Titanium Resource Group expects full year rutile production of about 68000 TZMI sees titanium feedstock demand

to surge and supply to fall TZMI expects price hike to continue in future amid strong demand Sumitomo Corp bags 9 Billion Yen contract to supply air traffic control system to Philipines Government MIneweb says 1) India to gain with China s unexpected slashing of export quotas 2) India to boost its rare earths production in three fold times and expect to reach 7700 tonnes 3) Says CMRL is one amoung private players to be benefited from the move

Sumitomo plans to enter India with projects in water sector in partnership with VA Tech Wagbag Delhi Closed two water treatment plants and is facing severe pure water shortage IREL to be benfited from China s decision to slash exports to Japan Titanium resources say Sierra Leon Dispute eneded Toyota plans to start a rare earth plant in india Global Zirconium market to reach 2.3 Million Tons by 2015 Japan is to set up its search for under sea mineral reserves Mozambique exports comprising ilmenite to grow US$2.4 billion In 2011 Japanese Scientist produced artificial Alternative to rare earth; says new metal shows similar structure of palladium South Korea enters rare earth deal with Burma Nidec to build R&D center for rare earth free elec motor Mineral sand prices to surge in late 2012 and 2013 China to hike export taxes for rare earth minerals

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