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SFDC - Field Mapping Guide from Form to SFDC

SFDC - Field Mapping Guide from Form to SFDC

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Published by: jayrelay on Feb 01, 2011
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Creating Salesforce Mapping Overview EchoSign’s Salesforce.com mappings allows customers to merge Salesforce.

com data into their documents, send them for signature and update data collected from signers back to Salesforce.com For example: • • • Merge the signer’s address into the document. The signer updates their address while signing. The updated address is be pushed back to salesforce

The EchoSign mapping mechanism includes two separate mappings • • Merging Salesforce.com data into EchoSign form fields Pushing EchoSign form field data into Salesforce.com objects

Copyright © EchoSign Inc. 2006-2010, All rights reserved

The merge mapping is global and applies to all agreements sent from the customer’s Salesforce. click “Next” Copyright © EchoSign Inc.com account. This formula defines the merge mapping and retrieves the relevant values for each agreement.Merging Salesforce.com data into EchoSign form fields Merging data from salesforce is done using a custom formula field on the EchoSign Agreement object in Salesforce. 1. 2006-2010. EchoSign web needs to be configured to retrieve this field to activate the mapping. SetupCreateObjectsAgreement Custom Fields & Relationships  New Select “Formula”. Create a custom field in the EchoSign Agreement object. All rights reserved .

2006-2010.Name the field (“Merge”) and set its type to text 2. To create a mapping with additional fields.g. copy the template below into the agreement editor Notice that the string “ is replaced by \” in the Salesforce formula. we substitute any “ with a \” using the salesforce SUBSTITUTE function. All rights reserved . Copyright © EchoSign Inc. FirstName_es_signer and LastName_es_signer) while the strings highlighted in yellow should be replaced with references to Salesforce object fields. The strings highlighted in Cyan should be replaced with the EchoSign fields names (e. Also notice that in order to ensure we can handle a quote being part of the value. Creating the Formula The output of the formula should be a string with the following format: { “EchoSignFieldName1” : “Value1” . } To create this format. copy lines 3 and 4 above for each additional field. “EchoSignFieldName2” : “Value2” .

" & "\”'LastName_es_signer'\” : \”" & SUBSTITUTE( ValueField2 . All rights reserved .For example. “\\\””) & "'.FirstName . the recipient’s contact record. 2006-2010. “\\\””) & "'}" Copyright © EchoSign Inc. “\\\””) & "'}" The salesforce formula editor provides an easy way to input the references to the Salesforce fields in the agreement object and in any object referenced from the Agreement (e.) In the example above.g. “\””. “\””. “\””. Click “Insert” and then “Close” The formula should now be: "{" & "\”'FirstName_es_signer'\” : \”" & SUBSTITUTE(echosign_dev1__Recipient__r. the opportunity. “\\\””) & "'." & "\”'LastName_es_signer'\” : \”" & SUBSTITUTE( ValueField2 . change the two fields in cyan to get the following: "{" & "\”'FirstName_es_signer'\” : \”" & SUBSTITUTE( ValueField1 . delete ValueField1 and use the formula editor to select the first name field from the Recipient’s “FirstName”. if we’d like to put the signer’s first name and last name from the Contact record in the EchoSign fields mentioned above. “\””. etc.

The formula should now be: "{" & "\”'FirstName_es_signer'\” : \”" & SUBSTITUTE(echosign_dev1__Recipient__r. verify no errors are reported and then click “Next”. “\\\””) & "'. Deploying the formula Click “Check Syntax”.LastName . you can view the values that will be merged on the agreement page layout. Otherwise. delete ValueField2 and use the formula editor to select the last name field from the Recipient’s “LastName”. “\””. click “Next” 4. leave the checkboxes on the screen checked.FirstName . Troubleshooting If you wish to view the actual values used in the mapping on individual agreements. Click “Save” When leaving the checkboxes enabled. “\\\””) & "'}" 3. uncheck them.Similarly. you may remove this field on the agreement page layout. After troubleshooting. 2006-2010. On the next screen. All rights reserved . Copyright © EchoSign Inc." & "\”'LastName_es_signer'\” : \”" & SUBSTITUTE(echosign_dev1__Recipient__r. “\””.

Configuring the EchoSign back-end to use the merge field On the EchoSign admin. You may use the formula editor to use those functions. Copyright © EchoSign Inc. Advanced mappings Advanced formulas Salesforce formulas allow manipulating values from field – concatenating them. 2006-2010. otherwise merge field Y) Multiple mapping fields Salesforce formulas are limited in length – 1000 characters. formatting them.g. etc.000 then merge field X.5. If you need complex mappings. if contract value > 100. create them as described above and then update the EchoSign back-end with the list of fields used. All rights reserved . configure the salesforce org with the API name of the merge field defined by the customer 6. you may define several mapping fields. One interesting use case is a conditional mapping where the output of the formula can be conditioned (e.

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