he was abandoning. the hunger for her blood. She pursed her lips irritably. Now that he had a now toy to amuse himself with. "Silence!" Kaiden said sharply. he had to abandon the place." "You think he didn't mean to come back for the human?" she mused looking at the beautiful girl at his feet again. Even worse was that for the first time in years. She was stunning." she said sharply. "We've lost about half our forces. "It doesn't make any sense. He loved it when his women cringed before him in fear. Her eyes were glassy and filled with tears that were streaking down her cheeks and she flinched each time he touched her. . "I thought his powers were telekinetic. her black hair tumbled about her shoulders in soft waves. she could tell her body had curves in all the right places. "She might know. "We need to pack up and get out of here before the Ancient One is able to muster his own army. he had the power to bring it to heel quite easily.

"Perhaps you didn't understand the question. No." She smiled in satisfaction at Kaiden's grunt of consent. No. but Bradford chuckled and slapped her hard across the face splitting her lip. Please. Kaiden. "Bradford. Please." said Kaiden.. The human was nothing to be worried about." Kaiden said. She screeched and struggled then. Elise. "The only one who gets to sully Alexander's pet is me. but he grabbed her roughly and forced her on her back his eyes glittering at her darkly. Bradford almost knocked her senseless. "Please what. She didn't know how to answer. he threw the girl off of him sending her crashing over the coffee table and tumbling on the floor. straddling her body and reached out to palm one of her breasts squeezing it painfully and twisting her nipple crudely. but once again with a powerful blow. She didn't know what to say." She broke down sobbing imagining Bradford's body invading and ripping hers once again. too. "I thought I'd already trained you to be quiet. You can screw what's left later." Once again the human was silent. No." Irritably she walked across the room and reached out to grab the girl from him to prove her point." he returned." Elise said in exasperation." he snarled. Kaiden was still hers. "Just read her mind. to get away from him. whore.. The girl whimpered and curled into a ball trembling. Kaiden snarled baring his fangs and pulling her into a possessive embrace. Not again.The girl stared at him and bit her lip. "We need answers and now. "How did he control our forces?" Elise smiled smugly. "Tell me Elianna. He reached for the button to her pants and pulled it ripping the zipper. Please. "I'll tell you what you want. He smiled and stroked her cheek again making the girl flinch. Kaiden." "Sully her?" Elise snapped. He continued to abuse her breast making her whimper and cry in pain and also in humiliation as Kaiden and the female vampire stared at them. Desperately she tried to get up. unless you've changed your mind about becoming the Ancient One in America. leaving them bunched around her knees and thrust his fingers roughly into her dry passage. "How did Alexander control our forces?" It was like she was hearing his voice from afar." "Then beat the shit out of her until she doesn't have the strength. Little One? In order to fight him. Anna squealed and tried to pull away from him again. we need to know his power. She sobbed in pain. Please. She looked at the vampires standing over her in terror. "I've been trying. Bradford pulled her jeans and her underwear off her hips. ********* Anna lay on the floor in shock and in pain. "Perhaps you'd like to remind her of the last time you spent time together. She . He knelt over her." Anna's eyes widened in terror as she heard him approach. "Please!" Anna screamed desperately. "What can he do. The voice in the back of her mind that was always so logical at times like these had abandoned her. "She knows how to block us. She couldn't think clearly. Oh God. Little One. She shook her head. Without warning." Kaiden said as he watched Bradford molest her." he snapped rising.

this... Let them think he was alone.she had to protect him and his friends somehow. "We already knew that. She wouldn't. and she felt him tear brutally at her channel with his fingers. he'd won Capac's friendship. but not from the pain Bradford was intentionally inflicting. Little One. "Thank you. She shook her head. He'd abandoned her to her rapist. General. As the Ancient One in Europe at the time. ******************** "We are at your service Great One.couldn't do it again." said the vampire bowing low to Alexander.. Cael had abandoned her to. Her stomach was in knots. "Yes!" She answered through her tears. Knowing they might never see each other again.." said Alexander noting the rank. Not Alexander. With his assistance. "I don't know." "Well at least we know he's a dream walker.. No. Alexander could be an absolute prick sometimes. He'd fled with Darian and Kieran and left her to a fate more horrible than death. Anna just kept sobbing in despair. Not even when he shut her away in the safe room. Bradford struck her hard across the face again and then twisted her wrist painfully. Anna began to cry. "Does he have reinforcements on his way?" She shook her head. but she didn't care. since the European explorers had crossed the sea had had tried to "Christianize" the native populations. They were the personal army of another Ancient One who lived in south Brazil who had come to their aid. Darian smiled at his friend. He was one of the most feared and respected vampires in the world. "You're not being helpful. Whatever will to fight she had remaining in her bruised body left her as the thought sunk in." said Bradford quietly as he continued to play with her folds. Let them kill her. He was gone. He seemed ." In response he pinched her clit painfully causing her to screech and squirm." "She's right. "We're going to take the house. But he'd never once told her he loved her." said Kaiden. No. Darian liked him at once. but he'd managed to help just about every land in his lifetime. She didn't even hear Kaiden's voice or the female's or even Bradford's." Elise snapped. She couldn't. He'd abandoned her to his enemies. She couldn't betray Cael.." The general looked over the plans with a professional eye.. The girl isn't giving us anything new. "You idiot. I don't know what he's doing anymore. They were screaming at her now. Alexander had strongly disagreed with the practice. Anna writhed and wailed in pain. He'd seen more people die in the name of Christianity in his lifetime than he could stand. The thought hit her again more forcibly than any of the abuse she'd been suffering. she wanted to vomit. "That should give us over 150 now. "Is Alexander is Dream Walker?" Kaiden snapped. Capac and Alexander had been friends for centuries. "Who was he in contact with?" the female demanded." said Moiree looking at the heavily armed vampires in green fatigues that were piling out of the large trucks. I doubt Kaiden has found them.. I think we should watch Bradford do his magic. knowing they might never see each other again. "Did he tell you how powerful he was?" She shook her head.but. I have the plans here and all the secret passages are labelled. He was her love her life. her world spun.

and many with superior speed and healing. For a moment the Ancient One clenched his fists before he let out a shaking breath. but had never found his 'true mate. a human." Kieran's dark eyes glittered. They have all been trained to use their abilities in their fighting.' Now he'd found her only to fear losing her. "Yes. He was surprised to hear him gasp. He had forgotten that Alexander had some tactical skills. "I am sure you have already determined this as well. The last thing anyone wanted to be around was a seriously pissed Ancient One. He knew it had to do with the girl. "They're hurting her." he said in a deadly voice. "Yes." he continued pointing." "What is this?" "A human. It seems that Kaiden took the time to crack the code and is harming her. He'd never seen his friend so close to breaking as he paced anxiously constantly sensing the girl's emotions. There were times when Kieran's darkness and slightly wicked tendencies were so refreshing. Friendship. like now." He pointed to the underground tunnel. No one fucked with an angry Kieran Montasse." "Capac indicated that your people have special abilities as well. Alexander had become gifted in so many things. Sometimes he looked at the terrain around him and then nodded." he began bowing respectfully to Alexander. but he could tell by the glint in his eye and also with his special abilities that this was a vampire not to be underestimated. For several moments the general studied the map in silence. He roared into the night with rage making the vampires about freeze and stare fearfully. "Taking several entrances at once and holding them will ensure Rice does not escape." "A human?" the general asked in amazement. he couldn't blame him." said the general bowing to him again and backing away from the notoriously illtempered vampire. Kieran growled angrily. At first Darian couldn't understand the gesture. . "This is a secret entrance to the mansion. As one of the oldest vampires alive. eternal friendship was what mattered.to have the "no nonsense" attitude that was inherent with all military folk. he'd been with many women. "I feel the best way to invade the house is here and here. He stared back at Alexander. but it was just as obvious that he would fight tooth and nail for her for Alexander's sake. It was obvious Kieran didn't really like the girl. "Alexander?" he asked quietly. "They have her." Kieran said. but then he cursed silently to himself. Obviously she didn't have the speed or strength to make it. but when you knew someone for so long." The general nodded in agreement. I have several with abilities to move things with the mind. "Good." explained Darian as he looked sidelong at his friend's enraged face. so we secured her in one of the safe rooms in the house. She is very dear to us." he snarled. sometimes those things didn't matter anymore. "Adding to the confusion. I'd like to send a force through here to attack from within. "Brother?" Darian repeated. Understood?" "Yes. but my people are well trained for this kind of invasion." Darian smiled at his friend. He didn't really need to ask. In a way. "We were unable to flee with her during the battle. In recent years. their wars had been those of commerce. not weapons and fighting." Alexander nodded. "I also think that getting a force in the house as soon as possible is essential. Everyone standing near him took a cautious step back and stared as his power literally sizzled through the air. His devotion to Alexander was obvious as he paced in anger watching the Ancient One look longingly at the house where the little human was still locked inside the safe room. "Your men will help us find her and protect her at all costs. Suddenly his friend's green eyes glittered with rage and his fangs elongated.

Anna wept hysterically. Anna wavered as she stood." he said quietly. Bradford was hitting her. Anna heard the explosion. but obediently and almost gratefully she righted her clothing and covered her abused and bleeding flesh." Kaiden replied. "Shut her the fuck up!" screamed Kaiden angrily as he ripped Bradford off of her and threw him aside." said Kaiden. "Just think. "What the hell was that?" Kaiden snarled still poised over her. "We're under attack. There was another loud detonation and the windows in the living room rattled. Kaiden swore. "I won't go with you. Judging the way the general and his forces behaved. ***************** Anna wasn't sure what was happening to her anymore. Kieran and Alexander were pissed enough to destroy the plain." he said as he pulled Anna along. and Alexander wants her. and his silver eyes glowed eerily as he continued to manipulate the minds of Kaiden's forces from afar.Darian almost chuckled as the general looked at the three of them his eyes wide." "You're taking this human with us?" she asked in disbelief. Cael! Why did you abandon me! Even in her state of absolute hysteria. "I'll let you have her. "When will your forces be ready to move?" Alexander asked his voice tight with rage. Not with that human. Just another way to get back at Alexander. her heart aching with despair. "Put your clothes on. "Come on. People were screaming at her. "Let's get out of here. The human that probably saved his life. "Completely destroying Alexander's human. but all she could do was sob." he said quietly. Kaiden was going to brutalize her. now. "You wanna scream. He clawed at her flesh drawing blood and twisted her arm painfully. her head spinning from being almost upside down. ." He nodded and stared at the house his green eyes glowing." he snarled at her. Anna whimpered in pain even as she continued to cry. little bitch?" He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to her feet. I'll have you turn her and then I'll make her mine. "I'll look. Kaiden grabbed her by her hair again and pulled her to her feet. but still she sobbed." said Darian. they were an intimidating sight." "We need to get out of here. Kaiden grabbed her arm." he said turning to Kieran. She felt his hands clawing at her flesh and then she felt something else against her pressing against the opening to her ass. "Within the hour. "I just pray to God Anna is okay. "I don't care what you do to Rice." He looked at her for a moment. too. "She's beautiful. "Let's gear up." "You want me to turn her so you can fuck her brains out?" Elise snarled. Anna's hands shook. "I'll give you a reason to scream!" He threw her over the arm of the couch so she lay face first in the cushions. "So do we. Elise." she heard Bradford say. her body throbbing in pain. Elise." the woman said." "No." Elise snarled. her body exposed to him over the arm. "Sure." he said to the beautiful redhead. She swallowed the panic.

Ms. This time he stumbled to the ground cursing and swearing. For a moment she could only stare. She recognized the small one he'd acquainted her with and she chambered a bullet like he showed her. Closing her eyes. though he managed to catch her wrist. The woman's body slammed into his and they both tumbled to the ground. She'd fallen into another language and her gorgeous red hair tumbled about her like flames. And I could smell that filthy cunt of yours all the way down the hall. she fired again." He pulled Anna along and left her standing there her mouth gaping. but Bradford threw her sending her slamming into the wall. closing it behind her panting. Her first thought was to just hide. She pressed the button in the wall and it slid aside to reveal the guns Cael had shown her. Run. Get up. you fucking bitch!" he growled." He growled and lunged for her. Her heart raced and for a while all she could hear was the blood pounding in her head. She forced herself to her feet and desperately limped out the door. "Miss me. but once again the voice in her mind screamed. "I'm going to kill you. She tried desperately to calm herself and listen for the signs of pursuit. Bradford roared in pain. She pulled the gun in front of her and held it just as Cael had shown her. Anna saw Elise run towards Kaiden. Get up. She screamed and struggled violently. but if these people came towards her. Kennan?" Bradford growled. "I guess I should have told you that my sense of smell is incredible now that I'm a vampire. but it was impossible to decipher anything with the cacophony below. He's slower than Kieran was! Fight! Anna dodged out of the way. The voice of reason that had abandoned her since her capture came back. Elise roared in pain. DO IT! It seemed like slow motion to her. "Would you like me to fuck you on this bed?" he purred. Perhaps Kaiden and Bradford would be more worried about their own hides than finding her again. She screamed in terror and opened her eyes to see that the shot hadn't stopped him."Fine. clawing at Kaiden's face. Her ankle was twisted and her body was abused. She'd never hurt a soul in her life. Oh my god! He's still coming! Sobbing. but then her voice. Anna could barely stand. Then she saw Kaiden slug her hard in the stomach. She put the weapon in her jeans in the small of her back shivering as the cold metal touched her. the sound more animalistic than human. she pulled the trigger and fired. It knocked the wind out of her and she tumbled to the ground gasping. Suddenly the door slammed open and she stared in horror. her fangs bared at the last moment. Run! Anna ran back to the living room and through the hall upstairs to the TV room. Even though this part was deserted she could hear the sounds clearly. If she could only get away . Anna's hands shook as she reached behind her back. He chuckled and walked towards her again. There were gunshots everywhere and sounds of crashing and roaring all through the house. so she dashed down a hallway that she knew led to servant's quarters and opened a door. For a moment she stared at them in horror. "You bastard!" Elise shrieked. Elise was screeching. she prayed that she'd have the strength to change all that.

He was already moaning and swearing.. Sobbing she pointed the gun at his heart and fired. As if her thoughts summoned him he limped out of the door down the hall behind her. Anna took a deep breath and tried to force herself to put weight on the ankle to run. A shot to the head and a shot to the heart at point blank range ought to do it. trying to buy him the time to escape.. Where was Cael? Had he truly abandoned her? A tear slid down her cheek. She shot Bradford and he tumbled to the ground.from him. But she was too afraid to hear him. Kaiden's people ran from their positions in fear then.. Her heart pounded as she realized that she was too slow to get away and she cried in despair.. "You can kill a vampire with a handgun. if only she could keep away. Anna screamed and pulled the trigger. They were murderous. He slaughtered them desperately rushing to his Anna.waiting for him to get up again. Waiting for him to come after her. Cael growled in frustration. They were insane. Please hold on. but Bradford didn't move again. But there were so many in his way. the more he'd been feeling from his Anna. Her ankle throbbed and she couldn't put any weight on it... She was terrified." Cael's voice echoed in her head. His eyes shot open and he roared at her. She was upstairs. like even holding her head up was too much effort. He roared in anger as he drove his knife through the heart of yet another vampire in Kaiden's service.. and everything was getting in his way. Such were his orders. but Cael and his army followed them attacking brutally. There were too many folk barricading his path. Bradford was going to kill her after all. . This kind of power was unheard of. She was all alone. The soldiers about him watched in amazement as he blew out the windows on the entire first floor of his house with his rage. and yet somehow fate was against him. Somehow the gun went off and Anna felt a sharp pain in her abdomen. but the Ancient One showed no mercy. upstairs. his jade eyes glowing with unearthly light his white fangs bared. badly. but she also got control of the gun again. using his power. She was bleeding. All he wanted was to get to his Anna. Then she crawled away staring in horror. He killed with brutal force. her torrent of emotions enraged him. gasping for air. Bradford lunged for her and more importantly the gun. ANNA! he screamed over and over to her in his head. no mercy. She couldn't escape him. Cael rushed towards the pull that told him where his Anna was. ************* Cael stormed through the house alongside Capac's soldiers. Desperately Anna crawled towards Bradford. as he tried to wrench it from her fingers. but the most terrifying thing about him were his eyes. She staggered down the hallway. She'd never seen so much blood in her life. They were protecting Kaiden. in pain. his guns and his knife to annihilate anyone foolish enough to get in his path. but she tumbled to the ground screaming as pain shot up her leg. Why didn't it hurt? She suddenly exhausted. Anna screamed and struggled. Finally she looked at her abdomen.. The closer they had gotten to the house. his shirt bloody. Now they understood why the other Ancient vampires gave Alexander LeGaulle a wide berth. Her hands shook and tears filled her eyes as she pointed the gun at his head.

He was going to find the bastard that had brought so much pain on the American Kingdom and slowly bleed him to death before he killed him. exulting in his perceived power so he could bring him crashing down in humiliation. "I'm far more powerful than you. What he was not prepared for was the sound of a gun and a sharp pain in his side. but he turned quickly and slashed with his own knife. "Good evening Montasse. Kieran grunted a little and then growled." He moved suddenly and reappeared so quickly that not even the eyes of his opponent could mark his movements. "I don't think you should be talking to me like that. but it only hit his shoulder." said Kaiden. his face growing pale in recognition of what had just happened. He roared in anger and turned. The house reeked of him already. "Notice how I'm quivering with fear. No wonder he thought he could beat Alexander. Elise." Kaiden laughed arrogantly. The thud from his fist making contact and reactionary gasp of air were quite satisfying. Kieran drew a long knife from his side flipping it. He pushed out his hand and sent Kieran crashing into the wall with his power alone. His fangs elongated. Traitor." said Kaiden." he growled warningly. seeing as I've already shot you once. He smiled a little wickedly." Kieran growled and lunged at him. Kaiden Rice. "Was that supposed to impress me.**************** Kieran stalked through the house quietly listening to the sounds of battle about him. Kaiden doubled over and backed away. "Now. "What's power if you don't know how to use it? You're a bunch of bravado and bullshit. He knew how to battle telekinetics. He wanted the bastard to feel overconfident. Kaiden fired. The vampire screamed in pain. "It was nice knowing you. Kaiden snarled in pain and anger. "Impossible!" he gasped. but not cutting deeply enough to kill him then with a vicious punch from his other arm he spun out of range. Elise Craywell. "I see you've come to bow to your superior. "You think you've got what it takes to be the Ancient One in America? Then prove it!" Grudgingly Kaiden drew his own knife. You don't have that claim to fame. Rice?" he goaded. He came across the crumpled body of a red-headed vampire in the hallway. His eyes glinted wickedly. He slashed at Kaiden's chest drawing blood. Alexander's house." Kieran smiled knowingly. She had betrayed them. "I don't think I'd like that very much Montasse. Curiously he rolled her over. Her throat had been ripped out." "Rice. Montasse. Kieran simply dodged the clumsy thrust with the grace and skill of a trained warrior. He looked at her dead body in disgust. So his power was telekinetic. "I've killed every one of the ancestors in my line. "Fuck you!" he snarled pretending to be wounded and in pain. Cautiously he stalked the hall smelling for the fresh essence of his enemy." Kieran spat. I am the end of it. He sniffed and recognized the scent of his prey on her clothing. He'd been . It appeared that Rice didn't know about his gifts. Snarling he kicked the gun out of Kaiden's hand and then punched him hard in the stomach with the very arm that had just been shot." Kieran smiled wickedly to himself. He raised the gun and smiled. he and Alexander had been sparring since before Kaiden was even born. now." Again he moved so quickly that Kaiden couldn't mark him and this time he slashed deeply down his back.

His moves were inept. He could feel her presence slipping away. Kieran headed him off. The once confident and arrogant vampire seemed to be growing agitated and a little fearful. Kaiden growled angrily and with his left hand drew another gun from his clothing." Kaiden's eyes opened and stared up at Kieran with horror. He was going to bleed the bastard dry." he hissed. a hand." he snarled. "Go to hell!" he returned lunging awkwardly." he growled." Cael nodded. "You aren't worthy to lick Alexander's feet. tortured him until Kaiden's clothes were soaked with his blood and the vampire stumbled and cursed. "But for treachery. Kaiden roared in pain and turned to flee. Kieran growled and brought his sharp blade down on his opponent's knife hand with awesome force. knowing that his crimes had damned him to hell for all eternity. slashing deftly. you bastard.knife fighting since he was a teenager on the streets of Damascus. His attacks grew desperate and Kieran found his roars of rage downright unimpressive. curved knife. He looked at the forces holding the stairs against him and growling in rage . Still he goaded him. castration. "Go to her. cutting. just like this. and still you were unable to touch me. a shit eating maggot!" He stared down at the quivering bleeding vampire. your actions. there was no mercy. I would have already been destroyed. "Beg for your life. Anna! "Brother. but with a quick dash. "ON YOUR KNEES!" he screamed to the vampire. ************** Cael was growing frantic. If it had been Alexander. The dull thud as it fell to the carpeted floor made him smiled wickedly. He kicked the gun out of Kaiden's hand disdainfully his black eyes glittering with rage. even if he wasn't graced with incredible speed. Kaiden growled in anger and gathered his power. this time slicing right behind the knees sending his opponent crashing to the ground screaming in pain. severing it. but Kieran spun out of the way of his energy blast and attacked again slashing. Again Kieran blurred and dashed behind him. This ill-trained Englishman was a fool if he thought he could compare to the art and skill of his ancestral people." "I swore never again. you are a disgrace to our race. For lying." said Darian grabbing his shoulder. you may lose her. He watched him bleed for a while until almost negligently he pulled his handgun from its holster and shot the bastard through the heart. Darian. "Do it. and with a violent slice slashed Kaiden's throat." he said. His moves were too quick for his opponent to follow. punishment was taken out on your body. it was obvious the vampire wasn't a warrior. Kieran smiled wickedly and toyed with him. "For rape. your tongue. sliced him. For stealing. Release your power and hack your way through. "If you don't. drawing blood with little nicks. "most men chose to die instead. "When I was a child. the criminal on his knees staring at the blade of his executioner. "Yes." Kieran smiled as he pressed his knife to Kaiden's lips and the vampire closed his eyes and inhaled sharply with fear." he chuckled wickedly. You truly believed that you were powerful enough to challenge an Ancient One? I fucking played with you just now. his whirring blade finding its mark and the slashed again at the other. his knife was always several seconds behind. "And we killed. He slashed at Kaiden's shoulder. Death. You are nothing compared to him." He turned his long. "Your treachery." Kieran snarled. just to be thorough. a creature without honour." He kicked him brutally in the stomach making the vampire double over in pain.

her blood." he whispered. Any moment and the change would happen. "Cael. but there was none. It was dwindling. He looked at the wound. but what bothered Darian the most was that he'd never seen Cael's jade eyes so broken in his life. "Do you remember . He fell to his knees beside her and stroked her beautiful black hair from her face. once in the head and once in the heart. She'd wake up and be all right." Darian reminded him. The fates couldn't be so cruel. He'd been shot multiple times." She didn't respond. "I'll cover you. "Angel. She wasn't moving. He lifted her into a sitting position and stroked her throat trying to open it and allow the blood to flow into her body. It ran out the corners of her mouth. Her clothes were soaked with blood. Please. There was a horrified gasp from the soldiers around him and Alexander felt his heart cry out at using his power like that again.released a blow of force against them sending people flying about crashing into walls. She couldn't be dead. "Some of them never are." cried Darian. He couldn't hear her heart beating. Please. He wept into her satiny hair and lost track of everything for a long time. "Anna. It had been vital. He felt for a pulse. "Anna. "Get her." he cried brokenly." Swallowing his guilt he dashed up the stairs with all his vampire speed." he called. "Anna!" he choked out. He closed his eyes struggling to feel for her presence. She didn't swallow." he said stroking her hair like he had done when she was afraid." he called brokenly. Now. He fed her his blood." Slowly Alexander lifted his face from her dark tresses. She didn't have a chance. She wasn't stirring. Any moment. ************* Darian found him with his wrist pressed to the girl's mouth his face buried in her dark hair. He sighed sadly as he thought of his own true mate." Darian said." "She loved me. "Anna. His cheeks were streaked with tears. Desperately he rushed towards one of the servants' halls but what he saw there made him roar in despair. but nothing happened. Vampires in his direct path literally exploded into bits as did the wooden banister behind them." he said gently. He put his wrist to her lips again and rocked her calling to her over and over again. three times in the torso." He withdrew his bleeding wrist from her mouth and pulled away her blood-soaked shirt dripping his blood into her wound. Angel. She was lying in a pool of blood beside the very dead body of James Bradford. "Brother. "She is gone. Cael bit his wrist and held it to her lips letting his blood flow in her mouth." "She would never have made it out of the house. "Anna?" he whispered. I left her to die. "She wasn't ready. "Please try. "I should have turned her before. and I abandoned her. Cael's eyes filled with tears.

"At least she wouldn't have been alone. the doors locked the gates closed." said Darian quietly. "Seal this entire house up. When he finally emerged. ****************** ." "At least she would have been in my arms. hearing Cael's footsteps follow him. "No one will ever come here again." Cael nodded and lifted her broken body in his arms." he said his voice breaking with emotion." Darian didn't know what to say to that. She would have died that first night. and leave such a wicked. undeserving wretch like himself alive? Kieran touched his shoulder. Goodbye Angel. How could that compare to two millennia of loneliness? How could God bring so much suffering on such a gentle beautiful woman. together in the best of times and in the worst of times. the house was sealed: the windows boarded up.how tense it was getting out? Do you remember that even we were afraid? Kaiden had nearly 300 people out there. ************ Three days later. no one else touches her. They made their way to the vaults below the house. He sighed. He stared for another moment in silence and then nodded. but all other power be shut off. his tears dripping on her face. his voice dead. He watched as Cael kissed her cheeks and her lips. by command of the Ancient One. Alexander ordered that the security on the perimeter be maintained. Let's make sure in death. "Let's get her away from this monster. Darian led the way." he said. Such were the pains of friendship. and once again he gave his friend time alone with the girl. "Let's put her somewhere that she can rest peacefully. He couldn't look into his friend's face. his eyes were blank. The grief. the incredible pain was hard to endure. Was that how he'd looked when Katina had died? At the time Cael had pulled him from his despair and forced him to continue on. No one was ever to walk upon the grounds again." he said." Darian nodded. "We'll take her to one of the vaults. Two months. Cael stared back at the large house silently. "Are you ready?" he asked quietly.

She smiled. Getting through the security would be worth it if this place paid off the way she hoped. She just needed rest. This was her chance. but strangely it wasn't all that dark. She awoke again in the dark. unaware. Her anguished cries echoed in the small room and she writhed and thrashed as she literally felt her body being burned alive from the inside out. but she did. That had always been her 'gift' which was why she'd been turned in the first place. Obviously her creator hadn't turned her for her beauty or her stunning intellect. She closed her eyes. Tonight would be it.maybe even a new name. murderous crime. and from what she'd heard. No. now. She didn't care either way. As a human. who her creator was.. violent. there was nothing. He wasn't interested in stealing.that was it? Impossible. any imbecile could just walk into the . her lungs seared.. but she just didn't have the strength. Mara wasn't young or foolish anymore and she was determined to make something of herself. it seemed almost like a grey dawn. Tonight she'd be able to steal enough to start over. she shouldn't be able to see the outline of the small cot and the bricks in the wall. weak and the idea of sitting up left her gasping. so she made sure her approach wouldn't be noticed from any cameras on the walls. somewhere no one knew who she was. a new life. that ability only got better. She must have been sick for a long time and was now weak. Her skin was burning her blood was boiling her heart laboured.. They were saying that the Ancient One put down an uprising here. There had been nights Mara had cried herself to sleep as she relived her creator brutalizing his enemies. She'd been on the run from that bastard for nearly 2 years. Then she'd be strong again. **************** Mara pulled her beat-up SUV about a hundred yards away from the gates of the massive property. It was pitch black. He'd even murdered children. cameras. he was interested in real crime. The thought didn't register. She felt for the security.Chapter Thirteen She screamed and screamed in agony the sounds mimicking those heard in torture chambers long ago. trying to find out what else was protecting this rich treasure trove. he wanted her because she had an supernatural ability to outsmart every security system on the market.. She made her way through the woods towards the gate keeping her eye out for cameras and other forms of deterrents. How long she screamed and cried in misery she didn't know. and when she became a vampire. using her abilities to get to them when they were comfortable. Curious she tried to sit up. a new city. the talent was uncanny. She couldn't imagine that they'd cut off security. It was then she discovered that she could barely move. Had she been sick? That must be it.. she shuddered as she thought about it. Why was it dark? What was happening to her? She tried to move again. they'd just boarded it up leaving all the little treasures inside. Rumours of what had happened at the place were still running rampant in town. She moaned a little miserably. her eyes wept bloody tears. and what she'd done. and she thought she'd finally eluded him. She wondered at this. What he'd made her do with those abilities. but finally she passed out. She could take the stuff she collected from the mansion and start over in a new town. brutally. hell. in their homes. but. The perimeter's security was pathetic. she was exhausted. Get far enough away and even a Little One could hide from her creator. The house was opulent. She swept the area visually.. electrified gate.

they weren't an easy race to kill. It had to be. After searching around for about ten minutes. and it smelled awful. Holy shit! Look at all of this. She made her way across the grass noting that there was a strong smell of blood in the place. She put down the bottles and opened it. she found a control box that linked all the cameras and the fence on the interior. it was vampire blood.. In it she had all the necessary tools to get into the place: a crowbar and hammer. She decided that the front doors looked like the easiest way to gain entrance. She wormed her way into a living room that was formally decorated with. Sometimes she hated being a vampire with extra sensitive senses.place. She didn't dare bring her vehicle in. The house was boarded up and upon closer inspection.. She dashed back out to her SUV and pulled it to the front of the house. Some places were more trashed than others. she noticed a strange imperfection in the wood. though. Mara's hands trembled and she pushed on the hidden door a little more.was that really a Renoir? She took the painting off the wall and looked at the signature in disbelief. it looked like someone had literally blown up the front of the house. When she finally opened the door she was overwhelmed by the smell of rancid blood. She swallowed and remembered her purpose. **************** How long had it been? She couldn't move.. nothing to support the type of security system needed to protect the place. Curiously she pushed it and to her surprise the wall behind made a click as though it was a cabinet door and then came forward a few inches. but her heart also pounded. This place looked like it had been at the gates of hell. Her skin crawled as she thought about what might be down there. The walls were splattered with it. This painting alone could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars for the right buyer. She looked at the boarded up windows and doors. her hands trembling. She couldn't imagine so many vampires dying in one place. she could smell it. so she began to work on them. and it wasn't human blood. too. the world was getting darker and she was getting . Mara's eyes gleamed with triumph! She'd hit the jackpot! She picked her way through the house taking the paintings. For the first time in a long time. For several moments she stared in horror. This could be the jackpot. anything of value and loaded it into her vehicle. Even though it had been nearly a week since she'd heard it was abandoned and it had rained twice. It was easily disarmed. Supposedly it was loaded. Mara's skin crawled. Not that Mara knew much about art.fuck. silver. As she pulled the painting off the gorgeous wood panelled wall. She saw another door. Maybe it was a sign. She looked at the ancient brandies and wines and smiled. It opened to a small room with an elegant spiral staircase leading down below the house. Some of these were quite valuable. She wanted to gag at what she smell and saw. The house would most likely have a security system. Mara had seen more death than she cared to think about. She pulled the ones off the shelves that she knew were worth large sums of money and then turned to make her way up the stairs again. too.. but the place hadn't been cleaned. Putting down the Renoir she made her way cautiously down the stairs and found herself in an extravagant wine cellar.. precious stones. She easily avoided the cameras and leapt the fence. her eyes saw past all that to. especially right then. Obviously the bodies had been disposed of. but she'd heard of the big names. there was no power.. Finally though. She needed it to be. So the rumours were true. the carpet was soaked in places with it. A lot of dying happened here.

With all of her mental and physical strength she rolled and managed to roll and fall right out of the cot. I promise. She could barely see the silhouette of a body." "Please. "Who's there?" called a voice sharply outside her small room." she whispered weakly. Perhaps she really was dying? She refused to believe it." She shook her head." she whispered in despair. There was a pause." she mouthed to the woman. She couldn't remember her own name. She wasn't ready to die. "Help me!" "I can hear you." said the voice. When she returned the girl's eyes were closed and she seemed barely alive. leave you to starve?" She shook her head. "Help. "Hello?" the woman asked cautiously. "I'm going to get you some blood. Grabbing one of the bags. "The door is locked. She couldn't say anything. The woman rushed to her side and rolled her on her back. Taking a deep breath she tried to move one last time. "Is someone in here?" She didn't know what to do. "I think you were turned." the woman said quietly. "Who are you?" She thought about it. She could barely breathe. She didn't know why. She didn't know her own name! "Help me. "I'm going to open this door. the door opened. barely. A starving vampire was dangerous. kid.weaker every time she awoke. What was happening? Was she dead? Dying? The thought made her shudder. "Oh my God. but it was female and she had a gun. She fell to the ground with a thud and panted miserably. After the sound of fumbling for what seemed like forever. It had a few blood bags she'd managed to pilfer from the local blood bank just in case she needed sustenance while she was away from town. No." said the voice. "Your clothes are covered in blood. There was a sound of steps and then a fumbling with a knob. she carried it inside and back to the living room where the bloodied woman lay. There was no light." said the voice. She found she was too weak to speak. "but why would they just leave you here? Why would they just turn you and then lock you up. If you attack me I'll blow your head off. More darkness poured inside the room. It was obviously female." she said." she gasped. "Good god. especially a Little One just . so she laid the girl on the couch. "I'm going to help you. It was time to move! It was time to get out of this place! Fight! A voice in her mind seemed to scream it at her. and her world had been growing darker. Mara approached her cautiously. Little One. "I'll be right back. There wasn't much blood there. "Yes!" she whispered on her breath. Little One. knowing the sound wouldn't travel through the wall. She heard more noise outside and then something scratching the lock." said the woman gently." she said." **************** Mara lifted the blood-covered woman and carried her out of the vault and up to the living room." Mara dashed out to her car and opened the small chest she always carried with her when she travelled. "I've got a gun here. "It's okay. Who was she? Oh God! She didn't know.

GOD! "I was wondering when you'd awake. "Little One. They couldn't control the frenzy when they were weak. exhaustion and a name." said a female's voice. last time you couldn't even feel the pain. It was like a dark dream. "what's happening?" "I don't know if you're ready for that yet. She was newly turned. "Mara?" she asked." Mara called. Finally when there was nothing left she pulled it from the woman's lips and cast it aside." The woman blinked wearily. shadows. Let me do what I need to do. She couldn't help but to stare at her for a moment. "I'm almost finished here. She searched her mind trying to remember her." she gasped curling into a ball. then I'll get you out of here. "Oh God! I hurt. "Mara. They were incredible. You're still weak. Little One." The woman nodded. She looked at the woman who stood over her. "You were almost dead. and it will probably take a few nights and a few more feedings before you're strong. Her body was screaming for it. "You're getting better." Mara finished looting the house and loading up her vehicle with as much booty she could possibly cram in. but she smiled kindly. "I have something that should make you better.was there really such a thing as fate? **************** God the pain! Her body ached with it. "I'm surprised you remember." "You need to feed. She'd passed out again. but she had the feeling that this delicate woman was almost dead and that she might actually have to force the blood down her throat at first." she said. She had brown hair. Then she went back for the woman on the couch. sky blue." the woman said in a tiny voice." "Mara. After that you should be okay." she replied. "My name is Mara. I hurt so badly.turned. and I need you to bite down to puncture the bag. Her eyes shot open. The woman nodded. Mara fed her the entire bag making sure she drained it. "I'll help you. She needed something." she commented. but then she paid attention to the task at hand. "I'm going to put it against your lips. The woman's eyes opened and Mara froze." She stood. so Mara simply lifted her up again and carried her out of the blood-filled mansion that could have ended up being her tomb. Of course she probably didn't know she had fangs yet. Mara swore to herself." she said. "Thank you... Nothing happened." she said gently. Her stomach seemed to be churning with agony.. then turned the bag so the blood poured into the girl's mouth." . like she remembered the sky during the bright noon when she was a human. Those blue eyes widened in amazement and suddenly she moaned into the bag sucking against the holes for all she was worth." she said taking the bag away from her mouth. She looked at the heavens and wondered. Mara figured that was about all she could manage in her half-starved state. brown eyes.. She extended her fangs and punctured two holes in it. and a rather square frame. I'll be back for you in a little bit. "You lay here and rest. "Feeling better?" she asked. Carefully she put the blood bag against her lips and the woman obediently bit into it.

"I think someone tried to turn you. "Are you okay?" Mara asked quietly. your heart and your brain." She screeched and backed away from the woman huddling in the far corner of the bed. "Most of us who are turned without consent do. hungrily. A change like that is hard on the body. "That's a blood bag. "It'll never be okay. She drank deeply consuming all the bag had to offer. When she drained the bag and the vicious hunger in her belly seemed satiated. "You don't believe me?" she asked moving closer. She was a monster. A sense of absolute horror. she couldn't tell. "Little One. Her body screamed in need the moment she scented it. but it won't sustain you. You were locked in a prison cell. Her body responded without her control. OH GLORY! OH GOD! Her entire being throbbed in pleasure with the first splash of the liquid on her tongue. agonizing. "The only way to become a vampire is to be turned into one by another vampire. felt a tingling in her gums and bit into it hungrily." How long she'd been repeating it. Little One. your limbs. "You are a vampire now.." she said in horror." She held up a bag full of crimson fluid. human blood." said Mara's voice gently invading the overwhelming cloud of despair. and your body was covered in blood. It was like an incapacitating panic attack. guilt. Her eyes filled with tears. insanity." she cried."Do you have anything to eat?" "Yes.. You probably thought you were burning alive. Mara took the blood bag and simply held it under her nose. unless you choose to. her sanity seemed to return.. but those brown eyes held her absolutely still. Think of everywhere your blood flows. but so much more. "Don't you fuck with me!" she cried. "It's okay. and no. repulsion all of them pounded into her. You're going to be okay." said Mara. but you surely don't act like a criminal. She began to sob hysterically even as she curled up into a tiny ball gasping for breaths her body and soul aching. making her heart ache unbearably. but finally she took hiccoughing breaths in efforts to calm herself." she wailed tossing the plastic bag away from her. "No. and yet. It smelled sweet. "What the hell is wrong with you?" Mara smiled then. like the most addictive potent thing she could imagine. though. panicky breaths. she couldn't see. and it wasn't a pleasant smile.somehow it did. "The change process isn't easy. "Oh my God." "Turned?" she sniffed. "Shh. She was completely overwhelmed. the tears she thought she'd managed to stop filling her eyes again. coppery.I'm a monster!" "I thought the same thing at first." "Why don't I remember?" Mara sighed. You won't eat like you used to anymore Little One. Vampirism isn't what people think.. She snatched the bag from Mara. confusion. but it didn't smell like she knew it should." Mara put her finger on her lips thoughtfully. moaning in pleasure and in need. I'm not sure if it was to save you or to harm you. she took panting. It was true. metallic. This is what you need. You might even remember a moment of absolute searing pain and tortured when you were in that dark cell. desirable. I don't know my name. She buried her face in her hands sobbing brokenly. desolation. desperately. Her world spun. The only thing that will sustain you is this. but it didn't work. She tried to pull away." replied Mara." . It's like an infection that spreads rapidly through your body and as it speeds through your system it erases many of the things that make you human and mutates them into what makes us vampire. horrifying. and. it's like an invasion and your antibodies as a human can't fight it.

Therefore you and all those we determine afterwards will suffer the ultimate execution. He watched bitterly as two of the women among the traitors began . he just wanted to brutally slaughter every suspect. After all. He looked over the assembled vampires and the criminals. the emptiness had grown. but the members of his council. "Well. those that remained loyal to him." She sniffed and thought about it. the little voice that remained of his conscience told him they were right.rage. She haunted him. but." She didn't know what to say. Vampires never reveal their true names to each other. and now the silence in his mind was unbearable . it's probably best for us that we don't know our names at first. they didn't deserve it. "The council has decided that the evidence of your treachery is sound. Which is why a creator usually keeps the ones they turn close in order to guide them through the first few difficult weeks. If I had been your creator. Until then. He didn't have any compassion left.. Nothing seemed to be her choice anymore. and yet she was gone for eternity.." she sobbed.. golden hair. You will be staked in the sun until you die. One day he awoke in horrible agony. It's not uncommon for newly made Little Ones to have memory loss at first until their bodies adjust to being vampire. and in his dreams he saw her face. the evidence against them was overwhelming. “It seems that my gentle hand in ruling our people in America has made you think I am weak. "Besides. and from those sensuous lips was whispered that very word. He looked at the fifteen vampires in chains before him." For some reason the minute she heard the name a face flashed before her eyes.. Your treachery has resulted in the death of hundreds of our kind. *************** Alexander sat in the Judge's chair. but. "Do not mistake compassion for weakness. an angel that has fallen into darkness. and looking at the vampires before him." he continued. "If it's any consolation. Even Kieran had pleaded with him. She felt indignant that someone other than her mother would name her something. It had felt just like that. changing and consuming has some rather drastic side-effects. Even though she didn't really know her. In his frame of mind. for you will find yourselves in the same fate as the vampires before you. this woman comforted her.. Just like being a vampire. Finally she simply nodded. The feeling of her presence that had warmed his existence now left a gaping hole of aching emptiness. but no one believed he'd really do it again. There were times he could still smell her hair. "You'll have to wait until the memory of your life as a human comes back to you. his advisors flanking him at their own desks and looked at the traitors assembled coldly.She nodded.." Mara sighed and shrugged.Angel.. I'll name you. He felt nothing for them except. How many other than his Anna had died because of them? Since he'd returned to his opulent home in New York. it needed to be determined whether there was appropriate evidence of treachery to warrant death. two of whom had been sitting on this very council. had begged that each case be examined. He did everything coldly anymore. and though he was impatient for justice. anything that violent. There was something about her that was gruffly tender. she couldn't go about nameless. feeling like his body was burning alive from the inside. Stunning jade eyes. "You remind me of one. I didn't know mine for two weeks." A gasp rippled through the crowd.she didn't really have a choice. I'd know it. giving the verdict after their deliberation. It should come back to you in time." he said. It had been rumoured for the past few days he might. "I think I'll name you Angel." "I don't even remember my own name.." said Mara thoughtfully.

he didn't think the emotions were really his. He heard his door open but he didn't look up." The courtroom was silent. "Or at least you hope that was it?" Alexander nodded. I don't know what the hell it was. confusion. he put his head in his hands." "Thank you. He clenched his jaw." "Well. "Alexander?" Darian asked questioningly.. Back in his own office. For a moment he couldn't answer. "Cruel and Unusual Punishment. "And?" "There are more involved than just those you executed today. "I've been doing some more dream walking. many believed that the punishment was cruel. "I want to see it finished. "I just need to feed before I rest today. The shackles had to been replaced two days ago. guilt. "Otherwise." "I thought you would. He nodded. It seemed to ache and labour in what felt like a panic attack. He wasn't sure. Only two people could walk in his office without knocking. That was the point. and had accepted leadership in the budding United States because he knew this country would be different and challenging to rule. "Your sentence will be carried out today at dawn." Darian observed. As do I. hysteria. silver eyes glowing knowingly. "It takes time. He had no pity. "You're still feeling it. and several with the same rage he had in his eyes." He turned to walk out of the office when he was suddenly overwhelmed by a torrent of emotions. Then as quickly as they overwhelmed him they faded away until he felt only a dull sense of confusion and grief." He rose. He'd wept brokenly just like them. agony. "Take them. He'd been a king in one form or another for a thousand years." He turned to the soldiers in his guard. He stared at the .. "Let's go then." "Are you going to watch?" Alexander sighed resolutely. Different as it was." they claimed quoting the human law." he finally replied. He gasped in surprise and clutched his heart. those strange. Kaiden had destroyed so much. "What happened?" Darian asked him as he came back to reality. He shook his head. they hadn't been used in over a century." Darian said. He rose and left the courtroom. some with satisfaction. "I shall make a list for you.to weep brokenly. As the world had changed. He hadn't lived 2500 years to simply ignore such blatant treachery and let the massive death toll go unpunished. such atrocious actions deserved equally atrocious reaction and a strong deterrent. Of course it was cruel. "It was nothing. he intended to make sure no one would ever again dare to challenge his throne again. horror. Alexander hadn't ordered someone to be staked in the sun in over a century." his friend said gently. Some in attendance looked at Alexander with horror. All he could do was let the powerful emotions overwhelm him. Shall we?" Alexander led the way to the lawns where the fifteen traitors were shackled to the ground. Perhaps he was having panic attacks? Strangely." Once again he only nodded. so had the sentiments of vampires." Darian looked right at him. There was a long moment of silence between them. "Brother?" Darian repeated.

that handsome face with jade eyes kept floating in and out of them. "Angel?" Mara started her from her reverie.. Angel shrugged." **************** "How do you feel today?" Mara asked her. "And if it doesn't?" Angel asked quietly. They had contributed to her death. God. "Better I guess. "We're still working on it. "I don't know if I've been to New York. how she wished she knew him." .." Kieran said. "I was thinking New York. Kieran motioned him and Darian away from the others who had come to watch the staking. or so they think. "Don't try to plan for eternity." she said sarcastically." Kieran's voice pulled him from his reverie. "About three days ago. the stars twinkled brighter and the moon. it was like a silver sun. his lips kissed her passionately. "Well. his voice was smooth and sensual. how the dark was hard to see in. "I'll teach you about vampires along the way." "I haven't. and who had turned her into a vampire. "Alexander. It had been almost a week since she'd been rescued." Kieran began. Night wasn't the same anymore. The body is gone." She smiled. it's a lot longer than you think. the revenge was bitter and empty. Mara chuckled." "Where do you want to go?" Angel asked curiously. it was like a bright dusk. "It was obviously a thief." "It will come back." Alexander froze. She remembered that much of being a human. but don't worry. it was urgent. "What's wrong?" he asked at once." Angel thought about it. None of the scary shadows humans feared. since eternity's out how about tomorrow? How are we going to get to New York?" "We'll drive. and his fangs elongated with his fury. They had contributed to the deaths of nearly 200 vampires by their treachery. It always comes back." Mara replied." said Mara. "Most of my life was spent on the West Coast. He paused briefly as though he was gauging his words." Angel sighed and stared out into the moonlight." he admitted. Maybe New York will be different enough that I can start over. those eyes looked at her tenderly in her dreams." Angel smiled. There was something in his tone. "I guess I don't have anything too pressing on my agenda for the rest of eternity.. and yet. "When?" he snarled angrily. The rage he'd been trying to fight overwhelmed him.traitors and almost growled again. She smiled sarcastically.. "I figured two girls like us could do all right there. But now." said Mara." Angel smiled a little." Mara admitted. She still didn't know who she was." Mara said gently. "What happened to her?" "We don't know. "Do we have any idea who did it?" Kieran shook his head. "Then you continue on as though you never were anything before. somewhere out there someone changed her and then locked her away to die. "And maybe it will be new enough for you to begin. "We need to move on. what happened at that mansion." Alexander nodded and paced in anger. "The house in Minnesota was robbed. That was the worst part of it all. The sky was bluer. Of all the horrible things they'd done. "We need to get out of Minnesota. "There's more. She'd been having strange dreams lately. they stole some very valuable pieces.

She's a vampire now by the name of Mara. "Or at least that's her true name." "It will probably take a team to apprehend someone like Paola." said Kieran thoughtfully. From the inventory.Angel nodded. stroked her wantonly making her forget any fears. He stroked her gently and the way he looked at her with those glowing yet aching eyes reassured her. to quench the ache between her legs that his kisses were flaming even hotter." It was like she was the wrong person in this dream. How could she? She remembered nothing. so loving and gentle. "Put them both on a wanted list. If Paola was with her then it would explain taking Anna's body." he paused shrugging. I love you. She wanted him. "I never told you. Otherwise. He reached out and caressed her with his strong hands." "She's a murderer?" Alexander asked. To hell with it! It was just a dream. Sensual lips met hers in a tender kiss.000 worth of valuables from the place." Kieran nodded. dominating. "I guess it's time I started learning how to do this. drowning her reason with hazy passion. Hands that had been tenderly caressing her. but she closed it. Some vampires didn't handle the passing of time well. The gorgeous man lying above her. Alexander rose and paced. "Actually. stroking his face tenderly as she went. "I love you." she gasped when he released his mouth. and she felt her body yearn for him in a way she couldn't understand. she stole approximately $500. She didn't know him. Angel. maybe a thousand years old. He sighed. He might as well put Paola and this Mara woman on his list." said Kieran. She needed him. He smiled sadly at her and kissed her lips again. his fingers running down her arms stroking her stomach. We think she has certain abilities with security systems and that she was being used by Francisco Paola. She moaned as his caresses sent a wave of desire through her veins. Paola had been another problem child in America. If they are seen. "Whatever it takes. She almost opened her mouth to beg him." Alexander nodded. Every kiss sent little shock waves through her. His kisses left her lips slipping along her cheek to her jaw to the sensitive skin on her neck their soft brushes sending shivers down her spine. They glittered with power and with passion as they surveyed her naked body lying in a bed of satin and yet they were strangely sad. cupping her breasts. it seemed that Paola was one of them. their touch like soft velvet against her skin. A complete psychopath turned serial killer and he was old." he whispered to her. We believe she was turned during the late 80's or early 90's. He seemed to sense it and lifted his head so he could look into her eyes once again. bring her to me. "Please." ************** "The prints at the house match a woman named Laura Jones. He was doing some house cleaning in America right now anyway. Angel reached out for him and brushed a golden lock behind his ear. God! It was amazing. passionate. If you can get Mara by herself. her prints were showing up at the scenes of some very brutal murders in California. Perhaps she'll be willing to sell Paola out if we offer her protection. She wanted him to fill her. but this time it was consuming. looking . Up until two years ago. we don't think so. apprehend them. ************* Beautiful jade eyes looked lovingly into hers. "So was she working with Paola this time?" Alexander asked. thighs. "That we don't know.

" she replied. Perhaps he was a memory from when she was a human? Perhaps he was a love she had lost? Angel wanted to cry with frustration. She felt him take his cock in hand and position at her entrance rubbing it against her clit and coating it in her moisture. Anna. Even in her dreams she couldn't recall the details of her past. "That's it Angel. Her world went black. He looked at her so lovingly. even as her head tossed back and forth in agony. making it impossible for her to breathe other than in needy gasps. even his voice was incredible! She couldn't bring herself to do anything else other than clutch to his shoulders as he worshipped her. Elianna Kennan! With recognition of the name it was like a floodgate opened. She saw her mother once again in the hospital bed." she begged him again. "You're a Grisham fan too?" he asked. except for this face. her older brother tormenting her as a toddler. This is Your Life. As she passed back into sleep she felt him kiss her gently once more. She needed to be loved. She ran her fingers along his muscled arms. Suddenly he released her nipple and closed his mouth over hers. "Perhaps I could buy you a coffee and we could discuss what you mean by 'light read'?" he asked in a smooth voice. God how I miss you. A handsome businessman walked up to her and stood in front of her blocking the sunlight. He shivered from her caress and suddenly he bent his golden head and latched upon her nipple devouring it with his mouth. her body sated. every inch of her body throbbed with electrified pleasure. her nephew. "Please.. but something else deeper. listening to their gasps. "Yeah. *************** Her eyes shot open as she started from her dream. the feel of his hot skin was like warm satin against hers. she was drifting away from it. He released her mouth and thrust several more times grinding his pelvis into hers. She could feel the slickness of their moisture and sweat between their bodies. dying from cancer. her thighs damp. All of it came back to her. Her hips met his thrusts her and her back arched in pleasure. God. baby blue eyes. and somehow she felt absolutely complete.. God." he whispered in a sexy voice. She looked into his eyes. like a piece of her soul that was missing was now right again. He was dressed in an expensive suit and had . He was gorgeous. She squealed into his mouth as her orgasm washed over her... she could even smell the musk of their arousal. It was like watching a movie: Elianna Kennan. Then she saw herself sitting at a café reading a novel." He chuckled.at her with his heart in his eyes was a complete stranger. everything this man did to her was incredible! With a quick thrust he filled her aching body. Her head thrashed on the satin pillows and she cried out incoherently as he worked her into a aching frenzy of need." he whispered. his son. At the same time he pinched her clit unmercifully and thrust. She saw the two of them running through the forest playing ninjas as they grew into kids. Anna! Her name was Anna! No. Elianna. She remembered her childhood. He began to thrust slowly his hand still between them rubbing her clit and caressing her soft folds sending shivers up her spine. this man. It wasn't just a physical melding. She couldn't bring herself to open her eyes into the dream anymore. she couldn't believe the dream was this intense. "Most of his stuff is good for a light read. then his wedding. brown hair. She lay in his arms panting. his body jerking above her and within her at his own climax. "I love you.

heartbreaking. She'd tried to read in her book.. her little sounds.darkness. It was just. it was like she was there for that brief moment.nothing. She decided to pack up and go. The door opened and the guy hopped out. It was so real! It was almost like she had really been there in his arms. She found herself swallowing. NO! The little voice that had never steered her wrong literally screamed it.. His body still trembled and he wasn't surprised to see his boxers soaked. more muscular.. She remembered nothing more. the dream had been too short. Her body had felt as incredible as he remembered.. She made ready to cross the street when she heard a car turn the corner. Run! The voice in her head screamed again. She turned to do so but it was too late. *************** Alexander sat up in bed shaking. And yet her touches were so passionate. Then she was in a rancid smelling trunk and listening to the sound of the highway even as she struggled to breathe in the stifling trunk and then ." "You're a lesbian?" "No.. she became weaker... but he'd upset her. . Her soul nearly cried out in horror as she looked at him. "Wow. the horrible words he screamed at her as he ravaged her. "I'm flattered.styled his hair in the 'I'm a handsome businessman in my thirties' way that made him seem reliable. None of the man who she'd just had mind-blowing sex with in her dreams leaving her thighs still moist with arousal when she was awake. firmer even. as she struggled. She froze. and she was lying naked on a bed. so hurt. Her world went black. yet cool. but. his baby blue eyes glowing wickedly. Maybe some other time?" "What?" he asked. The man with brown hair stood over his. okay?" "Your loss.. She awoke to find her hands bound behind her back by duct tape. She was supposed to visit her brother anyway. She waited for it so she could cross. However. She almost said yes." she returned getting angry now. "Not today.. the smooth silkiness leaving his voice. Still she kicked and she flailed and she struggled. really. one around her mouth with a strange smelling cloth to keep her from screaming and one around her arms to restrain her. not the half-starved frame he'd known her to have as she'd been recovering from her abuse." he snarled and then walked away. It was like looking at a wounded child as she lay beneath him. her beautiful blue eyes so confused. The little voice in the back of her head noted it was empty. And like his time with her. "You have a boyfriend?" "No. Her body ached even now as she recalled how he'd abused her. His Anna had looked at him.. but she didn't listen to it.. her pleas. She felt his powerful arms grab her.. She made her way down the street and to the parking lot where she usually parked her car. He buried his head in his hands. He sighed. but it stopped right next to her. and the smell in the cloth overpowered her." she shrugged. There was something. He couldn't remember ever having a dream so powerful and so. "I just don't want to have coffee. Oh GOD! She went through every second of her torture." she said awkwardly. but something in the back of her mind stopped her. remembering the agony. in the business district those were always in garages or behind buildings. She looked in his eyes and for a moment she couldn't look away.wrong in his stare. She turned the corner and walked along the street towards her car. She buried her head in her hands and sobbed.

it takes months for a Little One to have a successful feed. "You're almost to a point where you should stop. after another wavering breath. The exercises Mara had put her through showed her just how complicated it really was to be a vampire at first. his blood. the smoke in his hair from being at the bar. and then licked the wound at his throat to heal the wound. The man turned towards the alley. the alcohol on his breath. the idea of pouncing made her blood race and she didn't want to hurt the guy. it was euphoric. Angel. she could hear the rush of blood running through his artery. wrapping her arms about him tightly.Chapter Fourteen Angel awaited the man walking down the street hiding in the darkness of the alley trembling. She shuddered and pulled him close. She withdrew her fangs. She was hungry. sweet from endorphins. she tried to look clinically at his neck. feeling her gums tingle as they retracted. and it was every vampire's duty to make sure it stayed that way. She could see the throb of his pulse at his neck. Her gums tingled and she felt her control waver as she leaned closer. "Angel. It was the nature of the beast and the hunger she would live with for the rest of eternity. She could smell him. "I was just doing what you told me to do. It pulsed into her mouth with each heartbeat." Angel snapped back to reality at her words. She'd picked her target and had followed him through keeping to the shadows. Angel tried to maintain her mind control. She drank deeply letting the pleasure of feeding take over her logic. Angel touched his head and bent it to the side baring his neck to her. Mara had said that it was essential to get the right spot or the blood wouldn't flow right and the human would suffer during the feed. slightly tinged with alcohol." Mara looked at her strangely and bit her lip uncertainly. and bit down feeling her fangs slide through his skin and into his neck. She needed to stop. Then she faded back into the shadows. full of life. she pulled away and mentally guided him back to his spot where he'd left his normal routine and commanded him not to remember the feeding. "Okay. In the last several days she'd learned the difficulties of control. The mind control thing was difficult. Mara had called it 'bloodlust. it was warm. This had to work. His sweet essence rushed out on her tongue and all thought left her as she felt her body throb with power from his blood. This was her first time to hunt a human. the cheap cologne. of dominating this man was overwhelming. His eyes were glazed and he walked up to her docilely. This is it! Closing her eyes she reached out to him mentally and lulled him towards her. "That was amazing!" She looked at her friend uncertainly. but most of all.' It made her feel even more like a monstrous beast. . Stop." Mara interrupted. and Mara said that she should be ready to pounce if the contact broke. vampires supposedly didn't exist." she replied. the smell of his life. Finally. Taking a deep breath to calm herself. The mind control thing is nearly impossible to manage with battling your hunger. his flesh. "Did I do something wrong?" "Angel. Live Blood! It was nothing like the bagged blood Mara had been managing to steal from blood banks for her the past few weeks. A shiver ran down her spine and she trembled as she fought for control over her desire once again. and with her sensitive hearing." said Mara in a strangled voice. The thought of pouncing. She needed to feed. gauging when he was alone and no one else would see the feeding. The healing was important. just in case she lost the mind control. She shivered and her stomach ached a little.

." "Yeah right. NO ONE. but here was this newly turned girl who somehow did. with the internet. vampires with incredible physical capabilities. shouldn't you have that power. "I need to get some money out of my account. strange dreams. It's still a long drive to New York. He's what we call as psychic. must have been very old and near the end of his bloodline. With his ability to control minds. Mara was looking at her and she almost seemed.. The poor Little One kept looking at her uncertainly. the girl had frightened her tonight. "You've never said anything but bad stuff about him. it's become easier and easier to have an account." "I thought you didn't like your creator. The truth was." she said trying to be more conversational. had that kind of power.. but was silent. He has the power to do just about anything he wants to. A Little One." "How many kinds of vampires are there?" Angel asked." "He created me. Not right at the beginning. "Mara... "I don't know." "How is it that you have a bank account? Aren't you. and yet more powerful than." she replied. ************* Mara watched the road as she drove. which is why you were left like that." Mara sighed. so he found some other weakling street-rat to control and commanded him to turn me. and the very rare dream walkers. Little One. No one. let's get back to the hotel and pack up. "In the human world he's a murderer. Little One. some of us just have certain 'talents. "This one is on an assumed name. "No." She laughed bitterly.scared." Angel nodded. completely abandoned in a prison cell in a bloodied mansion. "If someone that powerful had turned me.' Let's see. No one. yes. woke up nearly starved. but it frightened her. "I'm not mad. too?" Angel asked. She looked away for a moment.." "What?" Angel demanded." Mara admitted. "You need to quit being so bitter and angry. but he's an Old One." she admitted." She sighed. "Are you mad at me?" She chuckled." "What are those?" . he can control the psyches of others. a serial killer. It was the kind of thing horror movies were made about." Mara said at once. there's psychics." "Well. You've got incredible power. dead to the world?" "Actually... "Did I do something to upset you?" "It's not your fault. "We're going to make a stop before we get a hotel room this morning. He just can tell you something. telekinetics or people who can move things with just thinking about it." said Angel almost bitterly.. an absolute mess. and Mara knew she was being antisocial in comparison to the past few nights." she shuddered." the girl finally broke the silence. no memory.. "We're all the same kind."What's wrong?" Angel asked. and you'll do it. "It's just.. Anna. Angel sat in the passenger seat next her. anyway.well. "That house I found you in was supposedly a secret dwelling of the Ancient One. "He's a monster." she said. "Just thinking is all. Whoever turned you.she couldn't even think about it. She was an absolute wreck. though. My creator set it up for me using his power to get the bank people to do what he wanted. "No one can resist him." "If they thought I was dead why even bother turning me?" Sometimes she wished Mara had a better answer to that question. "Whoever turned you probably thought you were dead. then I wouldn't have been left alone." Mara sighed. "He created you. but it was always the same. Angel. "He knew he wouldn't be able to control me if he sired me. Come on." said the girl.." Angel sighed and nodded. but not from his blood.

" The girl sighed and looked out the window. I know he's a vampire.. I remember some. so it would have to do." she admitted. The fewer people behind you. She glanced back to the car to see the girl sitting in the passenger seat watching her. "I was abducted. The girl's face was white. It was the only one in this sleepy little town. she'd prayed for it." Mara couldn't help herself as she burst out laughing. If possible. "Great dreams. everything until a moment where.. "They must be good dreams. You'll just have to be patient until your memories return. Hopefully she'd be able to sell some of her booty there." she said." Mara pulled up to the empty bank." she said. they have fewer vampires in their genealogy because they've managed to die. She never imagined that her new life would involve taking in a Little One. "We need to leave. She didn't want her face showing up too well on video surveillance.kinda get wrapped up in other things when he's around." "Were you raped by a vampire?" Mara asked wondering if she'd been some Old One's toy. She thought about that." Mara said.. especially since she'd just managed to rob a very powerful vampire's house. "Actually. "But. he said my name. "Not just good dreams. "No. the girl blushed even rosier. too. "Angel? What's wrong?" she asked at once.wonderful." "Do you think I'll have a talent?" "Only time will tell. She'd not been able to unload as much of the stuff as she thought she could because of Angel.. there is someone." "Well. "Mara. "Stay in the car. That's why Old Ones are more powerful. but when the girl had opened those fantastic blue eyes. and they both needed new clothes. so confused and so afraid.. "Of course your power depends on your bloodline. Some vampires show no talent." Mara could see the girl shudder out of the corner of her eye.. huh?" "Yeah.nothing. Some are reputed to be seers. help her! She thought that maybe." "That sounds frightening." "I had another dream the other night. "I. and then. Dream walkers have been known to manipulate people from hundreds of miles away by just getting into their heads and messing with their subconscious." Angel nodded. Mara looked around just to make sure no one saw her. the car door slammed and the girl ran up to her. "I remember my name. She walked up to the ATM and got ready to take out several hundred dollars. Just as she was about to enter her pin number. just maybe. Angel could be her redemption. "I'm going to take care of this. You said they're rare. so most people are talented in other ways?" Mara nodded. he's the reason I know what I know. They'd be stopping in Chicago on the way. it just depends on the strength of their blood. She'd hoped the heist of the mansion would give her a chance to start a new life." Angel confessed. "It seems that with you time is going to have to be the key to just about everything. huh Little One?” Angel smiled.. She looked out the window wistfully and sighed. the more powerful you are.. maybe you should ask him his name in your next dream.. and you learn how to be a vampire. something in her soul screamed." Mara chuckled as her cheeks flushed a little..uh. I see him in my dreams. I keep seeing his face. your power manifests itself. but he's. raped. and brushed her bangs over her eyes. too. She'd never imagined herself as a nurturing person. but I don't know who he is. She pulled out the card and looked around carefully. then." . He was just a man." Angel replied."They have the ability to get into your dreams and your head and consciously control your subconscious. tortured. my childhood. "Incredible dreams." Mara admitted. Everything seemed in order.

"What's going on?" Mara demanded. He sighed. Kieran had to admit there was something a little unsettling about looking into those eyes. Kieran couldn't remember the last time he'd received so many calls from the CEO's of Alexander's companies 'just checking in." she protested." The girl was literally panicking. but she wasn't any more incredibly beautiful than others Alexander had been with. She looked back at the young woman. Francisco Paola's Little One. "Just pull away. He'd helped a lot with that. The girl just shook her head and kept looking around. "Not here. And yet. Had she been alone? Why would she take Anna's dead body? Even dead. Who knew the knife-fighting street rat from Damascus had a sound head for business? He'd managed to almost double the size and value Alexander's business empire. Little One." Mara said. She decided to humour her and talk her down with the drive. They got in the car and locked the doors. With the terrible screech of tires. whiney. With her eyes shining with her power she looked downright impressive for a moment. the car crashed straight into the ATM crumpling like tinfoil upon hitting the brick wall. Despite troubling economic times among the humans and the fuel crunch in the states. He'd overheard him talking with Darian about how the girl was haunting him in his dreams still. "No. Now if only Alexander could pull himself back together as well as he'd pulled the kingdom back together. Word had spread quickly.' It seemed that even the stupid humans could feel the tension in the air and knew when grovelling and pandering was appropriate. and the strange feeling in the air was gone. "Just drive. He growled in irritation as he looked over the other stack of reports about Mara. Surely not Alexander whose conquests were legendary. something powerful.She looked at the girl and then back at the ATM again. her death had almost destroyed him. ************* Kieran looked over the report. It was like the moment never happened. If Angel hadn't moved her she'd be dead. not the vampire who'd bedded the most beautiful and powerful women in history and then walked away as if they were nothing. The dark-haired vampire smiled proudly about that." She actually grabbed her arm and started pulling her towards the car. little Anna? She wasn't anything special in comparison to the women he'd known. And now. Taking one look at the totalled car in front of the ATM she stepped on the gas and sped away. "Look there!" Angel gasped as a speeding car seemed to swerve out of control and hopped the curb at the bank. Suddenly she was very glad the woman was on her side. Alexander LeGaulle had returned to rule both the kingdom of America and the corporate world with an iron fist. she was relentless. he was still making record profits. She started the engine and pulled out of the bank. "It'll only take a second. Mara gasped. something terrifying." Angel said. He would never have imagined that his friend could be so taken with a woman. She swallowed. There was something about this girl. He sighed. the vampires in the business world were treading as lightly as the vampires in America. The vehicle must have hit the building at nearly 50 miles an hour. Mara felt a strange sizzling clarity in the air of the car. it seemed that . with news of how the Ancient One in America had dispelled the coup and rumours of his incredible power. How could he have fallen for the tiny. noting that Angel was looking around her blue eyes glittering." Angel cried her voice on the verge of hysteria. The business side of Alexander's empire was as strong as ever. Her eyes were their normal sky blue again. Something had seriously freaked the girl out. "Easy.

She didn't kiss him back. That woman had been like a rocket and he was sure she would have kept Alexander on his toes for many centuries.. Something strange happened. he'd rather wished she'd lived just to throw a wrench into Alexander's life. Maybe this afternoon." he admitted. His hands roved her warm silky skin touching her soft belly. "Anna. another car barrelled into the side of the bank right into the ATM. "If you keep that up. almost fearfully. "Sir." "Were you able to get some kind of identification on her vehicle? Is there some way to track her?" "Well. He relished every sensation as he held her close. Anna. He leaned over and kissed her lips passionately. the scent of her hair. "Montasse. She cooed at his touch. Just as she pulled out. the way she breathed. the softness of her lips against his skin sending a delicious tingle down his spine. the soft feel of her skin. the doubt." Kieran replied. moving seductively against him unconsciously. She whined weakly in protest. That's all I know. "I don't care if you have to wake me up." Kieran heard the strange hesitation in his voice. we've got some information of the woman named Mara.his mind sighed the name with painful recognition. but he wouldn't let her resist him.. wanting to erase those damning doubts with desire. We owe it to Alexander to get this mess cleaned up. that sweet little sound making the beast within him quiet." Her glorious eyes opened and she froze suddenly. get me. the feel of her soft curves. not in his dreams. keeping his lips locked with hers in a fiery assault on her mouth. as though she felt lost in his arms. "Once I can actually see the video I'll be able to get you your information. In real life she was lost to him forever. He rolled her over on her back. I'll lose whatever self-control I have left. delighting in the warmth of her body. from what I've heard she went to the ATM. She's been spotted just outside Chicago.in his dreams he could relive the happiness for a brief moment. rubbing that little spot that he knew from their strange connection sent shivers of pleasure down her spine." the vampire on the other end paused. but he swallowed the cry with a growl. She looked at him in confusion. His cell phone rang startling him from his reverie. He couldn't understand the emotions playing across her face. made ready to withdraw. Couldn't people quit with the bullshit and say what was bothering them? "Well. "How long will it take?" "The human bank is being difficult. but he hated that stare. but in his dreams. He felt his body respond as she worked her way towards waking." "The moment you've got it.. "I'm working on getting a copy of the footage from a bank." he growled." "Yes sir. He couldn't stand that look on her face. The driver was killed instantly. "What do you mean?" he demanded at once. stiffening rigidly in his arms." he breathed. She seemed to rouse a little for she sighed deeply and nuzzled his chest. but I've got people working on it.. Perhaps it was his own guilt that his subconscious was using to colour his dreams. Even the vampire side of him missed her little noises.Anna's uncanny ability to find trouble followed her. trying once again to memorize everything about her essence to take him through the next night without her. the uncertainty. as though she didn't even know him... He wrapped his arms about her tightly. and then with saddened resignation. In a way. . gently sliding over her hip." **************** He knew it was a dream the moment he realized he wasn't alone in bed and she was nestled against his side. but then stopped and got back in the car.

He chuckled darkly and traced his fingers lightly down her arms smiling as she jumped and shivered at his touch. recalling how sweet she'd tasted. Her eyes widened and she struggled against him suddenly. He covered that protesting mouth with another engulfing kiss. Her angelic eyes were wide her breasts were pushed forward rising and falling enticingly as her chest heaved with each breath. but he kept her pinned helplessly with his body." He kissed his way down her pelvis and looked at her soft folds smiling at how they glistened with wetness despite her struggles. "Since when have you ever been able to resist me?" She opened her mouth to reply. As if driven by its own volition." he grated. she kissed him back and her tongue danced with his returning his consuming kiss with passion. She could never defy him. but not yet. his life! He grabbed her delicate hands from his shoulders roughly and moved them over her head. incensed him with passion and anger. but the thought that in his dreams she had tried to. He growled angrily. Unable to resist those soft mounds exposed so erotically he cupped one with his hand as his mouth latched onto the other. He didn't let her go. even with one hand. his voice harsh with passion. he released her mouth and smiled rather possessively at her swollen. her tiny hands just barely stroking his shoulders. so those gorgeous eyes would look into his with loving desire once again. to caress the soft mound of her full breast. This was his dream and he was going to ignite every inch of her soft body with the flames of passion. "I do believe I'm winning. He released his grip on her hands smiling wickedly as she tried to move them and found that she was still restrained. desperately trying to shake her head in refusal. This was his dream. tweaking it lightly even as his mouth devoured hers. red lips. He released her mouth and kissed his way down her cheek to her neck. She was his lover. Whimpering softly in defeat. his fingers found her tender nipple tracing it in tiny circles. inhaling the scent of her arousal and felt his . Instead he licked her lightly brushing his sensuous lips across her sensitive skin. my love. cupping it in his palm and delighting once again at how it filled his hand perfectly. "Still fighting me. In satisfaction. but he wouldn't let her. his hand and his mouth until she quieted again. "Please. "Perhaps it's time I showed you a little more magic. holding them by the wrists with one of his own as he continued to feast on her soft flesh at her neck. She shivered in response and reached out to touch him timidly. Since when had his Anna ever been timid? The thought drove him even closer to the edge of his control." she begged. He liked seeing his beautiful Anna helplessly restrained with his power. He abandoned the tasty feast and slowly kissed his way down her stomach leaving a trail of wetness. little Anna?" he breathed. For a moment he nuzzled her there. She struggled to swallow the little whimper and he chuckled darkly." he purred. too. making sure to stroke that little erogenous zone on her hip with his fingertips on his way down. The more he tweaked her nipples with his fingers and lathed them with his tongue the more she squirmed and thrashed about beneath him whimpering softly until she was a writhing mass of need.Once again she whimpered into his mouth and struggled against him for a moment as though she knew if she didn't escape him that she'd lose herself. but he easily subdued her. At last. His fingers slid up her soft stomach. Anna's breath hitched and once again her slender body jolted as though a shock of electricity leapt down her spine. how addicting her flavour was to him. She struggled and tightened her body beneath him. "You try to resist me. Anna. and then smother her in love. she softened in his arms. He took a deep breath. He'd take that.

Anna!" "Please. "You see what you do to me. her lips were swollen. Whatever else she was going to say was cut off with her strangled moan." she gasped brokenly. "My name. He felt his cock swell inside of her even more as he struggled to maintain control and he could tell by the trembling of her slender frame beneath him that she was just as close. feeling through their connection that she was close. "No!" he cried harshly. He made his way back up her slender body watching her with relish. "Say my name. her beautiful eyes were deep blue and smoky with passion. "Please. but at that moment he replaced his teasing fingertips with his tongue and latched his mouth over her clit." "Anna!" he screamed. He groaned in pleasure as he felt even more blessed friction. Anna. "One more time. Anna?" he demanded. "you don't under." he growled. "Since you said the magic word. her cheeks flushed. "My." "I. Just call my name. Little One." he demanded. His control slipped a little more.' "Do you want this?" he growled noting the dewy glow of her skin. "You see how you drive me to my absolute limit?" She shook her head. her hands restrained above her head like sweet sacrifice. She struggled against the invisible bounds on her hands and her head thrashed back and forth as he thrust and ground against her gasping in tiny hiccoughing breaths as he brought her to the brink once more.." he breathed kissing her lips. . "I can't take you denying me in my dreams. barely holding on himself. grinding into her pelvis and then slamming his hips against hers." he growled. He feasted on her flesh suckling on her clit.. In the heat of passion. She was so gorgeous when she came. "Say it." he teased. She thrashed beneath him and closed her eyes. He put his hands under her knees and angled her hips to allow his thrusts to penetrate even deeper. and her body covered with a glistening sheen sweat. "Please.control slip." she begged brokenly. "Just say it. Anna." "Please.." she whimpered. slowly entered her. the sweaty moisture at their pelvises where their bodies were joined somehow just intensified the sensation of their coupling." he scolded smiling inwardly at her wide-eyed stare. "Open your eyes and look at me." she begged. Now. she could only obey. "Don't deny me. tossing her beautiful head back and forth between her restrained arms in a silent 'no. "Could it be that you want me after all?" He gently stroked her folds running his fingertips through her wetness smiling as she jumped from the shock of sensation once again. She looked so innocent right now. and taking his throbbing erection in hand." he taunted her wickedly. my sweet. He pressed her thighs apart with his own. yes!" He laughed darkly into her flesh sending another delightful shiver through her body. pushing his fingers into her tight channel. He latched his mouth on her clit and suckled one last time sending her body convulsing beneath him and around his invading fingers. He could feel the heat between them.' but he knew she was getting close to pleading 'yes. She took a breath to say something else.. He groaned at her tight heat encompassing him and smiled as she gasped beneath him in blissful agony as he filled her aching body. He looked up at her beautiful face as she writhed and gasped with pleasure. my. I want to hear you scream it." She moaned and closed her eyes once again as he began to thrust into her. letting her taste herself. "You're all wet.

Kieran was waiting for him with the surveillance tech in a small. They were having a discussion about the clarity of the video. Kieran looked pissed. wealthy. His boxers were soaked again and his body was drenched in sweat." Kieran began. ***************** Alexander! Alexander! A voice echoed in his mind. ." he breathed. He almost looked.. "I don't know your name. powerful." His control slipped. He sighed remembering the few happy days when he could just be a normal person. "Good afternoon. deal with this Mara woman and Paola. "Why are you crying?" Her beautiful blue eyes looked into his brokenly. but he paused as though searching for the right words. tailored. driving with his beautiful Anna. He could vaguely hear her cries as she lost herself again. and work to strengthen the American kingdom once again. "You need to see it. dark room under the New York mansion." he said gently.. endorphin-filled blood. "I don't know who you are!" Cael stared at her in horror. How her eyes had glittered playfully as she smacked his hand away. He wrapped his arms about her frame and at the same moment bit down at her neck. Alexander sighed. He hastily hopped in the shower cleaning the remainders of his disturbing sleep from his body and dressed in his habitual well-pressed suit. "Are you all right?" "No. "Alexander!" "Alexander!" His eyes popped open and he rose with a vicious snarl.. "Anna. pulling him away from his Anna's broken eyes. "My love. but he could barely hold onto his raging body as he slammed mercilessly into her riding out his orgasm and succumbing to the pleasure of the feed.. and with a roar he came convulsing and thrusting within her. "What!" Kieran froze and stared at him uncertainly. With a thought her hands were released and he licked the wounds at her neck sealing them.spooked. The beast was quieted at once." he said respectfully. "What's wrong?" She shook her head and kept crying. You just need to see it.he only had time for those thoughts in his dreams anymore." he returned passing his hands over his eyes for a moment to bring his racing heart back to normal. I don't know what else to say. and as usual. Being the Ancient One in America forced him to keep a certain appearance. "What the fuck are you doing waking me up in the middle of the afternoon?" "We've got a video of Mara just outside of Chicago. "Give me a minute to pull myself together and I'll meet you in the security room. clutching her against his body with bestial possessiveness as he fed from her sweet."No!" she screeched back. It was time to put her to rest. Alexander could tell that something about the video had upset Kieran. knowing he was being an ass but unable to help himself. Ancient One. "And?" he demanded. she was crying beneath him." He nodded. "I. the tech rose and bowed. it made him feel like an adolescent boy.." Kieran nodded and left him. stealing her French fries. Even though he was thoroughly irritated and confused by his strange dream. When he finally came back to his senses. It had been centuries since he'd had dreams like this.." she sobbed. When he entered the room.

even with the black and white cameras you could tell she had amazing eyes. but it was viciously loud in his ears. "You thought she was already dead. she was still dead. He was still unable to move as he watched her try to pull Mara away from the ATM. He wasn't quite sure if he'd said it loud enough." he said brokenly. but Alexander couldn't see why Kieran was so angry about it. "Okay. you're alive! "Well. She'd been alive. For an endless second life was a frozen frame. The quality wasn't great.. it was part of his charm. he'd guess it to be light brown or dirty blonde. Impossible. "Wait. Only a few seconds later a car came barrelling towards the camera and crashed violently into it. his chest aching. The video went dead. Dark hair. The woman on the screen was some kind of imposter. She had straight hair. slender." he vaguely heard Kieran say to the tech. Was he breathing? He looked at her face once again and felt his eyes fill with tears. now we know what Mara did with her body. His heart pounded even louder. Mara wasn't a woman to write home about. Her heart didn't have the ability to move the blood through her body enough to force the change.. a picture. there was no sound. He watched as a woman went up to the ATM. her movements were hurried. He could hear nothing over the pounding of his heart. He looked up at the image and felt his soul scream. just about everything seemed to irritate the testy vampire. It couldn't be. He fell to his knees gasping. As a newly turned vampire she would have no strength." replied Kieran. "Play it again. Mara seemed to relent and went with her. Three days later when he said goodbye to her. Alexander stared mutely as the video played again. Impossible. her expression marked with fear. "Leave us. He watched her swipe her card and then froze as another woman rushed up to her. The tech nodded and after typing a few things on his keyboard. She was dead.. no movement. Anna. For a moment it was like his world completely stopped." Alexander replied. His heart started pounding again. "Play it again. Finally. and she seemed to be afraid. his heart didn't beat. Her angelic eyes were wide. pulled the video up on the screen. her hands were shaking. he didn't take a breath." Kieran said quietly. Those eyes glittered strangely." Alexander demanded." The tech nodded."Let's see what we have. OH GOD! How was it possible? She was dead. This time as the girl looked in the direction of the camera on the ATM. When the film started moving for him. though the video was black and white. his eyes leaking tears. my Anna. Oh fuck. Alexander stared. her beautiful eyes glittering strangely.. He'd locked her in the tomb alive! "I left her in that room. Granted. Her bangs were pulled over her eyes and she was careful to keep her head down in order to hide her features. the frame froze. Freeze when we get to that face shot we talked about. She was afraid." Kieran said to the tech." . I left her there to die. Alexander couldn't tell because his mind and body were still immobile. From what he could see. They passed out of the view of the camera.

and after tonight he finally understood. making love to her. "Her heart wasn't moving the blood through her body. and her heart pounded. guilt.. but she's been alive for almost a month. GOD! She wanted to remember so badly. "She's a dream walker." ************** Anna awoke with a start sitting up at once."Good God. She was sure if he just told her that she'd remember everything. Over the past few weeks. Last night they'd managed to unload most of the stuff she'd stolen from the abandoned mansion and their pockets were filled with money. I know there is memory loss with the change at first.. The only thing that restrained her from throwing a temper tantrum was the sleeping Mara in the other bed. looking at him in confusion. "What have I done?" "You didn't do anything. what she lacked in power. grief.hope. "It was so long ago. anger. Her body was still hot from the erotic dream. Even though Anna's body was less frail now that she was a vampire. "Your blood is stronger than anyone can imagine." he gasped. He looked up at the frozen frame." he said. She'd been so bent on talking to him but he'd unwittingly done everything in his power to keep her from asking him the one thing he'd demanded. drawn to him even though she couldn't remember she loved him. her gorgeous eyes were glittering with power. "She doesn't remember me. She's been coming to my dreams. "Why hasn't she come to you?" Suddenly his dreams made sense. she had always . In those dreams she'd been so timid. and. It shouldn't have happened. She was alive. his mate.the way his body had responded so physically to them. Alexander." he said quietly. horror. "How do you know she is suffering from memory loss and hasn't just decided to leave you?" Alexander looked at the screen and stared at his beautiful Anna's glowing eyes and frightened face." "The change process must have been incredibly slow. Mara could barely rouse herself when the sun was up. answers. With you. "What?" Kieran demanded. She wanted to let out a scream of frustration. alone." Alexander said rising to pace thoughtfully.. Then there were the strange dreams. anything is possible. his Little One. they were too real. he'd known those were the signs of a dream walker. and he'd taken control of them. Anna had learned that she and Mara were very different. "How could she not?" "How much did you remember after your change?" He sighed. Joy." He frowned." Kieran chuckled darkly. she made up for in street smarts. She shouldn't be alive. It only had its own invasive characteristics. his love. as though she was really there. but denying her what she'd been truly seeking. sad. and she wasn't nearly as fast or as powerful. his name. the power his blood had given her. there she is. The blood isn't that strong. Mara was shaped differently than she was and her clothes were ill-fitting. Mara deposited a great deal of it in the bank before sunrise. her thighs were soaking wet. confused. but she'd held out nearly $1000 so they could buy some new clothes for the trip to New York. Their connection was still pulling them towards each other unwittingly. There she was. His Anna. and there was something about them. She'd come to him unknowingly in her dreams. It should be back by now. He bowed his head and struggled to control the overwhelming emotions. Anna was a little excited about that.. Not that much would wake her up during the day. and abandoned by the man who'd sworn to protect her to flounder in their world with only an outcast of society for her guide. However." "And yet.

She was ready to go to New York and to start a new life. passion. She wasn't quite sure if she liked that part. She felt when bad things were coming. but she didn't have stubble. She didn't know what it meant and she could tell it scared Mara shitless. She blushed to think about what Mara would say to that.. too. and aching loneliness all crammed into a moment's breath and a few beats of her non-human heart. The hot water relaxed her and she took time to shampoo and condition her hair. She was becoming less and less human every day. She stood and took a deep breath and stood up again. but Mara had laughed kindly and told her that losing body hair was all part of the change. She smelled like sex even though she'd not had intercourse. elation. Suddenly she screamed in horror. . She felt a stab of pain in her heart and fell to her knees gasping.. The panic attack was over. The hair on her head was thicker than ever. She felt things. the strange urge to growl and bare fangs at irritating people. the sway of her hips. The last thing she wanted to be was a bald and ugly vampire. She hadn't shaved her legs in over a week. She'd noticed other things. and the hair at her sex had fallen out. Sighing.. she picked through her tangles staring into the cloudy mirror thoughtfully. just like dealing with the hunger pangs. but she was losing it in other places. She'd been noticing strange changes in her body. a life as a vampire. It was like a sudden torrent of indescribable emotions. Like the car at the ATM.been delicate and her mentor's clothes hung in all the wrong places. She sighed and soaped her breasts thoughtfully. the glow of her eyes. At first she panicked. She shivered despite the hot water. Other than the tremendous memory loss and trauma of the forced change. celebration. black eyes glittering evilly. Mara. horror. She was ready. Staring back at her were shadowed. the tone of her voice. guilt. She finished her shower and stepped out wrapping her dripping body with the rough motel towel that was barely big enough to cover her breasts. So there was one tiny problem with being a vampire. a wicked voice whispered. She was quite sure those feelings weren't hers.. Okay. She hopped out of bed and went to take a shower to get cleaned up. being a vampire wasn't so bad. The sun was supposed to set at 7:30 tonight and Mara had promised they'd go shopping at the mall before they continued on.

Then there was a handsome vampire with white-blond hair and platinum eyes whose lips seemed to be twisted in a perpetual smirk and another vampire with dark hair. dark eyes and always seemed to be irritated and annoyed. she could tell that she'd been tormented. but Angel was smart enough to read as much from. She didn't look older or even act older. Angel followed her in the dressing room and took the stall next to hers. She couldn't remember who they were or what they did. She smiled at Mara as she picked out some sexy lingerie and then held up a set in Anna's size for her. "It'll look really hot with some black pants. people not to be trusted. She . used. wicked. There was her rapist. Shopping. though after her strange encounter in the mirror. It was strange going shopping with Mara. fearing that she'd see that wicked face again. the absolute pull of longing that she felt for the vampire with jade eyes. she'd avoided looking into any reflective surface. too. a man with blue eyes and brown hair who later. became a vampire. He'd manipulated her into doing things." she agreed finding herself blushing a little. "Let's try on!" Mara said smiling hugely at her clothes-filled arms. For the past few hours. she almost felt ordinary. but in many ways it was like going shopping with someone her own age. "This is gorgeous. He was just a dream. and a gorgeous redhaired woman who seemed dark and calculating. She didn't even know who he was." as she was now calling that time between her rape and when she was turned. made love to her so passionately that she'd hurried to bed the past few mornings hoping her dreams would take her to him again. Angel knew these faces to be evil. Even though they were vampires. learning how to be a vampire. trying on sexy lingerie with a girlfriend. "What do you think?" Angel stared at the shirt and her smiling friend thoughtfully. horror. she was a mentor.Chapter Fifteen "Oh Angel!" cried Mara pulling a shirt off the rack. Mara smiled with excitement and added it to the stack of clothes on her arm and bounced off to find a set of black pants. Somehow there was still a youthful innocence about her. but she knew they had somehow caused her harm. He haunted her in her dreams. as though Mara's life had stopped the moment she became a vampire nearly twenty years ago. She saw so many flashes of people in her memories. things that made the woman's face darken with pain. From those poignantly painful silences. Tonight. she got the sense that they were trustworthy. It was a far cry from driving in a beat-up SUV with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of stolen goods in the rear. walking through the mall window shopping. harmed by her creator. she wasn't quite up to shopping anymore. Then there was a god-like vampire with icy eyes that glinted as if he bordered on insane. but none of them had the intensity of emotion. Angel picked a few things as well. she hoped she only saw herself in a black lace bra. Mara never even said her creator's name as though saying the word on her lips might bring him with all his wickedness back into her life. It felt good to be doing "normal" things again. if not more from what Mara didn't say about her past. Since she awoke as a vampire she'd been inundated with faces and images from a hazy past. guilt. or if he was real. She hadn't talked about it often. Supposedly. She looked at the clothes she picked wondering if he'd think she would look nice in them and then shook her head. "Those are hot." she suggested. during her "dark time. She closed her eyes and turned around to look in the mirror." Angel smiled at her. She quickly shed her ill-fitting clothes and tried on the sexy bra first. God.

and Angel smiled in agreement. Angel quickly slipped into her new clothes humming happily to herself. a . She and Mara smiled and giggled like girls as they modelled for each other parading around the dressing room in their new. "Let's get out of here. her playfulness gone. "Unbelievable. A fierce sense of protectiveness came over her for her friend. "Mara. Shuddering. Mara insisted that they change from their old rags into one of the new outfits before they headed out. cute tops. like this vampire was more of a beast than a man. Then suddenly he smiled wickedly. Anna was alive? Anna was turned." he whispered. baring his fangs. They were on their way to New York! She straightened her clothing and then walked over to the mirror to check herself out. Angel froze and stared in confusion.peeked one eye open and then sighed in relief." "Yep. Then they switched. she couldn't manage to breathe. Her heart pounded as he continued to stare at her. she hurried out of the bathroom." ************** "You're shitting me!" Darian exclaimed when he watched the video beside Kieran. she wasn't going to let him touch Mara. Good thing he'd advised him not to bury the girl. They ended up spending their entire budget. There were times he felt like his powers were limitless.. He wanted to rub his eyes. but she couldn't manage to move. She smiled. there was no one behind her." she replied quietly. "Who are you?" she demanded trying to be brave. He wondered about that. blink. Perhaps it was her mind playing tricks on her. Mara was standing outside the SUV and waved to her excitedly. She was alone again. It was just her in a seriously sexy bra. She struck a flirtatious little pose and smiled turning around to see how her rear looked in the jeans. she didn't know how she knew. It was worse than the darkness she gathered from the face of her rapist or the icy-eyed vampire. the voice sending a shiver down her spine. and about him was a sense of malevolence. sexy clothing. Mara froze. do something to fix what his mind told him was absolutely impossible. some jeans.. "No!" she snapped turning around and baring her fangs. Just like the car barrelling towards the ATM. disgusting vampire was. "What's wrong?" "Let's go and I'll explain while you drive. his skin was pasty and carcass-like. "Nope. In this vampire's soulless eyes was nothing but pure. She turned back to look in the mirror. some black pants. it was just a. She wanted to scream. If only the man of her dreams could see her in this! She tried on several outfits. but she knew that wicked vampire was following them." A million things passed through his mind. Whoever this wicked. Smiling to herself she took one last glance. She knew that he wanted Mara. This was the beginning of a new life. unadulterated evil. They decided to change in the gas station bathroom before they left so Angel filled up while Mara changed.feeling. "Angel you look hot!" she exclaimed. Standing behind her in the mirror's reflection was the horrible-looking vampire from earlier. His eyes were black and shadowed. It wasn't a vision that told him to entomb her instead of burying her beneath the earth. but both of them were smiling broadly when they finally left the department store. but they seemed yellowed." He stared at it in amazement as the video played over again. She froze in horror. Alexander must be pissed.

It was why he was so powerful." he said turning to leave the security room. "Good luck. She was having the visions all right. Darian smiled." Kieran said.. I'd keep people away from him for a while. "Yep. He'd held the girl's hand. he's on edge and dangerous." "He thinks the girl hasn't gotten her memory back yet. he does. It took me centuries to master doing it consciously and even longer to do things when I was awake. he knew when people were trying something." "What should I tell Alexander?" "I'll tell him. "How does he know she doesn't have his memory?" he asked curiously even as he stared with mesmerized fascination watching the scene play over and over again. Sometimes the visions can be overwhelming. that's why there are so few now." he breathed quietly as he shook his head.." At once his thoughts went to his friend. "He thinks that's why she hasn't sought him out. In the blink of an eye. We really do need to get to her quickly. "How's Alexander?" he asked Kieran. How had his power failed him like this? He'd always known when things like this were happening." "Do I start a mass man hunt then?" "Send out the call. He'd always known there was . Just watch and report. next to me. To lose a true mate is incapacitating. "He says she's a dream walker. Now to find she's alive." "Another reason to find her then." "How can he be sure?" The dark vampire shrugged irritably. his businesses were flourishing again. He'd just been starting to move on. Kieran nodded. and even though he'd been terribly grieved." "I don't blame him. a psychic. obviously a vampire now." "Yeah." Kieran nodded. "He said that she couldn't remember his name in a dream yesterday. It's not an easy gift to manage." Kieran said. "Fuck. The American kingdom was getting back under control. "but tell them not to approach. people who could have visions about the future. "He's probably just created one of the most powerful dream walkers alive. "I'm going to check on him. her incredible eyes glittering with the power Alexander's blood had given her. At the time we were called Oracles. the visions were uncontrollable.dream walker." "So now what?" Darian watched the video thoughtfully. all that had changed again. he'd sensed nothing! He looked back up to the screen. "When you first changed. a seer. "Yeah. Back when I was turned. There she was. if he hadn't been alone for so long I would have expected him to kill himself." Darian said. he'd forced himself along. only for it to be completely destroyed moments later. I was invading dreams left and right without knowing what was happening." he breathed recalling how Alexander had mourned that she'd been haunting his sleep. "Ready to call a mass manhunt. Most of the vampires I knew who had the gift ended up killing themselves." "Of course." Darian looked at the screen again and watched as she pulled Mara away from the ATM." He walked through the halls of Alexander's mansion thoughtfully. and damn it. but don't say anything else until we've found her. She's been coming to his dreams without knowing what she was doing. especially when they were in close proximity. did you do it?" Darian chuckled to himself remembering his ineptitude at the time. "Finally admitting that you care for the girl are we?" "Alexander loves her. were messing with him.

Mara was obviously tied to Anna. Even as a human." "You are much more powerful than she is. but Darian could feel it." he shrugged.once he got her back. Dream walking is obviously her talent. She might be able to pull away from you more easily than you suspect. He noted that his friend had been sitting at his desk reading over paperwork. and tortured humans as they drank their blood. There were several vampires who loved death. I'm actually looking forward to sunrise. It served his brother just right to have a dream-walker as a mate. "how could I believe that she was alive?" "So you're going to try to talk to her?" Alexander nodded. He opened the door to Alexander's office without knocking and chuckled wickedly as he growled. She's been a thief for the past 2 years. he should have been able to recognize the mark of her eyes. He shook his head in regret. Anna's having the visions.. but I've controlled the dream. the potential for what she could become. He was upset enough as it was. On the outside he looked like a calm. she'd been nearly impossible to read." Darian reminded him. actively looking for her. He was most definitely on edge. His hair was unruly as though he'd been running his fingers through it in frustration and his eyes were tight. enjoyed the kill. But you're here." Alexander stopped pacing and looked out into the darkness as though his glittering eyes would pierce the shadows and find her.. "Oh?" "She's been coming to my dreams. He grunted and shrugged. he'd not been able to see enough to protect her. and she's out there. "You probably should just table all that until you're in a better frame of mind." "That vagabond saved your Little One's life. other than being Alexander's true mate. "But don't be fooled by her youth as a vampire. Then he shook his head irritably and began to pace again. With all his foreknowledge. and before that she'd been an accessory to Paola's murders for nearly 18 years." he chided. "Good evening. and his Little One." Alexander growled. he felt particularly responsible for her. Darian walked over to his desk and looked at the stack casually." he said lightly. It probably wasn't the best thing for him to be reading about at the moment. his eyes glittering with rage once again and began pacing anxiously. "How are you?" By now.something special about Anna. He put his head in his hands and shook his head. he'd managed to get his eyes and fangs back under control and he looked irritable." he agreed neutrally. "You should. Anna was going to keep the Ancient One busy for many a century. Suddenly he smiled a little wickedly to himself. He'd been going over reports of murders that had been expected to have vampire perpetrators. Perhaps more than anyone. and she's got your blood." Alexander said at last. "I have to do something. He stood. "Yes. not yours. "For the first time in centuries. The fact that she's allowed you to control the dreams should actually be more encouraging . We're putting out a massive search. Darian watched him cautiously." "I should be guiding her. the tension bubbling just beneath the surface. I knew the signs but. "The last several times she's come to me. it had been in her eyes. His friend would talk again when he was ready. Francisco Paola had been one of them. but I'm here in my luxurious home while she's living in danger fleeing with Paola's Little One. Mara is a complete vagabond. he'd been so distracted. I want to be out there. and Alexander had been horribly protective. and you know how to use it." Darian agreed. We'll have information soon. Darian watched him for a while knowing when to be silent. his jade eyes glinted and he bared his fangs in surprise and anger. put together Ancient One. I think I could force her to stay a while and speak with her. "You're lucky she found her and has been guiding her.

. "Even if she remembers you." He watched his friend mull over that for a moment. Angel felt her heart pound." Alexander's jaw clenched angrily. He looked like some kind of demon. did they know that she was seeing things like this? Did they know how terrifying it was? Did they even care? "Out with it. We don't know what happened to Anna in her last moments.. and I looked into the mirror. "Just now in the bathroom. I want you to be prepared for all possibilities. I mean." "Yeah. All we know that it was brutal. at first. "Sweetheart. "Maybe I can convince her to come to me." The car was silent for several moments and Angel felt herself squirming in the seat uncomfortably. she'll fight you about that. a skeleton. "I was kinda upset. "No. "A Little One is bound to her creator.." **************** "Promise me you won't freak out?" Angel said." Angel sighed. "me. This was something bad. You didn't pick the most tractable woman to be your mate. too. I'd just gotten out of a dream with the hot vampire I keep seeing and so I thought that maybe it was just my mind playing tricks on me. Be prepared for a battle. too. She has my blood. Mara didn't even tease her about her steamy dreams." The car was silent.to you than anything else." Darian said. She didn't know what she'd do if Mara lost it on her. "She's a Little One." She looked out the window and wondered for the millionth time who turned her into a vampire. She was right." "The hot guy with the green eyes?" Mara asked teasingly." Alexander grunted. abandoned. "I look forward to it.evil." as if she summoned it." Mara didn't say anything." "I was drying my hair when I got out of the shower earlier. maybe black. she might not come to you." "Oh?" "It means that part of her wanted to let you. "I'm just warning you." Darian chuckled." Mara laughed. perhaps because she's a dream-walker. and is therefore mine. "you've been freaking me out since day one. "Is there anything else?" . For some reason I'm not very good at reading her. His eyes were dark. But then we were trying on clothes and having fun and everything was fine. "She doesn't have a choice." "And if you cannot? If you frighten her?" Alexander's jaw clenched." He smiled baring just a hint of his fangs. "Then I will bring her in against her will. but. "There was this face. I could have sworn he was standing behind me when I looked in the mirror. that she might try to escape you. She might run from you. He was. She forced herself to keep on telling her tale.. but I see that she might run. but when I turned around to face him." he nearly snarled." "She has every reason to hate you. the wicked face flashed before her eyes." Mara still didn't say anything." She shivered. I thought it was nothing. Even if she remembers. but I couldn't tell because it's like his eye sockets were so shadowed that you couldn't see for sure. the bathroom was a sauna. he wasn't there. "So. making her shudder. so I didn't look into any mirrors for a while. "It was cloudy. Whoever it was. she was terrified and tortured.

There was something too real. too. I'm not in control of anything." Mara wailed nearly hyperventilating.. I don't know anything except that these dreams and visions are freaking me out.. So.. fearing impending doom. "His name is Francisco Paola. Maybe I am that thing you said. You're a dream walker. It seems like they just come depending on the breeze. clutching the steering wheel as though her life depended on the grip. "He's coming. "Mara?" Angel asked. Angel gasped and clung for dear life as the vehicle fishtailed and leaned on two wheels as though it was going to topple over. they skidded to a halt." she shrugged helplessly." Mara said." she replied quietly." *************** Kieran stepped out of the limo in front of the intelligence tower that housed the most advanced and up to date surveillance computers in the world. Who is following us? What happened to you?" Mara nodded and sighed. Angel reached out and touched her arm. "Come on." she replied trying to comfort her friend. or it may mean he's here in Illinois. and being knocked around.. Even the strange dreams with the gorgeous." Her friend looked up with broken eyes. "Are you okay?" She didn't answer. but for a moment they glinted with hope." They got out of the car and switched seats. She peeled a hand from the steering wheel and then clasped it tightly. Deep down. "maybe I am. She was sitting still. "You need to get away from me. Then she bowed her head again and sighed shaking it. but she didn't know what it meant. what am I going to do?" "Maybe it's just me being stupid and the visions don't mean anything. the familiar boundaries she'd grown accustomed to between dreams and reality just weren't there anymore. I know it!" "Okay. "He keeps saying your name. I think he's looking for you. For a long time they sat holding onto each other for dear life. "He'll hurt you. haunting shadows. She wasn't moving. "No. I'm not leaving you. Half the time she wasn't even sure if she was awake or asleep." she placated. screeching tires. "Oh God! Oh God!" she whimpered in a frantic voice. We're in this together. both of them feeling their lives spinning out of control. "All right Mara." Mara slammed on the brakes making the car swerve and skid. When the dust finally settled Angel looked over at Mara. "Mara?" Angel reached out to touch her but suddenly Mara came to life with a despairing wail. It was like she was constantly walking around with her subconscious more "conscious" than "sub. "He's coming for me. too pulling about her visions. "It's time to tell your story.. Her body slammed against the side of the door as the car tipped frighteningly. It may mean he's looking for you in California. "I think we need keep moving. righting the SUV. "Angel.." She knew she was a dream walker. Finally." said Angel. uncertainty. Angel squeezed Mara's hand. Oh GOD!" She looked around wildly as though he was going to show up in front of the car at any minute. Instinctively."Yeah." She bowed her head as tears filled her eyes and shook it over and over again. He's going to kill me. Mara corrected the steering. she knew that they did. Angel." said Angel. after what seemed an eternity of swerving. Mara. . With their ability to control the minds of humans. "Let's get going. Francisco is." she said. "I'm going to drive. green-eyed stranger were much too intense to be normal dreams. We don't know. Finally.

" He smiled to himself as the vampire squirmed a little. "They were last sited at the bank outside of Chicago. I will be notified the moment they have been located. but the true state of the art stuff. Montasse. Curiously she followed as he climbed the stairs on silent feet. she knew that the vampire's intent was evil and that somehow he was going to hurt the people behind the door. "Let me show you. he could only be a vampire. and when he walked right past her she knew that she wasn't really there. they had the ability to steal or create all of it." said Kieran. "How intense is the search supposed to be?" "I want an all-out manhunt. I wanted them found yesterday!" People started scrambling when he snapped it and at once they started working." he said. "We're going to initialize a massive manhunt. but she figured it was only a dream. people literally feared his glittering brown eyes and dark persona. It could be any home in America. Robbing them? They didn't look like they had much to begin with. For a moment her heart ached. You will do everything in your capacity to locate them and then to keep them under surveillance. even together. She knew neither she nor Mara were powerful enough to resist him. When she 'dream walked' in her sleep it seemed that she could identify the difference between dream and reality better than when she was awake. He selected the one where the door was open just a crack. Usually it amused him. The vampire looked at him for a moment in shock. She turned and stared as a dark shadow entered the house. Angel's heart began to pound. single family home. At once. Intel and Microsoft were still running amuck with the humans. but tonight. She was in a house." said the head of the surveillance division as he sketched a bow. at all. Kieran smiled and pulled the jump drive out of his pocket." The people about him nodded. do something to . "Yes. She wondered what the dark vampire was doing in the place. but quickly recovered." he said. Do not make any contact with them. Suddenly she jumped as the front door opened. Though she didn't know how. she was terrified. Her heart sunk. a parent's trick to listen for the cries of the little ones. destined to be alone. she knew that there was a family with two children asleep in the place. She was a vampire now. People bowed to him as he passed and hopped around to make way for the Ancient One's second in command. "I know. Curiously she looked around. vampires had managed to dominate the technology world. Her intent had been to seek out the vampire with jade eyes because after what Mara had told her about Paola. Everything seemed peaceful. This would never be her home. and their unique powers. **************** This time she was sure it was a dream. "I want these women found. She wondered why she'd come here. "I want these women found. "I assure you that we have located all the traitors who ran away. middle class. There were family photos on the walls and toys laying around in the living room. "How may we assist you then?" he asked bowing again. She wondered if she should hide. "Good evening Mr." Kieran nodded. "This is an unexpected visit. She'd never have children. We have no license plate of the vehicle except that it is a blue SUV." Kieran agreed. the way he moved." The video was pulled up and Kieran had them freeze on a good frame of Mara's face and a good frame of Anna's face. destined to live eternity in the shadows. Granted. She wanted to scream. It was obvious the bedrooms were upstairs and she saw him pause and consider each one." he said. early model. he wasn't so easily distracted.their long lives.

stroking her occasionally as the vampire commanded. She was still kneeling on the floor and she felt the warmth of his body kneeling beside her. "That's it." he said." the vampire hissed. "Good evening. but her fingers passed through them. stroking her with gentle familiarity." he said to the man his voice dripping with malevolence." She knew that voice. She closed her eyes and sobbed. but Angel felt her stomach turn. Francisco Paola. She opened her eyes to find herself in a completely different bedroom. She stared at the vampire again. He crawled onto the bed with them and began to kiss the woman as well. Stop crying. He walked over to the husband and touched his forehead strangely. Please take me away from here. thinking maybe her power could affect him. finally recognizing those wicked eyes. the man groaned and rolled over kissing his wife tenderly. "Wake up and seduce your wife. but he didn't lick the wounds on her neck. it was sensual. "Who are you? What do you want from me?" . ***************** "Shh. Oh God. Angel screamed. Oh God. The woman cooed softly at her husband's touch. and rich with power. to wake them up. and she moaned softly as she slowly emerged from sleep. Please not the babies! The vampire looked up his black eyes glittering wickedly. What the vampire was doing was wrong. She shook her head and pulled away from him. "No!" she literally snarled scrambling away to put distance between them. She looked up to see the vampire with jade eyes looking at her in concern. "Momma?" cried a child's voice from behind the cracked door. He walked into the bedroom and stood staring at the couple on the bed. When her eyes opened she screamed in horror at the man lying above her kissing her while her husband continued to stroke her. At once. It's all right. She couldn't look anymore. this was wrong. Instead. She didn't want to see. "Stop!" she cried again. She wanted out of the dream. Angel felt her soul shatter. he bit down on her neck and simultaneously drank from her his body pulsing above her like some kind of vicious beast. touching her tenderly stroking her comfortingly. melodious. but she wasn't really there. to protect them. His face troubled and he reached out to pull her close. Little One. She wanted to escape from the vision. The woman's broken cries and screams. Angel stared in horror as he raped the screaming woman while her husband simply lay beside them and watched. "Come in. the way she looked at her husband in absolute despair as he simply watched another man raping her made her collapse to her knees sobbing. He didn't hear her. "Are you all right?" he asked. Anna. he let her bleed. Dear God." the vampire chuckled. God. Finally she noticed that the vampire had stopped feeding. Finally as the vampire climaxed. Angel walked around him and tried to touch the people. His fingers ran through her hair and she felt another hand caress her back. she prayed silently over and over again. "Stop!" she said.wake this family.

" She looked at him hating herself for feeling so drawn to him. surprising her and she jumped and turned baring her fangs with a defensive growl. but then he put his hands in the air to signify he meant no harm. and for a moment she couldn't help but to admire his beauty. "You don't get to call me that. but it didn't. She couldn't believe that she'd been lovers with a vampire like him. Then she shook her head. "I promise not to hurt you now. Anna hadn't seen money like this in her entire life. "I want to talk to you. He thought about her answer and then nodded.His eyes tightened for a moment as if he was angry. "I know your true ." Angel obediently sat down. Could she somehow be trapped in these visions? Perhaps she should flee? "I've never harmed you in any other dream. "No!" she snapped angrily. She looked at him and instinctively knew that she'd never called him Alexander. For a moment his jade eyes flashed angrily." She looked at him uncertainly." He smiled. Let's leave my bedroom and we'll sit and talk. "You are my Little One. I'm not going to give it to you except in person. Anna. "If you cannot remember my true name. she looked around feeling like ogling idiot as she took in the expensive décor. "I'm called Angel now." she accused. this one was just that. if it would make you feel better. You locked me in a prison cell!" His eyes glittered in anger. Finally she nodded. so was this really just a dream? "I'm complaining now." she finally answered. and he sat across from her in a leather chair. "That's not what you've done the last few times I was here. He smiled at her." he began." she said." She looked at him cautiously. She wanted answers. and she didn't understand why. but the dreams had been enough to convince her. "Are you the one who turned me?" He nodded. feeling guilty until she remembered that like her other terrible dream. "I want to explain what is happening to you. His eyes seemed hurt when she said it and he sighed sadly. He opened the door for her and she walked into an elaborate living area. She'd hoped that when he told her his name that everything would come back. Tears filled her eyes but she blinked them away angrily. "My name is Alexander." She looked at him in disappointment. a dream. When you were a human." he said gesturing to the elegant sofa in the sitting area. "That's not your name. that she'd known him by some other name. Dreams are dangerous places to reveal such things. "sit down." he snapped in return. "You didn't complain too much. but she also wanted him. we were lovers. I'll give you my word. but then he sighed and stood as well." Angel shook her head. "Why did you leave me? Why did you abandon me?" "Anna. yes." he said. "Very well." She bowed her head feeling like some kind of slut for sleeping with this complete stranger. He smiled. Perhaps he'd told her his true name? He knew hers. either. I'll answer your questions as best as I can." She seemed to think about it and then nodded. Was any of this really a dream? She knew with complete certainty that the vision she had just seen before had happened." he said as though he could read her thoughts. He put his hand on her elbow. "Please. I think it is what I would have called you if I'd had the opportunity. You left me. "Who are you?" she demanded. "I like that.

She's been my friend. and for his own devices? She felt her stomach tighten in a ball of apprehension. and left me to die. I would have never left you as I did. and had sacrificed a lot for her. She couldn't handle another horrible dream tonight. If you'll come to me. She didn't even know him. "You're not going anywhere. Mara had a heart of gold. Was her creator just like Paola? Was he a wicked beast who was using her for sex. You are created by my blood. she remembered the disgusting dream from before. The woman had saved her life. to stay by my side. He seemed to recognize her fear. I know you feel abandoned and alone. for her to seek him out and to join him. "Mara has been a true friend and protector." "Coming to me isn't a choice. The life on the run with Mara was difficult for her. she couldn't handle this." She thought about that." "So what?" she demanded." she said. a fate where like that woman's husband she stood by and watched him commit his atrocities. You are mine!" Angel tried to stand and flee from him but she felt her body unable to move and she knew that he was restraining her with his power. and you think I'm going to abandon my saviour and trust you? You talk about her like she isn't worthy to be a maid in this expensive house of yours and she's been my life. "I have a home in New York." she retorted angrily. and if you don't wish it. Please believe me that if I had known you were alive. "Mara's not a criminal. and now she's in trouble. She couldn't betray Mara's kindness and leave her to a fate worse than death. and he was bent on finding Mara again. I can probably restore your memory to you. had shared her earnings and had nurtured her when she was a lost amnesiac. "She is not someone my Little One should associate with. "He used his power to control her. and despite her caution she was inexplicably drawn to this vampire. "I know you're frightened and confused." he said." Angel felt her spine prickle at his arrogant words. like the well-bred women she'd seen and read about? She looked at him. Mara had been telling her the same thing. As though her thoughts about her friend brought the memory back to her. guardian. or at least she didn't remember him. I have great power. "I will choose to associate with her. She was so close to breaking down emotionally from what she'd been seeing the past few days. her soul screaming in agony. but after all the wickedness she'd seen tonight." he replied. "You will listen. "So you can use me like Paola used Mara? You locked me in a fucking cell. Anna." "She's a thief." The fact that he called Mara a criminal irked her. Anna. "I'm sorry. She looked into his eyes and felt a pull in her soul. for his eyes turned gentle again and he took a deep breath as if to control his temper. It called for her capitulation." he said more gently. Paola was a murderer. She couldn't just leave her friend and try to find this vampire. Mara had been her friend. to share my knowledge with you." said Alexander. Her only downfall was her creator whom Anna believed was hunting them. "Where do you live?" she asked quietly. "You will come to me.. "I want you to be my Little One. Mara. Was she going to be some brainless pet when she joined him.name. I am sure you don't have much fleeing with the criminal. "I want you to come to me. His Little One didn't associate with people like Mara? She looked around at his opulent chambers guessing he was more than very wealthy. I thought you were dead. love. that you were going to turn after all. turned me into a vampire. "but if you tell me where you are I can send people to you. she didn't feel very trusting. then I won't choose to come to you." Her heart pounded. "What do you want from me?" she asked. He's a psychic. I'm not . my saviour.. She wanted to belong somewhere. evil. and accessory to murder." he said." She didn't know what to say to that. her body under his control." She looked at the vampire accusingly." he snapped. He was wicked. "It was her creator.

Part of her wanted to go to him. She wanted answers. Paola. I'm not abandoning Mara to that monster. That is law among vampires. It wouldn't be the last time she wished that she didn't have the power of a dream walker.abandoning her just because a rich prick like you told me to. she'd be bound in misery for eternity. she wanted his arms wrapped around her. She buried her head in her hands and cried silently. I see things and they're usually bad. Anna had never been at such a crossroads before." She felt tears fill her eyes again and she closed them willing herself to leave the presence of the vampire she longed to be with but knew she couldn't go to. She had to choose between what she wanted and what she knew to be right. I felt your pain in my heart. but it frightened her. "You need to come to me." Angel felt her heart grow cold. nor will I. I cannot make an exception. She shrugged. "Tell me about your power.. Somehow she knew that if she didn't help Mara now." "You came to me tonight sobbing in despair." she shot back. I can protect you. . She knew her creator wanted her and she'd just turned her back on him. "Mara's creator. "Anna!" he cried after her his voice echoing his rage and frustration." he said trying to change the subject to one less volatile. I just feel it." he commented irritably." Alexander's face grew concerned. GOD how she wanted it! But Mara was in danger. I'm sorry. She looked at him sadly. and it made her very wary. He took a deep breath as though once again trying to calm himself. She couldn't understand why he was so tense and irritable tonight. She sighed brokenly. You won't be able to resist the power of a psychic unless I've shown you how. Anna. and Angel knew she couldn't turn her back on her. She could imagine him comforting her as she dealt with the horrible visions that haunted her in centuries to come. I think he's after us. She woke up feeling emptiness in her gut. and I cannot change them. Vampires must abide by the rules just like humans. Was it a vision?" She nodded. For some reason she could just sense that he was on edge. "murdered a family and I saw it. "Then I guess I can't come to you. "I see becoming a vampire hasn't changed your vapid tongue much. "Guess not. mortal and immortal." His eyes flashed angrily and she saw his fangs elongate. He. Her friend had lived a wicked and tormented life under the control of a madman. his lips sensually caressing her." "And what about Mara?" He shook his head.. "Mara would have to stand trial for her crimes. "I hate it. She wanted him to stroke her like he had when she'd been afraid from her dream. In all her life." she swallowed.

Chapter Sixteen Alexander awoke with a frustrated growl. He decided he was going to do much more than just paddle her ass when he finally got her home! The sound of his door opening startled him out of his reverie. Then she looked at me in fear like I might hurt her!" "Fancy that." Darian continued brightly." Darian mused. It was late afternoon. "I see you still don't have manners. dumbass." Alexander grumbled. I'd trust vampires. or blow the house up. his voice taking on that irritating mocking tone that was usually amusing. Ancient One?" he laughed. The rational part in his mind told him he was being childish and throwing a temper tantrum like a two-year-old." Darian commented mildly as he walked in without an invitation. couldn't she feel the pull? Didn't she feel the emptiness? "Damn it. and this was definitely one of them. wishing she could hear and feel his rage." Darian said flopping on one of the plush chairs in front of an elegant fireplace." "Testy aren't we?" Alexander growled. "And does this suit you more. or perhaps he just didn't give a shit. Then as I just begin to understand that I was dream walking. He'd pissed off and irritated more people and Alexander and Kieran had stood by chuckling hysterically at his antics. his fucking little one. completely defies him. He imagined grabbing her struggling body. he was sweating. He was pissed and he wanted to make someone squirm. even if it was just one of his servants. and he was pissed as hell. Alexander figured it was the latter. There were times when the flippant ways of his best friend drove him insane. the only vampire he'd ever made. "So." Darian's voice called from behind the door. and most of the vampire world was walking on egg shells around him. His strange eyes glowed at the thought of holding her soft body close and safe in his arms. laugh. God he ached for her! The thought made him growl with even more irritation. "I see things didn't go well. After knowing him for nearly 1200 years. but he stubbornly decided to ignore reason. DAMN IT! Was fate out to torture him? "Learn to knock. "Don't you fucking dare. The fantasy played out in his mind. Then she didn't want me to touch her. Anna!" he snarled angrily. Despite that. He was a fucking Ancient One! He'd just reclaimed his kingdom. He'd feel much better. she begged him to stop and promised not to disobey him again. He bared his fangs and made ready to blow something up in the proximity of the hapless intruder. Darian had no sense of appropriate timing. Alexander barely held his tongue. "what did our little Anna have to say?" "What didn't she say?" he said as he began to pace once again. Gasping. and . He really just needed to destroy something. Alexander wasn't chuckling today. sweeping bow swishing his hand with all the pomp and circumstance of a frilly seventeenth century courtier." He rolled his eyes in annoyance. her sweet voice mewled pleading. throwing her over his knee and pounding her cute backside until it showed red marks from his hand. "If I was a newly made Little One who'd woken up abandoned and covered in blood in a deserted mansion. "You came up with that hypothesis all by yourself? I'm impressed. "I mean really." His friend chuckled and did a ridiculous. since he wasn't sure if he wanted to strangle him. "First she came into the dream sobbing. "she really doesn't remember you at all. How could she deny him? Even if she didn't have her memories.

I was definitely an idiot. Darian was silent. It wasn't his gift. Darian." he replied. Darian grinned. we don't usually act our best when we're in our dreams. I didn't realize how much she'd bonded with the woman and I just said that she'd have to go to trial for her actions with Paola. and even someone as powerful as Darian usually couldn't do much over long distances. "She chose to remain loyal to a friend in need. I'd want to believe everything the aforementioned. You're being a total prick actually. Finally." The silver-haired vampire's eyes glinted like platinum reflecting the sunlight. "She chose that scoundrel. He sighed and sat across from his friend in the other chair wearily burying his head in his hands feeling as though the weight of the world was on his shoulders." Darian shrugged. "There is a reason why I'm out of my bed in the afternoon and bugging you." "I know. sensing the shadowy claws of the future reaching back towards him. Alexander knew that he was getting to the edges of his range. It's something I think you'd do in her place. and he would have never met his Anna." "If it's any consolation. He couldn't understand the power of a dream walker. I can't be sure because Anna is extremely difficult for me to read. she was worth it. There's always a woman. If that had been the case. his chest heaving and his face slicked with sweat." Darian went on to say. "Yeah." he said his voice thick with emotion. I'd want him all over me." Alexander watched as his silver eyes grew distant and the vibration of his power unsettled the air. Mara over me. his silver eyes glinting with laughter. irritable stick in the mud told me. "Do you have any clue how absolutely annoying you are?" Alexander snapped peevishly. isn't there?" "I'll give anything for this one. "You know. Wordlessly. as is her friend. anything and everything if I have to. "It's much better in my dreams than my conscious ." he replied with an outrageous wink. and then do EXACTLY what he said. Dream walking had limits. She'd chosen Mara over him." "Countess Maria Ann?" he replied smiling a little teasingly. Alexander rose and poured him a glass of ice water and a glass of brandy." Darian said comfortingly. For a long time." "I thought you just loved my company." Darian said. I would think that was a concept you'd find easy to understand. "She didn't choose Mara over you. Darian came back. "It's part of my charm. but I think she's in danger. and she couldn't abandon her. he felt every single day of his twenty-five centuries. Yet in all his years he'd found that the magic of the dream walker was the one power he couldn't contain. seeking answers in the subconscious thoughts of the world around him. He smiled as Darian downed the brandy in one chug and then sipped the water." he admitted." He stifled the rage and the pain as he thought about her words again. "She said that Mara had been her life. "I still can't get anything. and he began to breathe deeply. "Well. "Fine. they would have been able to find him in that vault. His brow broke out in a sweat." "Thanks. "I had a dream.meet a really pissed off." He smiled brightly. with his telekinetic abilities he could feel the vibrations in the air of power. He'd never struggled so much to keep his emotions contained. he'd grown attuned to how it felt when Darian used his magic. I forced her to make a choice and she chose Mara. Over the years. For a moment. "And I was an idiot. "Not this afternoon." Darian threw his hands up in the air in frustration. "Some days I wonder why I bother with you." He buried his head back in his hands. Alexander. powerful Ancient One in my dreams." He sighed. Alexander could feel him reaching out with his elusive power. Fuck.

lock him in some padded vault. "I am starting to feel her presence on the edges of my perception. Angel stared out the window watching the blur of the trees as the car raced by. Let's go! We will find her. You weren't. "No." "Your powers are useless when it comes to her. feed him some blood occasionally. "She's coming here.. "you haven't seen what wicked vampires are like." "I don't feel any pity for him. No big deal. "But that's not what I saw. Alexander filled the glass again. her sadness. though her friend tried to hide it. I saw what he did to a family." he said. "There's my old friend. get over the grief and get off your ass." "That's what you said last time. The one time I desperately need your power. It was time to act. "He's still after us?" She nodded. but he was powerless to help her. "Since when have you quit being the mature one among us? Since when have you turned into a useless whelp? Two centuries ago. You just thought you were too late... her fear.. or at least she's coming to the city. "Angel." he growled again in anger. I can tell you she's upset. "I saw Paola. The most powerful vampire in the world. He was right." she broke off finding her eyes filling with tears as she relived that horrible moment.. He'd never been like this before." Alexander nodded." Mara began to say. His Anna was close and yet just out of his reach." he ranted." Darian smiled grimly." said Moiree soothingly. All I get from Anna is feelings anyway. brother. I saw. Wordlessly. I was too late.." Darian chided." "So once again I'm helpless? I can't get to her fast enough to save her life?" Alexander rose and began to pace in agitation once again. It had only taken 2500 years. If you're right. "The most powerful dream walker I know and you can't sense my Anna.. "Oh shut the fuck up. we feed on blood and the lives of humans seem pointless and short. "We'll find her. vases and priceless trinkets on his expensive mantle in a fit of rage. Paola lost his regard for life long ago. He was losing it. we've got to get to her tonight." he shuddered and held his glass out for more brandy. I think the only thing that makes him happy is to see others suffer as much as he does. Some of our people are just sick. It was time to find Anna. "His presence is like a black hole and is much easier to sense than the girls'.efforts. "I was seconds too late. Maybe only a few hours behind them.." Alexander lamented." Alexander grinned back darkly baring his fangs. Alexander." he mused. "God damn it!" he screamed in frustration shattering the mirror. "Paola is close. "Easy. "You're going to be pissed at yourself for being so destructive. "It's time to join the hunt. Let Kieran run the country. . He could mentally feel her pain." Darian growled at his thoughts. "That vase was at least 500 years old and priceless. Just like the last time." ******************** "So how did your dream walking go yesterday?" Mara asked." Mara nodded and Angel could see the slight shudder." Darian grinned. He was finally going off the deep end. you would have been on your horse using your mind and your power to hunt her and nothing would have stopped you! Get over the guilt. and determined to do something. you know? We live forever." Alexander stared at his friend. but distance castrated his power. It was more than he could bear." she sniffed. and Paola is just behind her.. Paola.

" "So what? Maybe Paola used you. hurt you. his strong hands holding her down as she moaned and begged him to do something. resourceful and important before you were turned." . "Yeah. For a moment." she admitted. something to hurt. the stronger it got. "I guess so." "Who we were before we turned is worthless. I think you were someone who was used to being in charge. She shuddered as she imagined his sensual mouth devouring her flesh. "stupid me." "I'm sorry. stroking her thighs. "You know." Angel agreed." "Yeah? So why did he abandon you in that prison cell then?" "He said he thought I was dead. She felt an undeniable pull towards him. then asked questions. anything. that is. They'd make it to New York tonight and part of her ached to seek out the blonde vampire who claimed to be her lover and her creator." Mara agreed. "there are times when I don't believe the vagabond shit." "You saw a lot of shit. She shuddered as she imagined his mouth latching onto her. his tongue lapping teasingly at her navel causing her body to shudder." she finally said in a low voice." They drove for a while in silence as Angel stared out the window again. God! She could lose it just looking at him." she said. "Yeah." "No tales of steamy sex to entertain me with tonight?" Angel shook her head. His hands stroked that tender spot right above her hip making her jump as his mouth caressed its way down to her folds. You can choose to make something of yourself again." she blushed as she recalled the intense dreams she'd been having before she really knew what was happening. "And I see it every night in my dreams. "You should have fucked first. his jade eyes shining with the fire of arousal. I think you were something pretty smart. "Not bad for a twenty-year-old vampire vagabond. Oh God! How could she have said no to that? "Angel?" Mara interrupted. You could have been the wealthiest woman in the world. as though a part of her soul was missing. "I saw the blonde vampire again. "But you need to understand it and you need to keep away from it– if you have any intention of lasting long. "You okay?" Mara asked. someone who had special talents." her friend teased. His strong hands splayed across her stomach. "What did he say to you?" "He told me that he was my creator. Angel. He thought he'd tried to turn me too late. she lost herself to fantasy. control and use." "So I was right. He said we were lovers. I don't think you were always like this." Mara mused. and the closer they drove towards the city. catching that strange shrewd glance she'd been starting to notice. She sighed heavily. wrapped around one of her pink nipples and suckling. I can tell. and I talked to him. his tongue licking her folds. "You will find that in our world. and made you do things with his power. driving her insane. running through her dark hair." Mara spat."Nor do I. but you have a choice now." "That person is dead. didn't you?" Mara was silent for a long time. uncomfortably aroused now. feasting expertly upon her. it means nothing. but as a new vampire you're simply a toy for the older ones. You weren't like this before you were a vampire." "Me too. His golden head was working its way down her chest. his lips inches away from her sex." She looked over at her friend again. She squirmed.

How she wished Mara could become the person she'd lost." Angel replied rubbing her elbow that had jammed in the door. In her mind.. She was so much more beautiful than she'd originally thought when they'd met. and used to being in control and in power. but when it was just them."Only because you choose it." "Fuck. His house was more . Mara was gorgeous. All those skills seemed to indicate that she wasn't just some homeless street rat. Mara needed to stop fighting the change and soon." Mara slammed on the brakes sending the tires squealing and the SUV fishtailing once again. Mara had backed her up and had stood her ground when Angel knew only a month or two ago. The first time she'd seen her. It was as though helping her had begun a second metamorphosis of the almost shattered woman. "Damn it!" Angel screamed half in terror and half in anger. those liquid brown eyes wide in amazement. A man could lose his mind in her large puppy dog eyes. It was the closest to an argument she'd ever gotten with Mara. "Angel. she was filthy. I think I must have known his true name at one point. she would have chosen to flee. "Will you fucking quit it with the slamming on the brakes crap every time you're surprised? Even though vampires are a little tougher to kill. her face had the look of a bum. He seemed wealthy. Now she walked with the slinky stride of something bold and dangerous." She froze. the change in her physical appearance was shocking." Angel was quiet. jade eyes. seemed pretty rich and his name is Alexander?" "Yeah." "What now?" She was getting exasperated. It was as though all the torture and evil of Paola's wickedness was still holding her chained in a prison of her own fear. They didn't have much time. she was something much different. Then there was the change in personality. too. nose looks a little Grecian?" "Yeah. Her ability to break into places that would daunt most experienced thieves was a unique talent. her hair unwashed. Angel had stumbled into some tough situations as was normal for a newly changed Little One. Where she was once timid. She knew there was something more to her friend. strong. I really don't want to get crunched in a car tonight!" Mara stared over at her. Then there was the fact that she knew the street value and had the connections in the Black Market to unload most of the high profile contraband she'd stolen from the mansion. indecisive and wary. A couple of times. she'd begun to change. Part of the cocoon had fallen away to reveal glimpses of the creature's potential. "So what else did your creator have to say?" Mara asked after a while. She hated not knowing what the hell was going on. Angel saw a cocoon and inside the writhing Mara. I think your creator is the Ancient One." Angel retorted. though. Angel turned to look at her thoughtfully. and she couldn't hide anymore. it's my choice. The moment anyone mentioned Paola. But since Mara had pulled her from the darkness. not too bulky. She wanted to growl in frustration. right?" Angel nodded "Built like a runner. Her sleek body was athletic. and with the improvement of clothes. Paola was coming. Mara turned into some whimpering wretch. struggling against the binds to change and re-emerge into a beautiful and powerful creature. I don't ever remember calling him Alexander. Angel had forced her to put on some makeup. and it got her wondering exactly what Mara had been before she was turned. "Blond hair. "Wavy blond hair. but it didn't help me get my memory back. She'd gotten her hair cut and styled in the "hip" layered look that was in. on the run. but she wasn't ready to emerge yet. "Well. "He told his name. Angel shrugged. weathered and drawn.. Mara was getting bolder. and those shoulders that had seemed too broad before were incredibly sexy in the stylish tops she'd bought.

We need to take you to him." Mara slammed on the brakes again sending the car skidding once again to the side of the road. Mara just stared at her in open mouthed amazement. I know there is a reason why you plucked me from death's door in an abandoned mansion. "I'm not going to him. how worried he is." Mara said. That would probably be best." "There's no way you can fight Paola. then I'll run and you'll go to him on your own. "What do you mean you already defied the Ancient One?" "He already asked me to go to him. We'll inquire where he is when we get to town and take you there before the sun rises. "Yeah." "Mara. but I told him I wouldn't." she snapped. you of all people. We're taking you to him." Mara said. you're under his control. "GOD DAMN IT!" Angel screamed. You resurrected me from the darkness. get the fuck out from behind the wheel. and I lost my mom when I was in college." Mara didn't say anything. could he really be the Ancient One? "It all makes sense." "Angel. and Mara pulled the car back on the highway." "I know." “We can't go to him. He's going to put you on trial if you do. We'll drop you off at his house and see if you are his Little One." "We can't." "Then I'm not going to let him touch me." "It's too late." "No.." For a moment." Mara shook her head. "Shit. "Oh yes we can. I'm abandoning the best friend I've ever had to be hunted by a psychotic serial killer." "You're an idiot. "I already did. "If you can't control your foot. I have something I need to do." Mara continued. The she started to laugh hysterically. Angel.than opulent." "Oh yeah? What's that?" "I'm going to help you kill Paola. "You've been both for me. rumour was he put down a coup. I know exactly what I've done." Mara froze. "Fine. He told me he could. I'm not keeping the Ancient One's Little One away from him." Angel continued. her voice growing a little hysterical." Mara mused." She sighed and looked away for a moment." She stared at her friend insistently. Mara stared at Angel." Angel said a little louder. I figured Paola wouldn't want to show his sorry ass around in the city right under the Ancient One's nose. you were in designer clothes." Angel replied. At least not now. "I've never had a sister." "Why not? He's your creator. It might buy me the reprieve I'm looking for. "You were in his mansion." Mara replied. "I'm not going to defy the Ancient One. "The Ancient One lives outside of New York in one of those billion dollar estates. He'd been missing for some time. "You've just defied the Ancient One." . We're in trouble kiddo. "Yeah. He might be able to restore your memory. and you're unbelievably powerful for one so young. I believe in fate.. "Fuck. That's one of the reasons I wanted to come to the city. All I know is that if I go back to Alexander now. Do you know what you've done?" She looked straight at her friend. we can't go there. "The minute he touches you. I'm in so much fucking trouble. I'm connected to him somehow. It hurts every second I think about it. "That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard." Angel whispered. maybe it's my turn to help you." Mara nodded to herself. it's time to fight back against Paola. Even though you were bloody. He's in love with you. "Maybe this will buy me a little grace." Angel didn't say anything. I think it's because it's time to quit running. I can feel how angry he is at me. "But Mara.

Angel felt Mara's mind. "It's time to stop running. We were just talking." Mara replied. "Two pretty ladies like you should be careful about being on the side of the road. "A while back. She had a piece of Mara's blood and a piece of her soul. "Hey. "You ladies okay?" he asked. but everyone called me Anna. and for the first time their blood mingled. his voice smooth and musical– definitely another vampire. Angel thought desperately to Mara. Cautiously Mara cracked the window. and now Mara had hers. "Mine was Elianna Kennan. thanks for your concern. I figured I'd come back and check on you." Mara whispered. I know sharing of blood means a lot among our kind." "Thanks. "You're like the kid sister I never had. "Ever been?" Angel nodded. Angel could just tell by looking at him that he was a vampire. Had she heard? "Nice to meet you. and looking at Mara's face and wide-eyed stare. We're taking you to see Alexander." She sighed." Mara said. Angel felt another shock of recognition race through her body. She couldn't put her finger on it. Where are you headed?" Angel looked directly into his soft green eyes. But we're going to make a pact right now. too." For a moment. She'd never actually met any vampires since she'd been turned other than Mara. his car pulled up behind theirs. but there was something weird about him. and she wasn't quite sure how to handle it. as though he was more curious about them than he should be. the brown-haired vampire stared at her and then bit into the palm of her own hand. "Fine. He gestured for them to roll the window down. A man was standing outside Mara's window. he knew they were vampires and he didn't know how powerful they were. Then I felt a little guilty for just leaving you there if you were in trouble. "We are sisters by our blood. right now." With the revealing of names. "Well. "My name was Natalie. We will always be there for each other when we are in need. Angel. A knock on the window startled them both out of the moment. "Yeah. "Yeah. she knew her friend felt the same. Jay. For a brief second." Angel stared into her eyes." she replied. "I won't go. Natalie Latham." "He's going to kill us both. over the centuries we will never forget." he said. but also the hope and the love of their bond. Mara. End of story." "I'm willing to die for you. She could feel her fears. He's more powerful than you can imagine." . "We're okay. Obviously. But I'm an idiot who's in your corner." Mara chuckled. I'm not going to let you get hurt. "I saw you hit your brakes and swerve off the road and drove by." She bit into her palm drawing her own blood and then held her hand out to Mara. I'm not leaving you." she snapped. You're still just a Little One. "Me too. So the choice is yours." Don't tell him your name. Angel felt a shock of energy vibrate through her body. her spirit and her body as though it was merely a connection of her own. Do we run or do we fight back?" "We need to run. "My name is Jay. "The city." she said.She smiled. It could be just the opposite considering he was the one who was alone." He smiled smoothly. and she was sure that he could tell the same about them." Mara replied." Angel grabbed Mara's hand off the wheel and stared at her seriously. but he was talking with them smoothly. I need to run. Her friend stared at her in surprise and Angel stared back just as shocked." "About what?" "We are sisters. They clasped firmly. "I think I'd rather run." she admitted." "Well I'm not willing to let you die. I'll run with you.

Kieran nodded. I'll follow you." ********************* "Ancient Ones. pup. gorgeous." "He moved that fast?" Mara nodded. He was wicked and dangerous." He looked right back at her seriously. With that. "I've got another person to search. Everyone knew about him. What's going on? He asked Darian silently." "So now what do we do?" "We make for the city. though." he said aloud." I just don't know if I'm worth following." There was a slight murmur throughout the room. hide and lie in wait us to follow us. If he finds the girls before we can." Angel nodded. "Something's happening. Everyone in the chamber rose at once and bowed. You're worth following. Maybe we'll see you around. "You heard that?" Angel nodded. . "You're my sister. ditch the car. "We'll need to keep it in mind. "Paola does his own work and keeps his minions within arm's reach. they don't stand a chance. Angel stared at Mara strangely and Mara looked at her with shock right back. find they're vampires like me and the most gorgeous women I've ever seen. This one you might have heard of: Francisco Paola. Throw me a bone here. Letting him pull out in front of us gives him the opportunity to pull off. "Here I come to rescue two women. too?" Mara nodded." Kieran said bowing to Darian and Alexander as they entered the security room."You mean you're not going to give me your names?" he said with a pout. he turned to his car and pulled out again. We have something else. We believe he is following our other two targets. "Paola?" Mara shook her head. I'd like to hunt him. I'm pretty sure she's coming to New York. Not yet. Have we sighted Anna? Alexander interrupted. and get the fuck out of there. Then it will only be a matter of time. He was looking for us." "So what was that?" Mara smiled a little grimly. even if you are his beloved and his Little One. Darian thought to him. Francisco Paola is hunting the girls as well. A psychic can't control you unless he has physical contact. My guess is that Alexander doesn't take no for an answer. "Maybe you will. "Look at the car. Kieran stared at him with irritation. he said." he replied. colour and license with me." Angel nodded. Alexander had been too distracted to pick up the snide thought. I've seen his power in my dreams." Alexander said to them with a wave of his hand. Angel. I haven't seen a more powerful psychic in a long time. "Not tonight. "Welcome to our world. He heard Darian chuckle and he smiled at his mentor a little. "I don't know. "And you're wrong. I can feel she's getting closer. literally. girls!" Angel smiled. "Continue. "Ladies and gentlemen." "You got a weird vibe. Sometimes Alexander could be a pompous asshole." Mara said. Thanks for being our knight in shining armour.

I returned to my rule. Who are these women we are following. The woman who accompanies her is called Mara. knowing I'd lost my mate and was doomed to live without her for the rest of eternity. The women are to be unharmed. So. but Angel was a casualty of war. Instead. Darian replied. but then they all stood and bowed to him. searching. She fled with me across the country to Minnesota where I'm sure you know I dispelled the coup led by Kaiden Rice. Protect her from Paola. He sighed. Every vampire who was registered on . "I know you are working hard. but the question is going around and I don't have an answer for my people. It was going to leak out anyway. "I am going to put several teams on the ground throughout the city. plan on using lethal force."We will seek him. "I need your help. Her turning was most likely violent and prolonged." The vampire looked from Kieran to Alexander to Darian. she was my angel of delivery.. We're going to begin searching on our own." he said to them.. and she was the unwilling creation of Paola. and why?" Alexander stared at the people staring into computer screens filtering through electronic data. "During that journey. so it might as well be from his mouth with his words. The nature of your job is to remain secret. That was until two nights ago. thrown in a vault built to withstand a nuclear missile to die alongside me. I can't bear to lose her twice. and so I will entrust you with one before it becomes common knowledge to the rest of our world. Brutalized. who is now hunting them both. Then he looked back at the pictures delivered to his cell phone the night before." "I do not believe that Angel has completely gained her memory. she had not turned. Alexander LeGaulle was addressing them. leaving her to rest with my heart in the basement of my home. Kieran turned to the head of intelligence. you are to deliver his location to the teams and they will eliminate him.shall we gear up? Darian grinned. She was once a human. Brokenly I fed her my life. So. If anyone spots Paola." The vampires were dead silent for a moment." He looked imploringly at the assembly. and intense. "Forgive me Ancient Ones." he said bowing to all three. After twentyfive centuries." There was another slight murmur through the room. and oftentimes it comes with little thanks from me and the world. but in three days." Kieran smiled a little wickedly. Then they turned back to their computers and the room was filled with their intense voices. I had found her at last. They were diligent. and through her memory and brilliance was able to crack the security code that had locked me away despite my incredible power. but if we find him." The room was dead silent. I found her bleeding body moments after she'd taken her last breaths. shot. I need you to bring my Little One home safely to me. This is as much to protect them as it is to get rid of Paola. The woman with the black hair is called Angel. He was entrusting them with a story and a secret that no one else had heard. Please. I found that my angel of deliverance was also my true mate. the clicks of their fingers on keyboards and the large GPS screens on the walls flickered quickly as they sought to find and protect the Ancient One's lost mate. Let's go! ************* Jay pulled behind some trees and made sure his car was invisible from the road. I always love playing soldier. "Ladies and gentlemen. when the video Kieran showed you ended up on my desk. "I do not mean to pry. viewing highway cameras. So what are we going to do? Kieran asked them. "That fucker doesn't deserve the right to trial. and find her before he does. beaten.

He wondered if there was a reward for finding them and what the Ancient One wanted with them. you ended up liking her just a little. It had a GPS system." Kieran grunted. Perhaps they were traitors that had escaped punishment. even though they were far from it. Contact if sighted at once. He hoped not. "You okay?" Darian asked. He knew she could feel him. jeans. Now. Those eyes were incredible! He made ready to dial the phone. That girl is tougher than she looks." said one of the vampires that had suited up with them. he called in his mind." Jay breathed. He dialled the number at once and listened to it ring." Kieran repeated. ******************* Alexander attached the weapons belt around his waist getting an eerie feeling of déjà vu. "Admit it. "the team is ready to hit the streets. They followed the team leader to a garage beneath the building where several black cars with tinted windows awaited them. Protect them at all costs. Anna. it vibrated and another text from the same number hit his mailbox. Francisco Paola followed by a message: Paola is following the other two targets. they were ready for urban warfare.. They had to blend in. He'd thought the dark haired girl was fucking hot. "and she's got your blood. Contact sending number immediately if you have any information. Alexander stared at the car that he. though. "She's fighter. and another madman was involved. Jay was beyond curious now. computers. knowing that she was close and yet out of reach. "Montasse. because he could feel her. weapons hidden beneath jackets and tucked into the waistline of their clothes. Kieran and Darian would share with another operative. Do not detain. he closed his eyes. She's not nearly as delicate as she used to be. They're about 20 minutes . We have a civilian on the network following them on Highway 80. everything one would expect in a high tech cop car. Everything vampires did had to be covert. except they'd been revved up with special motors and technical equipment. They were unobtrusive sedans." Kieran reminded him.the national grid had received the same text and picture messages: By command of the Ancient One." He shrugged. He opened the new text. She was way more gorgeous in colour. Alexander smiled. "Blue 4-Runner. Would he be too late again? God! How she'd suffered." "Sir. look normal. The girls were hot. He nodded. but looking at her in the car almost made his knees weak. "I wish she'd gotten my gift. As he pushed the numbers into his phone. radio. "They've been sighted!" He jumped and stared at Kieran who was listening to the caller on the phone. "They're heading towards the city. Look for these women. Use lethal force against Paola if necessary. He sat in the front next to the driver. It seemed so eerily similar. Kieran and an elite team." "She's strong enough. he called again. Anna. shirts. They dressed in the clothing to blend into the streets. but maintain visual. It would make her stronger." "She's a vampire this time. "Alexander!" Kieran said. Attached was a picture of a familiar spectre." Alexander nodded." "So are we.. suiting up with Darian. "Shit. She'll be good for you. North Dakota License 352-HGK." said Kieran. Instead. "Feels the same as last time." he vaguely heard Kieran answer the phone.

Little One. I'm coming for you. Alexander closed his eyes and sent one thought with all his strength. The operative repeated the information on the radio to the other teams and then they pulled out of the garage. ." Alexander sighed in relief. She was 20 minutes away.outside the city. They'd found her.

Whenever Angel felt anxious. Her hands were unconsciously clenching and she shivered occasionally as she sat. "What if. she could feel that something wicked was coming. I've been able to avoid him for two years." Mara said." Mara chuckled warmly.. bad things happened. Angel was obviously distraught and frustrated. The two of them still weren't a match for an old one like Paola. Are you okay?" Angel shrugged.. You can take the blame for all of Paola's shit. she was right. as she continued to stare intently out the window and in the mirror." she whispered. uneasy. "Alexander?" "No. I'm supposed to protect you. hit the subway and disappear.. "I think you've mixed up our roles. Angel clutched to her tightly. Let's just turn ourselves in.' Of course. The Little One probably thought she was being subtle. With Paola and the Ancient One on their tails. Maybe you should give him another chance. That was the most important part. "Come on. Mara. Despite all her efforts. and that was before I had you and your incredible talents.." said Mara reaching out and taking her hand. I just feel. but Mara had been watching people for a long time. anger. those incredible blue eyes scanning the streets and the darkness for something she knew was nearby. I'm supposed to be the mentor and you the Little One. I suppose so. "We're almost . Little One." "Fine.. She noticed Angel shiver again and look out her window. they needed to get out of New York and become invisible quickly." "What?" "Anxious. Paola had never been one to let his toys escape him. "No problem. Francisco doesn't stand a chance against the two of us. "Easy. but he treated me like. for she was working hard to restrain herself. whatever the hell it was she felt. Initially she'd thought to find a new start in a different corner of the country. "I can feel him coming. and I'll meekly stand at his side and watch you do it. "I'm not some stupid child!" "You are a Little One." "I'm so angry at him. "Yeah." she fumed." Mara said shaking her head in amusement at Angel's moodiness. "No!" Angel snarled. How does that sound?" "Anyone tell you that you've got one hell of a temper?" Angel growled again and stared out the window. it seemed that somehow her dark past had followed her. idiot. but couldn't identify." Mara nodded. I'm not going to let anyone hurt you anymore. "We'll get away from him. giving her a look that clearly said 'keep telling yourself that.Chapter Seventeen "Will you quit it?" "What?" "You keep looking in your mirror. fear and sadness.." Mara felt her heart rate accelerate ever so slightly. seeking safety and anonymity among the sea of strangers of the famous city. I know it. Her expressive face fluctuated with expressions of frustration." Angel snapped. when or how. but she couldn't determine from where. Their only option was to run. "He said he'd put you on trial for what Paola forced you to do." Angel smiled wanly." Mara began for the third time that night. "He said he loved me. and if they were lucky they'd be able to ditch the car." she growled irritably. They were on the north end of the city already. "And he is your creator. I won't let him.

there. In an agonizing moment a whirr of memories assaulted her.. a memory stirred. His arms were strong and gentle as he held her. it was accelerating. She wanted to cry. She couldn't imagine how difficult it must be to see things and feel things. Angel's eyes glowed with power even as she stared looked hopelessly and horror stricken out the window at the oncoming lights of a large SUV. We're going to be okay. She knew that voice. The last thing she observed was that the vehicle wasn't braking. but unable to understand how or when. images that had been shunted away for the past month suddenly overwhelmed her. . She hurt so much. It seemed sometimes gifts were blessings and sometimes they were curses. She remembered the shot to his head. Her last memories were jumbled and shaky. Somewhere in the dark recesses of her mind. She remembered his stories.. She recalled darkness. his sensuous voice running over her body like a tender caress. Settle down. Mara sighed. she flinched or started only to close her eyes for a moment and then open them to stare once again. They'd passed a few subway stations on the way already.tired." a smooth sensual voice echoed in the darkness. dripping from her nose. Then finally she remembered her last moments. For so long she'd wished for a special gift." he breathed. Every once and a while. it was time to abandon their identifying vehicle and make their way underground. Cael. She saw herself shooting the vampire that was Bradford as he attacked her in madness. and it was going to ram right into the passenger's side with incredible force. She was so tired. she couldn't move and she was so. In that single second her brain registered everything. much like Angel's. Suddenly she was there again. "Easy. She only caught the lights in her peripheral vision. There was no one to hold her as she died. knowing they were going to happen. She remembered him holding her defiled. Their story played in her mind like a movie. their heart wrenching escape. and those very words spoken in that beautifully powerful voice. ********** Oh GOD! Was she even alive? She hurt. Anna. She debated about whether to slam on the brakes or punch on the gas to avoid the vehicle that would obviously broadside them.. lying in despair as James Bradford and Kaiden molested her. as she stared in surprise. soothing her and comforting her. Fight! A tiny voice in the back of her mind echoed. blood-covered body in a dark and dirty vault. FIGHT! She just needed to rest. stroking her hair comforting her as she shivered in agony. but she found her body frozen.. Mara started looking for a place to stop and dump their SUV. She was dying. They were centred on one man: Alexander LeGaulle. not just the strange affinity to disarm security systems. In the lassitude of pain. She could hear her heartbeat. and his heart even as her body bled dark blood from a wound in her abdomen and then. their trip across country to Montana. The rest was black. but as she watched Angel flinch she wondered. but it was enough to make her turn. it seemed to last for hours though in reality she knew the knowledge was overwhelming her in merely a few seconds as she sat in agony.nothing. She recalled running through the house with the sounds of warfare about her. Was there no one to even hold her hand? "Easy." Angel just shook her head and continued to peer into the darkness as they drove through the city. pooling about her body. pounding in the silence. "Cael?" her own voice echoed from the past. She smelled her own blood. Mara screamed. The melodious voice was soft and gentle and it slid over her body like a gentle caress.

Crunching and creaking. her mind sighed in weary longing. but then he took her hand again and held it tightly." said the man holding the bag to her lips.. "You're really hurt. Finally. She could see his eyes glittering dangerously as he hovered over her protectively. kiddo. She closed her sightless eyes." She felt someone reach over her and unlatch her seat belt. Cael. whimpering with need. Cael. Cael. She'd lived for the past month in the shadows of a former life and yet she knew something horribly important was missing. Instead. it wasn't an ache in her stomach that drove her need to consume. but never understanding what it meant. She didn't care that it was bagged. She remembered was the way his hair curled when he ran his fingers through in frustration. rebelling against the rigid constraints of his meticulous style almost stubbornly. but at once she knew the smell. how he straightened his jeans so self-consciously. "Be strong. She could literally feel her skin . She simply swallowed with animalistic hunger. Give your body some time to heal. She didn't care that it wasn't warm. uncomfortable with the casual dress. oh my Cael. She was so tired.. For a moment she was left all alone. She could smell the spicy male scent combined with the sweet scent of his flesh that was uniquely his. "That's a girl. comforted by this stranger who gently stroked her hair and held her hand as she lay on the hard ground. flowing from the veins of a live donor.Cael must have found her in that hallway. everything made sense. and given her his blood. "Okay. and she moaned in agony." said the man. "I know this feels awful." She nodded. "Drink up. Oh God! Cael! Her mind recalled the little things. FIGHT! There were noises outside now. "Nope. Slowly she felt her body begin to battle its broken state. The darkness of forgetfulness had at last been filled." She felt something press to her lips. I'm so sorry. Finally. bloody and broken. you're going to be okay. I'm going to help you. but I promise. "Hang on. and injury and repairing them to their original state. You've lost too much blood to do it on your own. her Cael had come too late. he pulled her from the crumpled heap of Mara's SUV and pulled her close comfortingly. "Good God. or so they all thought. It'll help you heal. I know you don't believe me." She felt him carry her for a moment and then lay her gently on the ground. but now it only increased the ache and pain in her heart. "I've got some blood in my trunk." "I'm not going to die?" she breathed wearily. longing for more to consume." She didn't reply. She'd been feeling the ache in her soul. the way he smiled devilishly as he stole a French fry. The discomfort of healing wasn't the same as hunger. then carefully lift her out of her seat. It was cold. "That's probably enough for now. and plastic. He pulled on her legs to free them from the crumpled vehicle." he said. I can tell by your eyes." She moaned but did her best to relax and allow him to free her." an unfamiliar voice said. "You're going to need it to heal. "We're almost out. you're a Little One. making her gasp in pain. She didn't really care. blood. her body was way beyond such things." he said gently. soft. Instinctively her fangs elongated and she bit into the bag purring in need as the chilled liquid splashed on her tongue. the way his hand always seemed to find hers when she was afraid. She was going to leave him alone yet again." he said. We're almost there. She could almost feel the comfort of his touch. She consumed it with desperate swallows exulting in the strength of the powerful healing essence as it flowed through her body. it was an agonizing pulse of energy radiating out from her core seeking out imperfections. kiddo.

Little One. You're not well enough to just go off on your own. It was all the confirmation she needed. Mara! She sat up in horror.closing and regenerating around her wounds. Remember me? My name's Jay." he replied emphasizing the words as though she didn't have the right to call him by his name. Jay. "Just some friends. aren't you?" Jay was silent. "Oh God it hurts!" He chuckled." Angel shook her head and tried to sort through the jumble of thoughts. She wanted nothing more than to find a bed and sleep. She cursed her aching body. "She's weak but okay. She was slowly feeling better. "Listen." the man said holding her hand tightly. Mara didn't have time for her to be weak. she was afraid. in pain. "I saw you stopped on the road and offered my assistance." "Who? Who is after you?" "Francisco Paola. "Sort of. As the last shudders went through her body. though for a while she could only lay gasping. holding her hand stroking her hair comfortingly. "Someone came and took her out of the vehicle and carried her off. "You're talking to the representatives of Alexander LeGaulle. tell me about it. The strange vampire sat mutely with her." she whispered. "Yeah. his brow furrowing at her as she struggled to stand and . She didn't have time to be weak. She can't resist him. Mara was in trouble. "I'm going to make a call real quick and get some help. That's what this was about. "I'm sure she's okay.. For a moment she was dizzy and she had to take deep breaths to steady her reeling head. it occurred to her who Jay might be calling." said Jay. "Where's Mara?" she demanded. Angel's eyesight returned and she was able to look at him for the first time." Jay was quiet for a moment." he replied. She could only hope that she and Mara had guessed correctly when he'd stopped for them earlier.. "Can you call Alexander?" "No one calls the Ancient One." "Your friend looked pretty tough. "You need to rest. and walked over to where Jay was talking on the phone pacing. He looked vaguely familiar. "I got her some blood." Jay replied a little too evasively to be believable." Suddenly." she could hear Jay saying. Her friend is nowhere to be seen. She whimpered and cursed in agony. She forced herself to her feet. Little One." Finally." said Jay." he agreed. "Who are you talking to?" she asked. "Oh GOD!" she cried." she said. it seemed the agony of healing was over. her bones painfully mending together while the adrenaline from shock faded from her system. "He's got her. She had to be strong for her friend. "That's it. She forced herself to sit up again. "He's taken her. she had to recover. he hurt me and took her with him. "You were the only one in the car." "Oh God." she cried." he said. she'd met him when he'd pulled over to check on Mara and her. "I know you. but she was horribly exhausted. "Paola is a psychic. even though the only thing she really wanted to do was to sleep. He had soft green eyes and dark brown hair. Angel could tell he wasn't used to subterfuge. but her heart ached." Angel shook her head again. her internal organs repairing themselves. or rather." Angel nodded and laid her head back down on the cool cement.

He felt as though he'd let Alexander down by not being able to see that she was going to turn into a vampire. and though he was restrained right now. While Darian didn't talk about it.. "You're feeling her more. He was rather proud of the team and their intelligence. too. "We're close." said Kieran comfortingly." said their driver." "He'll be there in a few minutes. "I want to talk to Alexander. It seemed that he was also bent on helping more than he did last time. "I just want to talk to Alexander. Kieran knew that he took it very personally when he'd learned that Anna survived. The last time he'd nearly destroyed his own house." she said. He'd not said much of anything as they'd begun to head towards the north end of the island." said Kieran grinning at Alexander." said the voice over the radio. he felt it was his right to be able to know such things. especially when he wanted to help his best friend." "Yeah." "We're sending help your way right now. "Paola's going to kill Mara. "Yeah.walk. The Ancient One could feel his mate's fear. Kieran could feel his power crackling in the air. Kieran couldn't imagine the damage he'd do to the city if something happened to Anna again. "I don't have time to wait. but once again. "Please. Kieran privately admitted to himself that the only reason he found her so irritating was because she was willful and stubborn. Alexander had been nearly beside himself last time. however. too far to help her." she replied. Kieran felt a little prickle on his spine and turned to see Darian's silver eyes glowing slightly. Angel." said the man. This was all too similar for his taste. he was quite pleased. and he's doing a good job about reporting their turn-offs." Alexander nodded and was silent. "You okay?" Darian asked Alexander startling Kieran from his musings. He's leading us right to them." he replied back into the phone. he was somehow lost in the strange connection he shared with the irritating girl. something he'd worked hard to establish over the last decade. but he couldn't get there fast enough. Considering the system was run exclusively by vampires and many couldn't get through the day without seeking rest. there were too many roadblocks in his way. "I understand that." she replied. brother. They'd managed to locate Mara and Anna within 24 hours of initiating the all-out search." he said curtly." said the man. "I want to talk to Alexander. "Yeah. Tears filled her eyes and she cursed herself for being weak and weepy.. Please let me talk to Alexander. was silent." Alexander replied. He'd never imagined Alexander falling for a woman like her. "Not too shabby. "Close enough to feel her fear. "We're on. though he admitted that it kept the Ancient One on his toes. "We'll get there. "We'll be there in 20 minutes. As a dream walker." she demanded into the phone. something he'd never tolerate in a woman of his own." Darian replied." Kieran wished he could say something to comfort his friend." he swore in amazement as she ripped the phone from his hand. brother." he added in satisfaction. He knew his creator's inability to sense Anna was a huge frustration. "Are you Angel?" a man asked her. He didn't doubt that Anna would drive Alexander to hysterics with her antics for many centuries to come. Alexander. if you'll just wait. Anna was like a black hole . "She's afraid. Once again. "We've got a civilian following them." The man on the other end was silent. "We've got them." she begged her voice breaking. He was just a hair away from losing it once again. ************ "They're heading down Broadway.

too." There was a long pause. It surely made for a very nerve-wracking experience. wait. "Is Alexander there?" she asked. "Montasse." she cried her voice breaking.. Suddenly Alexander gasped and then he let out a growl of fury." said Alexander. Even standing next to the girl he could only vaguely see her future and the events that were happening or were going to happen. He pulled it out. Alexander snarled suddenly and turned to his friend. "Get him back on the line. He's going to get out and see if he can help.. The tail is going to tend to her. "Kieran?" a frantic female voice demanded. "The three of us will discourage pursuit." he said to the driver. Angel is on the passenger side." said Kieran." Darian breathed his eyes glittering again. The world didn't need to know her true name. "He just hung up to tend to the Little One. Alexander pulled the phone from his hand angrily.the driver of the Chevy has gotten out of the car. After all these years. "An. Mara.." said the dispatcher. "Yeah. She sounded afraid. tired. "That's a yes.." said the dispatch. he didn't recognize it." "Tell him to stay on the line. the girl is probably seriously injured.." Their driver nodded and swallowed slightly. "She's still in the car. before the human police showed up at the accident. Suddenly he jumped as his cell phone rang. there was still something boyishly exciting about evading the law and getting away with it. "We're on our way." he snarled." said the dispatcher. The driver asked the question on the radio. Are you okay?" "No. "He's going to the driver's side of the vehicle. She's unconscious. Kieran could feel Alexander and Darian reaching out with their minds 'discouraging' any police officers from finding their outrageous speed offensive and smiled a little wickedly. Alexander growled.Angel?" he replied catching himself.." "The SUV has just been in a serious accident. though. He could probably feel the air sizzling with their respective powers. towards the subway. Kieran could tell he was a little nervous." "Paola. The tail says it's a bad accident. Kieran quickly assessed the sound of her voice. All his anger at the girl quickly dissipated to concern.in his sea of visions and it drove Darian to distraction.." "Is Angel in the car? Is she okay?" Alexander demanded taking the radio away from the driver. They needed to get to Angel quickly. he's kin. his name is Jay Martin. The Ancient One snarled angrily. After a few moments. but Kieran ignored him. . "I swear to God I'm going to personally dismember whoever just touched her. "They're still heading south on Broadway. She might need Alexander's blood to heal if she was in serious condition. frowning at the number.. "He's got the other target. "Claremont and 120th. alone and frantic. Only a few people had this cell number." said the dispatcher who was in communication with the civilian tail. It wasn't every day when one was the driver for three of the oldest vampires alive. Darian let out an irritated sigh and shook his head. "Go as fast as you can. "Is Angel on the passenger side?" asked Kieran. they were broadsided on the passenger's side by a silver Chevy Tahoe. NOW!" "What is their location?" said Kieran pulling the radio from Alexander's hand. "She's been hurt!" he cried angrily. He's heading down the street with Mara.

"Ancient One?" she heard Jay saying. He'll try to control you. "Hey again." Jay pleaded. it gave easily. She put the crowbar in the seam of the glove box and pulled with her strength. Angel. "There's nothing you can do. Mara helped you." she replied. Kieran nodded slightly." the girl cried to him. "I know it. "Just wait for us. but even I had to rest. "Hey Jay. "You're going to be too late!" she cried. I'll protect her. "Put him on speaker phone." she called. I know you don't remember when you and I were fleeing together." ********** Angel pulled at the glove box latch. You've got to rest in order to recover. "He's right. She could feel Mara's presence." she said." he breathed." "You're going to be too late!" she cried. It must have had something to do with their sharing of blood. Even though she was weak. "You can't go after Paola. she felt empowered. "Do you want me to tackle her and hold her until you arrive?" Angel pulled the gun from her jeans and pointed it straight at him. Angel. chambered the bullet. "Oh my God." she replied to Alexander." "Angel. I can see it. "Angel?" Alexander called to her. "What are you doing?" "There's a gun in the glove box." said Alexander soothingly." she said. Darian thought to him. There was a pause. Mara! She tried shouting in her mind. just stop running from me. Even though she was tired. and I owe her much for it. just like they could hear each others' thoughts. "What about you? What if it was Kieran or . "Talk to Alexander for me while I get this. What I said before was wrong. Angel. He's taken her!" "We're coming." She chucked the phone his way and he reflexively caught it. We'll be there in 10 minutes. Somehow he always did that to her." "Just like he's doing to Mara?" She demanded." she replied in a tiny voice. I'll focus on the police. remembering Cael's lesson. "You can't do much to a vampire with a gun." said Alexander. his excellent hearing enabled him to hear what the girl was saying. "In 10 minutes she'll be dead. Angel grabbed it. "He's going to kill her! I know he will. "Oh my God. I promise you. Even though he didn't have the phone. and put it in the back of her jeans along with the other clip. Her voice was awed." said Alexander calmingly. the side of the car was too crushed to make it function properly." she said. "He crashed his car into us and hurt me so I couldn't help her. "He's taken Mara." her companion in the background said. "I can feel her!" "Angel?" a voice in the background called. There was Mara's handgun with an extra clip. Listen in. Suddenly she wondered if she could call to her. There was something about him that softened her temper. but it wasn't working." "Angel. I kept seeing it in my visions. "We'll get there and then we'll track him." "But I can't. She opened the back door of the SUV and pulled out Mara's crowbar. No amount of blood will help you without it. "You try it and I'll shoot you a couple of places I imagine would still smart like hell!" "He wants to talk to you again."Angel?" Kieran watched as his friend's hand tremble and his eyes soften." she almost breathed again. He's powerful and he'll hurt you. Jay nodded and pushed the button. Mara! I'm coming.

" she said. Even seeing Paola in her visions froze her marrow.. Besides. he wasn't going to the University with Mara." whispered Jay." she said. He growled into the phone. We're maybe five minutes away. pushed her trembling gun aside and put a Bluetooth in her ear." "Shared a blood oath?" he finished for her." She swallowed and turned to Jay. "I've always loved you. "Alexander." Jay nodded. I'll help you as best I can. then he put his cell phone in his jacket pocket. I don't know New York. "I didn't know it would do this. "Keep close to me or you'll lose contact with him. the city was eerie. she couldn't imagine him. She knew he was getting irritated. and then locked the doors. . "They went this way. "Didn't you see him turn and look right at us?" he growled." Angel replied. Then he walked up to her." said Alexander. his voice. please. Little One. and it sent a shiver through her." he replied. I'm sorry." "We're driving 90 miles an hour right now. "you'll lose service. Jay" said Alexander on the phone. Suddenly he grabbed her and pulled her into the shadows." she said. Ancient One. but. even if it is nearly two months too late." he replied. "I will." he breathed in return. his evil." she agreed. Perhaps it was the "city that never sleeps" but in the current situation." Angel sighed and felt tears fill her eyes." "Which way are you going?" Alexander asked her." "How can you feel her?" Alexander asked." Angel shuddered. He went to his car." "My beautiful Angel. and she couldn't shake the feeling of something wicked creeping down her spine. They were right next to Columbia University. "Thanks. I'm coming for you. Little One." "Okay." she replied. The streets were empty." She sniffed and nodded." She looked around and felt a shiver run down her spine." She turned to Jay. At this time of night. I'm glad it did. would you wait for reinforcements. "But that doesn't mean I'm going to quit fighting. "Protect her until we can get there. "Yeah. You're almost as helpless as a human. "Are you ready?" "Give me a sec." he said." Angel nodded. "Are you going to help me or not." She closed her eyes and tried to feel for her friend's presence. "What are you doing?" Angel hissed. pulled something out. his beady eyes staring down at her. Jay?" "Go with her." Alexander said. The last thing she really wanted to do was face his evil in real life. I get the feeling that Paola is close. "There. but it was decidedly chilling. "We um.. "I've never been one that's very useful in a battle. or would you go?" "I'm a different story. "I think we need to be quiet. "Dear God. it just felt creepy." "Okay. Forgive me. "I'll just listen. "There's the subway stop Columbia. "I don't know." she replied. "We're coming. and maybe it was because the smell of the water was wafting in on the breeze. "Let's go." "There's nothing to forgive. "I'm just following them down a street. "He knows we're coming. Can you wait that long?" "Not if he hops on a train with her. "If you go in the subway station. He nodded in reply. but she couldn't see Paola deviating from the street. the power of a dream walker isn't one that is very useful in battle. "I have complete control over my power. Maybe it was because she'd seen what the monster they were following was capable of. "I love you." "I think they're going there. She gathered he was trying to keep away from people as much as possible.Darian? They're your best friends." whispered Jay." she whimpered her voice breaking." Angel was silent and with Jay she walked down the street. You've barely began to touch on yours. "Hurry.

" Angel confirmed. with the white tile walls. Angel!" Alexander cried in exasperation.. "They're still here. "That's the sound of a train. turnstiles and stairs. "I'll hurt her. It seemed to beckon them with its twin lights glowing in the empty streets signifying the gaping hole that lead to an underground world of trains. Can you hear me? Angel? Mara replied. I can still feel her close by. "Don't let Paola. Something's going to happen down there. would you? I'll try." "It's cracked." She couldn't hear the last part of his caution. tiled walls. "Mara's awake."Come on. That's why I'm not telling you my plans. "Let's go." Jay shook his head at her but followed alongside without further comment. "It's leaving. "Stay close. Oh God! Angel RUN! I'm coming for you. tile and stairs. for the phone went dead. "Where to now. "I have to go. For a moment." said Jay. ." Jay nodded. He knows you're following him.. "You okay?" Jay whispered." she said simply. "She's not on the train. Angel shivered. He knows you won't hurt her.. Little One. as though something was trying to tell her that if she descended. Angel could feel Mara even more strongly now. She closed her eyes and felt for Mara's presence again. Mara." she confirmed. Angel. "Can't we move any faster?" She and Jay hurried down the street and towards the subway." She hurried down the steps with Jay behind her and peered around. you're done for.." she replied. It was like any other station. "Mara's ahead of us. "but something's not right. If they make it on a train." she said." she whispered. "Paola knows we're following him. They'd gone down into the tunnel. Angel?" asked Jay. "he might try to use Mara to stop you." Angel nodded. we'll lose them." she said." Angel shook her head. She closed her eyes. her life would somehow be altered forever. "They went that way. Keep him distracted. "We're running out of time. musty smelling.. She hadn't been in a subway since she was a kid. She couldn't let Paola hurt her again." "If he's as powerful of a psychic as you say. Angel following not only the connection she had with her friend. She closed her eyes and tried to reach out to Mara again." "Look!" Jay pulled on her arm.. "That service door. Mara had been so excited to buy something that made her feel so beautiful. she replied." she heard Alexander say to his companions. A feeling of foreboding ran down her spine." whispered Jay. Angel sniffed and wiped at her eyes. She saw the famous mosaic that had graced the walls for more than a century. He's going to hurt you. "Angel. Mara? She called to her friend. but it met her expectations. but if he reads my mind." Angel finished for him." They hurried down the stairs. They were close enough that she could scent the soft perfume they had bought just a few nights ago." "God. took off the blue tooth and chucked it at Jay. "Down. she paused under those two globes. but also her sense of smell. "You okay?" Jay asked her quietly. "They went this way. I think we've just lost them. but I won't kill her. "Just WAIT!" She shivered as a slight breeze chilled her sweating skin." "God damn it." Cael called his voice already breaking up. dirty.

and you and I both know even a vampire will die with a head shot. She willed her body to relax in his arms. if she thought about what she was really doing she would probably be too terrified to do it. That's it." she agreed. I want you to point it at your own head and kill yourself." Paola's voice whispered in her ear. "It's part of my charm. as was Paola's shriek. Just like Mara. Once you've killed them. and it was obvious what he'd just commanded her to do when she lifted her gun. really. She didn't mind. there was no trace of her friend. "I suppose it was a warning. You're a stubborn one. and several yards into the tunnel the tiles were completely gone and it was just plain cement." Angel shivered. Angel thought she'd turned to ice as the sound slid down her spine. For a moment." she called back hoping her voice sounded much braver than she felt. grabbed Mara's hand and with an astounding karate move. "It worked out exactly as I thought it would. It seemed that the mental abilities of being a dream walker somehow shielded her mind from the powers of the psychic. Angel didn't have time to react. He was torn between protecting her as the Ancient One commanded and giving up his own life. With a graceful move he stood before her. Angel listened to his words. whose fangs were bared and whose eyes were glittering viciously. Looking into those eyes." his voice echoed back. keeping Angel behind him. Mara! She shouted the name in her friend's head. He knew Paola was a psychic. sickened by his plan. but she found that they held no power over her. coming after a fucking wretch like Mara. Jay reached out. "I had a weird feeling when we got here. "I'll blow her head off. Mara. but Jay did." Jay laughed darkly. who remained frozen. but she was too late. here. Little One." he warned. If she could convince him that she was under his power. noting that the cleanliness of this new tunnel was seriously neglected. trying make it seem that she was submitting to his control." Jay froze."The service tunnels in this place are creepy. she might be able to help her friends. She winked at him encouragingly and then turned and fired a shot right into Paola's chest. "Don't move!" he shouted to Jay. I'm going to give you this gun and you're going to shoot at your friends with it. but Paola didn't seem to notice. Suddenly there was a low growl beside her. "You haven't listened to any of them yet. a wicked voice called in her head. you will do what I demand. I own you. Do you understand? Angel nodded." "You've got spunk. Angel. Tiles had fallen off the wall. She raised her gun up towards Jay." They crept towards the door. Francisco. his eyes filled with horror. STOP! It was the last thing she thought before her friend charged at her viciously. She didn't have to do anything. "Not even from the Ancient One. The wicked sound made her shudder involuntarily. his voice purred in her mind. "it's you. aren't you?" She shrugged. used her momentum against her and flipped her onto her back with a loud thud. Angel winced at the sound. Listen to me. Little One?" a wicked voice called to them. He put the gun in her hands and then released her." he said. The sound of the gun in the tunnel was deafening. Angel screeched." "The fucking wretch isn't Mara. but was suddenly very grateful that Jay had accompanied her. "How honourable. . too. She turned and stared in horror at Mara. Suddenly she knew how to outwit Paola. "Perhaps I'll find you amusing for a while. He pulled the gun from her jeans and wrapped his arm around her body holding the weapon to her head. Angel pitied him. You are mine now. In reality. "Are you coming for me. Staying close behind him they crept inside.

he'll use you as a weapon!" Angel returned. His vicious black eyes were glowing with rage and his powerful body easily restrained her. Paola was on her reaching for the gun snarling. "I know. Angel gasped as she felt the bullet pierce her lungs and she stumbled backwards gasping. The gun fired as they fought for control. Angel." "Guess what." Paola chuckled to her wickedly. He was too quick for her. "I've got Paola. Paola's face paled but then he smiled and caught her assault allowing her to take him to the ground. Before she could move. Angel made to fire again. but in a blink he was gone. For a brief second. as she tried to get air back into her lungs." said Angel. To her surprise she didn't gush blood and she didn't cough it up. "What happened to Jay?" "I kinda knocked him out. Without thinking she fired at Paola again this time she saw the bullet make contact in his shoulder. either. spittle dripping from his chin. "You're a funny kid. . Angel?" Mara whispered in her ear. but she dodged as quickly as she could. "If he touches you. but I'm not counting on it for either one of us." Jay whispered to her. but suddenly Angel was knocked to the ground. He really is a monster. "How do you resist me. Suddenly Mara went still in his arms and Angel swallowed a lump in her throat." he said. though. "Get away from him!" Jay jumped out of Paola's reach even as Paola tried to grab him. "I will resist you until the day I die!" Angel gasped in surprise as Mara launched herself at Paola her fangs bared. "Good night. Angel thought to herself. He was incredibly fast. "Pain usually snaps me out of it. He kicked Paola in his side making the vampire grunt and release his grip on Angel's wrist. Paola roared in pain." Jay chuckled. She screeched and struggled against him even though she knew that in her exhausted state she'd never be able to resist him. though Paola's awesome strength against her diminutive size and exhausted body mad it no contest. Little One?" Paola snarled. She swore. snarling with rage."You fucking bitch!" Paola screamed. desperately trying not to lose control of the gun. For a moment she simply gasped. and easily dodged her attack. "You okay. "Are you?" she whimpered to her friend. his fangs glittering in the dim light. She figured that she might as well go down cursing him. and once again she gasped in pain." Mara admitted. "No one resists me. Angel!" Jay cried." Mara and Paola both rose standing side-by-side their eyes glittering at Angel and Jay. She stumbled backwards and looked up at Paola stubbornly. "Angel!" Jay cried jumping to her defence. Little One. but this time he jumped out of the way." Angel nodded. but she felt even more exhausted than before. If he was able to rip it from her hands. "Get Mara and run!" Jay cried." She nodded. and Angel began to unload the weapon at Paola. He pulled the trigger. He'd taken whatever control Mara had gained over herself back. "I hope you make it." Mara's voice snarled. "He's got her again. you bastard. He pulled the gun from her hands and shot it point-blank into her chest. "Here we go!" Jay leapt toward Mara. Angel fired again. She screamed and struggled kicking and clawing at him viciously. In what seemed like a split second he was standing in front of her and had grabbed the gun. he'd kill her." she admitted. "We're in trouble. He shot again. if that was how she was going to go. It clipped her arm. "I kinda get him by default. "Get back over here.

In the blink of an eye. his beady black eyes glowing with wicked triumph. "I never have. Angel."Paola's going to kill us. "I don't care if you're willing. "Drink." Angle felt Mara wrap her arms around her body protectively. You should have just returned to the Ancient One. Her body throbbed. This is all my fault. you are my saviour. Just drink. Angel. The last thing she remembered before she lost consciousness was his voice. and each time she breathed it felt like her lungs were on fire. Suddenly there was a vicious snarl." ." "No." Angel breathed." "Come here. vicious vampire. Francisco." she snarled. "I'll never come to you willingly. She was going to pass out. "I'm sorry." Paola called to her." He chuckled. the once triumphant Paola was overwhelmed by another snarling." He walked towards the two women huddling together on the ground. "I'm sorry I couldn't help you like you helped me. Angel clung to Mara shivering as Paola struggled with the new attacker. Her eyes blurred with tears and a strange buzzing sensation spread through her limbs. "You belong to me. Angel felt Mara pull her close and hold her tight. Mara." Angel whimpered.

whispering words of love and encouragement as she drank his healing essence.. No. He wasn't wicked. debased. "let's take her home where she belongs. She thought back to all those crime scenes that had been wiped clean just like this. trying to comprehend what had just happened. When Alexander LeGaulle. his deadly grace made her heart pound in fear. she thought that he'd kill her if Angel wasn't okay. feeding his Little One his blood. Even dead. His eyes were glowing like neon in the dark. She shrank away from him a little. impatience. Mara smiled. brother. all right. She watched him walk towards her feeling suddenly like a doe pinned in the corner by a lithe tiger. That was Angel. For a minute. "Come. His eyes grew gentle. She could feel the heat of his body . showing her she was loved. That was how a creator was supposed to treat the woman he turned. Finally. She held her breath as he moved closer even still until he stood inches away from her. but the moment he held her abused and nearly comatose form in his arms. his wicked demeanour changed. Alexander had bitten into his own wrist. She was better off alone. For a few moments. crooning voice. there was something about him that made her hands tremble. There was a sense of arrogance. "If you don't get her home. He licked the wounds on his wrist. Suddenly the dark-haired vampire turned his gaze upon her. she knew what wicked looked like. he wasn't someone to fuck around with. his body battered from the Ancient One's fury. as though an unspoken joke had passed between them." he said still smiling. modify the security cameras to hide what had happened. glaring down into her face. but the way that these people hid the very existence of vampires was strangely intriguing. speaking to her in a tender. forced her to use her knowledge and talents for evil. She looked at the bloody remains of the wicked vampire who had forever damned her to a life filled with darkness and despair. Mara felt tears well up in her eyes as she watched them. his fangs retracted and he stroked the girl's bloody hair out of her face. Then he stood looking meaningfully at a vampire with white-blond hair and silver eyes. She'd heard of this when she became a vampire. she watched the team efficiently clean away all traces that this place had been a battleground of the supernatural. his fangs dripped with his enemy's blood and the air was crackling with his power. stroked her hair again gently and kissed her pouting lips softly. For a moment. Of all the vampires she'd ever met. She felt the cold cement of the wall against her back and started in surprise. Paola had only tortured her. cradling Angel protectively in his arms. his almost black eyes glinting with power.. used. protected and cherished. she had no pity. and rabid wildness to him that was at once terrifying and alluring. she might manage to get herself into more trouble.Chapter Eighteen She stared mutely at the Ancient One and his companions. Mara was terrified. leaving an entire team of vampires to clean up the remains of Paola. She stared at him. "You'll take care of things?" The vampire nodded and bowed. She seemed to have a knack for getting into some strange messes. and tormented her to satisfy his sick urges. covered in Paola's blood. and remove the blood from the walls and floors. The Ancient One carried his mate out of the tunnel." the man teased." Alexander nodded and then turned to another vampire with dark hair and dark eyes. she didn't even realize she had been backing away from him. He'd raped. her eyes wide. had viciously grabbed Angel from her arms. His deep voice sent shivers down her spine and his glinting eyes made her breath catch in her throat. She wiped the tears irritably from her face and reminded herself once again that she didn't need anyone. His companion smiled warmly and shook his head chuckling. it seemed the Ancient One was satisfied that Angel was going to be okay. heart thumping in her chest. and she'd seen places that had been cleaned up like this before when she was a human. with his throat ripped out. while his dark eyes seemed to grow predatory.

and the minds of any potential witnesses were altered.. Mara gasped. Unlike human police that were so concerned with preserving a crime scene. she wondered bitterly if she'd ever see her best friend again. but seeing so many people with earpieces and other technology that denoted a special force dressed in street clothes seemed inherently out of place to her. turned you and forced you into doing the very thing you'd been placed on a special team to stop?" Mara's eyes filled with tears.." A voice shattered the intense moment. Besides. Vampires could sense the feelings of others around them." he said quietly. Who would have thought? She surely didn't.next to hers. as though he knew she'd try to elude him given the chance.. and . she did her best to listen in and learn how the special teams of the vampire world worked. dangerous voice. As the teams asked questions and reported to her captor. and if the dark vampire was as old as she guessed. the warmth of his breath. he'd sense her excitement and would quickly grab her again. Mara looked at them curiously. she could tell they were specially trained and were carrying concealed weapons. He knew about her! He knew who she was! Oh God! "Or should I say Special Agent Latham?" he continued. Even though they were dressed in street clothes. She was too tired and beat-up and she knew at once that she'd never best this vampire in a direct confrontation." he growled as he pulled her along. after the last two decades. none of it was your fault." he purred in a dark.unexpected. and it made her sad and angry.. "Lord Montasse. hot. she'd learned how to be patient and to wait for the right moment. Now that she knew Angel would be safe and protected. She loved Angel like a sister. If she had known she would have never. She'd taken care of her and taught her the ways of vampires as best as she could. "For what it's worth. lost in their shadowy depths. The dark-haired vampire nodded and grabbed her arm firmly. A limousine arrived for the Ancient One and Angel. It made sense for vampires to blend in with the human population. Mara felt her body surge as he used her true name. It was like staring into a midnight fire. their intent was to completely erase it from existence. the power of his presence. She stared up at him in shock.. his face paling as those black eyes stared him down. "Move it. and then her heart pounded even more in panic. it was intoxicating and absolutely overwhelming. In a moment of distraction. Videos were erased. She listened as they reported on the status of the clean up. The tenderness in his voice was so. Mara did her best to control her sudden elation. powerful vampire hadn't just shown her kindness? For a moment Mara couldn't help but to stare in his eyes. Surely this dark. girl." the vampire said even as he took a step back. It was obvious to Mara that she wasn't invited. "Miss Natalie Latham. She bowed her head unable to answer. she cautiously looked around the subway stop. another good use for a vampire with psychic skills. As she watched them pull away. There was enough chaos going on that she could easily slip away. and Mara bowed her head again doing her best not to shake fearfully in the powerful vampire's presence. "Who would have thought that the serial killer you had been hunting twenty years ago was a vampire? Who would have thought that he would have taken you. He turned growling. black.. and the silver-eyed vampire joined them.. The dark vampire was instantly bombarded by others asking him questions and getting orders for the clean-up. "You're needed above ground. the dark-haired vampire released her arm as he continued to give orders and make decisions.. traces of blood removed. Mara didn't resist. Taking deep breaths. but he caught her chin in his fingers. and consuming.

" he breathed wickedly. The vampire who had been tailing them and than later helped the girls attack Paola was still terribly groggy. Instinctively. but it was a hassle. she turned and dashed away. There were so many questions he hoped she would be able to answer. "No. there were the damn security cameras in the tunnels. First. He closed his eyes and sniffed the air. It seemed that Mara had good taste. I will hunt her. He'd been one of the greatest trackers of all time. Then there was all the blood. The fact that she'd had the balls and the clarity of mind to flee almost made him respect her. and he didn't look nearly as bad as Mara did. catching the soft perfume that she wore. but she remembered Angel's words.Paola wouldn't follow her anymore she was more determined than ever to start over. his ears heard sounds imperceptible to others. and for one who didn't like the flowery scent of a woman that said a lot." The vampire on his team smiled a little. "Would you like us to assemble a team to search for her?" Kieran shook his head. especially because she had seen Angel right after turning. "Indeed it is." he agreed. For some reason he figured that she was still too shaken to flee. It would take the crew several hours to clean everything up. the gunshots and the overall mess. and his physical stamina couldn't be paralleled. He was somewhere between a state of euphoria and rage as she slumbered so wearily against him. his were physical. though. "Don't you know that it's impossible to escape me?" ************** Alexander held Anna close to him as they rode back to the mansion. Mara. running with all her strength. It's a beautiful night to chase. Alexander would want to question Mara rather extensively. Then when she was sure she'd put enough distance between them. ************** Kieran had dragged Mara up the stairs even as he shot off commands to secure the area. and the result wasn't perfect. An observant human might notice things had been tampered with. His nose was better than any bloodhound's. he was also the security chief of the vampire world in America. the moment was violent and traumatic. and no one ran from Kieran Montasse and got away with it. When he'd been relatively sure that the crew could handle things on their own he turned to grab the other girl and make his way back to the mansion. Slowly she started to move away from the distracted dark-haired vampire. She looked back at the vampire the others had called "Lord Montasse. Kieran growled angrily at himself for letting her go. noting his strange stare. after all. just like she'd done when he'd first carried her out of that dark pit. and in situations such as these. his prey never eluded him. the Ancient One would put her on trial for all of Paola's deeds. Hopefully New York would live up to her expectations and be a good place to hide. using his hyper-sensitive body to follow Mara's sweet scent. she knew he was the one she should fear the most and he was obviously the oldest. "Lord Montasse?" said one of the men on the team. the . almost. It was a pleasant smell. and it was a mess. "Mara is gone. She had run." He'd been trying to tell her something before they were interrupted. "Mara. the sweet smell of her hair. He might believe she was innocent. Kieran followed his nose. there was no trace of the brown-haired girl. after all." Kieran said quietly. Granted they had access and they were already reviewing the footage and erasing all shots of vampires. To his surprise. Mara took a deep breath and made up her mind. Greedily he absorbed her. Unlike Alexander's telekinetic powers. He bowed low to the ancient vampire and then returned to oversee the clean up in the Columbia tunnel. It was his job to make sure the events that had transpired tonight never became human knowledge. too. While he was normally a businessman and handled Alexander's many companies.

"About Kitianna?" He nodded. "She told me she loved me before she went in the subway. you can find them. Desperately Darian fought the courtly battle." "You're thinking you'll need to return. I can't seem to manage it. the odd sense of peace that almost seemed to reach his soul. Darian laughed. He couldn't believe he'd imagined going on without her. he craved her. and how important they were to each other again. Through their strange connection he felt a hazy sensation of distress. and his in anger. She's doing things at a young age that took me many years of survival to achieve. "What are you going to do now that she's back?" "You mean politically?" Darian nodded. "No one in the last thousand years. .warm softness of her body." Alexander stared at his friend thoughtfully." he agreed." Alexander said. hanging out just the three of us again. Brothers. "She's dream-walking again. as in past tense?" "Yes. pretending to be human. her body relaxing into his embrace again. "She's horribly powerful for her age.. "It was why I rarely slept alone for so many centuries. "The intelligence team already knows she's my true mate. "It will only be a matter of time before the world finds out. he desired her. "Then perhaps she has recovered her memory on her own. and she'd wholeheartedly returned his affections even if she didn't feel the close connection between them. "I want to protect her from pain." "Kieran thinks it.. "We'll work on it as soon as she's awake. "Many people think it. "I'm not much use in Europe. The last several centuries." "If not." Alexander nodded and stroked her hair again. how she'd made him feel." Alexander watched Darian's usually bright face grow sad and thoughtful." "It will be good for you to have a dream walker at your side." Darian added. what they meant to each other. He'd forgotten what she'd done to him." Darian replied." he admitted." Alexander sighed." "I don't know how to help her either. "But you're the only one with the balls to really say it. She whimpered slightly and then sighed." said Darian quietly. Now if he could only get his Anna to remember who she was. He hated to even think about the painful words they'd flung at each other." Darian admitted." he conceded. Darian had believed that Kitianna was his true mate." He sighed rather bitterly. He felt her emotions." Darian confirmed. "You're always so presumptuous of my talents. "It gets harder each time we get together. and no matter how I try." "Your presence is a comfort. He smiled at his friend. their relationship had been strained. "I was for so long. Darian was always pushing into his thoughts when he grew silent." Alexander said quietly." Darian admitted. Being in bed with someone was a way my body could remind my mind that even though it was seeing such horrifying things. you were still angry at me." Anna whimpered in his arms and for a moment Alexander felt a slight tremor run through her body. "I believed she was my true mate." "Believed. "I figured deep down." How many times had they had this conversation? It still made his heart ache. brother! Did anyone tell you you're an arrogant ass?" Alexander smiled." Darian conceded. the centuries of adventure just like this. "Subconsciously she knows that you're holding her and that she is safe. "no one but you. bound by blood. "This was fun. Darian's in grief. Alexander. I was really warm and safe." he said.

trying to win the girl he was sure was his soul mate, but when he'd revealed himself to her, she'd been horrified. She loathed him, would have nothing to do with the 'spawn of the devil.' At last in frustration, Darian decided to turn her and make her his own against her will. He and Kieran had stopped him that night, believing that to turn a human without consent was wrong. Alexander had long ago admitted to himself that he'd been protecting Darian. As the oldest, he'd felt responsible for the other two. He'd been trying to save his best friend the pain of creating a woman who would loathe him and herself, calling them all demons. It was what the people of that time believed vampires to be. Finally, after an intense debate before the girl's home, Darian agreed to continue his pursuit without forcing her to turn and they left to enjoy themselves and to get his mind off the woman for a few hours. It ended up being a splendid night; they'd gotten drunk, kicked ass in a few fights without revealing their abilities, and stumbled home before sunrise singing old songs tunelessly and loud enough to wake the neighbours It wasn't until sunset the next night, when Darian returned to see his Kitianna and plead his case once again that they'd heard the news. She was dead. Raped and murdered in her bed by a coveting servant in the household who had been missing all day. Darian went mad; furious at himself, at his friends and at that wretched servant. With all his magical abilities to see the future, he never dreamed it, or if he had, he'd been too drunk to see it. That plagued him with guilt even more than anything else, but the pain quickly turned to rage. He searched for the killer and found him later that night and then literally ripped him to shreds. Kieran and Alexander had been silent, allowing their companion the justice he needed. Then, for a long time, his friends watched him fight his broken heart. He'd lost his soul mate. He was devastated for centuries. Somehow though, Darian still blamed Alexander for not allowing him to turn her that moment they had argued before her home. The words between them had been hurtful, but he understood, perhaps better than his silver-eyed friend understood himself. Sometimes blaming something on someone else turns the grief to anger, and for Darian, anger was more easily dealt with. He'd been surprised that the little jibes weren't present after he thought he lost Anna. After all these years, something about Darian's beliefs had changed. "What do you mean?" he asked. "I'd never seen true mates before," his friend admitted. "I thought my infatuation with Kitianna meant we were soul mates. But seeing you with Anna and her with you, I understand. I didn't lose what I thought." "So you believe your mate is out there for you still?" Darian's silver eyes glowed as he looked out the window thoughtfully. "I do." Alexander smiled warmly at his friend. "Perhaps when Anna is settled, we'll have to begin searching again." "If it takes being thrown into a nuclear weapon-resistant vault, nearly starving to death and almost losing my kingdom, I think I'll pass," Darian chuckled. Alexander smiled warmly at his best friend. As usual, people were waiting for them when the limo pulled up, but he noticed that there were many faces peeking out of the windows. Servants, courtiers, ambassadors, friends; he was sure they'd all heard the news that he'd found his Little One again. He wondered how many already knew she was his true mate. "Ancient One," said Thomas, one of his closest advisors who had staunchly remained loyal as the kingdom crumbled around him. "Congratulations on your success." Alexander nodded and smiled, but walked past him and all the others who were waiting to talk to him, intent on getting Anna back in his bedroom before anything else could happen. He wanted her safe in his bed, so he could snuggle close during his sleep and try to recover from the absence he'd felt

in his heart. Many people started to protest, but he ignored them. "Patience," said Darian gently to them. "He's been through a harrying night. A serial killer attacked them and the girl was hurt. He's on edge and needs some space. Besides he's been waiting for her for twenty-five centuries. Give him at least a few nights." "It's true then?" "Yes," he heard Darian reply. "She's the one." His heart started to accelerate the closer he got to his rooms. His Anna was in his arms and he was carrying her home to her bed with him! A guard opened the door for him, noting that his hands were full. Alexander grinned at him. "Lock it, will you?" he said. "Instruct everyone to stay away from me for the day, too." The guard bowed and looked at Anna. Even though his eyes were curious, Alexander felt his fangs elongate and he had to hold back a possessive snarl. "Definitely keep them locked out," he confirmed, struggling to control his fangs. "Darian and Kieran are all right, of course." "Yes, Ancient One," his guard replied. Alexander heard the lock click and smiled. He admitted to himself he was like a greedy child running away and hiding with a stolen cookie jar, but he didn't feel one bit of guilt. Instead he carried her to one of his couches and laid her gently down to survey the condition of her wounds. Carefully he peeled away the bloody shirt she wore, though by now the blood was mostly dry. Her beautiful body was covered in its own blood, but she wasn't bleeding anymore. The wounds had all sealed, and with the extra help of his blood, she'd been able to overcome the shots to the chest, too, without spending days in agony as her weakened body fought to recover on its own. Other than the skin being slightly pink at the entry wounds, she seemed okay. He checked the exit wounds, noting the spots were larger, but still just slight imperfections in the skin that would heal with feeding and rest. Even though she was unconscious and bloody, he felt his body stir as he surveyed her. The emaciation she'd struggled with since he'd known her was gone, and now as a vampire, she was strong, fleshy and curvy. He looked at those beautiful breasts, they were fuller now, too. She wasn't wearing expensive lingerie but on her... He swallowed and focused on removing her bloody jeans and her shoes. He felt another hungry growl in his throat as he pulled those jeans down her long, sexy legs. Swallowing his desire he checked her wounds to note that the places where her legs had been crushed in the accident were also just slightly pink. He stared at her with admiration. Not just because he found her so beautiful, but because she had chased a murderer with these wounds, ignoring the pain and weariness from her injuries. Anna had always been determined, but to see how much sheer will she'd used to save Mara reminded him once again of her strength in that horrid tomb. She'd even shared it with him; a beast though he'd seemed to her at the time. Even dying, she'd fought for love and life. He couldn't help himself as he kissed her lips softly. "You really are my angel," he whispered in her ear. She whimpered softly and turned her face towards him. She'd always been drawn to him in her sleep, nestling against him, craving his touch. He rose almost reluctantly and went to start the water in his bathtub. He couldn't let her wallow in her own blood any longer. Then he stripped down himself and carried her naked body into the tub where he simply sat with her and used the sprayer to wash away the remnants of the battle with Paola. When she was finally clean, he let the water fill the tub and for a while just luxuriated with her in his arms, letting the warm water soak away his stress and worries.

He caressed her soft skin pensively as she rested wearily in his arms, grateful for the large bathtub and for the ability to cleanse her sitting down. This was so much better than trying to manage her poor emaciated body in that wretched shower after their escape just a few months ago. She cooed again at his touch and her beautiful blue eyes opened blearily. "Am I dreaming?" she whispered. "That depends," he replied softly. "Is it a good dream?" "Mm," she moaned. "If I'm dreaming, I hope I never wake up." He chuckled. "Sleep for now, Little One. Let your body rest." She sighed against him and shook her head almost stubbornly as though she was too tired to fight, but really wanted to. He closed his eyes and pushed a little on her mind, sending her back to sleep with a soft sigh. He wondered if he'd ever be able to use his mind against her when she recovered. An unrestrained Anna was a bit of a frightening thought. Finally he rose from the tub, dried her off and carried her to his bed. The housekeeper had already turned down the sheets for him, so he deposited her on his bed. For a moment, he couldn't help but stare at her again, wanting to remember this moment; the first time she'd ever really been home where she belonged, in his bed. Then he towelled himself off, threw the wet towel on the floor in the bathroom, and crawled into bed beside her, pushing the button to turn off the lights. He snuggled against her, smelling her sweet flesh, and feeling her soft, naked body against his. He closed his eyes and reveled in it. ************ She's a crafty one, Kieran thought as he followed the elusive yet sweet scent of Anna's vagabond friend, Mara. When he couldn't find anything about her in the public files, he'd gotten more than just curious. This woman was something in the human world, and that something was classified. Not one to allow the humans to keep anything from him, he instantly assigned a few of his best investigators to find out about Natalie Latham. When he'd learned she was a special agent in the FBI who'd spent three years hunting Paola before she'd disappeared, he was shocked. The vagabond? She was a homeless vampire, living off the streets, according to his people. Mara, an agent? Clearly Paola had tortured her, broken her, turned her into a frightened, weak woman. He'd destroyed her with his horrible hobby for murder. It had been a long time since Kieran had felt sympathy for someone like he did for her. Then, when Mara met Angel, her behaviour changed. She'd become more self-assured and decisive. She grew bold and daring, using connections in the human world that even though they were almost two decades old, were still good. She'd known exactly how to avoid being followed, when they were pursuing her, and now that she was running again, she was still a tricky creature to hunt. He was getting closer; the scent was stronger. She probably believed she'd lost him after weaving through streets, hopping in taxis and on subway cars, but she wasn't slowing. She was smart; she knew he wasn't someone to be fucked with. At last, after nearly two hours of the cat-and-mouse game they were playing, he finally saw her. Her long, brown hair tumbled messily down her back, her hips swayed unconsciously exuding sex and confidence as she walked. She was looking about as she walked, almost as though she was searching for something. What are you looking for, Mara? He asked himself. She looked up at the sky and quickened her pace. Of course! It will be daylight in less than an hour. He followed her stealthily for a little while longer, until he finally decided it was time to make his move. He dashed forward and grabbed her from behind, but he was shocked when she used his

though." he said pulling her. He bit his lip for a moment. though. Mara." he said.momentum against him. avoiding his grasp even though he was using his incredible speed. for she punched and kicked with all her skill. he wasn't worried for himself. Kieran glanced over at her frequently as they hustled down the street. Most people couldn't have resisted me for so long." she replied. "Why can't you just let me go?" Mara demanded." she finally admitted. though." he said. "Of course. but for some reason he loathed the thought of striking this woman. "Don't you think I've already been through enough shit? Don't you think I've suffered enough? I don't need the Ancient One to put me on trial for my crimes. but he figured that in her . "Come on. For a moment Kieran felt a pang in his heart. Snarling angrily at his weakness and at the residual pain in his back he tried to grab her again. She couldn't be over five foot seven. She wouldn't last long in the sunlight. even though they couldn't see it in the city. and she seemed somehow tiny and delicate. because he was so old the sun pushing over the horizon didn't affect him. "It doesn't really matter anymore. Then she looked at the sky and a shiver ran down her spine. and even though her body was muscular. and though her efforts didn't find a mark upon his body. "The sun's rising. He could almost hear that same broken voice as Paola used his power to control her and make her commit atrocities." She looked at him angrily and he smiled back charmingly. I've suffered a consequence worse than death!" Kieran leapt to his feet and rushed her again. The woman who had seemed so strong only a moment ago appeared to diminish before his eyes." he said as though they were talking over tea." she admitted. backing away from him. deflecting his hands. "You must have excelled in hand-to-hand combat in the academy. panting at her exertions. knowing that she'd protest violently. the air whooshing out of his lungs. She blocked his assault with skilful moves. He landed on his back right on the concrete with a loud thud. Kieran had forgotten what sunrise felt like. Mara was a young vampire." he gasped even as he bared his fangs and snarled. "I can tell. "Come on!" Mara's face had grown pale. "I don't have a choice. or you'll suffer the worst sunburn of your life as I wait long enough for it to incapacitate you and then drag you with me anyway. Mara. She wasn't as slightly built as Anna. woman. her creamy skin looking white as a sheet as she walked. but when her fists weren't balled and her legs weren't aiming for the more tender parts of his anatomy. twisted her body and flipped him over her shoulder. I figure I've only got to hold out for ten minutes when the sun rises and your strength and agility will wane." Kieran looked over his shoulder and nodded. Give up before you get burned in the sun and come with me now. her brown eyes hardening with anger even as her breast heaved. Mara stumbled beside him. Her beautiful brown eyes grew dull with resignation. shocked at how gentle his voice was. "We need to get you underground or inside. You have two options. she seemed absolutely delicate. His first thought was to beat the shit out of her. "Neither Alexander nor I are going to hurt you. she'd be weak. He grabbed her arm and pulled her along. Then he pulled out his phone and using the GPS system tried to locate the nearest subway stop. for the sun was over the horizon. "You know I'm right. her bone structure was average. "I worked hard on it. her voice sounding sad and defeated. and she knew that once the sun rose. "Damn it. He would be able to move much more quickly if he didn't have to pull her alongside. Which will it be?" Mara stepped back and looked at him." he said. She didn't seem to have any qualms about attacking him. he was still impressed. his black eyes glittering with agitation. It wouldn't be long before she was completely exhausted.

What is this woman doing to me? He dashed with all his speed towards the subway station. My prey never escapes me. "And waste a good night of chasing you?" he returned playfully. Kieran shivered at the sound. her skin." Mara chuckled wearily. "The sun doesn't hold much power over me. closing the door behind him as best as he could." "Oh. right. "Put your arms around my neck and hang on. "Let's see if we can find one of those service tunnels to hide in for the day. but he knew she was frightened. There was a time. "I said it reminds me of the old days. She nodded and wrapped her arms about him." she said quietly. "Don't forget that. "Only you would really know that. Little did they know their own rats and uncleanly habits were breeding the lice that brought about their downfall. Kieran was overwhelmed by sensation." "Everything is more powerful than I am. you're not as weak as you think." Mara returned. he simply scooped her up in his arms." "This looks like a good spot to sleep. The sweet scent that had been tantalizing him all night was overpowering. He didn't even stop. For a moment. It was pitch black. "Reminds me of the old days." Kieran said. It was a combination of smells. "Paola wasn't my creator." Kieran said under his breath. Her warm body was lighter than expected and soft to the touch. "I'm over fifteen hundred years old. but it seemed sheltered and safe for a while." he said gruffly. when tunnels and caves like these hid many vampires during the daylight. the weakened girl in his arms simply clung to him. her perfume. her hair. the lock broke and he pushed his way inside." He shook his head. originally?" "Damascus. his voice growing dark and dangerous again. and those who run from me are always caught. He let out a gasp of relief as he descended the stairs. "Yeah. but to vampire eyes. With a violent kick. she'd never been out this close to sunrise. He could tell by the smell behind the door that it wasn't just a small mechanical room. The walls were concrete and the floors were dirty. "Yes. Kieran was silent for a moment. "I always get what I want. You're Jewish?" "No." he said." "Paola's blood was strong. the American world bows to me. Mara." he replied. "But I can tell you. "I'm afraid the ground is cold in caves like ." He carried her until he came upon one of those service tunnels. it was like a dusky grey. praying that the sun didn't rise over the buildings and hurt her before he got there." Kieran argued. "How is it that you aren't exhausted?" Mara asked in a voice that was husky with weariness." she said. "I have weak blood." "Where are you from." "Has it been hard to live so long?" Mara asked. and buried her head between his neck and his shoulder. now. "Good news is you're too tired to argue with me now. and the way her breasts pressed against his chest made him swallow hard. She squealed weakly.current condition he had her completely overpowered. shall we?" "You could have just let the sun take me. Especially during the Dark Ages when people hunted us because they thought we carried the plague." "Oh. This tunnel wound back into the system for a long while. especially if they wormed their way several hundred yards back." He looked around. "Mm?" Mara replied." he said at last.

he watched her shiver miserably." he said gently turning her on her back. Mara. and he had draped an arm possessively over her middle." He stroked her hair impulsively. For a moment she luxuriated in the sensation of being close to her lover. greedily absorbing his warmth." His hands continued to touch a few other sore spots making her wince. the gunshot wounds to her chest. Could it be true? Was she finally in her lover's arms." She nodded and snuggled against him. his disgusting hands upon her. "Oh. her eyes took account of them all. her emotions whirling. a feather's touch. "Yes. Kieran's black eyes softened slightly. "I don't need as much sleep as you. knowing that she could barely keep her head up. "Lay close to me. *************** Anna awoke in her favourite dream. "From the gunshot wound. his home? The last moments of the attack on Paola rushed across her eyes like a surreal dream." He gently lowered her down to the ground. His spicy male scent filled her nostrils. her life." "Aren't you going to sleep. too?" she asked." he said in resignation. her voice even huskier with weariness than before. "Hmm. Kieran felt another shiver go down his spine at the sound of her voice. "Our bodies are the only way to keep warm. Mara curled up in a ball and for a moment. "Mmm." he said. "Are you all right?" his voice whispered softly. and the soft sheets caressed her skin. "still tender." she replied. "I'll protect you today. He smiled beatifically and tucked a tress of hair behind her ear tenderly." she said. you're coming with me. his beautiful jade eyes sparkling mischievously. He would never understand women. but then he growled at himself angrily. Suddenly his eyes glinted devilishly and he caressed ran his fingers down her throat to her chest. His golden hair was slightly awry. "Recovered?" she asked blearily. He was going to be cold. "are these still tender." he said. She was in his big. He sat down and sighed. Mara. "Tell me. What was this woman doing to him? "I'll sit up. jade eyes." he whispered. his square jaw. That simple gesture sent a shiver down her spine. commanding her to attack her friends. too?" His fingers lightly stoked a nipple." she breathed. Her back was pressed against his front feeling his erection pressed against her. and subway stops aren't always empty. She remembered his sickened mind connecting with hers. the silky texture of her hair on his fingertips making him tremble. "Let's see how you recovered. She did her best not to show her reaction. Suddenly it occurred to her that this didn't feel quite like dream walking. his full lips. luxurious bed again. It seemed that over the centuries he'd grown soft." he said. slightly Grecian nose. He ran his fingers across a tender spot just below her right breast and she winced a little. She was finally in his arms! "Anna?" he demanded when she was still silent. trying desperately to piece together what he was talking about. and she felt a tingle of pleasure run down her spine. but also making her shiver and her heart pound.this. "How do you feel?" he asked her gently. What is wrong with me? He closed his eyes and shook his head. He smiled at her. but tonight. She looked up at her lover and visually devoured his face like a starving man devours food. the sensations were too real. she hated how he was so masterful at tantalizing . too.

She struggled wildly against her bonds." he said in a breathy. aching core. She hated it when he did this! Didn't she? She squirmed. his tongue pushed inside her mouth and danced with hers. but she couldn't help the little gasp and the slight shiver that racked her body as he continued to tease her and the little nubs hardened." He started. Moaning in frustration." Suddenly he chuckled. longing to pull him close to her again. She tried to read the emotions behind his jade eyes as they flickered with amazement. She reached out to touch him. and then he stared at her in amazement. Suddenly he pulled away from her lips. you're beautiful!" "Cael. His eyes roved her possessively. "God. "Say my name. and then grew even darker with desire. her breath hitched each time and she whimpered softly. For a moment she was unsure of what to do. Her eyes sparkled mischievously. She melted under his force. His tongue suckled and lathed her over-sensitized skin mercilessly while his hand enveloped her other breast. please. leaving her gasping. but she wasn't about to give in now. feeling the moisture between her legs. "Oh God. seductive voice. She couldn't help herself when she squeaked a little this time." he teased. enveloping it in the warm wetness of his mouth. to lock her mouth onto his and get drunk off his taste. "Those are still quite tender." he breathed. and he chuckled at her. "Yes. feeling her body supplicate to him. but there was nothing gentle about his kiss this time." she begged. she arched her body pressing it firmly into those gentle caresses like a cat arches into a stroke. "No." he growled his voice grating with hunger. no my little kitten. demanding and forceful. her legs spread to reveal her wet. She struggled to move her hands. wanting her to screech his name in climax. his glorious golden head bowed over her and his mouth captured one of her now-aching nipples. as his ministrations sent her careening with sensation. Anna. triumph. but he caught her hands with his own and hoisted them over her head like he'd done in another dream. and she moaned pleadingly into his dominating mouth. his light brushes served only to torment and tantalize her. "No. and she knew how wanton she must look to him. kitten? Do you want me to fuck your tight little pussy until you scream?" Anna shivered. his hands froze upon her body. It was hard. His hands once again took up their caresses. Her body pressed seductively into his. He continued stroking her flesh with that soft. feathery caress that made her body jump with little shock waves of pleasure. how he'd tortured her with pleasure. "I have to make sure you're not sensitive anywhere else. Desperately she tried to get more of his touch. she could feel her lips swollen from his kiss and she was wet and sweaty with anticipation. but this time he firmly clasped a breast in his hand." Without another word. If she hated it so much. her eyes were probably black with desire. but she'd broken both their hearts when she couldn't recall it. pleading for even more contact. Cael had never talked like this to her before." Anna moaned indignantly. to hold onto him. the cool air making her already stiff nipple even harder. kneading it as he flicked and twisted her aching nipple with his fingers making her wince in pleasurepain. His mouth released her breast. his voice husky with his own desire. teasing her once again with his touch. She remembered the dream where she couldn't remember. . Then he traced his way down her slender arms with his fingertips lightly brushing her sensitive skin.her body. "You're so beautiful. but found them locked in place with his power. She whimpered helplessly as he dominated her body and held her hands immobile. then why was she so incredibly turned on? Her thoughts shattered as his mouth enveloped hers. "So you want to play again.

His hands firmly grasped her legs and spread them to so that he could stare at her dripping core. She whimpered in frustration and he chuckled with male arrogance and satisfaction into her mouth. Involuntarily her body arched against his. His mouth latched over hers. licking at it teasingly and then continued its way down her pelvis. suckling on her as he went down her neck. Suddenly he looked up." she gasped when he finally released her mouth. She needed to feel his skin on her fingers. "Prisoners don't get to bargain. between her breasts and traced her lowest ribs with his lips for a moment as his fingers caressed that sensitive spot on her hipbone. He caught his breath and stared at ." His fingers traced their way down her pelvis to play in her soaked folds." "Alexander LeGaulle. "Let my hands go. "Or else what?" She shrieked angrily and struggled against his power. flicking her aching clit. though he held her thighs down with his hands as he continued to tease her. "I'm not letting you escape me until I'm finished with you. She gasped and jumped at his touch." He continued to kiss her with his velvety lips." she pleaded. her back arching off the bed but he was relentless." he purred. She screeched as she came hard."Let me go. "Cael. "Cael. her body was throbbing in time with the beat of her heart. "Very tasty. worshipping her like some kind of goddess tantalizing her senses." he returned mercilessly. trying to sound firm and demanding. "It's nothing compared to the torture you've put me through. but said nothing. His gorgeous golden head bent eagerly between her thighs as his fingers lightly followed his questing tongue and thrust inside her was a picture of pure eroticism. his mouth glistening with the juices of her orgasm and licked his lips wickedly at her. "You're as sweet as I remembered. but the way his smile seemed to grow broader at her struggles made her stop suddenly. she needed to worship him like he'd worshipped her." His eyes glinted wickedly. and I'll say your name. she hated giving into him. but she was beyond caring anymore. and the cool air licked at her fully exposed sex. She squealed in surprise as he descended like a predator licking at her juices. her body jumped and shivered as her pussy convulsed beneath his mouth." she whispered. This powerful vampire. Anna wanted to resist him." she gasped. She was numb. She panted in anticipation as he studied her. teasing her oversensitized folds with his tongue. She whimpered a little and bit her lip. kitten. dominant stare instantly melted from his face. Her heart raced." he growled. "No. Whatever jade that was left in his eyes turned black with desire as he stared at her most intimate parts. "Unacceptable. his mouth descend upon her navel.. taking her breath away with his force. flashing like fire. the world around her awash with sensation." he growled. Little One. wanting his fingers deeper inside of her. She could smell the musk of their desire in the air. She wanted him." she cried indignantly. "You release my hands at once. "You're enjoying this." she cried as she arched her chest against his mouth and her hips tried to thrust into his fingers as they stroked her folds. "Say my name and I'll give you what you want." He smiled. his eyes getting a predatory gleam. wanting his hands groping her breasts with hunger. her back arching off the bed. woman. I need you." That arrogant. He twisted her nipple and traced his fingers through her folds stroking her clit. "You're torturing me.. "And you're not?" "I want to touch you. it was too much." he growled. her throat and her sternum. He kissed his way down her chest.

pulling him towards her. He didn't speak. She stared at it with the same appreciation he'd surveyed her. She licked the bead of moisture on the tip. but she knew at once she'd pushed her lover over the edge of his control. gasping for air and kissed her way down his chest. and the shuddering gasps he took each time she suckled him and swallowed him into her throat. Anna could only stare at him wide-eyed and gasping as he kissed her punishingly again even as he pushed her thighs apart with his. reveling in the velvety texture of his skin on her lips. Her fingers turned to claws and raked down his back eagerly and she wrapped her legs around his waist pulling him deeper inside. She pulled her mouth away from his. There was desperation in his kiss now. She slipped her fingers around his cock. how his centuries of longing had weighed so heavily upon him. stroking her. covering her mouth with his. the saltiness of his sweat making her even hungrier. She pushed on his shoulders with eager. tasting his essence. She reached out for him. "Oh fuck!" Suddenly he cried out. as they mated their tongues fiercely. She chuckled and began to lick and suck at the throbbing head. He only partially complied. He tasted like sex. the hot tightness of his balls as she caressed them.her. She could see the need boiling in his eyes." he gasped as she trailed her way down his stomach. For a moment. drowning her surprised squeal with his mouth. his muscular body bunching atop her with his effort to . He pulled her down dragging. She ground her aching clit against him in a frenzy of hunger. the look alone could make her orgasm yet again. She took him deeper and deeper into her mouth. surrounding their faces in a silky curtain of her black hair. pinning her slender body beneath his panting desperately. She heard him gasp and moan at her touch. and yet she wanted him deeper. pulling her with him as he rolled. "Anna. luxuriating in the smell of his musk. licking her lips at the glistening fluid on its tip. Little One. trembling hands.. she felt what it was like to be him. like heaven. Anna. the primal part of him completely in control." "God. "I need you. "You better quit playing. He began to thrust. She knew the minute she saw those shining eyes glittering with hunger she'd be done. his aching loneliness. He took his cock in his hand. Anna shrieked in pleasure and pain." he groaned as he pounced on her again. and harder inside of her. and with a powerful thrust slid deep inside her body. She was past the point of words and sweet talk. wanting to hold and comfort him. long slow strokes. his eyes softening with emotion. licking his nipples and stroking his body hungrily. Anna. longing to feel him deep inside her." she said gently stroking his face. noting once again how tiny her little hand seemed in comparison.. Anna lay atop him and kissed him with passion. desire to possess. Whatever scathing remark he'd had on his lips disintegrated into a needful groan as she pleasured him. to somehow assuage that loneliness that had consumed him for his long life.well. "That's it. it wasn't quite begging." he groaned. He rolled with her once again. He ran his fingers through her hair. her face to his and kissed her hungrily. "Cael. She could taste the salty tang of her juices on his lips and once again moaned in supplication as he devoured her. but it was probably as close as she'd ever get. His flesh was so warm and soft to her lips. It turned her on even more to know that at this moment. and the aching need to be inside of her and feel her warmth envelop his aching cock." Cael warned with a husky growl. encouraging her with a dark sexy voice. She'd not been intimate with anyone since she became a vampire. Cael was almost too big for her. but she didn't dare look up into his eyes yet. and he gasped at the tiny flick. grabbed her roughly and pulled her up his body. and she realized that her body had regained some of the tightness she had when she first became sexually active. pointed it at her entrance. she had one of the most powerful creatures in the world begging her. She struggled a moment. silently demanding that he lie on his back. desire for comfort.

. It was as though her heart was finally at peace. but gasping and shuddering above her still. "Welcome home." he breathed softly. "Now Anna!" he gasped out desperately grinding his pelvis against her clit. She screeched as the tightly wound coil in her body snapped. supporting his body to spare her his weight. his arms wrapped about her as he came inside her with one. Then he groaned and rolled on his back pulling her with him yet again. She'd never felt so wonderful. she simply clung to him limply. she was barely holding on by a thread.maintain his control. driving her higher. All she could feel was the buzz in her body. the pounding of her heart. Cael's hands once again roved her body. she couldn't see. His pace quickened and the sound of their flesh and their gasps filled the room as they both climbed toward climax. Anna didn't have the energy to protest this time. flicking all her tender spots. her world was spinning. He buried his head between her neck and shoulder. For a moment she simply luxuriated in the satiated feeling of her body as her heart still pounded. Finally when she'd cooled down. and her heart rate returned to normal she cooed dreamily and nuzzled his chest affectionately. and her powerful lover convulsing above her. letting the sensation of their lovemaking build inside her like a coil about to snap. Anna clung to him as his thrusts grew more desperate. Her body throbbed. she felt every ridge of his cock penetrating her tender depths. and her sex still quivered around Cael's cock. Anna thrashed her head from side to side in exquisite agony as he moved within her. she could barely hear her hoarse cries. Anna. His flaccid organ was still inside of her and his arms wrapped tightly about her. Despite the obvious hunger in his eyes. she couldn't breathe. as though she finally knew where she belonged. two and then three uncontrollable thrusts.

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