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Ch 22. Migration

Ch 22. Migration

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Chapter 22 of

Law of Success for both the Worlds

Q. S. Khan B. E. (MECH.)


Law of Success for both the worlds

• America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are all advanced countries. But how many people in these countries are natives? May be not even 5%, as most of them have migrated from Europe. Bombay is the commercial capital of India, but how many people who have contributed to the commercial prosperity of this city are actually natives? May not be more than 10%, as 90% of businessmen belong to other states and they have migrated to Bombay. But whoever migrated out from Europe or migrated to Bombay were not prosperous initially. They earned prosperity after migration, by hard work and dedication. • M/s. Vijay Tank and Vessel Ltd., is a leading company in the field of turnkey projects for refineries. I have supplied many hydraulic presses to them. In 1980-85 they incurred losses of 24 crores in Libya due to war and cancellation of projects. In India also it got many setbacks and was declared a sick unit. For almost ten years they struggled for revival and survival of their company, but in vain. Nothing seemed to go right for them. Then they took a drastic decision. Instead of sticking to Bombay, they sold their property and migrated to Baroda. With the money they got from property sales and by their hard work, they again got revived. Today they are again a leading

39 - Migration


company in their field. •Birds and animals migrate to far off places in search of food and shelter, which they get and survive in most adverse conditions. Migration is Nature's constructive way of survival and prosperity for living beings. The Holy Quran says that when the angels take out the soul from the body of sinners, who have spent their life on the wrong path because of wrong society and company of misguided people, they would ask them, “How were you in the world.” They would reply, “We were victims in the world.” Then the angel would say, “Why did you not migrate? Is not God's world wide and great?” Then God says, “For such people their final destination is hell.” (Holy Quran 4:97) • Of course God's world is wide, great and full of opportunities. What is required is your initiative to find it. Hence after giving your best effort, if you cannot succeed, then instead of losing all hopes and accepting defeat, think about migrating to another place. • I was born and brought up at Worli, a western part of Bombay. I remained there for almost 32 years. But till date even a dog does not bark or shake its tail on seeing me. I am totally unknown there. But after migrating to Bhandup, a northern part of Bombay, near my business premises, I pray to God not to give me so much respect that I cannot digest it. My whole life changed after migration.


Law of Success for both the worlds

• Some intellectuals say that at your birthplace generally you have everything, a family, house, parents, relatives, and friends etc. You feel at ease and enjoy your personal and social life, hence you don't struggle hard. While in a new place you have to develop everything from scratch, hence you work hard and put your best effort in it. •Another superstitious reason of migration is that at your birthplace everyone knows you. When you progress more than others, they feel jealous. Directly or indirectly by evil eye or through black magic, sabotage or by other means they demoralize and distract you and block your path of success. While at a new place no one knows you and your past, hence no one competes with you or feels jealous. Hence, you are free to succeed. Hence if nothing goes right after best efforts don't lose time and courage. Migrate to a good place and you will find the world of God great and full of opportunities.

39 - Migration


Summary • Imagine you have the finest car of the world and you are an expert driver. But if you come across huge bump or ditch in the middle of the road. What would you do? What is required to easily cross the bump or the ditch is a little common sense and not the power of your car engine, or your expertise in driving. Simply take a left or a right turn and surpass the hurdle. • You may be an expert; you may be following all the laws of success and taking precautions against blackholes etc. even then if you are not succeeding, do not wrestle with destiny. Take a rest, analyse what is holding you and try to pass the hurdle. • Few hurdles in path of success are: 1. Wrong name. Change the name and see the difference. ( The subject is related to Numerology) 2. If you are working in Negative energy field in your work premises, correct it by vastu shashtra, or feng shui etc. 3. In case of jealousy of people around you, unjust law, harassment by politicians, police and criminals, shortage of raw-material and power etc. migrate to a better place. The world of God is very wide. • Remember that in some period of your life, you are bound to suffer. It is not because of your fault or any other reason, but it is because of a divine system of checking your deeds in the worst conditions. Analyse and understand such conditions. If you stick to the right path even in adverse conditions, you will not only succeed in this world, but in the life after death also. Hence understand the divine season and don't lose courage.


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