K J Yesudas Music Concert Bangalore K J Yesudas with SPB, Chitra and Maestro Ilayaraja, Live in Concert (Hrudaya Raaga


Feb 16 2011, 6:00 pm (Event duration: 3:00 hrs) Tripuravasini Palace Grounds, Mehkri Circle

The Rotary International District 3190, Hridaya Raaga, in Palace Grounds- Tripura Vaasini on 16th Feb 2011 @ 6.00pm to celebrate veteran singer K J Yesudas' 71st birthday. 71 years of Golden Life 50 years with Kannada silver screen with Yesudas SPB Issai Gnani Ilayaraja Chitra Parvathamma Rajkumar Crazy Star Ravichandran Rebel Star Ambarish Hamsalekha About the Event Dasettan now agreed to participate in , the film music programme,the

proceeds of which will fund several humanitarian service projects under Samarpana-71, including 71 free heart surgeries, 71 free dialysis, 71 free eye surgeries, etc., valued at over Rs.300 lakhs, bringing healthcare benefits to hundreds of poor and needy in Karnataka. These projects will be conducted by Rotary club Event Details: On Wednesday, the 16th Feb. 2011, will start by 6 pm at Tripura Vasini Palace grounds, Bangalore. This film music evening, will be led by 'Ganagandharvan' yesudas himself. Participation of superstars from Indian, Kannada film world and music industry will make the event an unforgettable experience. Renowned music director Hamsalekha has consented to direct this program. This celebration of Dr. KJ Yesudas completing 70 years, will also coincide with 50 years of his association with the silver screen and is perhaps the first of its kind to reciprocate the support received from millions of people, all over the country. We look forward to your support and participation in this unique event.

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