· AW·Cb~c.<o·nii:cjun:kie. H,aldue;d .. ;lnd ./tgl Intern.et Produ:ctio.n "itJiif;arlb, \f.a.l!

1ienls Alitiist:s;

Thi~:'~~,tinn,;J;Hh."- bookdetails t~B fDrces~,ed'hrfhe Angry Mari~es,- their w,eil,pons".ihe units, ,;tnd some f'ucklng il,Agry .5'p·~·[ i al'th:~,!,a'C.te rs th'a~' vou c a,n c boose ,5!J( h a,~ T o§ mp e r Ma"i·I'ij~.s, EilG'f, ·,,;,try ,die,s:ciibe;s:lneynif'alnd gives th!, r~le"i:q use them iff yo~rgi>mes of.Skubhammer 4ok,

The models in the.Allgry Ma,rine:s~rITl'{ use a ~~.mb~r"o{ .,p,e.ci6I,~ul.e;s thffi:·,are·i:>o.mi~'lo'n to rOOr;e: tha~ 'on,e unit es sp:e,c'ifi ·e.d in iMe'ind ivid u a,l ~nir'i es. ~iJ16t f~:11 ow: is:iv~ rth e.; e 'ar e'

·ei.ther the-details DI' those rules ora ref'er~n~,e to where,yo~ can tindthem;

Uniq,ue Equipment

You'will: nhd thatsome iJierri? of equipmentere unlque ttl particular characters or .OIni,t,; ~,;blile others.are used by more th·a~ one uni·t ~Vhena.n 'i'~J'" is unique, ens d'~'~iil'eg in the' entrytot:it,owner, and where ,an i'lem·'is ·hoLl. u.hi~ue)ti~ detarled in the w·ar· geer section .• A ,go.o·d 'e)Camp le ;,,'Ri p an d Tear, wh~ch :15, ~ potent: weepon bor nbvTemperMeximus, A:~ .wch)f.s ruleseredeteiledin rwa.:iirnu5' entry. M~.ii'flIjf.; iltSG, bears a Tome, but as otherAngry Marines m'ay tao;lb.e rules loTtlm itel1l'l ar.e to' be found in the' war'gear se,ctlon,



Space. M erlnes .automati c aUy pass tests, ·to regro u p, and can tekesuch te~t:~:e'le niff.he~quap .'h a,s bee n re d'.u.c e~ ',((Ie¥, ~h.an Sl];'3ii' by ca U5;illl i.ne.s:, tho ughalloth er G'itef'ia: fl'p,pJy. If SpaDe Ma,rirre·',ar,e caught bya ,we e p'frig ,adv;\rt'ce;tbe¥are ri,o.t.d-~ stroyed:~n d wil Hm,te,a d .[o11ti I' u e .to, figrt :n,o,r ma,lly, If ihis.l1.appens t~en the unit_'is .subj:ec{t.o the N:O R,etreatl .eule in·thfs rourrdofclose'combet ·a110 tiflOi\' therefore lose

ad dttihn ai' c.asualtiei;; it pu'lfl.~:rnbe[,ed. Us;,ua,fly t.r,?()ps;t~at' reg'roupmay ~'ot move nmma.lly and always count 'as movi'llg w~e.h~rthey 'ao'or not., but these restr'ictiom do n.ot ,apply to rIr,od~ls with '!~is' s;pe·c'i:a·1 rule.

DrQIJ! Pod Assal,l It

.Se-e ki ng to .exp re ss the I!' anile F' more-hurri e diy, Angry M'a,rine ., loirc es ketl~ e'n~ly d e PJoy 11 re,c.t~y from str i ke c ru is:en; and bmLe ,ba;r-ges viaqt,o'P' pods, Any Honor Guard. [)r~,adrnough~, AngrySquad, Oock·K~·oc'kerSqu,ad. o,r-De\l.as~i:or Squad' m<ty bee eq~ippe,d;with aJ 'droppod a~' per thespecie! rules ~e'fa,jJed .011 page :h ofthe Sp·aoce M~rrl1~ codex.,

I n.de p e n.de n~ChariiC1!e r, S.t:;out, I nfiltfalte, M pve Throogh,Gplfer. Fearle'ss.

All these rules are d~1!;a'iled 'j'n the Skubha(;QmeF, 40.k rulebook.-

M DYe lfli:m!Jgh, (jD](·e r

A.n.g~y Ma,rine·, give 'no fuck. Man, fuek bushes and .shrubs a'nd "ren:e_llP'!i'on~imd'fuj:k ali. A~.gry M'a,ririe.s ju.sr plow Fi~N

'th ro ugh tha,t shi1.To' rep Fe ~eI1~ Angry Marj'~ es iiuddJ.u"ti ng theirway through diff'i(uiUer~ai:nC/;any;Angrr Ma.ri'n~ with., do·se:'wrnba,t ~w.a.p.~n geins Mov,e lhr<dugli Qo,ver,


l'h-e major'it';' of units ln the Ang'ry Mai'ine atmya.r.e bound ~:atbeT+o.o.'Seiy·to.their Sa.rlle,,, end thus ha,ve E! btt.more ieeway Tl1" squad J!;Ianeuyers; As such, unit I:;oh~'siof'! r'e:sthctTprisror man·y unil.s a~,e.'expa.~d.ed toA,illc~es. Ear ;e~"mp,l,e,~ ten i'tia~ sq'u'a:d ma,), besplaved .over40 inches-across a table.

• AngrySq;uads

• Cock Kn,ocke rs

,.; Angri,erSq;l,.Iad.s

• BlkeSquadrons

• Oe1iast~t;orSquad",

Yeah. Thev'r e pretty COD!..

NeMatte.lThe Ocl:ds

A~g,ry Marine;,/ u~~y ptesses tqem on ~hrpugh some ratiler'

. . .

hezerdous .situa:ti,oI'l5 ilJn d tee p,s' them iiigbti ng no matte r the OJ,dds, ne,' .igno·re the, negatiVe MOFare checkmodlfters for,being.o.lltMnih1"re,d: intl:o,s!" combst:

f uckY,eah ! Com;bat:!

1[0 th e Angry Marine:s:. the r e .IS 119 higher pu rsultIn I i'fe to a~ P l},nC h )ng bJt( hes ill the face. lfc h arge d;f:h:ey wrll me etthelr enerrses heed 011, ill orderto p,u~[h those b'ikhes in their' ·uaces.lo· r.ep,r;e:~e·nUhi's, lInengil;l(~d mOO'e"i's: in a:n Angry Ma'rih~S uni't thil,~hili.5" been .c:hargeq mLI,t roo,ve LIp, to6~:ll:o geHnto bese to base-contact "lith the .enernv, M9,del" ,tha,t p:il:e' j 11 do not rece'i.ve the +] atta<::k bonus tor c har g.i.ng"




Bolt P ~s,ibo L. " .. " .. " .. " .. " .. " .. " " .. " .,. " .. " .. " .. " .. " .. " .. " " .. " .. " .. ". " ... " .. 1 pts

PI as.ma P tstol .. , " .. " ., , , , , 1'5/10 pts

CI ose com bat We.ap 0 rI .. , , , , , , , , , 1 pts

Cn oppa 111.0/5 pts

P owe r We.ap on 15,/10 pts

P owe r FTst , , , , , ,.25/ill5pts

Cn am Fist , , , ,.25/ill5pts

1il UJ n d e r Ham me" , , , ,.25/ill5pts


BaUerrlllg Ram , , ..20 pts

Doze r Bliad e S" ., , , ••• , , , ••• , 5pts

G r,e nad e laUJ rI ch e r:s, , , , , , , .. ]5 pts

Pirltle MotJllIted F~amer , , , Jl!'Opts

P.owe r of UII e M achln e S p r[[t ,30 pts


Bolte" , , , .. 1 pts

Com b u- m e Ita , , , , , , , :ill5/1'0 pts

Com b u- p ~asm agUJ rI .. , , , , , , , , , ,.1S/]0 pts

Com b u- fl am e U , 1'O'/5pts.

Storm Bolte U •• , 5pts.

Til UJ rid e r W"e n ch , , , , , .. 30 pts

Parr of Chi 0 P pas , , ,.15,/7pts.

Parr of P O·Vil'e r ·We.ap 0 "IS , , .2'3/15pts.

Parr of P.ow··e r F ists , , ,32/23 pts

Parr of Til tJ III de" Ham m e rs ., ,., .. ,., .. , .. , , , .. , .. ,., .. ,., , , 3.2'/23 pts


A rtif[oe u Arm or , , , , , , , .. 2'0 pts

A UJS P e)( , ••. , ••. , , ••. , ••. , , ••. , , , ••. , • .2pts

Com bat Sil re I d .. , , , , , , , , , , , 5 pts

J UJ m p Pack , , , , , , , , , , , 20 pts

Me [ita Bo m bs , , , , , , , 5pts,

M,a,s.te r- Crafte d We ap 0111 , , , •• ill5 pts

P tJ rity Se als , , , , 5 pts

A ngty M arln e Bi~e .. , , , , , , , , , , , 30 pts

T,'e ~e port Hom e r , , , , , , , , , , ,5pts.

Termlnator Armor IllIo,weapollis rlllclUJded) .. , ,., , 25pts

T,e um rill ato r H 0111 ors, .. , , , , , , , , , .. 15 pts


(Oil e per tho IJsand p oirl ts, J"CJ ufldirl 9 down}

H 0 ~ Re I tc , , , , , , , , , , , 30 pts

Ban rle r of Fu ck Yo UJ .. , , , , , , , , ,30 pts

tro rI Ogar , , , , , , , , , , , 35pts

To m e of I nfln ite Rage , , 2'0 pts

Han d of F tJ 1)' .. , , , , , , , , , , 30 pts

Power Sack FtJ II of Powe r Do orkn 0 bs .. , ,., .. , .. , ,., .. , 40 pts

It:emsmlJstiJeJ"epr;es.erlt:e.doll the modet: No item mayb.e t:ak.erl twice. Wlier;etwCJpoirltmsts are ShOWIl, the Iligli estpoint. cost applies to m CJ d.els with tli r.ee wCJunds CJr m CJr.e and the JCJ we!' pain ts cost appli.es to' .ev.eIYOIi e eise .. Take as mall y we.apons as fCJU Jtke .


J!i~,TIJ:I[]m ARM O~,

Artificer 'armor is forg.oo Iby 'a master cr.a1TtsmB~ 'and is even more 'anaiem and ornate than a normal s,uin of speoe Marine IPOOJ,er armor ... It offers greater Iprotection 'alldmay Ibe taken as 'an 'L1pgr,ad~ for 'a model lXl'ie;arii:11,g Ipotl'l'iBr ermor, ii noree 5ii ng" Ihi:s. Armor S eve to 2->._


An 'a uspex ii 5 a short-ranged :scarll1lBel used IbySpaoe Marii nes to detect Ihiooe,n ,ellemy troops .. 11i elle'mY mocel s uoiith the III filtrate :sp~ia'i rule set 'up uiiith'i n 4d6~ o1i 'a model UJiith an euspex, then that model is 'allooJ,Belto ta'ke 'a 'free' s'hm an them ,[or 'OLIOO the alarm if Sentries 'are bei ng' 'LIS·Belt_lf the mod51 ii sport o1i a unlt then the uJ:hol,e lln'it may:s'hom .. T'hese shots ane ta,kBlllbEfore the Ibatti.e IbBg'i ns and may cause the infi'ltrator,. to fa II back. Othemi'se, thenorma'i :s:hooting rules :applv·

IBAN N ea OF I~!I!J[]K YOllJ

The B:am,er of Flick You dr,aw:s. its.onigim. from the day Som o1i GtJlliman:2ioo Company Captain T'ocliarlr.eibukBel 'an mmamBel B snner Bearer for hi 5 fOlIg:h treetrnem of the :staooard Ihe carrled, The 'Llllllamoo Ibearer responded ,by bean ng' Tecliar erounc the head ami Ibody ~iiith the :sta:ooard',.pole until the Captain retreated Ibaak onto 'a ~~a'iting' ThuooBnhauJ:k a:oo left theplanet.

So a'ngrV thatthey UJ,enE foroffi to '," LO OK AFTE R TH IS CLOTHY PI ECE OF CRAP" the Angry Marii nes Ibegan lhooki ng up U~Bi r Ibanner:s to IpOUJ'Br weapon packs, ,effectivelv turnl ng them ii!lto larg,e

Ibl LJdg,eoni.ng uJ,eapons UJ ith the cloth on tire ..

AnAngrv Marine with agiiamflaming Ibanner ls a tennif1;iing s:ig:hn, and as such, :any'llriits. wi,s:hingto dhargce:a linin beaning the Banner of F uck You must fi rst [pa 5:5. a mora I,,, tesn,.:i31 S·",. fhey :sta:nd around u":ith their thumbs 'LIP thBi r asses ..


I n diose combet the Banner of Fudk You counts. a 5 a Thunder Wrelleh 'and reduces mor,a I,e o1i engag,Bel ,ellemy urnts :by :1:.


A dh'a in fi:st ii s s imply a Ipower fist fitted with an attachmellt des ignoo to ca:""" through :armored bllWheads or srmored vehi,jles_lt ls treated exattly as :a pOOJ,er f st, but mil :2ido for its Armor P"'Iletr,atia~ vall}e.


A rether large and croU!l~ close combat weapon, most IIkelv llootBel from :a dead ork. Angry ii n their OOtll Inig:hn, these Iba:bi,es. comer -> 1 Str."ngth to thoBi r ~":i"l<ler.


A Ivm:bdl o1i the beerer's bad-:a'sserv;. the

I ron Ci~;a:r is an extrernelv rare Ilrncury item eraft.Bel only on the Angrv Marine lhome world of I re ... llhe Iron Cig'ar ad>;",ti:se.s tbe IbBarer:s. toug'h~e.s:s. as tar greater than his ownlprofile. To represent this, Ibearers o1i

I ron Cig:ar:s do not sulifer I nstent Death when wouooBel :by a ~J,eapon whose strength ii 5. ruiiioe hi,s. tOl!g:hnes.s,. talii ng:'a 'ing'l.e wouoo ii nstesd


A combat shi,~ld ls a II ig:hter, more maneu>;",abl.e vers ion o1i a storm s:h·ield. A model us ing a combat shield wear:s .. in tastellBel to his. forearm Ileaving the hand free to 'LIse other UJ.Bapollry. llhe combat :shi.Blddoe.s not ooum too~ards the

maxi m lim number of uJ,eapons car,nier:i a'nd come,r:s. a +.5 in'll!1 neratlle ,0"" ii n dlos·e combat.


The cydlollE m'i s.s'i le II euncher ii s 'a specre lIy des ignoo weapon that can Ib~ 'USed by Space Marines .. inT,erminatorArmor. The cyclone otheruJiLse OOU!lt1 :a 'Ill i's.sIle

II a uncher ulith ,kra,k aoo frag m'i 5:S i les.


o.nigi na lIythe uJeapon of chaioe o1i a former Captai 11 of the Bth As:s.a lilt

GompanyuJ:hos,elname Ihaslbeen 10SHO hi:story, this tremer ga in IllOtori.ety ,aTIter it u~as usedto ulipeout a hive tha, u~as taken over :by the G:neater Daemon

F ur:sei's:~kL Thollg:h the cepte in di,Bel a's. he s:lew the monster in question. h'i s weapon s'uF'iivei:l 'a:oo is IrooW the Ibaege of office for ~.:hO"",N leads the Sth Company. It':5 olessedtuels ensure IIlBithBr s:hi.Bldor spell can sa",,'any filthyhBr.et'ic or xenos from its IPlIrgiing f.1 ames,

lngerne terms.the Hando1i Fury COUlltS. es a Str'Bngth 6 flamer that ignores 'armor sa1;\es,.


Spaoce Marii nes sornetimes go to ViiH carrving their Cha,pt."rs most revered

rei lcs. Tlli 5 ii 1 not thE ca S'E UJiith Ang:rv

Marii nes, The AngT~1 Marii nes bear forth [I'ng,eir Ii n:spirii n.g Ineil lcs such as a ropv m Ghosts Ii Gdbli ns, Co!ltra,. or, Emperor foi:bid, B:atfletoads" R,e"ea'ied 'at the opportune moment to throoJ their'alli.es into a Ibmta I fury, a model b~aMi ng' 'a holy rei lc m ay revea I it once per Ibattl.e 'at 'any point. On the turn the Ir'Brieiis revealed, all Ang:ry MarinE'S UJiitlli n Ldo" geer:a -> 1 Attack bonus for the rest o1i the turn. Tlhe rei lc may be ,,,,,,ea led in the opposi ng IPI ayer,. turn i1i you ~iii sn


~umppadk> allowmod~ls.tomak·e g:nean powered Ileaps. 'aeros·s the Ibatfl.efield and more lluic~ly engag,e the ,ellemy:_ Model,s. Bqu'i.ppoo uoiith jump paaks. move as Jump Infa!ltry. Space Marii ne mocels who are uJ'Earingj urnp padks can Ibe dropped from low-fly.! ng TI~underhawk gllllships, LIS ing thBi rj ump Ipadks to swoqp dootIl on to the batfIEfi'Eld, To Inf\pnEs·ent thi 5 tectlc, they cenbe Ik·e,p' in Ines:e""" land :ar,nive 'USing thE Deep Striike rtJle,s,.lbut orlly i1i the m'i ssion

a 1I0ws for DEep Strii'ke to Ibe used

MMTIEIR-,mAFTEUWEA:PON5. Amaster-oratedweapon isone forged.by a gr'Bat 'artisan 'a:oo is superior ina lmost everv ~Jayto a normal ~J'EapOn of iits. type ..

A ma:m~r'-~ra1Tt,ed ~J.eapon roll~ws the norm a I rules tor the M~,eapon, except that you may re-roll on fa ileil to hit rollper turn. Ma'ster'-~raftM weap~ns :a,ne taken las :an'~pgrade ror a ~J.eapon that iis illneady Ibeing ca:Flriieil by a model and s:hmJld Ibe represented by a :s'u'ita,tJly~mate M{eapOn on tile mcdel iits',,11,- lf the weap~n selected loa s a rarog,ell attaDk

then tile re-ro!l may be teken on Ir,angeil :attildks.€%e,n iiftlle u~.eapon can b~ lIS,ell in dose comber.

Th~oosn II sted in tile Wilrgear:s,Wi~n ls ii n :additi"n to tile cost ill tile M~,,,apon iitsel1L However, "'1'11'1 the '~pgrade costs areteken :agaimtthe l!JtOpoint limit on


These de'iio~.s are em:ployoo Iby Spaoe Milrine Apmll~ari.es.lbmh to h~ill W~UOCM Spsoe Milrines end iff tni s ii s ii mposs lble to remove the pr"g,e,ooid

gl a 005., the :bi"l~g:icilllnepos:itonies ill Spsce Milrine gene-:seell :aoo the future ill the Ctiapter,.

lnerder to 'US'e tllis 'BClLlipm.ent, the Apmll~ary cennot b~ FilII ing Back, L"dkell iinclmemmbat or Pinnell. H,emay treat :anyfriieoolyoon-",,,h'idle m<JC1el Miiith'in6" of him. Once per turn Ihe maY'Llse hi,. nartheci LIm to :a'llooJ :a treatable model to iigoor,e a fa i'leil S:ave .. , It ts hooJe;;er ill no 'US'e :ag:aimt Instant neath or :0 dl<JS'e combat attack thilt iig:nanes. Armor Saves ..

I n tile enemy Shooti rog' IPlla se, the Apmhecary can lise Ini s redactor to InffiOVe.r the g;ene-'seerl off cn-y treatable monets that are Ikilled wm,in6" of 'him .. Thes'e ~Ei:SUc Itiie:S, c:ne iig:oonM when Ce1:ermi nirog iHheir lInits Ihave m ta'ke :a mora I,e test for ~.lIIIT,erii rog :2.51,. :shooti rog' caslla Iti,~s.

I~AIH :OF .,'_

EffW'ively twin1l inki rog', a ~""apon tllat com~siin a Ipairmayrecroll tai'ledt<J hit mils iinclme oombat.



llh~,s,e IhlJl kirog" m agnificent,eIHt"mpBr:s. are forged 'E<:dllls i",ely on tile Angry Ma,nines.' IPe1: F"rgeuJ~rld cl Omnigyni5t.. G:r,antirog 'unreill poo~.er thr"l!.!lh sheer mass, these Iboots m ake tllei r wi,elder:a

j l!.!lgeFln·allt of destructlon M:Odels with Pw;er F,,,,e1: ga in 1 .. Atrta~k a:oo 1 ..

T "ug:hn~s:s,. end F teet.

l~ow.mSACKlmU~:OF POWER I[)OOIUN oas

DlIrirog' tile great orus.ade 'knoom as tile "'PlInchirog of llhe Clvlad Syst,em"', tile

s ing:he II"'fa IIPI enet ii n the ,V5tem felillooBr :atrta,jk of the vile forces. cl Chsos .. Fii rst to respond to the atteck but gr<JS:sly "lItrillmb",nell the Ang:ry Mari.n~' IDattled

ii n il'OO srounc the Hlve-Cepltal of nylad 2: unti I at la,t tile Ohapter Master ,('koonlm "rlly:as The Arogri,~,stl took Ihis t,edhmarlnes ~J lth Ini m and went around €%ery ,irog:he lhome per:sonilliv Inippi rog the doorkoobs 00 ... With each Ikoo.b the t,edhmarlnes ~Jollid attsoh :a IPooJ.e,r,-f.ieild g,Bneriltor:aoo then Iplace it iin il :sack :some;howmade "lit of :adam entlte ~"ea~e '(Arog:ry Ma:rii ne dhr"n·icl,~,s. :s.ugg,~,s-' tlleyj ust yelled :at:a :seniitor for ilges till iit somehovJ did it], until the, sck ~~:as. full :a.oo jan :activator tor ,every s:i ng'le door·-Ikoo.b wa:s· IPI eoed on The Arogriie.st·~. Mi\ri,t.

As the forces of Cllam. If,a'ilioo tor :a Ii na'i assa ult, tile Arog:ry Marin~s M"ent to meet them h~illl on, a.oo the rull fury m Tlhe Arog:niest:s aw the Olla~s AS.Sillllt Ibl unted unti I retntoroements EiTifii .... ed ;a:1ld VIEre :S·Mmm etror beirog' so s:looJ_

TlheAdamilmiteSildk of FlIli cl P<l'JJer Doonknobs. is. il m~~ Ihanr:!eci weilp~n that :adds .. 1 to th~ wiielder',. strength, ilnd illl Inits to Cilllse d3, u~~uoos._ Tlh~ w i.elder' s. :atrtadks :ar,e al:socons:ider,ell t" Ibe tile equ'iva I,ent of :attadks fr"m :a M~nstr"lIs. Orleature Ii n Ir1eg:ard5 to armOTs:av.e:s. and :EirlmOr penetr,at'iorl ..


Pmiity :seill S :a.ne :b~stoo~.ed l1p~n Spiloe

Mani nes of proven IPlIrity and vi rtue, Apparently these traits ma'ke them superlor at IN,uIni:11,g :aV{Erv~ bece use if a moll~1 UJ lth IPurity seels fa'II,. back, he m ily re-iroillhi's. FilII B sck di stance rol L. Thi's

ap:pl les to tile entl re m,it tile m"del is a partcl ..


PIli Cllapl a ins wear a 11m arii LIS, a sra all ilmulet best<l'JJed upon them Ib>! the Eccles:i ilrchyof Terra, llhe R<JSari us gener,ates jan energy tield that pr<l'J'id~s tile Oh'apla'i n ~iiith a 4+ I rlVulnerabl,e S:a",e. Thi 5- maylbe taken ii nsteild of the

aha,pl ian':s. norma'i Arrnor Sil>;\e ..


The:s ignllm is :a :sp&ia'i torm of

oomm unlcstlcn dev,ioe that illl<l'JJS the TKllmariineto accessa m~riiad of useful bilttlerioeld torgetirog inform etlon land then pass iit on to Ihi's. t-BllooJ IDattl.e Ibrother:s .. In game terra s iit :a'llooIO. you to re-rotl one

m i ssed to Ih'it s:hootirog mil tor the TKllma:Mineor any squad that tile

TKhm il.ni ne MI"rog:s. to or hil s jdi nell ..


Space Ma.ni ne Bikes are fittell Vi lth ,wii nlinkedbolters. Angry Marine Bi'kes, on tile other ha:oo,. are tlttedwlth a Ihea'ij' Ibolt,er. Both inor,ea:se the rider's T"ughnes.s Ib>! .. 1 paint il'OO mak,es.him oouot as a Bike for movemem, Arog:ry Marii nes with an Honor G liard m aYlrlo! be m"unt,ell on :a Bike ..


Teleporllhomers proooc€ :a s:igna'i thatcen be II"dkell onto Ib>! teleportl rog troops .. Iff terrnl netors UJ i'sh to tel'f\port onto the battlefield via [l"'f\P Strike :a:oo choose to do :so witllin6~ of tile m"llel carry'i rog the homer,. fllen tlley Mmn't soatt,er.


Pil S>O Ikoov{[l 'a s Tactical Dreadoo~'ht 'armor, Term i netor 'armor iiI the Ib~,SlI Iprotection a warrior can b~ '~lIiJ~p~ w:ith. DlIe to the IP01XJ,~rflll €'J(o·,s:keleron 'ami power sourcesbuilt iinto their armor, space Mari~e,1 iin Terminatorarmor are capallie of m""i rog and fir;i rog: wifhh"avy w,,,apo!\S,. 0 n the other hand, this armor ii I somewhat cumbersome, so Space Marin~ Term ina tors are n01I able to pursue a more II ightlV armored foe ~J:hen the'! fl,,,,, ..

Term lnators m a,!lnot Sw,,,~pi rig Awanoe.,

A mollel wea,ni rog T errnl netor 'armor Iha·s. a 2+ Armor Sa",,, and 'a 5,. I nmjl n~r,a:bl,e Sa\\e ... The ~J,,,arer eutom etice 11'1 ha s. Term inator Honors. at 100 extra cost.


A model wifh n~rm lnetor Honorshe I Ipr01;\eQ Ini m sel1i 'a :s'l1pe,nior combaUnt and Iha 5 earned !1+ to hi, Attack dharacreri·stic and a rm i:nii mum unrnodified Le;adership ch'ar,ad,er;i stic of 9" Huzzah,


Thund~r hemmers are anoiem end 'Ill ighty w,,,apo!\S that relea se a t,enr;ific Itll a st o1j ,energy uJ:h~n they strike 'an opponent. A f~umlBr hammer counts 'as a Ipower fist, Ibll! any mollBI M~ollndBd Iby it and not

Iki lied may n01I 'attadk ag:ai n untl I lnltl atlve 1. blow s are struck in the next Assallin Ipha 5'''_ Vehidle,lh'in :by a thllnd~r Ihammer 'areoom'icered DeWS!"ilW'IiieD, inaddition to an,! other results they s!lIiTter.


A mig:hty pi umbi rig devine fitted with a IP01XJ,~r pack. Adds 2+ Stn~rlgth 'and iig:nore,. ATlmOT .s.a"!O',e.s._


An 'a,ocient II ibram ii nscrlbed w:ith e\\ery

ii !\Suin that 'ha·s.lbBen tdld or ,""'~ry UJ ililbe told" Born ii nto battle Iby or,ly the arlgr;ie.lt of ArlgP{ Mar;ine.I" the possessiono! a Tome o1i I nfinite Rage ,ym:bali zes the Ibollndless. G~pths. o1j their rage, 'a Ir,age that 'allolu:s.them to s:hrug o1ifth~ mostwiltirog


g:unfir1e to 113r\,g:ag:ehi:S-'eil1em-v:" M'odel:sIb"arirlg 'a Tome of Infin'ite R'ag,e can only ".lIfter one wound from s:hootirlglper turn; 'a'il other 5'hooti rig uJollnds ane iig:oonBd.





V,ehides with dozer Itll ad~s. 'Ill av re-roll

fa i I,ed Difficult Terral n tests 'as long 'a I fhey are gai rog to :be movirlg '00 more than 6" that tum.


Non 01'11'5 for Ihidi rog lik,e II lttle Ibitch~s

'b5h'i nd 'a thin wa II off smoke, Arog:ry Marine or,eu~,· iimteadlloadfhBir smoke lallrldher, Miifh ii nfantry frag gr,en·aile.I.,. Th"i I ccunts es a si.rIg:le5hotdef'~!\S'i",e uJeapon UJ:ith the follow ing profi I,,, ...

24" 4 6


W hen Ta.rlk S't'lOdkirlg 'an en~my unit, the ~ehide ~":i II ca use do Strength 4Ih·it,., Wloen Rammirog' anene!my~e;hide,. the ",ehide ga ins ... 2 to the :stn~ngth o1j its hi,_



A Madh"ine S,pi rit ii I 'a combi nation o1j org:ariic end medhanica I components. that h51ps to control a ta.rik':s. m01;\~ment and M~",apon svstems, Ifrhe tank ".lI1lf,er:s. a Dew SWJ"tlted result on the Veh·idle.

Oam ag'e tables, the Madhine -"pi rit a'llow.s. the-tank to move directly aliead'l1P to its maximum speed. AI so, the Macloine S:pi rit cenoperate one ~J,eapon per turn as. long a, the ",ehide Iha·s. m01;\eQ 100 more than 6· even i1i the tank :s.uff,er:s. a 'Dew Sli\W'liiEn or Dew SWJ"tlted resutt. llh'i s is in addition to any UJ,,,aponry that can loorm a lIy f reo The Machine Spini, Ihas. 'a IlS of 2.


Ph> W:S BS S T W I A Ld SV
75 S 5 4 4_ 3 5 3 1.0 3+
50 5 5 4 .:) 2 5 3 '91 3+' Optio.ns: A commander ma,ytake up to: reo polnts worth of equipment al~owed'ftom the Angry Maril'le. armory.

Ind'ependernt: 'Cha,ract,er: A commander is an ~f!depei1deilt character, See page 2~of ,he Space Maril1e Ccdexf'or more details.

Enduring Rage:A.rngry.Ma,rine commanders have led thefrwsr,nor.s illlto battle for,"" weeks, mayhe.lfneJob has high turn-over, However long th ey've heen commanders.thevwere thrust ~l1tO tile posi1:iol1,navirng been recogrliz.ed as the angrtestof his, battle brothers. Canyingthem past the most gr~evol1s woumls, tbeinage hums. i'mi om itahly, ~f ont\! to' punch one more flick-face in' the fllddngface. A~I wounds agamst 2m Aflgr-y Marifle Commanderare

aHo calea at til e END of the asss III ~t.ph 8!Se.

Re:tinu,e: A co mman d er may !ea'a a.n Honof\J,uard into battle. See the n.mit

entryfo:r detajls, . . .

Pts, WS BS
:St.U(dilr. 'Ill1a .5 .5
Brus1ardl 85 5 5 .:I 5 Optio,ns: A cllapbin may take up to l@O pO~fltS. worth of equjpment a~lowed

from the A.ngry M@<r~l1e;armOl)'. .

Indeipen~ernt Character: A d\ap'.a~n·~, an indepemlentchamcter. See page.2~ of the Space M8r~ne CodexfoImare de'taR(,.

Hornor oftheChapt,er: Cilap'ains 'embodyithe honor and hate of the Angry Mar~lJe5.lfl'ley andanv n.mit they le.aq are Fear.less.

Li.tanie's of Hate': On a, p'ayer'stll.rnirl w.hich he charges into dose co m bat, a d'Jap'a~11' and any model in a untt he leads may re-roll failed ro~ls to. hft ..

Exp I osive Rag,e: So gre at is aeh ap la rrr's rage th at I'l e CBl'm at find ,en ough outlets for rt, evefl in tin~ heatnf battle. It boils withifl hnn, u'l1Ispent, tmtil he

ca n contain it no more. 'W1'l e na ch a p [,Hn ~s: 5,la ~I'l ~l1Idos,e co mbst, the rage ,hplodes,outof him v[o~el1tty. Plaoe the small blast template over the chaplain .. Ally modeit'oucl'lil1lgthe temp!ate a.lJtomat~caHy suffersa:strength5 wm.md.

Re~inl.!le: A chaplam may lead all Honcr'Guard into batt~e. See the untt entry fo r details.


1 PONT NEED A GOD OAMt'lED qUN! H-Ifltf$o NOTHI/Nfi WRG:NG: WITH· YO'U rnA r lbi NiT FI}( Wm-l1i;'rFJ~!

-C4{itdm @Is,. 13" eomp.r.ny

B.EATTHE LIVIWG HELL DIJTDfSHIT Wfm YOUR POWf.IHIAr~ IF YOU'RE :(jO'PANllf/~'N H~O BH"J,JjflHI to 'FiND 5QMrn-lJlriG,W /elII mEN \'6 u gtiTffic F(JCIi;I.Nr3: ·~r.:IIlT RId/iJ/iJIIitt;:.

-H&b r»1gpiain Pe~r;;gn


Pits WS BS S if W I A Ldl Sv
liI'ate Breede r 1]5 5 5 4 4 3, 5 2 10 +3
'G~~ dge Be arer l(JO 5 5 4 4 2: 5 2 9 +3 War Gear: A hbrartan ~s armedw[t~ 8J force weapon and wears a p's,ydllic hood.

Options: A [ibrarfalll may IlIOt ta~e additio·nal war gear, s,a,ve for reltes or sacred shit,

Indep.endent,Character:A IIbrarialll [s af1 illidependellltdllaracter.See page 2:ill of the Spaoe Marine 'Codex for more details,

P.'i1jch'i,[ Power: Librarians ilave the storm of Wrath psvchic power. They may replace this powerwLtill.a1ll aitema.tLve p's,vchic power at tile pointscost specified below. 1111 addition, Hate Br,eeders m,a,yta~e ,a, second psycilic power at the listed cost,

'Grudge: If an Af1gry Marif1e librarian suffers a P,eri~s of the Warp' attack, take a readersiliptest.IHail~ed, the nbrariaf1 yalllls,tile offendlng demon out of the warp to, ~ill itWLt~ his bare handsand mav IlIOt ass all lt that turn,

Retinue: A.[[brarian may I~ead an HonorGuard illiito battle. See the Il.llllit,ellltry fordetails.

sto rm of Wrath: .Red twIts of n atred leap Jrom the librarian's gmmtlets, rending his enem ies ,Qstin derond rippin 9 th rouqh ellen th e m oetormoredioes. lhis aNlLty ~s used ln tile assault pilase instead oUirillig ,a, weapolll.lt has tile foHowing p rome. Range ::12" Str:4 Ap:2 Assault 1 BI ast,

Wrath.of the ifitans: The librarian mils upon his rage to send a w,arpbJade CJf brilliant flame an d hate en,erg y silcillg ,acfDSsthe battlefield. Til e p owe r [5 used ln tile shoctlng phase illistead of firing a weapon. lhe b~ade wllil carve out a straight lif1e of destruction between tile librarian and af1V pomt Of1 tile table edge. Every unit ln its path, lncludmg allies and unlts in close combat, wlll :sl!Jif,er,aSttr:,6, Ap:4 hit and must take a pinn ing test.

+ 5pts(+JOpts)

SWord.of Hatredc .Imbuing firs w,eapon with hfs,angeJ~ the librarian's w,eapon strike viciously, with ,Q fury a,ll its CJWIl. Willelll rolllng to, iIIit, af1V mils of six grant two extra attacks. Til ~s ab II ity may trigge u itse ~f.

+lCJpts( + 2CJpts J

Arnmrof Conte mpt: Glyphs of unspoken disgust etcn themselves ill JigMup CJrJ th e Jib mJian' s ,aJ"mOJ~ sllen tly glo werin g at the efl.em y' s pit'eo!JS attacks. Us ab Ie on oe per gam e, th e p ~ayeu may ror,oe fII is 0 P P 0111 e IlIUO reo ro I] do su ccessfu ~ ro lIs. towound.jhe abilLly ls actLve for the duratton of the batt~e.

+lCJpts( + 2CJpts J

Crushi ng W, a ve of I re: McmifestingJluid W,Q ves CJf h fs CJwn angerfmm th e W,QlP, th e Jib mJian GnJsh es and dso wns his en em les in firs hatred. Til ~s .aNlLty ~s UjS,ed ln the A.ssallit Pha6e illls.tead otattacktag, P~a.ce thie Ordilllallice B~ast marker centered over the [[brarialli. All models u.!lIIdertile template ,exoepUll!e [ibrarfalll :s!.lff.er,aStr::,f' Ap ,6 l1[t. lhis ,ability ma.y be used wLth tile ftamer template iflls.tead, iftile player chooses .. The flamer ternplate may be set ln alllY posjtion the p~averchoo.ses., as long as tile template touches the [ibrar~an.

+lCJpts( + 2CJpts J


Space Marine Ubr.arfaflls. use til e lr psych i c gins to, d Lvilll eta ctical illiformation and :sway th e course of hatt~e throughtnckerv. This tS but another pointfrom whiere tille Afilgry Mauillle5dLv.erge. Bringilligtileir ,abilities to, b ea r v~s.ce ra IIV, Angry Marillie Ubr,ariallls, send rrtass Lv,ee x p ~o.s to ns a III d 'swe'e p illig wa rp b la d es through their enemtes, teauilllgtl1em asunder,

o uts id e of co m bat, Angry Marine Ubr,arfallls are r·ed1l5Lve and withdrawn, noses pressed firmly in their books. Wiletilerthey

a re stu dying fore igf1 'al1gl!Jages. or reviewillig their tomes of ln S·I!J lts, they are .see~[llIgways to, better expresstheir rage and hatred.

lhe of1~actllal

re sp 0 f1 s ib iI [tie s th e A.fIIgry Marif1e ubrartans have are recording every shght, real or

lm agln e d, aga [Ill st til e Angry Marif1e Chapter and educatlng thelr battle brothersabout who has, done them


Ph> W:S BS S T W I A Ld SV
,2.5 4. 4! 4 4_ ;r 4. ;r '8 -fl Number/squad: 4-14 ang~ marines.

·W·a.r G'e,ar: !loft pistol, do'>e combat weilpofn, andcombat si'i[etd.

Opti'ons~Tnesquad may he equip'pe~ wbtil krakgrenadesat +2 points @l modeLl iii every 2 models may l:a,ke'any additional war gearfrorn t!1e Allgoy Mar~tile· armory at the listed pomtscost.

Charaetars: Mode~s,whi:cn are not equippedwitl'n .add~~ol"lal war gear may be u pgra d-ed to a spe C!8 ~ist as de.scribe q be 1oW.

S,p ec ialists

Tech Marine: One mode'! ma;y be upgradedtc a techrnarms wfth a boler, power weapon, altlspex, .stgtilum, andservo-arm at+60 pts, 1ne tech marhlle m:ay take a' a ngiy- harn e S,'; f o'i"-t'35pt,; add ii1ga nether twop 0 we r ftst ~ttad:.s;, a:na me r, a ni;l [mrii'ov [rig h~.5 a rmo r save to: -t 2.

Apothecary::Gne model may be upgradedto arnapotlnecarywtth narthecium and reduetor at +2.0pts.

:Comp'any51tanda.rdi Be.a:rer: Orne model may!'le upgraded toa standard oea:rer

armed with tile Ang>y Marine Ba;ttfe·StB'rnda,rdfm't2:®pts. "

Tr.ansport:: A.n honor gaard witn tell models-or less may e lect to, be mounted in

a: predator Allgrin.atorm [lrqp Po'~. .




A Lrl SV

,Having ItWf?mSre [or "'LA ,,(ING PEPK AND POKE/Iii mE BUSHES, ~ mast Sm ut S';Wads waridl'lg wi!tl Ang!}' Marine smke james ar;e lln toanfros» the ,Men tar ,~'f'gion. Upon carrillai, ti'J,ey ar;e ufl.Cf"IC'maniausly tossed the keys to the arma!}, iabeie,d,

TUCK IIiiG GA Y. n an.d ordered 00' ~GO NUTSB.

Space Mar[neScoUJt]5 4 4 4 4 1 4

1 8 ... 4

N, I.!I m b ed sq ua d: Se rge ant an d 4 ito 9 Space M a.in e sco uts,

We'apom;s: Bolters,

Options: No grenades, Any model rn tile squad ma.y replace therr bolilJerwith ,a, sniper rifle at +1.0 pits, allld.2 models may take ,a, missile ~au.llllcher at+:ill5~il:s.

St,ealth Traiming: All Scouts posses tile Irnfiltrate am! Move Through GOlfer special rules,

Pts ws BS S If W A Ldl Sv
Sarge 50 4 4 4 4 2 4 2 U 2-t
T,e rm inator 35 4 4 4 4 ]i, 4 .2 9 2* War G'e:ar: lhe Sarge ~s armed with an AssaUJlt Carnlllolllallid

Power Weapolli. AJII other Terminators are armed witlll twin-linked Storm Bolters.

Options: The Sa.ge may replace his weapons.w~til a mrlll-I'illilooed

Ass all It Cannon for+:ill5 pits. 1 rill 3 Termlnators roundtngdown, may rep~aoe their Storm Bolters with a Heavy FI'amer and Power Fist forHO' pits or Cyel 0111 e M iss il~e taun ch e r an d Powe r F ~sHor*25pts.

T,eleport: A'Terminatoraquad maytereportornto tile bartlsfteld, taking the fight drr,ed~ to, tile heart of thelr elllemy's hattl~e line. lhey may a~ays, start the game and Res.erve and ar.ive Ulsingthe DeepStr[l<le specfai mre,evelll if it ~s not partcfthe msston heingp~ayed.

tn a short: diversion [rom A tieptusastortes practices, Jtu;;UoalDreadn/JughtAmlOJ'is n (TJt resesvedjos tli e m(TJst.d.e.oomted iwWe iJ m t.hers, iJ ut is if"ist;ead wom as ,a diselp lin aty ,a.ctIG n, Those wlio tli ell· eli ap.laif"i feels afe,~N 0 TA NGWlfWOUG.I-I, ",are suiJjugated to the 10 w moiJifityarmorin the next combat. cumbersome ondslow to thefight, there is little opportunity for the en tombed angry marine to express his rage, an d his frustration mo un ts his unger wnsiderobly.


P1t:s WS BS S if w I A Ld Sv
Q~ 4 4, 4! 4 t 4 I .~ g'T
:w 4 4 4 4 1: 4 1: 8- 3* ~M WA y~ A~GfI'(r ";iI,t( fflHI/Vlf'r - A!l!lW ''''<lime Hymn

A.ngl)' Maritie

Nu.mbe,rfsquad::sergeant and 4 to 9 Angry Marines.

W,e'a p on 5:: Bolt P istols all d Close Com hat We:ap 0 ns.

Optiorns:The s.quadma.y be equrpped witllKrakGrel1laaes at Hptsa model and/or Me!ta Bombs. at +2ph a model. O·l1Ie it! three models may take a ChoPPEaH5 pits, PoweuWeap0rl aHU~pts., P,owEHF~stat HOpts. H~mH at +s.pts, PIa.sm8i'6tJIl at 'n©pts, or Bolter at no extracost.

Chal'a'ct'er: lfhe Sarge may take .ally additional war gear from the A..,gry Martl1earmmy. . .

Transport: An AngljlSquad nia:y be·mounted rrn a drop pod. Am Angry Squad that numberstn inodels or les:s.may be deployed mountedjn a Pa;edator

A fl.grFnator. S:ee Tra nspo rte ntry for more details.

Pits W!> BS s If IN A Ld' 511
<3i:J1 <1). oJ:, ." 4' .2 ." t <Ji :at
15 4 4. 4' 4 1 4 1 g 3+ Number/sql)l.ild: Sarge and 4 <0'9' Codi. Krmckers.

War Gear: Bott Pisto~5ami choppas,

Opti.ons: 1lL il1l 200ck Knocker~ may repIace !'lis Choppa with a. Powe.r Weaponat+l0 pts, a Powe.Ffistat +15pts, or may replacE bOU"I v.eap0rlswith aPair ofPo.werFisls·or lilLlnderWrench at -I-20pts.

Power F·eeit:The entire miit mayhe equ~p'pedwith PoweuFeeHor HOpi:, permodel. Mocl'et~';with Power Feet may not takea transport.

Character: The Sarge may take allY addittonal war gear frorn tine Angry Marine armory,

Trarn:sport:A CockKnockerSquad may tie mounted ~fl a drop pod,

"pmYEIjFEf( A RE FO~ K.ri:K~NG T!J:O~E Etit!i$ IN TIdE &;II ~r -Anlmyrflil ({S



Pits WS BS S if W I " Ldl Sv
35 4 4 4 4 2 4 1 '9' 3 ...
30' 41 4 41 4 1l! 4 1l! 8 3+ "',FUUUUIJIJIJU IJCI'( YOOOUlJlJlJuuur , __ Angry Manne


Angty Marillie

Broltler Marine ,A,eifdus of the Men tor Legi,an averoome his exdtement

roth,er ,q,~idi;!)! aftac ,q,uick p,eros,ai of the "',PUCKINGGA Y'" amwI}'He tume,d to Broth,er l"o~ndeJ'"and asked aj him.

"'VVhereare ,ail th,e Heoll)! Bairer:> r


Nlumberhquad: Sergeant and 4! to '9' AllIg"y Marines.

W,e'ap,ons:: Bo[i! P~s,tols and cros,e GombatWe.apons.liley are also H~llipped w~tl1l(ralk: Gr,enades and Jump Paclk:s.

Optionls:Ti1e squad may be eqllipped with Melt@! Bombsat +2pits a mode], 0111 e [Ill UII ree mod e ~s, may take @! 0'1 oppa at +5, pts, P,owe r We ap 0111 at + 10 pts or P owe r Fist at + 15pts,.

Deep Strike: An Angrier Squad may make combatdrops from Thunderhawk gunshrpsto stnkeat tile ~eartof their enemy's batitl~e I'ines. Ang"ieuSquads, may use tile DeepStrike special rule when tille mission played allows.

Berse'rk Charg,e: Angrier Marines didn't,qUJa[~fy forjump packs for no r,eason; til ey' re fllck[ngANGRY. Their charges are funous and add +2 attacks,

Pits WS BS S if W " Ld SV
Sarge 50 4 4 4 4(51 2 4 1 9' 3+
Blker 412 41 4 41 4(5) 1l! 4! 1l! 8 3+ Numbe'r/ squad: Sarge and .2 to, 4 AllIg"y Marine B[~ers.

War G'ear: Each b[~e ~s equJipped with a He,avy Bolter. Eacil B[~er i.s ,eqUJipped with KrakGr,elllades,.

Options: Upibo 2 models [Ill thesquad mayta~e,@JChopp@Jat+5pts" a P,oweu Weapon at+ill0 pts, or a Power Fi.st.ai!H5pts..

Characte:r: lile Sarge m,ayta~e any additional war gear from the Angry Marine armory.

wt!haut,a w.ont. ·Itlese s,pooc morines retumed w Itleir droll' pod ,and w.ere s.Qon whisked away jromltle batt;j,efi,eld. Ther;e had b.e.en no mare than a dozen .af Itlem. no t a single word exchanged bEtwe,en our two chap ters. ]':0' ·Itlis da)!, ,I" hove neller seen ,on)! mmines jlgh t wiltl such rage and hotr;ed. The moss ofenemy :IJ,ersericer:> was reduced w mere ch~nks. I.egs, arms, heads. cmrer:> j~IJ .af :lJla.ad. BJI's af red armor /.a'l' str;ew ,ob.a~ t Itl,e fi,e/d. W,e had no t ,even had the cilance w advance b"l'ltle timeltle sCl'1eaming __ :IJ.a th theirs and the ,enem'l' 's __ w.as thro ugh. ~ turned w m'l' Cap win andasked; "WhO' wer;e the'l'.r



~a we' oaT! 't.JlQv.e- any He{J ~y B·Q/"!;e/"5 b;eW"U5e ... ." '1YIfY'R.f .ALL ONOUOi .B1f{fS II IIID J.A (>IKS AND $ri{r,~

Type: Tank

W,e.apons:·nlE:~ V il"l a !cator i.s armed w~h a nud mounted Dem.oHsher Ca.rn no n anda Heavy !lolter.

Vehide Upgrades: V~IU,Hcators. may have .al1y·oftne fo~~ow~ng veil[de upgradesat tbe co,t~isted ill tl'leAJngIjl"Marines:a.rmory: DOz-e. Bf:ade:s, Extra A.rm 0 r, S.earch Hgnt, G re nade taun en e [5'.

PIts Fr-ont Side Re.a:r WS
1t35 :1'3, II '.J:~ 4 T'1Ipe:Taf1k

'W,eapons::The Predator isarmed with 8J turret mounted TW~rl-linked Lascannonand I"H.lU

mounted Heavy !loiter. . ..

Options:. The Predator may also bearrne d with twostde sponsons wtitil He a.vyBofter.s at of 1 0 ptsor Las ca n no ns <;I·t {25 pts,

Vehide Upgrades: Virnd~cators.ma.yhave .any of the fo!bwAng veh~de upgrades-at the cost !iste d rrl'1 he A ng:ry Ma.rines a rm my: Do. er Blades, Extra. Armor" S esrch Ijgill~, oS r·e nade Launchers.

pts WS BS S T W A I.!rl Sv
Sq' e ~5 zy .~ ill ;:. 'X-S ~ ]q ';2±j
Devastator 2:0 -'11 4. 4 4 1 4 2 '9 2+ Number/squad: Sergeant,and 4 to 9 Angry Marines.

Opti.ons: No granades. A.fly mar~[le·m,a.yta:k,e a Heavy BoW:et.at +15pts"

M iS5i~e lau m ell e rat + 20 pts, 0 r a, P !asm a Can [lonat·F35pts. .

Character: The Sarge ma;ytak;e any addtttonal war gear from the A.flghjl Ma"ITrn~ armory.

FHnmm-: Deep runs til e ange r ofttJ e Ai1tgry M a rim es, Wh e nstu ck wiH~ a..s~ssV weapon onthe edge of the batt~efie~d,a, mariG:1'e's frustratrons may reach its tmi~iflg pomt, Mari!1es, with Mis·s[ie La~rlGhercs also safferfrom the 'c:;;ets Hot ru~e.

WS BS Fr:ont Side




5. 2,

Type:: W.alke.

CI"ew:O!1e Angry Ma.r~l1e

We.apons:line Dreadmoll.ght is armsdwtth 4 Heavy Bo[ters.

Optiorns: Afly Heavy Bofter ma¥ be reptacedwfth,a, P'asma Cannonat t2Qptseach.

V,ehide Upgrades: Dreadnoughts mayhavethefolloWhng

u pgrades fro m the Angry M ar~nearm my:

E:xtra:Armo., Searci1!ight, Grel'la.ae LSlmci1er.

M.elt,dowrn:Sudn t~ l:~e hazard ofwi~rdirng,'i() many Plasma: Ca:rlnolis tbateven a mrghtv dreadnought mayfell itsetf under its. heat. If thie playerro'~s

.:I ones to !lit wih four Plasma Cannons, pia ce th e '0 rd tri all ce B~ast Ili arke" ce ntere d eve r th e d <eadn 0 ugbt, A ~I mod e ~s, to u en Eng the'mawkers,offer as] j\,P2 wound, indud~ngt~'e dreadnought.


Cr'ew: Two A!lgry Mar!f!es

'Options: The A ngrina:to r m.ay ta ke twos id e s POIllS 0 ns·w utn A ux Wa ry Angry La UI"l cb ers at + 3 9ipts, e)(pandiing'~s maxiimlfni capacity to! 1©'.

Vehide Upgra;des: PreoHtorAngrinator.s may ha,ve anyvel:ntde upgrade I~ted ill tile Angoy Ma~i~e armorvst the apPTopriate pojntscost,

Angry tsuncher: USabf.eollce per game, the Al1gty Latjlilcher Iilundles angl)' marines .(lirE-cHy ~liItO' ,combatW'ftll an 'enemy unit, Fi<e tiH~ Angoy Launcher uSjE1gtile [fmme below, for elfery hit; p'aceone of the to'adeaangry marifie~ in base t,o base contact with Hi'e target n:mit. For every miss, place -one ofthe baded a.ngry marines, out of combat, hut mauntatflil1lg Wliit eohesjon, Resol'lle wo,und~aga~nst both u·n!ts. If arl. shots m iss, scatter the arlgry marine untt norma~(y.

Strength AP

ofl (J

I 1ft J I

30 12: 12

Type: Venide, Immo.bire

(r,ew: None

Weapons:: He avy Bo,lte r.

Transpurtx A drop podmay,cany 1,Q' Arngry Marines, 5 Termjnators, or 11 Dre.adnm.lgM. Once passengers have disembarked, they m·ay not re-ernbark,

A, drop pod atways has the Powerofthe MathErne Spirit upgrade, ins indUJded in Hts. points; cost. A drop

pod may fire til e same turn (t~an cis. .

Vehide Upgrad!es: A dropped niay ta.ke DozerB'ades;, bec.ause fuck, why not.


WS BS 5 T W I A I.Jd SV Range str. Ap
Ii .. 5 4 .( 3 5 9 :])0 ~i j ~2~ 4 ~ PE~tQI
,5 5 ,:I 4> 2 5 :3 9, 3+ 24'" 4 .5 Rap~d
5 S· 4 4 3- 5 1.1ll'" 4 5 -Assalflt2
5 5 4 4 2 5 3 36" .5 4 Heawy 3
4 4. 4 4 Z 4! "2:~" 5 4 H.eilVy4.,lreMmg
.:1+ 4 ,:I 4> 1 4> Flamer Tern. 4 oS, ASS8Ut<tl
Ii) 4- 4 Ii) 1 4 1 HeayY FI.amer Tiem. S <If -A,oj'auU: 1
.'I 4 4 .:1+ 2 <I Snlper Rifle 36" 5 Hea.vy 1, Snipe.
4 4 4 '1' .4 '1' KrakMissil.e i Hea.vyl
4 .:) 4 5 1 4 1 8 3+ ()
7 :2
7 2:
Front Side Re,ar WS '1 :bI
1.2' Y.2
13, n
~i 1:"1' Ap Profile
13- U Pi'rnu.lish:er" 2. Qfllil'l al1t\eo
£2 J0R Meltdown 2. Gio~ Daml1! WarGear: Term tnator Armor, R~p & Tea r, 1 (j m.e of I nfi!"! ite Rage

T,e.l,eport: Tem~erl!ls M2fxinil]:S maytel,ep(Jrt ontoths baUlefteld, taldngtil e ffgl1t directty to the I:!eartof.their enemy's batt~e line. Th ey maya tW8:YS. sta It til e game all d Rese rue and a fI'we tls.ill.g the D.eepStrike·s.ped"r wle,E'veri if ft is not part of the mfs.sio!"! b.E'ilng pla,yed.

Retinue: TemperusMaximl:Jsmay ~ead an HonorGuard into battle. Indoingso, he imie its. the aMnyto Deep Str~ke • .s.ee tne un it e ntiy for cl·eta.i~s:.

Independent Charader: Ternperus Maximus is an i,ride.pe[ldent character. See page-l!l. ofthe Space Marirne Godexf'ormore detai~s.

Ripand Tear; Resemb~ingthe GatmUets.of U~b.amar, only angri'e., i:iles:e weapO[lS.8I'e the so!e do m a~ll of tln·e Al"lgljl M Brin e 5 Cil apte r Masueu, Ternperus Maximl!ls. Utlfe is known ab 0 ut th e origrl) ofth ea:rtFf.act, b eca us El Tempems torgotwhere he got them, SpeuJ~at~(jn fo,rrm!ils that til ey were crafte d by the same poor servttorwhornadethe Adamant;[fle BagofDylad.

Regard~ess of oriig~rn. tlnejrpot.e~cy is urndeniable. Tln ey a,e a Pa ~r of Gh~.~rn Fists w itl1a b u Ht ~rn

lw [!'I-lin ked Assa UJ ~ Ca n n 01:1 •

. Fight Harde r You Fucks}; "Jempems Maximus' boomingvoice call ~rnS~lre gr,e.aUeats. of anger ~ll even U~e most 00 ward iy ofpusstes .. lmpart~llg M, rage unto nES fe ~Iow Angry M ari[1 es; 1 em PE'rUS can uaHrynea.rbya~ltesto .... we!l, f!gilt harder.

01'1 ce pe rga me, at tfn e: beg~[lll trig of any assault phase~ rtayer'.sm,oppmH~nts,'. lemperus. may Ds.s.ue h~s.ba.itt!e shout and give H We.apon S.kill .• +:1.Strerlg<h,+lAttack, :and+] IlUitiattve to aH al!iecl unjts within 24" (not indudtllglempems himse!fI.luradd~tion ... aH ellemnmitswHthi,n 24" re ce ~v,e-l Le ad e r51'! ip m cd ~fEe r u I"!il:il th e conduston of theassault'phase.


METAL BOXES: Commissar FL~klaw batl1es enemies.thatcower in metal boxes, He would :see thiem turned against theiralltes ln irony; thie Emperor'sgl~oriousirony.ln a round ofclose

00 m bat ln wh ichi Com m ~s,s ar Fu Ikl aw' s II III it destroys, ,avehiide, Commissar FUJr.::law may deign to have ~t taken over. The vehiicle sustalnsnodamage from the assault, but is instead transferred tothe p~ayer'soontro~.at thie scout cost of hiowever manyuewmembers,thie ve h ide ilas.

I-HI,e rie51' ?':: Eve ry p I aye, assau It phase th a1 'Commissar Fuk~aw does, notcharge an enemy unft, take ,a L.eadersl1iptest.lifaHed, roll ado. 0111 a 6+ ile ,clliarges, a friendly untt of tile opponent's chotce onsmpicionsof heresy and wlll 1lI0t stop until tlliey are all dead. Otilerwise, llies~aUJgilters htsown scouts for a turn, also 'on susptctcnsof l1er,esy.

100 5

5 4 4 3 5 3 ]0 3+

WarGear:: Artifice, SOOlJit Armor, Com hi-Flame" P,owe, Weapon, Melta Bombs

Special Rules: True Grit Infiltration, Move TIn r,oUJgl1 oover

Retiinue: Commiesar Fuklaw must be accompanied by a SCOUJt squad. scoutsquads accompanyingCommissar Fuk'aw l1ave access.to both scoutand AngrySqllad war gear.

IA,EI'elleHEI'eAt Charaelter: Commissar Fuklaw must remain in unttcoheston witlli tllie SCOUlt squad l1e I~e.ads, at all times, He and tile SOOUlt squad count as a s,ingre Elites, choice.

Angry,Gomm'issar:: Being a commtssar, oommtssar Fuklaw is, ve ry comfortable k[l[ing his own men to ensure their ~oyaRy to tile Ernpernr. Heing angry, Comm~ssar FlJlklaw is at ilome killtng awalter to, ,eIllS,lJr,e speedy:servioe.1,0 uepres,enUl1is, Comm~s,sar Fuklaw may "spend" scoutsfrom his attached r,etillllJe to, use special rules,

Summ:aryE!mmti-on: lfCornmissar FUJr.::law's, UlniHaHs, a Morale checkfor any reason, Commissar FUlIk~aw may execute aSco ut to auto mati caUy pass tl1 e Moral e test. 11li ee x,ectJibed model is removed ,aiS- a casualty.

H eresy!: commtasar Fur.::law mayorder 8, charge, and emphasize hiscommand ... vio~ently.1Ilii_s,ability is, used at tile beginning oHile player:s assault phase. Resolve 3 bolter shots agarnstvour own squad [htt, wOUJnd, save; oommtssar Fuk~aw may notabsorb mile of the wounds). Commiesar Fuklaw's,

u III it gams Furious Charge and Fleetfortile remainder

of tllie turn.

H ERESY~!!!: 11li e Sco uts are prop e II ed to a cts of r,edde S8 hal [is,tic sban don as Com m tssar F Ul kl aw shoots one cf them [Ill tile fucking ilead. Tile unit mayfiretwice that turn, but with a -1 Balfistic sr.::m modifier.1hiey may not shoot the following tum, as theyar,e r,elbading.

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