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Profiles of the Leading ERP Software Vendors
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About ERP Software
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is not a new concept. It was introduced more than 40 years ago, when the first ERP system was created to improve inventory control and management at manufacturing firms. Throughout the 70’s and 80’s, as the number of companies deploying ERP increased, its scope expanded quite a bit to include various production and materials management functions, although it was designed primarily for use in manufacturing plants. In the 1990’s, vendors came to realize that other types of business could benefit from ERP, and that in order for a business to achieve true organizational efficiency, it needed to link all its internal business processes in a cohesive and coordinated way. As a result, ERP was transformed into a broad-reaching environment that encompassed all activities across the back office of a company. What is ERP? An ERP system combines methodologies with software and hardware components to integrate numerous critical back-office functions across a company. Made up of a series of “modules”, or applications that are seamlessly linked together through a common database, an ERP system enables various departments or operating units such as Accounting and Finance, Human Resources, Production, and Fulfillment and Distribution to coordinate activities, share information, and collaborate. Key Benefits for Your Company ERP systems are designed to enhance all aspects of key operations across a company’s entire back-office – from planning through execution, management, and control. They accomplish this by taking processes and functions that were previously disparate and disjointed, and seamlessly integrating and coordinating them. As a result, an ERP system can: * Facilitate more efficient completion of day-to-day tasks. * Reduce the redundant and overlapping activities that waste time and money by standardizing core procedures. * Eliminate data silos by creating a single, centralized repository of timely, accurate business data. * Enable more effective resource allocation and management.

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About ERP Software
* Reduce overhead costs. * Enhance strategic planning by allowing for more accurate assessment of needs, and enabling measurement of goals versus outcomes. Does My Company Need ERP? Companies of all types and sizes can benefit from an ERP implementation. Even if business processes and related workflows are relatively smooth across the business, ERP can deliver even greater productivity and cost efficiency. However, the companies who need ERP the most are those whose most critical business procedures are so fragmented and broken that they hinder growth and profitability. For these firms, ERP can help create a business process management mindset, allowing them to define best practices, formalize activities, and streamline cross-departmental functions. Additionally, ERP is designed to help companies who have trouble achieving “one version of the truth”. For example, in many firms, revenue data maintained by the finance department doesn’t always match the numbers generated by the sales organization. These disparities can make it difficult to assess financial status and profitability, and in the case of public companies, report results to investors. ERP systems consolidate and centralize all back-office information. Each transaction conducted by a department will be handled, recorded, and managed by a single system. In this way, the most frequent causes of conflicting information -- such as a lack of integration across departmental applications -- are eliminated. Common ERP Features Most ERP suites contain a broad range of modules to enhance a variety of back-office functions, including: * Manufacturing – includes features for project and process management, engineering, scheduling, capacity management, engineering, material requirements planning, and quality management. * Supply Chain Management – includes capabilities to support order entry, purchasing and procurement, inventory control, planning, goods inspection, and claims processing.

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About ERP Software
* Financial Management – includes functionality such as general ledger, cash management, accounts payable and receivable, and fixed asset management. * Project Management – includes features for costing, billing/invoicing, time and expense management, and activity monitoring. * Human Capital Management – includes capabilities to support hiring and staffing, payroll, training, time and attendance tracking, and benefits administration. Many ERP environments leverage a data warehouse or operational data store for reporting purposes; this limits the impact of data analysis on the transactional database and prevents the performance slow-downs that report generation can impose on the production environment. What to Look for When Choosing an ERP Solution “Big bang” ERP implementations come with quite a bit of risk. Few businesses have the resources to handle an all-at-once deployment. Therefore, it is critical to choose an ERP vendor with a flexible and modular platform, so it can be rolled-out in phases. Additionally, since many ERP modules often replacing existing business applications, be sure to select a solution that includes comprehensive data migration tools. This will help move data from old applications to new ones in the most efficient and effective fashion. Finally, look for a single-source provider who has designed and developed each module in-house. Choosing a vendor who has created a complete ERP suite by bolting together various solutions – such as those developed by OEM partners or obtained through acquisition of smaller ERP companies – can lead to integration and performance issues. Top ERP Software Vendors You have many options when choosing a ERP software vendor. To make it a bit easier, we’ve featured some of the leading ERP solutions in this paper. Review these vendors, and you’ll be well on the way to finding the right ERP software for your business.

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All Rights Reserved. SELECT CuSTOMERS: San Antonio Lighthouse. TrailTech Inc.com | 1-888-8 CONSONA HigHligHts * Use of Microsoft technology establishes a seamless interaction between all elements of the Intuitive ERP architecture * Industry-specific. Indiana. Ltd. Northern Digital. Inc. primarily customers in the  to 10 user range. American Tubing..com. flexible solutions to better match business requirements * Focused on rapid growth through consolidation * Serves small to mid-sized manufacturers * Focus on quality and customer service OWNERSHiP: Private HEADquARTERS: Indianapolis. Bigfoot Industries Inc.www. Business-Software.consona. IN FOuNDED: 200.) ERP SOLuTiONS: * Intuitive ERP * Made2Manage ERP * AXIOM ERP * Compiere ERP CuSTOMER FOCuS: Consona serves the small to mid-size manufacturing segment. Inc.  . © 2010. Virtually all product and service segments are represented in its customer base. Qualitel Corporation... Ace Designers. Reproduction Prohibited. USA (as M2M Holdings.

That’s why Consona has taken a vertical industry approach and focused AXIS exclusively on the metals. Backed by an experienced management team and deep financial resources.. Consona invests in the people. and a broad range of consulting. quarterly. or annual basis can provide graphical. including manufacturing and professional services.About Consona/Made2Manage Consona Corporation. Consona melds an aggressive acquisition program. Consona provides CRM and ERP business solutions to more than 4. technology and tools needed to provide customers with a unique and effective combination of customer care.com. Consona ERP Key Features Intuitive ERP * Organizes all of a company’s information into one. Business-Software. strong balance sheet. formerly M2M Holdings. and high-fit solutions into a value proposition that is unmatched by other vendors—but well-matched to its customers and their businesses. wire and cable industries for over 10 years. complete. Consona recognizes that the return on your software investment –including initial implementation as well as on-going support—is a function of how well that software fits your unique requirements. Furthermore. and how well consulting and service personnel understand your environment. industry expertise. The Consona product portfolio consists of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) product lines and both industry-specific and cross-industry Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. * Cuts operations costs by delivering complete visibility of an organization’s Key Performance Indicators on a monthly. A number of elements work together to make Consona a standout in the industry. IT and business services. solid customer relationships. Reproduction Prohibited. Inc. up-to-the-minute information of exactly what is going right and what is going © 2010. This means that there is no need for different departments to re-key information and less need for manual paperwork. centralized system. All Rights Reserved. Toward this mission. processes. product fit.  .00 customers worldwide and across a variety of industries. is a business software and service provider dedicated to becoming a valued business partner by helping companies continuously improve business processes over time. thus reducing the potential for errors.

Made2Manage ERP * Since 198. * Provides complete. Reproduction Prohibited. thus reducing the potential for errors. Made2Manage has been supplying ERP software and services to small and mid-market manufacturers in a variety of industries.About Consona/Made2Manage wrong with your business before it is too late to make adjustments. so customers can order what they need when they need it. improve profitability. without needing to stockpile inventory “just in case”. rolling. It helps producers. All Rights Reserved. * AXIOM is the only enterprise-wide management solution built from the ground up to support the unique operational requirements of companies that transform material through melting. annealing. decrease lead times. forging. and support growth without adding resources. drawing. Business-Software.com. adjustable safety stock and surplus levels allow organizations to keep their inventory within the parameters they set while keeping inventory carrying costs to a minimum. . casting. real-time inventory analysis and just-in-time material information. slitting. AXIOM ERP * AXIOM® ERP. wire and cable industries. reduce costs. manufacturers and service centers successfully compete in today’s global markets by providing the tools and technology to: streamline operations. by AXIS Computer Systems (a Consona ERP solution) is an enterprise resource management system designed specifically for the metals. * Reduces purchasing costs with supplier relationship management functionality that forecasts demand to suppliers. taking better advantage of quantity breaks. and tracking vendor performance. extruding. or cabling to produce product. * Increases throughput by letting customers see upcoming bottlenecks before they happen—driving more efficient scheduling on the shop floor also reducing downtime and overtime. customers can get the best prices from their vendors. 7 . improve customer service. stranding. © 2010. and therefore better utilization of the shop floor is available that there is no need for different departments to re-key information and less need for manual paperwork. * Automatically calculated. improve productivity. With Intuitive ERP. * Delivers complete visibility into the shop floor to allow businesses to see exactly where they have untapped capacity.

production.NET and Microsoft Transact SQL (T-SQL) languages. is able to put its development energy into building innovative features and functions that directly benefit its customers.About Consona/Made2Manage * The primary components of the AXIOM Enterprise Resource Management System are: o AXIOM/mx Open – comprehensive applications for sales. as a software provider. including Microsoft Office. * They provide highly adaptable. and more. All Rights Reserved. * It’s web-based architechture and user interface delivers functionality. Because of its pure Microsoft approach. Business-Software. * Their revolutionary design. Consona ERP Technology Exclusive use of Microsoft technology establishes a seamless interaction between all elements of the Intuitive ERP architecture. an open source business solution has been providing ERP and CRM to small and mid sized businessess across various verticals. Consistent technology also means that Consona’s Intuitive. and financial management o AXIOM e/Suite Customer Service – web-based customer service o AXIOM APS – advanced capabilities for planning and scheduling o AXIOM BI – business intelligence. 8 . Intuitive ERP is written in Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications®. usability. Exchange. © 2010. straight Microsoft Visual Basic®. Project. Intuitive ERP uses Microsoft SQL Server® as the database technology. VB. rather than wasting time chasing solutions to tough problems rooted in technology clashes. which is a first in the ERP industry. quality. executive information and decision support Compiere ERP * Compiere. Intuitive ERP connects seamlessly to any Microsoft business application. enterprise-class applications that aer easy to use and cost lower than the tradtional applications available in the market.com. Reproduction Prohibited. enables applications to be easily customized adn extended without programming. responsiveness and personalization capabilities.

com. With multilanguage and multi-currency capabilities. from a strategic decision level to daily operations. All Rights Reserved. inventory and financial data makes it easy for users of the Consona ERP solution suite to identify opportunities for cost savings and efficiency improvements. Insight into production. Consona ERP Modules * Planning and Materials Management * Procurement * Manufacturing * Financial and Accounting * Business Process Optimization * Quality Control © 2010. Consona’s ERP solutions fit a broad range of industries and business types. 9 . Intuitive ERP can be implemented around the world. Business-Software. Intuitive ERP is designed to support businesses that operate locally or globally.About Consona/Made2Manage Consona ERP Highlights Integration of data across the enterprise ensures that customers have greater visibility in all areas of their business. A high-level view of key business indicators facilitates faster and more accurate management decisions—and an intuitive interface puts all of this at the customer’s fingertips when and where they want it. Reproduction Prohibited. Language and currency need not be a barrier to conducting business.

including manufacturing workflow * Based on the most agile and adaptable business architecture available.www.0 concepts with Epicor True SOA ™ to provide unprecedented scalability and flexibility on almost any device * Provides global solutions available in over 150 countries and over 35 languages that comply with legal and industry standards OWNERSHiP: Public (NASDAQ: EPIC) FOuNDED: 1984. distribution. USA HEADquARTERS: Irvine. Bruno Independent Living Aids. 10 . services. hospitality and retail. Cold Jet. Symmetry Medical.com. General Dynamics. SELECT CuSTOMERS: Ace Clearwater.com | 1-800-999-1809 HigHligHts * Offers next-generation enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions providing capabilities across the entire enterprise. © 2010.0. California ERP SOLuTiONS: * Epicor CuSTOMER FOCuS: Epicor’s ERP solutions help midmarket organizations and divisions and subsidiaries of the Global 1000 maximize their most important resources for profitable growth. Aqua-Aerobic Systems. Solutions are available for a number of industries including manufacturing. All Rights Reserved. Apogee Enterprises. Reproduction Prohibited.epicor. Epicor ICE 2. COLT Defense. Alphatec Spine. California. Waterfurnace. combining collaborative Web 2.com | info@epicor. Business-Software. Symetrics Industries. TEAM Industries.

delivering unprecedented flexibility and visibility across multiple departments. Built on the second-generation service-oriented architecture (SOA). Epicor celebrates 2 years of technology innovation delivering business solutions that provide the scalability and flexibility businesses need to build competitive advantage. whether operating business on a local. Business-Software. retail. engineer-to-order (ETO).About Epicor Epicor Software is a global leader delivering business software solutions to the manufacturing. industry or device. in-context business insight throughout any manufacturing environment. hospitality and services industries. encompassing processes outside the production and distribution cycle. distribution. Epicor is a multidimensional solution uniquely equipped with rich feature sets supporting any environment including make-to-order (MTO). 11 . configureto-order (CTO).0. make-to-stock and discrete manufacturing. customer relationship management (CRM). All Rights Reserved.com. In addition to a full range of manufacturing capabilities. providing real-time. collaborative architecture that satisfies the needs of any manufacturer regardless of country. © 2010. sales and customer service. enabling business anywhere – business without barriers. customer relationship management. providing real time.000 customers in over 10 countries. in context information to employees from the shop floor to the top floor. Epicor fuses modern Web 2. Reproduction Prohibited. Internet Component Environment (ICE) 2. Epicor delivers unprecedented business management. Epicor provides integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP). Epicor extends tools across backoffice processes including financial management. mixed-mode. supply chain management (SCM) and enterprise retail software solutions that enable companies to drive increased efficiency and improve profitability. regional or global scale. With 20.0 technologies with True SOA™ . At the core of Epicor is an adaptable. Founded in 1984. Epicor’s ERP solutions go beyond traditional ERP. Epicor provides a comprehensive range of services with a single point of accountability that promotes rapid return on investment and low total cost of ownership.

responsiveness and access to data needed to compete in today’s global economy. providing total peace of mind by ensuring that business systems and processes stay up and running and operating at peak levels at all times. Whether in the back office or on the manufacturing floor. Epicor provides the connectivity. Epicor ERP Technology Epicor provides the latest. Reproduction Prohibited. business intelligence and enterprise performance management functionality. service and support. Epicor ICE 2. * Epicor solutions are built to comply with local governmental and industrial requirements in a majority of countries around the globe.com. 12 . Business-Software. With comprehensive solutions. Epicor’s hosting services provide the first step towards the end-to-end management of mission-critical IT environments. the company helps more than 20.0 provides unprecedented levels of scalability. flexibility and configuration to modify software to fit the workflow – rather than modifying workflow to fit the software. © 2010. Epicor’s ERP solution delivers in-depth supply chain management. providing a single point of accountability to promote rapid return on investment and lower total cost of ownership. Epicor delivers a single end-to-end software solution for business. Epicor ERP Key Strengths * Epicor is a global leader dedicated to providing business software solutions to companies around the globe.About Epicor Epicor continues to earn accolades and global recognition for its products and innovational impact in the marketplace. most flexible and collaborative architecture available. * In addition to award-winning financial. All Rights Reserved. * Epicor’s ERP solutions automate and optimize business operations by integrating data and processes into a single unified solution to maximize profitable growth. inventory and manufacturing management capabilities. The company’s managed services deliver a unique value-add to customers.000 of the world’s best companies run their business more efficiently and effectively. * The company offers a comprehensive range of professional services with its solutions. customer relationship management.

Reproduction Prohibited.0. enabling business anywhere . Epicor 9. ship and deliver the finished goods. sourcing and procurement to installation. Epicor Distribution offers a full range of order management.com. sales and customer relationship management. Business-Software. while providing innovative technology to span the entire enterprise.About Epicor Epicor ERP Highlights Epicor 9 * The latest Epicor ERP solution. Epicor Manufacturing helps achieve maximum efficiency at each plant. As the first solution built on ICE 2. planning. represents the convergence of Epicor’s rich tool sets into a single product. manufacturing and distribution functionality with the most collaborative. Epicor Distribution supports the needs of truly agile distributors. Epicor Manufacturing delivers built-in workflow processes to manage the entire order cycle: from marketing. Epicor 9 eliminates the technological and industrial boundaries that stifle productivity. © 2010. Complimented by a full-range of enterprise capabilities. Complimented by a full suite of enterprise functionality. service and financial recognition. Epicor 9 redefines the ERP experience. supply chain and warehousing capabilities built on a single business platform based on industry-leading Web services architecture. flexible service oriented architecture available. Epicor Manufacturing * Epicor Manufacturing is designed to meet the needs of progressive manufacturers. regardless of shop environment.business without barriers. Epicor Distribution * Epicor Distribution is an end-to-end solution providing tools to efficiently assemble. 1 . through production. combining a full range of enterprise. All Rights Reserved.

automotive. Best of SaaS Showplace BoSS Award 2009. including precision metalforming. Business-Software. medical device. food & beverage.000 daily-user logins * Implementations: Plex Online enjoys an industry-leading 100% customer retention and 100% solution implementation success rate ERP SOLuTiONS * Plex Online OWNERSHiP Private HEADquARTERS Auburn Hills. high liability industries such as automotive.. Cuisine Solutions. Reproduction Prohibited.com | 1-888-44-79 HigHligHts * Awards: #1 Rated ERP Software Solution for Manufacturers by Aberdeen Group 2009. Michigan CuSTOMER FOCuS: Plex Online was developed specifically for manufacturers. Oneda Corporation. Wolverine Advanced Materials.plex. and aerospace manufacturing plants worldwide with over 30. Ralco Industries © 2010. OKAY Industries. MI FOuNDED 199. steel processing. The on-demand software supports industry-specific functions for manufacturers in high precision. Shape Corp. and food and beverage processors. All Rights Reserved. 2009 Sloan Award for Business Excellence * Customers: Implemented in 1200+ medical. and much more. 2009 CODIE Best SaaS Solution Finalist Software & Information Industry Association. United Plastics Corp. Pepsi Bottling Group. SELECT CuSTOMERS: American Axle & Manufacturing.com. complex assemblies. GR Spring & Stamping. injection molding. Metaldyne Corporate. IMPOvation Innovation Award. aerospace & defense. Inteva. 14 .www.

© 2010. All Rights Reserved. Plex Online Key Strengths * Companies and their partners can get started with a basic Internet connection. defense. Plex Systems originated internally at a manufacturing company. Inc. lower costs. Asia. Plex Systems serves a cross section of manufacturing industries (OEM and suppliers). Plex Online is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for the manufacturing enterprise. Reproduction Prohibited.to drive significant cost. particularly automotive. Plex Systems. accounting.) has maintained a singular vision -. and aerospace companies headquartered in the Americas. food and beverage. from the shop floor to the top floor. services and market position. The powerful combination of Plex Online technology. Plex delivers best-in-class manufacturing solutions via the internet. medical device. and Europe. managing production. * Plex delivers its SaaS solution through secure data centers built from the ground up for continuous. 1 . real-time interface. Full deployment is measured in weeks (rather than the years associated with traditional ERP deployments) and benefits begin accruing immediately. and reliable Web-based service delivery. and higher customer satisfaction. Plex Systems has partnered with Apax Partners (www. Business-Software. including production.About Plex Online Since 199. Plex Online delivers complete coverage to the enterprise. one of the world’s leading global private equity groups. financials. compliance and human resources and other top business functionality. quality and productivity improvements for manufacturers. distribution and global supply chains management issues. and was designed to resolve quality challenges. The vendor offers industry-leading data recovery targets. (Auburn Hills. compliance and human resources and other top priorities. Today.com). distribution and global supply chains. delivering powerful.apax. secure.com. Mich. financials. to drive global expansion and further strengthen the company’s products. Plex Online also enables businesses to manage accounting. services and expertise has empowered manufacturers of all sizes and maturity to achieve greater efficiencies.

with no technology to maintain. customer relationship management (CRM) features such as order entry and tracking. high usability. The on-demand solution features enterprise resource planning (ERP) functions such as accounting and finance modules. * Internet delivery. Plex Online ERP Modules Plex Online for ERP * Accounting * Business Intelligence * Costing * Demand Mgmt * Document Control * eCommerce Integrated Applications * CAD/PDM * MS Office Applications * Payroll * Groupware * HR * Inventory * Procurement * Program Mgmt © 2010.automatically and free to all customers. 1 . total cost of ownership is -10X less than installed software. Also. Reproduction Prohibited. * Plex’s rapid application development (RAD) process and SaaS model deliver daily functionality enhancements and upgrades . and immediate training drive rapid adoption. Plex Online Technology Plex Online is a SaaS solution that offers over 0 functional modules. providing companies instant access to vital information and management functions using a simple web browser.About Plex Online * With no need to license costly software or hardware or hire expensive implementation services. All Rights Reserved. initial solution fees are less than half those of installed software.com. manufacturing execution systems (MES) function such as production scheduling and machine integration. increasing solution ROI and value. and supply chain management (SCM) functions such as supplier quality and traceability. Business-Software.

Plex is designed to support the level of costing you need. to Revenue Reporting and CRM. controls employee work schedules. Reproduction Prohibited. including a variety of summary.com. * Plex Online supports BI and fulfills the vision of BI with the ability to provide and the flexibility to customize hundreds of reports. detail and cost variance reports. All Rights Reserved. to Release Accounting and Shipment Tracking.About Plex Online Plex Online ERP Highlights * One of the most powerful features of the Accounting System is its seamless integration with other parts of Plex Online. * Plex Online provides a powerful and highly-detailed Inventory Tracking System ideal for tracking containers. * Plex Online includes a full-featured Time and Attendance module that manages employee data. from powerful Quote Tracking and Order Entry modules. Job Costing. * Plex Online provides a full suite of tools for managing the sales process. * Plex Online supports Standard Costing. and Actual Costing. Business-Software. 17 . pieces and/or assemblies as they move through the manufacturing process on the shop floor. and collects time clock in and out times using bar coded badges. * The Plex Online information system provides a shared. Oracle Logo © 2010. online database that all employees can draw from to make decisions and perform their job functions.

18 . application developers. New Mexico. Reproduction Prohibited. Business-Software. educational institutions. and online services. Giant Bicycle. supply chain. manufacturing. SELECT CuSTOMERS: Network Engines. WA ERP SOLuTiONS: * Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Microsoft Great Plains) * Microsoft Dynamics NAV * Microsoft Dynamics AX CuSTOMER FOCuS: Microsoft distributes its products primarily through the following channels: OEM. IRITO. Inc. enterprises. distributors and resellers. All Rights Reserved. and OEMs. Lockheed Martin. © 2010. Its customers include individual consumers. CRM. one of the largest IT companies in the world * Uses familiar Microsoft interface * Complete business management software: ERP. small and medium-size organizations.microsoft. Roll-Gom. project accounting * Uses familiar Microsoft interface OWNERSHiP: Public (NASDAQ: MSF) FOuNDED: 197. e-commerce. Internet Service Providers. HR.com. Warn Industries.www. Arthur Shuman. Oerlikon Balzers. Canadian General Power. governmental institutions. USA HEADquARTERS: Redmond.com | 1-800-MICROSOFT HigHligHts * Backed by the strength of Microsoft.

Mobile and Embedded Devices. Reproduction Prohibited. Microsoft Business Solutions. However. including its Windows operating systems and Office software suite. trading partners. and to the ever-changing needs of the customers. Producing and distributing goods and services is the major engine in today’s economy. Fargo. © 2010. Microsoft knows that the fundamental success factors in this competitive global marketplace constant: produce the right products—in the right quantities. Business-Software. the Company employed approximately 1. and procurement strategies. The company’s product segments provide management with a financial view of its key businesses. and at a price the customer is willing to pay. convenience. 19 . MSN. China. Success includes the flexibility to respond to emerging markets. Microsoft offers a variety of products and services. Information Worker. The company’s seven product segments are: Client. at the right time. and for the timely and rational allocation of development. Washington with smaller facilities located in Mountain View. including agreeing to uniformly license its operating systems and allowing manufacturers to include competing software with Windows. with good quality. servers and storage software. Beijing. All Rights Reserved. flexibility and continuous improvements are also imperative. 200. And as a key ERP solution provider. marketing. and Home and Entertainment. such as today’s growth opportunities in China and Eastern Europe. Microsoft’s research and development facilities are located primarily in Redmond. and digital music players. Microsoft has reached settlements to end a slew of antitrust investigations and lawsuits. marketing. services and solutions that deliver new opportunity. Dublin etc. and value to people’s lives. California. Capitalizing on these opportunities and demands involves quickly adapting to new approaches.About Microsoft Microsoft develops and markets software. The segments provide a framework for the alignment of strategies and objectives across the development. and services organizations.com.000 people. sales. billion. and services resources within businesses. sales. As of June 0. In early 2008 the company made an unsolicited bid to acquire Yahoo! for about $44. North Dakota. Server and Tools. The company has expanded into markets such as video game consoles.

adaptable ERP business management solutions that automate and streamline financial. It has a strong presence in more than 100 countries. manufactures. and provides world-class consulting and product support services. customer relationship. recorded a revenue of $1.com. * Seamlessly integrates internal and external communication and collaboration. information worker productivity applications. Reproduction Prohibited. and supply chain processes in a robust. the Online Services Business. manufacturing. All Rights Reserved.12 billion in fiscal year 2007. high-performance computing applications and software development tools * The company has five segments: Client. Microsoft ERP Technology Microsoft develops and distributes predominately licensed software business solutions. business solution applications. The Company’s software products include operating systems for servers. server applications for distributed computing environments. These integrated solutions—delivered through a worldwide network of experienced Microsoft Certified Partners—work like and with familiar Microsoft software and help automate and improve financial. and supply chain management. customer relationship. adaptable business applications for small and medium-sized organizations and divisions of large enterprises. offers integrated. Microsoft ERP Highlights * Microsoft Dynamics is a line of integrated. and subcontractors. Microsoft Key Strengths * Microsoft.About Microsoft The company’s ERP solution suite. Synchronizes information flow between personnel. one of the largest IT companies in the world. and the Entertainment and Devices Division. powerful way that helps drive business success. The company’s recent product launches and a strong pipeline of products provide excellent growth avenues to the company. © 2010. Server and Tools. PCs and intelligent devices. the Microsoft Business Division. 20 . engineering. Microsoft Dynamics. * Microsoft Corporation develops. and trains and certifies computer system integrators and developers. licenses and supports a range of software products for computing devices. Business-Software.

make-to-order. Reproduction Prohibited. * Delivers flexible production planning. or mixed/hybrid modes.com. Business-Software. make-to-stock. Microsoft Dynamics solutions support end-to-end business functionality across the enterprise. manufacturing modes such as engineer-to-order. make-to-order. make-to-stock. helping them identify and meet or exceed their service-level agreements (SLAs) and contract requirements. allowing production planners to change a development process as customer needs change.About Microsoft * Drives outstanding customer service. or mixed/hybrid modes. Microsoft Dynamics solutions gives organizations the ability to track a project from design through “as-built” configuration. 21 . especially manufacturing modes such as engineer-to-order. aligning service personnel with customers in a powerful. * The Microsoft Dynamics CRM module gives customers access to deep customer knowledge based on past experiences. All Rights Reserved. Microsoft ERP Modules * Microsoft Dynamics for financial management * Microsoft Dynamics for customer relationship management (CRM) * Microsoft Dynamics for supply chain management © 2010. effective way.

Calnetix.globalshopsolutions. Milcut Foam Products. wood shops. All Rights Reserved. Inc.com | webinfo@gssmail.com.com | 1-800-4-98 HigHligHts * Offers a complete. ETO. real-time. Inc.www. and MRP for small to medium-size businesses * Quick payback ERP for job shops. © 2010. CRM. machine builders. contract and discrete manufacturers * With the most successful software implementations in the industry and over three decades of software industry experience. Miller Welding.. Global Shop Solutions customers include public and private companies. and value-added manufacturing software solution in ERP. Wilshire Precision. ranging in size from 20 to 00 employees. SELECT CuSTOMERS: ATD Precision Machining. TX MANuFACTuRiNg SOLuTiONS: * Global Shop One-System ERP Solutions™ CuSTOMER FOCuS: Global Shop Solutions serves as the preferred management solution for a variety of manufacturing and job shop industries. sheet metal fabricators and machine shops. 22 . Pazmac Manufacturing. Texas HEADquARTERS: The Woodlands. mixed-mode. including aerospace and defense.. oilfield and petrochemical. repair facilities. medical instrumentation and store fixture manufacturers. Business-Software. M&H Engineering. APS. Reproduction Prohibited. Global Shop Solutions provides customers with unparalleled stability and expertise OWNERSHiP: Private FOuNDED: 197. Panoramic. Metalcrafters. Eptam Plastics.

Business-Software. All Rights Reserved. on-site consulting at the customer’s plant. and Australia derive increased profitability and productivity by Global Shop’s easy to use. and costing and pricing systems. and mixed-mode manufacturers and distributors. on-line help. new user basic training at Global Shop’s training facility in The Woodlands. integrated applications.000 users in North America. © 2010. which allows posting and tracking of all service calls. Global Shop Solutions’ mission is to help manufacturing companies streamline their operations for increased sales. Global Shop’s One-System ERP Solutions™ is the software of choice. in-house telephone support. Founded in 197. including Global Shop’s highly educated. For manufacturing companies that want to provide better and faster service to their customers.com. gain more control over their business and accelerate growth and profitability.About global Shop Solutions Based in The Woodlands. and data conversion support. lean manufacturing. Global Shop Solutions is the enterprise resource planning (ERP) leader in on-time delivery. Global Shop’s ServiceWeb. shorter delivery times. lower costs and improved on-time delivery. Texas. the privately-held Global Shop Solutions manages the vital day-to-day business aspects of job shops. Europe. 2 . With a proven implementation process and Built-in Customization™. Global Shop Solutions’ unique combination of manufacturing knowledge. classes at the annual users’ conference. Reproduction Prohibited. Texas (USA). and additional training as required. make-to-stock. professional manufacturing and accounting consultants and instructors. available as subscription virtual training and individual virtual training. implementation assistance. documentation manuals. virtual training via the Internet. Global Shop customers receive superior after-the-sale service and support. Central and South America. software expertise and commitment to customer service has produced more successful implementations than anyone in the industry. Over 12. make-to-order. Global Shop Solutions provides a comprehensive enterprise management system that can grow with the size and needs of its customers.

Texas. and Washington. Denver.About global Shop Solutions In addition to its corporate headquarters in The Woodlands. With a single system and database for the whole company. Dedicated R&D program: Global Shop Solutions’ on-going and customer-centered research department is one of the most extensive in the industry. 24 . Chicago. Global Shop operates branch offices in Boston. * Global Shop is privately owned and family operated. Los Angeles. Their experience uniquely helps them to understand what it takes to make your manufacturing or job shop business a successful one in today’s competitive economy. Quality customer support and service are hallmarks of Global Shop operations. Texas. Michigan. Dallas. California. and its just one of the many reasons businesses choose Global Shop above other ERP software providers. * * * * global Shop Solutions Technology Global Shop Solutions uses a state-of-the-art technological platform in a proven architecture to provide the rich environment for their ERP software solution. © 2010. and has been for over three decades—a remarkable phenomenon in today’s ERP software industry. information is much more easily tracked and all business processes are easily managed more efficiently and effectively. The system is noted for ease of use. processing performance and reliability. Global Shops’ unified solution simplifies life for businesses. global Shop Solutions Key Strengths * A major benefit of Global Shop Solutions is lowered costs. All Rights Reserved. DC.com. Colorado. and one that provides a benefit to all its customers through company stability and deep expertise. companies can experience savings through both direct and in-direct cost reductions in the office and the shop. Erie. Reproduction Prohibited. Global Shop Solutions offers both strength and value in their robust ERP software systems. manufacturing. flexibility. With an all-in-one package. Business-Software. Massachusetts. Detroit. Pennsylvania. Illinois. and shop floor control needs. and is a fully comprehensive design that includes all the features necessary to fulfill all your business.

About global Shop Solutions
global Shop Solutions ERP Modules Shop Management * Estimations and Quotations * Shop Floor Control * Data Collection/Bar Coding * Demand Planning and Forecasting Materials Management * Inventory * Purchasing * Bills of Material CRM and Sales Management * Customer/Prospect Management * Quotations * Order Entry * Shipping * Invoicing/Order History * Product Configurator Financial Management * Accounts Payable * Accounts Receivable * Payroll * General Ledger * Fixed Assets Advanced Production Scheduling (APS) Quality/Disposition Tracking * Warranty * RMA’s/RTV’s * ECN’s Productivity Tools and GS Ecommerce * GS Business Intelligence * EDI * GS Link * GS BusinessWeb * GS InnerNet Event Messaging * GS Project Management System * Data Conversion Global Application Builder (GAB)

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About global Shop Solutions
global Shop Solutions ERP Highlights * Unique to Global Shop Solutions, Global Application Builder (GAB) is a programming tool that allows users to modify their ERP system to suit their needs by providing the opportunity for more customization at a lower cost. * An all inclusive business software package, Global Shop’s One-System ERP Solutions™ consolidates real-time data across different business departments, providing companies with easy to use, value-added, and cost-effective business management tools. * Global Shop’s Advanced Production Scheduling (APS) puts scheduling power at your fingertips and lets you see the effects of these scheduling changes instantly. The real-time, “real shop” features make your business more responsive to the demands of your customers. * Through Global Shop’s FastStart™ Training and Support System, companies have access to the industry’s most comprehensive programs of certified training, support, and customer service, giving your company’s employees the preparation they need to succeed.

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www.intacct.com | sales@intacct.com | 1-877-47-77

HigHligHts * Fast-growing, cloud financials (SaaS) financial management and accounting applications company * CPA Technology Advisor- “Five-star Review” * JMP Securities – “Top 100 Software Companies” * Inc. Magazine – “Best for Replacing QuickBooks” * SIIA CODiE Awards – “Best Financial Software Solution” * Accounting Today – “Top 100 Products”

OWNERSHiP: Private FOuNDED: 1999, California

HEADquARTERS: San Jose, California

FiNANCiAL MANAgEMENT SOLuTiONS: * Intacct * Intacct for Small Business * Intacct Accountant Edition

CuSTOMER FOCuS: Primarily small and midsize businesses including QuickBook users, Salesforce CRM users, AICPA members, software and SaaS companies, consulting and wholesale companies, services industry, hospitality, nonprofits and franchises. SELECT CuSTOMERS: OpSource, nGenera, Acceller, Bulk TV & Internet, PHM Services Inc., Voltage Security, Aicent, Cardinal SW, Houston, LP, Crimson Worldwide, Platinum Hospitality, Navis Logistics Network, Regent Entertainment, DHI, SchoolDude.com, TeleManagement Forum, Fast Eddie’s Sports Grill, balls.com, Odyssey Thera PRiCiNg: Intacct is offered on a monthly subscription basis, pricing starts as low as $4800 per year.

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About intacct
Intacct is a market leader in on-demand financial management and accounting applications. Thousands of businesses, from startups to public companies, use Intacct’s award-winning solutions to manage and share financial, supply chain and professional services information. Intacct automates key business processes from order entry through cash collection and from procurement through vendor payment. The Intacct system includes financials and accounting, contract and revenue management, order management, project management, financial consolidation, real-time dashboards and financial reporting applications, all delivered via Software-as-a-Service. Intacct’s open on-demand system is extended by hundreds of partners, like salesforce.com and is FASB, Sarbanes-Oxley and GAAP compliant. intacct Key Strengths * Superior financial management and accounting applications — Our financial management applications are deep and mature. They support business process flexibility, advanced functionality like multi-entity and multi-currency, as well as governance and compliance, all in an easy to use and deploy package. * Business visibility, insight and understanding — We have built our financial management applications around driving meaningful, real-time information for actionable insight across the business – including financial, non-financial and operational data. * Open, best of breed choices — Intacct believes that all stakeholders at a company should work with applications that best meet their needs. We make it easy for our customers to extend the value of Intacct by leveraging additional best of breed applications. * On-demand applications — On-demand delivery models are rapidly becoming more compelling, shifting the costs and risks of traditional on-premises software from the customer to the supplier. Let us help you run your business better and more flexibly. * Client success and satisfaction — We pride ourselves in the success of our customers. In July 2008, 9% of our clients indicated they would recommend Intacct to their business colleagues. Each year more than 9% of our clients renew their subscriptions – voting for Intacct with their wallets.

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There are no capital costs. no programming.com. intacct Product Core Applications Include: Intacct Financials and Accounting * Intacct General Ledger * Intacct Accounts Receivable * Intacct Accounts Payable * Intacct Cash Management * Intacct Expense Management Intacct Purchasing Intacct Order Management Intacct Insight Optional Applications Include: * Intacct Multi-Currency * Intacct Global Consolidations * AvaTax for Intacct – Sales Tax Management * Intacct Inventory * Intacct Contract and Revenue Management * Intacct MAX™ for Salesforce * Intacct MAX™ for QuickArrow * Intacct Web Services © 2010. All Rights Reserved. intacct Technology Delivered over the Internet via Software as a Service. Let us handle all the IT while you focus on your core business. no hardware or software to install or maintain. Business-Software. no operating costs. Reproduction Prohibited.About intacct * Lower your total cost of ownership — The Intacct delivery model is designed to help you reduce overhead and ongoing operational costs. 29 . Intacct can be accessed via any current web browser and is both PC and Mac compatible.

manufacturing. © 2010. Cedarlane Laboratories. All Rights Reserved. Daniels Electronics.com | 1-800-9-849 HigHligHts * * * * * Modular ERP system – strong in manufacturing. California ERP SOLuTiONS * SYSPRO Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) * SYSPRO Lot Traceability * SYSPRO Bill of Materials * SYSPRO Inventory * SYSPRO Requirements Planning CuSTOMER FOCuS: The system’s ease-of-use and business process orientation.. CA FOuNDED: 1978. World Precision Instruments. Bennett Tool & Die Co. Business-Software.com.www. make it a compelling solution for a broad range of mid-market businesses in a variety of vertical industries. distribution and supply chain capabilities. Mac Paper. Reproduction Prohibited. interoperability. EMC Document Systems. Sound Surgical Technologies.syspro. combined within a single integrated system encompassing strong accounting. 0 . TriStar Plastics Corp. Titanium Sports Technologies.. financials. outstanding price/performance Designed to leverage the strengths of Microsoft solutions Supports Lean Manufacturing Facilitates FDA compliance OWNERSHiP: Private HEADquARTERS: Costa Mesa. Chocolate Potpourri. Dupar Controls Inc. Crosby Molasses. Inc. SELECT CuSTOMERS: Illinois Tool Works Inc (ITW) Canada. distribution Offers tight integration.

APS and e-commerce functionality to help control the supply chain more rigorously and dramatically enhance customer satisfaction. these build into a powerful foundation essential for an effective enterprise-wide solution. SYSPRO has excellent security features and is exceptionally easy to use . SYSPRO ERP is a modular system with unparalleled strength in financials. SYSPRO gives its customers superior financial control. multi-company and multilocation facilities.data entry and system navigation are simplicity itself. SYSPRO offers sophisticated business analytics. Tried. Plus. Together.000 licensed companies across a broad spectrum of industries in more than 0 countries trust SYSPRO as the platform on which to manage their business processes. SYSPRO delivers rapid access to easy-to-view. SYSPRO’s award-winning application set is engineered to help companies get to grips with today’s day-to-day problems and expand and adapt to the ever-changing business landscape. By focusing on people and building lasting relationships with customers and partners. thanks to the latest Microsoft® technology. Business-Software. All Rights Reserved. © 2010. And beyond the factory gate. distribution and manufacturing.About SYSPRO SYSPRO is an internationally recognized. CRM.com. What’s more. Today. beating competitors and reducing operating costs through streamlined processes and automated workflows. Formed in 1978. SYSPRO has stood the test of time as a company and as a software solution. leading provider of enterprise business solutions. SYSPRO was one of the first software vendors to develop an enterprise resource planning solution. Over 12. real-time information. SYSPRO is a global business solutions vendor with offices on six continents and over 100 channel and support partners. SYSPRO consistently excels at guiding customers through all aspects of their implementation. letting businesses forecast with complete confidence. Reproduction Prohibited. 1 . Ideally suited for the global marketplace with multi-national. ensuring quick response to customer demands. tested and reliable. The solution suite delivers outstanding price/performance value and is continually enhanced and upgraded in response to user demand and legislative requirements.

Business-Software. Using a ‘building block’ approach. © 2010. including palm pilots and cell phones. * SYSPRO is a true turnkey solution that is scalable in terms of enterprise size and business functionality. * SYSPRO is an easy-to-buy.com. with modules designed to accommodate most production cycles and optimize the capabilities of repetitive. lot and serial tracking. * Seamlessly integrated with both financial and distribution modules. interoperability. as well as back-flushing. easy-to-deploy and easy-to-use enterprise-wide software solution. SYSPRO Technology SYSPRO’s SaaS software solution is designed to leverage the strengths of Microsoft® solutions and other technologies to optimize the abilities of manufacturers (repetitive.About SYSPRO SYSPRO Key Strengths * SYSPRO ERP is ideal for a wide range of manufacturing businesses. material verification. * Each business module is tightly integrated with the core platform.net solutions is a new component architecture that gives authorized individuals the ability to interact with SYSPRO data over the Web as well as from remote devices. 2 . outstanding price/performance. custom. the core SYSPRO system forms the platform on which customers can start adding business functionality and technological capabilities as needed. quick-turn and mixed-mode operations. insight and agility they need for competitive advantage in a global economy. SYSPRO e. scheduling. Reproduction Prohibited. All Rights Reserved. The software is characterized by tight integration. balance of functionality and a strong focus on business process management and usability. quick-turn and mixed mode) and distributors. ensuring that when modules are implemented. custom. inventory optimization and planning. SYSPRO aims to deliver world-class software that gives customers the control. SYSPRO manufacturing also delivers superior features for estimating. business operations continue to operate with minimal disruption and risk. * As a customer-centric company. All modules are scalable and interactive in a client/server environment. costing.

WIP.com. Reproduction Prohibited. purchasing/receiving. and job costing * SYSPRO Lot Traceability – Lot and serial number tracking * SYSPRO Bill of Materials – BOM.About SYSPRO SYSPRO Manufacturing Modules * SYSPRO Factory Scheduling – Estimating.  . Business-Software. All Rights Reserved. and backflushing * SYSPRO Inventory – Material verification and inventory operation * SYSPRO Requirements Planning – Material Requirements Planning capability Oracle Logo © 2010. scheduling.

Kellogg Garden Products. with primary focus on four divisions. Business-Software. payment solutions. England (The Sage Group plc) HEADquARTERS: Irvine.www.L) FOuNDED: 1981.com. SELECT CuSTOMERS: Island Lake Resort Group. Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Metrolina Greenhouses. Dexter’s Farm. payment solutions. and industry and specialized solutions. CA SuPPLY CHAiN SOLuTiONS: Sage Accpac ERP Sage MAS ERP Sage X CuSTOMER FOCuS: Sage’s focus is to provide business management software applications and services to small-and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).. healthcare. recognitions. Digital Signal.sagesoftware. All Rights Reserved. healthcare.com | 1-8-99-SAGE HigHligHts * Software designed specifically for small-to-medium-sized businesses * Recipient of multiple industry awards. and industry and specialized solutions OWNERSHiP: Public (London: SGE. business management. Inc. Reproduction Prohibited. 4 . Metrohm USA. Blount Fine Foods. and reviews * Customer-focused divisions offer solutions specifically for business management. Satellite Industries © 2010.

manufacturing. Sage Accpac is ideally equipped to meet small. recognitions. Sage North America employs more than 4. human resources. healthcare.8 million customers worldwide. * Sage’s flagship ERP applications have won a 2007 ‘Readers’ Choice’ Award for being the top vote-getters in the “Client-Side Accounting Systems/Accounting for Larger Entities” category. It’s the second straight year these two products have taken this Award in this category. distribution. Sage has delivered easy-to-use. Sage Accpac provides companies with capabilities to manage their global business including multicurrency and multilocation functionality. time tracking. scalable. Sage ERP Products Sage Accpac ERP * Available in three editions with a full suite of operations and accounting modules. * A perennial honoree in both Accounting Today’s “Top 100 Products” and Software Magazine’s annual Software 00 listings.100 people and supports nearly 2. and customer service functions for greater cost savings and higher revenues. merchant services. as well as for the specialized needs of the construction.  .About Sage Sage North America is part of The Sage Group plc. marketing.9 million small and medium-size business customers. * Bundled with SageCRM. The Sage Group plc. was floated on the London Stock Exchange in 1989 and now employs 14. and real estate industries. Reproduction Prohibited. Business-Software.to mid-sized business demands and is able to handle to over 400 users with a choice of operating systems and database platforms. Sage also has garnered a variety of other industry awards. © 2010. formed in 1981. customer relationship management. and multiple language versions.com. and customizable software for accounting. a leading global supplier of business management software and services. Sage ERP Key Strengths * For more than 0 years. Sage Accpac Extended Enterprise Suite allows organizations to optimize sales. beating Microsoft and its Dynamics GP/AX/NAV portfolio for the honor. nonprofit. and reviews.00 people and supports . multi-jurisdiction compliance. All Rights Reserved. * With a track record of customers in 19 countries.

* Offers first-class integrated functionality in the areas of finance.  . process. while remaining affordable. Reproduction Prohibited. Business-Software. quick to implement. Work Order Processing. CRM. and mixed mode environments. © 2010. Sage MAS 500 ERP * Designed exclusively for large-sized mid-market businesses with 20 to over 1. sales. and cost-effective business applications designed to meet the functionality requirements of mid-to-large distributors and manufacturers.com. * Sage MAS 90 and 200 ERP manufacturing solutions give customers the ability to increase efficiency through all stages of the production lifecycle cycle. All Rights Reserved. * With Bill of Materials.About Sage Sage MAS 90 and 200 * Sage MAS 90 and 200 ERP manufacturing solutions give customers the ability to increase efficiency through all stages of the production lifecycle cycle. gain insight into true manufacturing costs. Inventory Management and Sales Order provide seamless distribution integration. * Offers a robust series of applications that provide total control of the manufacturing environment. simple. * Sage MAS 00 ERP’s end-to-end manufacturing applications let organizations take control of their production. and plan and maintain their raw materials.000 employees in discrete. When goods are finished. and Material Requirements Planning businesses can take control of the manufacturing process. and is supported by Sage and its business partners across  countries. and simple for users * Sage ERP X is a multi-audit system available in 8 languages and legislations. inventory management. Sage ERP X3 * Sage ERP X is a software suite with advanced.

Oakland A’s Asahi Kasei. inventory.netsuite. Business-Software. Cartridge World.com | 1-0-27-1000 HigHligHts * #1 on-demand accounting/ERP software application with over 6.com. order management. Teleca.600 customers * Provides one seamless system to run accounting. CRM and ecommerce * Give your employees anytime. Premiere Global Services © 2010. SELECT CuSTOMERS: Cash Edge. Tsar Nicoulia Caviar. Domin-8 Enterprise Solutions. Reproduction Prohibited. professional services and retail sectors. anywhere access to your business software and slash technology costs and hassles with SaaS (Software as a Service) OWNERSHiP: Public (NYSE: N) FOuNDED: 1998. Explore Consulting. Six Apart. Kana. 7 . wholesale and distribution. fulfillment and shipping.www. Virgin Money. CA ERP SOLuTiONS: * NetSuite Financials * NetSuite * NetSuite OneWorld CuSTOMER FOCuS: NetSuite’s main customer base consists of growing and medium size businesses predominately in the eCommerce. software. California HEADquARTERS: San Mateo. All Rights Reserved.

© 2010. InfoWorld. employee self-service. NetSuite has earned numerous awards for its market leadership and innovation from such leading publications as eWeek. customer communications. PC Magazine. with inventory levels updated in real time. While some accounting software provides one or a few pieces of ERP software. inventory management. The Accounting/ERP software system components are tightly integrated. e-commerce. purchasing. Business-Software.com. NetSuite alone provides integrated front office customer relationship management (CRM). organizations can manage financials. What this means is that. and ecommerce in one powerful application with the modularity and flexibility necessary to meet your specific business needs NetSuite is the #1 on-demand Accounting/ERP software application available on the market today. With NetSuite. NetSuite offers a comprehensive business suite with everything its customers need in one powerful solution. With thousands of customers globally. finance. the entire business can run in real time.About NetSuite NetSuite provides online. analyze inventory costs and collaborate with vendors more effectively. Employees can move faster and smarter. hosted customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software designed to help small and midsized companies manage their businesses and automate their processes. All Rights Reserved. and Web site management. giving businesses access to real-time intelligence to make better decisions. time and billing. inventory. order management. Orders can be filled and tracked more quickly and easily. And with full visibility into inventory by sales reps for order promising and by planners for purchasing. NetSuite’s software handles such functions as sales. companies can lower inventory levels. and The CPA Technology Advisor among others. time and billing. payroll. order fulfillment. Web presence. back-office enterprise resource planning (ERP). Reproduction Prohibited. CRM Magazine. 8 . with the NetSuite solution. and more. Customers are served better. NetSuite is the first and only company to give growing and midsize businesses on demand web-based business applications to run their entire company. along with the capability to automate business process across the company.

* NetSuite is the world’s most customizable ASP. 9 .About NetSuite Most important. As a result. NetSuite significantly reduces your total cost of ownership. * NetSuite holds all corporate data in a single database. Business-Software. click not code and advanced customization supports business as you define it. implementations are both faster and less expensive than traditional business applications. NetSuite ERP Technology NetSuite’s hosted. real-time dashboard. end-to-end ERP and business process management. In addition. NetSuite enables you to make better and faster decisions. As a web-based on-demand solution. * With NetSuite. giving you access to your key performance metrics on a customizable. industry-specific and legacy software. web-based services and solutions are delivered on demand for robust. industry standard tools allows you to tailor business practices and processes to meet your specific company and industry requirements. customers can also seamlessly integrate with third party. NetSuite Key Strengths * NetSuite is the first and only online business application that supports all of an organization’s back-office operations – from customer relationship management (CRM) to enterprise resource planning (ERP) to eCommerce. NetSuite Accounting/ERP is seamlessly integrated with CRM and ecommerce for end-to-end business process management across the business. And because NetSuite is an open system. All Rights Reserved.com. Click not code configuration and modular implementations jumpstart your business on NetSuite. Modularity enables phased implementations according to your company’s need. © 2010. Reproduction Prohibited. Advanced customization with simpler.

* Global order management and sourcing. Multi-currency management with automated currency rate updates ensures reports accurately reflect currency conversion. NetSuite OneWorld’s tax engine accommodates multiple tax schedules for local taxes across subsidiaries. GST. * Graduates customers from simple desktop accounting packages or from standalone accounting/ERP to powerful Accounting/ERP that’s integrated with CRM and ecommerce.Accounting/ERP * Improves decision making with real-time metrics and role-based dashboards. and more. NetSuite OneWorld – Global Accounting/ERP * Consolidated reporting. * Simplified tax management across borders. You can manage inventory and fulfillment across multiple locations with product items represented globally or by each subsidiary. Real-time management and financial automation capabilities can significantly reduce time to close. Ecommerce and partner collaboration capabilities. * Eliminates IT costs and hassles associated with maintaining and upgrading traditional client-server software applications. auditable accounting. * Cost reduction. * Ensures accountability and compliance with robust. VAT. * Enables customers to customize and extend the NetSuite platform easily to meet their exact needs. * Improves productivity with greater visibility and automation of back-office processes. Reproduction Prohibited. * Rapid financial close. 40 . © 2010. NetSuite . CRM.com. consumption tax or general sales tax. All Rights Reserved. Oracle Logo NetSuite OneWorld is the first and only on-demand system to deliver real-time global business management and financial consolidation to mid-sized companies with multinational and multi-subsidiary operations. Business-Software. NetSuite business software gives growing businesses a competitive edge.About NetSuite NetSuite ERP Software Highlights NetSuite is a comprehensive Web-based solution for midsize businesses that integrates Accounting/ERP. You can staff back-office operations centrally — or in low-cost locations — and the same employees can handle operations across multiple subsidiaries.

Role-based dashboards and “drill-down everywhere” provide instant insight across the corporate hierarchy of subsidiaries. * Management beyond financials. © 2010. eliminating the need for data warehouses or multiple systems at each local site.com. All Rights Reserved. 41 .About NetSuite * Unprecedented worldwide visibility into operations. One database provides a repository of all your worldwide business data. * Unparalleled integration. regional and global metrics cover all aspects of the business in real-time. Local. Business-Software. Reproduction Prohibited.

Business-Software. Todd Pacific Shipyards. © 2010. Reproduction Prohibited. Independent IT analysts survey reports satisfaction levels of 90% * A flexible manufacturing system capable of coping with all forms of manufacturing * Strong in the aerospace and defense industries OWNERSHiP: Public (OMX STO: IFS) FOuNDED: 198 HEADquARTERS: ERP SOLuTiONS: Itasca. Hercules Sealing Products. Barking Power Station. Management Science Associates. Saab. Gables Engineering.ifsworld. Worldmark.com | request@ifsworld.com | 1-888-47-498 HigHligHts * High marks for customer satisfaction.. Barsebäck. Holland Co. Peerless Industries. Ensign-Bickford Aerospace & Defense Co. Butcher’s Pet Care.www. SAS/GEM. 42 . Bristow Group Inc. All Rights Reserved. J & H Machine Tools Inc. Coba Plastics. IL.. IFS Manufacturing North American headquarters * IFS/Project Delivery * IFS/PDM Configuration * IFS/Repetitive Production * IFS/To Order Manufacturing * IFS Demand Planning CuSTOMER FOCuS: IFS focuses its application solutions on medium-size to large companies. Globus. SELECT CuSTOMERS: Alan Dick & Company.com.

Raleigh. IFS has pioneered component-based ERP software with IFS Applications. 4 . and process industries such as food and beverage. service and facilities management and utilities and telecom. and freedom of choice. IFS combines a global product and organization with local support for its customers. Reproduction Prohibited. IFS North America is headquartered in Chicago. IFS has over 00. Arizona. * Working in close collaboration with its network of global partners. Business-Software. reduced risk. automotive. high-tech. IFS also has a large virtual organization to bring the company even closer to its customers while providing a better quality of life for its employees. now in its seventh generation.com. The company has a solid. iFS Key Strengths * As one of the world’s leading providers of component-based business software. California. IFS’ component architecture provides solutions that are easier to implement. © 2010. including aerospace and defense.About iFS IFS was founded in 198 and now has 2. IFS applications are available in 4 countries in 22 languages. construction. Toronto. automotive. All Rights Reserved. IFS strongly believes that through components and the use of open standards. with major offices in Milwaukee. IFS North America serves medium-size to large companies in a variety of key industries. San Jose. enterprise asset management (EAM) and maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) capabilities.000 users across seven key vertical sectors: aerospace and defense. process industries. its customers will receive the best solutions possible. supply chain management (SCM). IFS Applications provides extended ERP functionality including customer relationship management (CRM). corporate performance management (CPM). industrial manufacturing. growing presence in the North American business software market.00 employees worldwide. hightech. Tucson. North Carolina. industrial manufacturing. construction. product lifecycle management (PLM). and Mexico City. IFS is driving the market to embrace standards and co-existence that offers customers faster payback. run and upgrade.

* Supports planning. Business-Software. aligning each component with clearly defined responsibilities and interfaces so that different technologies can be mixed and matched. * Simultaneously handles complex processes.About iFS * Since 198. IFS has been providing business software solutions to some of the world’s leading industrial companies. and replaced – giving customers the freedom of choice. Its componentbased architecture provides for fast. upgraded. execution. like engineer-to-order manufacturing. All Rights Reserved. Repair & Overhaul (MRO) iFS ERP Manufacturing Solutions Highlights * Provides a simple. in all phases of the manufacturing process. and analysis in most types of manufacturing. and for all employees in the organization. added. 44 . highly automated flow for taking care of repetitious tasks together with advanced management-by-exception functionality. pioneering its component-based architecture that breaks a big business software solution down into smaller. easier to use pieces it refers to as components. step-by-step implementation. Reproduction Prohibited. control. * IFS continues to build its reputation on its component technology. iFS ERP Manufacturing Modules IFS Manufacturing Program and Project Management Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Product Data Management (PDM) Case & Change management Sourcing & Procurement Manufacturing Engineering Mixed-mode Manufacturing Product Support/Call Center Field & Depot Service Management Configuration/Fleet Management Maintenance. which lets companies get rapid payback by adding new functionality without waiting for a major overhaul. iFS Technology IFS Applications is marketed as an on-demand business application.com. © 2010.

graphical and interactive tool for forecasting and collaborative demand planning. It can be used to create both short and long term forecasts and for the creation of demand plans as a basis for sales planning. * Continuous cost reduction . * Provides smart analysis functionality that enables companies to plan against finite capacity to ensure that production does not start too late or too early.About iFS * Simplified planning and control .delivers powerful support for analyzing where reductions can be made. 4 . master scheduling and inventory control. The powerful graphical tools provide advanced analysis such as breakeven and optimal price based on elasticity. budgeting. Business-Software.com.provides the user with the flexibility to reduce and streamline much of the administration and the complexities of rescheduling associated with traditional production orders. Oracle Logo © 2010. * Open and standard technology provides customers with the functionality to integrate with their manufacturing equipment and shop floor terminals. * Enables companies to re-use their designs and manufacturing data thereby considerably shorten lead times. * Produces the data that is necessary to operate an after-sales management that provides customers with a cost-effective and efficient after sales service. Reproduction Prohibited. All Rights Reserved. * Supports both serial and lot tracking and enables the user to select the alternative that best suits their needs. * Demand planning – provides a highly collaborative.

Destiny Resources Services Corp. Eidos Interactive. Business-Software.com. 4 . BC Canada Dallas. Reproduction Prohibited.unit4software. HSB. Skookum. All Rights Reserved. without the need for IT intervention * Flexible and agile solution adaptable to your organization’s needs.com | sales@agresso. perfect for Businesses Living in Change (BLINC) OWNERSHiP: Public (EURONEXT: U4AGR) FOuNDED: 1980 HEADquARTERS: Victoria. SELECT CuSTOMERS: Alvarez & Marsal. Systra. TX USA ERP SOLuTiONS: * Agresso Business World CuSTOMER FOCuS: Agresso Business World provides all of the essential functions needed by professional services and public sector organizations. Saab © 2010..com | 1-888-247-77 HigHligHts * Fully Integrated Suite of ERP applications for professional services and public sector organizations * Agresso Business World offers customers unrivalled post-implementation agility – the ability to alter the system and get new information out when requirements change.www. Its focus on people-centric organizations and its deep understanding of their inherent business challenges and opportunities has led the company to achieve a top  position in the ERP mid-market space.

Procurement Management. Project Costing and Billing. customers are locked into the system configuration that reflects their requirements at the moment of go live. Reproduction Prohibited. Web Services and Services-Oriented Architecture (SOA) enabled solutions include: Financial Management. Business-Software. Any significant change to the configuration typically requires expensive IT or external consultant resources. Almost all major ERP software solution vendors offer limitless flexibility PRIOR to implementation. post-implementation agility. and Field Services and Asset Maintenance. Human Resources and Payroll. is widely acknowledged as the business software solution that delivers the lowest Total Cost of Change. Agresso Business World.com. Reporting and Analytics. or the ability to make changes to the ERP system after it has been implemented. 47 . Agresso Business World Key Features Agresso is unique in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) industry for its primary strength. Agresso Technology Agresso’s unique Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution sits atop what leading IT analysts describe as “perhaps the most unique and agility-focused IT architecture ever built”. The company’s rolebased. All Rights Reserved. agile platform ideally suited for dynamic organizations. VITA means living and the VITA architecture is just that – a living. post-implementation changes without the typical external IT costs and intervention that nets billions of dollars in revenue to the market leaders. But once their systems are in place. Business Process Automation. UNIT4 Business Software’s leading ERP product for organizations living in change. © 2010.000 companies and organizations in 100 countries deploy Agresso Business World for both operational support and strategic management. a $17 million enterprise resource planning (ERP) company and a top six mid-market ERP software player globally. Over .About unit4 UNIT4 Business Software in North America is a wholly-owned subsidiary of UNIT4. This is achieved thanks to its VITA™ architecture which allows for an unlimited amount of ongoing.

All Rights Reserved. * Agresso’s long shelf life saves businesses the cost and trouble associated with reimplementation or replacement of an existing ERP system.About unit4 Agresso’s VITA architecture was designed from the ground up with just as much focus on getting data out of as getting data into a data warehouse. * Post-Implementation Agility differentiates Agresso from its competitors. Business-Software. Reproduction Prohibited. Agresso Business World Highlights * Agresso Business World gives organizations the ability to interactively blend your business and analysis model with the organization’s process model giving your people the information needed to increase the value of your service delivery process. providing organizations the ability to adapt and grow without any limitations from your ERP Solution. * Agresso Business World provides the flexibility you need to create performance metrics reflecting the reality of your business and provides accuracy in showing how the organization is performing. We used a generic data model rather than a specific data model that would have been locked in and static. Agresso Business World ERP Modules * Financial Management * Project Costing and Billing * Human Resources & Payroll * Reporting and Analytics * Business Process Automation * Procurement Management * Field Service Management & Asset Management * Student Information Systems * Travel Management 48 © 2010. It is the best of both worlds for rapidly changing organizations – functional agility and system integrity. Every technical decision was made in the context of ultimate flexibility so users could continually change the system and change it back again without disruption or destabilizing their system.com. Our development priorities were primarily concerned with how people would use the data. Of course all ERP systems offer user-focused features but only VITA offers a fundamentally user-focused architecture. “Fail-safe” mechanisms were built-in to ensure that all changes track back to the same data model. .

Germany ERP SOLuTiONS: SAP ERP .com | 1-800-872-1727 HigHligHts * SAP Americas is the world’s largest business software company and the third largest software supplier overall * Comprehensive ERP solutions support more than 43. Gillette. Business-Software.S. Germany HEADquARTERS: U. China Telecom Corporation.400 customers in 120 countries * Easy upgrades to new innovative functionality through SAP’s enhancement packages OWNERSHiP: Public (NYSE: SAP) FOuNDED: 1972. Ontario. City of Ottawa.com. Walldorf. SELECT CuSTOMERS: German Aerospace Center. and gain the agility to respond to changing business needs. Reproduction Prohibited. Alfred Talke Logistic Services.SAP. Biomet Europe. Rohm and Haas. Headquarters: Newtown Square. PA World Headquarters: Walldorf. 49 . Standard Bank of South Africa.www. © 2010. improve performance. All Rights Reserved.0: * Customer Relationship Management * Product Lifestyle Management * Supply Chain Management * Supplier Relationship Management CuSTOMER FOCuS: Organizations of all sizes can use SAP solutions to reduce costs. Avex Production.

With SAP enhancement packages. 0 . * SAP is committed to delivering innovation to its customers through its SAP ERP application. and development resources.About SAP SAP Americas is a subsidiary of SAP AG. Through the Global Solution Center. SAP ERP Key Strengths * SAP ERP addresses the core business software requirements of the most demanding mid-size and large organizations – in all industries and sectors. and flexible enhancement options. SAP delivers a business platform that unlocks valuable information resources. SAP Americas identifies customer needs and develops solutions to meet them. The company’s officers and executives lead a team of professionals dedicated to delivering high-level customer support and services. SAP has a rich history of innovation and growth that has made it a recognized leader in providing collaborative business solutions for all types of industries in every major market. Deploying high-quality technology. Reproduction Prohibited. Instead of waiting for functionality that is packaged with a new release. © 2010. SAP Americas’ corporate headquarters is located in Newtown Square. a suburb of Philadelphia. Founded in 1972 as Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing. improves supply chain efficiencies. organizations can replace the traditional technique of improving and augmenting core processes supported by SAP ERP. global orientation. employs more than 4. and it serves more than 4. Business-Software. The company. headquartered in Walldorf. PA.000 customer implementations to deliver powerful functionality. With a mission statement that emphasizes experience. SAP leverages its extensive experience to deliver a comprehensive range of solutions to empower every aspect of business operations for organizations of any size. services. and technology for maximizing business.400 customers worldwide. the world’s largest business software company and the third-largest software supplier overall.com. Germany. All Rights Reserved. and builds strong customer relationships. knowledge.100 people in more than 0 countries. they can implement innovation from SAP without having to run a major upgrade project. * SAP ERP draws from more than 0 years of experience with more than 40.

400 customers worldwide. SAP ERP Technology The SAP solutions suite is comprised of licensed and on-demand applications and services. and genuine 24/7 support.000 service and support staff.com. applications. 77 trainings centers. finances. increases efficiency and supports compliance with changing global and local regulations. the SAP ERP HCM solution supports shared services and business process outsourcing – reducing cost and risk for these deployment models. six global support centers. SAP ERP Highlights SAP ERP Human Capital Management (HCM) * A complete and integrated human capital management solution that delivers unmatched global capability. Reproduction Prohibited. and analytical tools they need to perform all their job functions efficiently and effectively. such as employee administration. * With integrated building blocks and an unmatched partner ecosystem. * Automates all core human resource processes. payroll. With SAP NetWeaver as a technical foundation. with 10. and other key processes. enterprise SOA moves IT architectures to higher levels of adaptability and moves companies closer to real-time enterprises by elevating Web services to an enterprise level. while also supporting a shared-services organizational model for human resources.000 consulting and education employees. and legal reporting.000 certified partner employees. 1 . flexible. plus . © 2010. SAP’s Enterprise Service-Oriented Architecture (Enterprise SOA) is a blueprint that directs an adaptable. customers ensure that their employees can readily access the critical data. * SAP supports more than 4. nine custom development centers. SAP is able to maximize an organization’s business and IT success. * SAP has a large support organization with 18.About SAP * With SAP ERP. All Rights Reserved. and open IT architecture for developing business solutions. SAP’s unique ecosystem consists of 11. Business-Software.000 installations in 120 countries.

compliance. 2 . Business-Software. SAP ERP Financials combines core accounting and reporting capabilities with financial supply chain. multinational companies across a broad range of industries. and increased regulatory oversight. manage risk. product development and manufacturing. and sales and service. the SAP ERP Operations solution has become the software backbone that contributes to excellent performance supporting end-to-end operational processes in all key areas: procurement and logistics execution. * SAP ERP Financials simultaneously supports global financial reporting standards. free up resources and budget so that they can invest more in innovation. * A seamlessly integrated solution. multiple currencies. ensure compliance. All Rights Reserved. and performance management applications. and improves operations performance with strategic business insight. The solution powers the highest-performing finance organizations in the world. customers can realize smoother day-to-day operations. © 2010. * SAP ERP Operations automates and streamlines processes with greater adaptability. quality and global trade services more effectively. maximize profitability. treasury. SAP ERP Corporate Services * With the SAP ERP Corporate Services solution. These applications help customers streamline finance business processes. health. * SAP ERP Financials enables companies to thrive in a business environment characterized by intensified competition.About SAP SAP ERP Financials * The SAP ERP Financials solution is a comprehensive financial management solution engineered for the most complex. * With SAP ERP Operations. environment. and safety compliance. and provide robust and timely business insight. SAP ERP Operations * For many organizations. reduce operating costs. corporate travel. enterprise assets. increases productivity in operations with a role-based solution and centralized information. project portfolios.com. uncertain market conditions. Reproduction Prohibited. and languages with over 4 country-specific versions. companies can manage real estate.

workforce process management. Operations Sales order management. project and portfolio management. connect and communicate with government systems. enterprise. Reproduction Prohibited. customers can secure their global supply chain. quality management. asset management. SAP ERP Modules Human Capital Management Talent management. environmental/health/safety compliance management. Corporate Services Real estate management. corporate governance. workforce deployment. All Rights Reserved. © 2010. Financials Financial supply chain management. Business-Software. financial accounting. management accounting. sales and service.com. and promote the use of shared data to streamline cross-border trade and gain sustainable competitive advantage. professional-service delivery. travel management.About SAP Global Trade Services * With SAP software. aftermarket.  .

#8 Top Supply Chain Management Software Supplier . Reproduction Prohibited. All Rights Reserved. GA ERP SOLuTiONS: * Ross Enterprise ERP CuSTOMER FOCuS: Ross Enterprise addresses the unique challenges of mid-sized enterprises in the Food & Beverage. Supply Chain Demand Executive 100 OWNERSHiP: Public (NASDAQ:CHINA) FOuNDED: 2002 HEADquARTERS: Atlanta. Nexgen Pharma. Business-Software. SI Group. and Chemicals Industries. Litehouse Foods. adaptable business culture and flexible technical infrastructure to respond to change * Awards: “Top 5” ERP Supplier – Consumer Goods Technology Magazine Reader’s Choice Award. Hammond Group.com. SELECT CuSTOMERS: Juice Harvest. Berner Foods © 2010. 4 . Metal & Building Materials.Modern Materials Management Magazine.www.com | (770) 1-900 HigHligHts * Industry Specific Software Solutions for Process Manufacturers * Over 6.000 Customers spanning 50+ countries * Customer-driven company. Life Sciences.cdcsoftware. Food Logistics 100.

* CDC Software continues to receive recognition for from the software and technology industry as well as the industries they serve for their innovative solutions. costeffective implementation and superior ongoing maintenance. knowledge transfer to maintain a high degree of performance. © 2010. With experience. Reproduction Prohibited. and responsibility for our services and our customers’ success. expertise. All Rights Reserved.com. * Offers a diverse set of industry-specific solutions built to reflect the business processes and demands of distinct lines of business. warehouse management and order management). and business analytics solutions.  .000 organizations worldwide rely on CDC Software solutions to demonstrate a superior ability to attract. and keep valuable customers CDC Software Key Strengths * CDC Software’s superior technology and industry-specific solutions enhance processes across the enterprise. * CDC Software provides the depth and breadth of services businesses demand: a continuum of services built on proven methodologies. CDC Software’s product suite includes: CDC Factory (manufacturing operations management). supply chain. delivering a predictable. CDC MarketFirst (marketing automation and lead management). CDC Supply Chain (supply chain management. The Customer-Driven Company. Platinum HRM (human resources). is a provider of enterprise software applications designed to help organizations deliver a superior customer experience while increasing efficiencies and profitability. Respond (customer complaint and feedback management). More than . and customer relationships for competitive advantage. and an unwavering commitment to our customers’ success. CDC Software is dedicated to helping organizations achieve outstanding business results by helping them become customer-driven. helping businesses manage their resources. technology. industry solutions and development tools for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. Business-Software. c0 CRM add-on products. CDC Software offers a broad range of solutions for mid-sized enterprises internationally. Ross Enterprise (enterprise resource planning). understand. eM-POWER (discrete manufacturing) Pivotal CRM and Saratoga CRM (customer relationship management). employees.About CDC Software CDC Software.

supply chain management (SCM). The suite of applications includes enterprise resource planning (ERP). total cost of ownership. Ross Enterprise utilizes smart client technology. CDC Software . usability. Business-Software. and enterprise performance management (EPM). connect and communicate with government systems. CDC Software .  . security.About CDC Software Global Trade Services * With SAP software.Ross Enterprise ERP Highlights Ross Enterprise is CDC Software’s comprehensive suite of applications for process manufacturers. Reproduction Prohibited. customer relationship management (CRM). Together.com. All Rights Reserved. these systems address the unique challenges of the process manufacturing industries: * * * * * * Formula or Recipe Based Manufacturing Detailed Product Costing and Profitability Analysis Pricing and Promotions Management Optimized Forecasting and Scheduling Perfect Order Fulfillment Reducing Inventory Expirations and Spoilage CDC Software – Ross Enterprise ERP Modules Ross Enterprise – Enterprise Resource Planning * Financials * Manufacturing * Sales & Order Processing * Inventory Control * Maintenance Management * Quality Management * Business Analytics * Data Collection * Advanced Planning & Scheduling © 2010. providing exceptional performance. and promote the use of shared data to streamline cross-border trade and gain sustainable competitive advantage.Ross Enterprise ERP Technology Ross Enterprise’s Internet Application Framework (IAF) provides the technology foundation for the flexible deployment and streamlined maintenance of Ross Enterprise’s application suite. customers can secure their global supply chain. and ease of integration.

com.free software upgrades. consumer goods and other markets. and consumer goods industries Modular. All Rights Reserved.com | 1-8-7-772 HigHligHts * * * * 98% retention rate .com | sales@iqms.www. SELECT CuSTOMERS: Not provided. and completely designed by IQMS means lower maintenance and training costs OWNERSHiP: Private FOuNDED: 1989. medical. scalable. 7 . © 2010. packaging. Business-Software. award-winning customer support Single.iqms. medical. CA HEADquARTERS: Paso Robles. CA ERP SOLuTiONS: * EnterpriseIQ ERP CuSTOMER FOCuS: Small-to-mid-sized manufacturers in the automotive. Reproduction Prohibited. packaging. embedded Oracle database means little to no network maintenance Focus on the automotive.

history and tracking. an innovator in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and creator of a truly single-database software solution. support.com. TS standards. FDA requirements. IQMS provides business and plant management software that allows manufacturers to run more effectively and more profitably. All Rights Reserved. and the Sarbanes-Oxley requirement. house wares and other industries. IQMS provides complete product development. including links to common shippers. medical. construction. The company’s flagship product. * A reliable ERP software solution that will provide insight to the core business information. whether operating one facility or multiple plants. Manufacturing/Shop Floor Planning * A complete manufacturing and shop-floor planning system with all the tools necessary to manage production. appliance. Enterpriseiq Key Strengths * Goes beyond traditional ERP software systems by providing a real-time foundation for collaborative and e-business environments. WMS and eBusiness solutions designed for manufacturing environments that include automotive. accounting. implementation and training without utilizing third party vendors or applications. 8 . the plant floor. Sales/Distribution * Allow instant response to customer inquiries. EnterpriseIQ also offers features such as a full Quality suite. * Optimized scheduling identifies the best start time for each job and any constraints that may affect delivery. Easily access complete sales order status. Customers have access to accurate and timely information from the front office. and supply chain management into one database. process and discrete manufacturing industries since 1989. provides manufacturers with all the functionality to efficiently manage and improve business processes. * Modules adhere to ISO standards. EnterpriseIQ. IQMS has been in the design and development of ERP software systems for repetitive. © 2010.About iqMS IQMS. CRM. Reproduction Prohibited. Business-Software. right through the shipping department. intuitively combines real-time manufacturing.

This translates into a cost-effective and easily managed computing environment—helping customers streamline business management and save time.Net Mobile. 9 .com. Business-Software. . The two-tiered. The userdefined alert system. With user interface independence. it delivers a seamless solution. distribution and manufacturing. Enterpriseiq ERP Manufacturing Modules * EnterpriseIQ for General Manufacturing * EnterpriseIQ for Automotive * EnterpriseIQ for Medical * EnterpriseIQ for Plastic & Rubber © 2010. * Comprehensive accounting and general office management system conforms to all generally accepted accounting principles and supports multiple companies. Oracle Based System is a reliable. All Rights Reserved.About iqMS Financial Management * Provides seamless access to data from sales. Reproduction Prohibited. Because the Oracle®-powered database is embedded in EnterpriseIQ. The familiar Windows® environment and intuitive graphical interfaces are so simple to learn that training costs are typically a fraction of most competitors’ fees. scalable. Web interface. the worlds #1 database. profit centers and currencies. employees can access the system using a variety of protocols including . or TelNet (for hand held scanning).Net. iqMS Technology EnterpriseIQ is powered by Oracle®. reporting and workflow functionality ensure that actions are taken and critical information reaches the right personnel. IQMS designs its powerful EnterpriseIQ modules for those who use it most: employees. and secure platform that is trusted by large enterprises and small-to-midsize businesses alike.

0 .com. Sunnyside Farms. primarily in the mid-market ($0M-$2B). our eCommerce solution.com | info@junctionsolutions. Rejuvenations. * JunctionEOD. OWNERSHiP: Private FOuNDED: 2002. built in Microsoft Dynamics AX and are designed for the specific needs of the food and beverage and multi-channel retail industries. inventory management. Reproduction Prohibited. * Modules include lot trace. Colorado HEADquARTERS: Englewood.www. Mrs. scheduling and more. provides feature-rich eCommerce functionality that is rapidly deployed and easy to use. CO RETAiL MANAgEMENT SOLuTiONS: * Junction MCR * Junction F/B * JunctionEOD (eCommerce) CuSTOMER FOCuS: Junction Solutions focuses on developing and delivering vertically-specific.com | 1-0-27-8800 HigHligHts * JunctionF/B and JunctionMCR are end-to-end solution sets. Daisy Brand. end-to-end solution sets for process manufacturers in food and beverage as well as multi-channel retailers. Fields Gifts PRiCiNg: Contact Junction Solutions for pricing information. order fulfillment. All Rights Reserved. © 2010. SELECT CuSTOMERS: Peet’s Coffee & Tea.junctionsolutions. Business-Software. customer service.

order. developed and maintained completely by Junction Solutions. Reproduction Prohibited. including dynamic scaling. supply chain management (SCM – demand. providing 0-degrees of visibility across every channel and throughout the enterprise. JunctionF/B addresses information visibility challenges by providing a 0-degree visibility across the enterprise. JunctionF/B is built in Microsoft Dynamics™ AX and is a fully integrated. production and packaging schedules and picking workflows. human capital management. easy-to-use eCommerce functionality. enriches internal and external communications and collaboration. Junction Solutions’ innovative offerings focus on enterprise resource planning. open architecture product suite that enables complete control over the entire Food & Beverage manufacturing Value Chain. to deliver flexible. (ERP). from both an operational and financial perspective. regulate vendor performance and more. The JunctionEOD eCommerce solution. yard and distribution management). product suite designed specifically for multi-channel retailers with complex. including Microsoft Dynamics AX. JunctionMCR is an end-to-end. 1 . meaning no third party software integration is required. For customers. eCommerce engagement and fulfillment. integrates with any enterprise platform. leverage and execute multiple shipping options. expand delivery channels and strengthen relationships. specifically designed for food and beverage. call-center management. synergistic and relevant shopping experience. tailored to their specific needs and preferences.com. the result is a cohesive. Business-Software. order entry management. and reduces risk and expense. Built on Microsoft Dynamics® AX and designed specifically for Manufacturing and Retail companies. realtime inventory visibility and accuracy. JunctionMCR heightens operational efficiencies. high-volume or dynamic requirements. improves information integrity and consistency. All Rights Reserved. merchandising. reduce costs. JunctionF/B is an end-to-end solution. true load balancing and more. © 2010. enhance delivery channels. warehouse. Companies are able to better manage activities including cost-of-goods sold.About Junction Solutions Junction Solutions provides vertical-specific software applications and services that help organizations enhance operational performance. JunctionMCR integrates operational and financial information and automates processes.

About Junction Solutions Junction Solutions was named 2010 Microsoft Dynamics® Retail Partner of the Year. company and language requirements supported. Junction Solutions Key Strengths JunctionMCRTM * Customer Service – Powerful search. product configurator * Marketing and Promotions – define campaigns including a full offer/list model. enhanced back order and returns processing.com. Business-Software. flexible sales commission structure * Supply Chain Management – Plan the supply chain across multiple warehouses and stores. multi-currency. manage procurement from multiple vendors * POS/Store Management – Solution to capture customer data and streamline store management functionality Junction F/B™ * Order Management/Customer Service – Full order event handling. plan inventory replenishment on detailed criteria. sophisticated cost accounting. integrated forecast and demand management. 2 . Reproduction Prohibited. supports RFID * Financial Management – full set of financial modules. fully integrated CRM module. ability to easily send user-defined documents and catalogs via email or fax * Order Management – Complete toolset for faster order entry and visibility into data for promotions. cart and batch picking. real-time capable to promise (CTP) at time of order entry © 2010. detailed campaign analysis * Warehouse Management – directed picking and inventory put-away. All Rights Reserved. wave. develop complex pricing offers. order event management * Merchandising – Manage the full product life cycle.

from sales and operations planning. multi-currency. sophisticated cost accounting.About Junction Solutions * Supply Chain Management – Configurable catch weight support. demand management and rule-based item definition * Inventory Management – Flexible planning and procurement management * Production Management – Support for production lines and capacity loads to optimize production and increase the accuracy of ingredient scaling * Collaborative eCommerce – Support for standard EDI transactions. easily create vendor and customer Web portals * Quality Management – HACCP support. tools for forecasting.full set of financial modules. tight integration between quality and inventory modules and automatic QA holds if specifications aren’t met * Warehouse Management – Support for FIFO and complete warehouse and order fulfillment processes * Commodity/Supplier Relationship Management/ Grower Accounting – Contract management. flexible sales commission structure * Trade Promotions Management – Analysis and reporting of trade promotion performance and profitability * Distribution Management – Load planning. company and language requirements supported. to inventory management and fulfillment.com. All Rights Reserved. Business-Software. route planning and management Junction Solutions Product Highlights Junction MCR • Addresses the entire multi-channel retail value chain. © 2010. Reproduction Prohibited. settlement and payment solutions * Financial Management .  .

packing and shipping workbenches • Complete solution from a singular provider. Reproduction Prohibited. All Rights Reserved. dairy. meat and baked goods • Deep expertise and integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX to extend the value of the AX investment and augment functionality • Complete solution from a singular provider. lot trace.About Junction Solutions • Complete visibility across the entire value chain on a unified platform • Seamless integration between the front and back-of-house systems • 0-degree visibility into customer information across channels for more responsive customer service • Perfect for high-volume. direct-storedelivery. Business-Software. 4 . including integration with the general ledger • Real-time inventory and order information visibility to enable better forecasting and business decisions Junction Solutions Technology • Solutions are built into Microsoft Dynamics AX and are delivered in an on-premise model (except for JunctionEOD) • Customizable and flexible to meet your organizations’ needs • Modules available to address specific needs including scheduling. JunctionF/B • Specific functionality for sub-verticals within food and beverage including produce. • Fully leverages the Microsoft Server and Microsoft Office platform © 2010. improve cost control and accuracy • Complete visibility across the enterprise.Entire solution is developed and maintained by Junction Solutions so your upgrade path is simplified and costs are easier to manage. customer service and continuity sales. dynamic retail environments • Sophisticated warehouse and wireless device management • Dynamic picking. • Eliminate manual processes.Entire solution is developed and maintained by Junction Solutions so your upgrade path is simplified and costs are easier to manage.com.

com.  . Business-Software.About Junction Solutions Junction Solutions ERP Modules JunctionMCR • Pricing and promotions • Order Fulfillment Workbench • Continuity Sales • Customer Service • Pricing and Promotions • Junction EOD (eCommerce) • Call Center Operations JunctionF/B • Advanced Lot Trace • Direct-Store-Delivery • Mobile • Genetic Algorithm (GA) Scheduler • Batch/Blending • Wireless Warehouse Operations • Trade Promotions Management • Producer Payroll/Grower Accounting • Dairy Accounting © 2010. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.

Reproduction Prohibited. Fresh Produce. Suncast Corporation. Kettle Produce.com. Transportation. Turtle Wax. Adhesives and Chemicals. Shell. Allergy Therapeutics HEADquARTERS: Richmond Hill. Metal Fabrication. Meat and Poultry. Pharmaceuticals. Plastics and Rubber. Dairy. Industrial Machinery.. Giles Foods.solarsoft.www. All Rights Reserved. SELECT CuSTOMERS: Tara Materials. Computers and Electronics.manufacturing@solarsoft. Business-Software.com | 1-90-224-2222 HigHligHts * Better management information * Improved productivity and plant utilization * Increased shop floor efficiency * More effective sales order processes * Seamless integration across the whole supply chain (customers and suppliers) * Solarsoft offers manufacturers an integrated enterprise system specifically designed to meet the performance and needs from medium to large sized businesses OWNERSHiP: Private FOuNDED: 198 CuSTOMER FOCuS: Solarsoft manufacturing is specifically designed for discrete and process manufacturers and distributors in the following industries: Automotive. Atlas Hydraulics. The Woodbridge Group. Par-Pak Ltd. Processed Foods. High Tech. Mining.  .com | sales. Bakeries. Ontario ERP SOLuTiONS: * iVP * Tropos © 2010. Consumer Packaged Goods. HealthCare/Medical Devices.

000 companies rely on Solarsoft to bring clarity and efficiency to their daily operations.com. With features designed by industry experts. major retail chains. iVP will add value across all operations from quotations and configuration through to dispatch and delivery. finance. Release accounting linked to production reporting will take care of financials. The company has grown organically and through acquisition since 198. Business-Software. Solarsoft delivers systems optimized for specific industries. Solarsoft products help drive performance in sales. Solarsoft Key Features iVP Key Features: Financials Multi-currency. supply chain logistics and manufacturing (MRP). purchasing. including all major automotive OEM’s. multi-company. distributors and wholesale businesses across North America. EDI/Order Releasing. making them easy to install and easy to use. All Rights Reserved. and manufacturers. Solarsoft iVP provides a complete solution to meet the strict demands placed on our customers to meet supply chain requirements. Over 2. inventory and warehouse management. 7 . * * * * * * Trading partners Master File Vendor Releasing Material Releasing / Shipping Schedules Advanced Shipping Notices (ASN) Inline Vehicle Sequencing (ILVS) Material Releasing / Shipping Schedules © 2010. Reproduction Prohibited. Shipping Management and Vendor Releasing are all components handled in Solarsoft iVP Release Accounting module.About Solarsoft Solarsoft supplies modern enterprise software and IT services to manufacturers. e-commerce and EDI. multi-period ledgers allow you to manage your business wherever it is. distributors. Europe and Asia. Supports EDI transaction sets for thousands of companies. production and inventory in fast moving supply chains.

tracking and regulatory reporting Workflow controlled batch release approvals End to end batch trace for all input and output materials Delivery Scheduling Real-time Production Scheduling providing ability to forecast and schedule replenishment and line side operations dynamically in response to customer demand Tropos has been optimized for short-cycle demand-driven manufacturing and the needs of regulated industries. Solarsoft Technology iVP Technology * Client: Self installing Web Client written in Java.About Solarsoft Sales Orders Rich order entry screens with catalogue images and data sheets and available-topromise data for each line item help your sales team become expert advisers. Mac) * Server: IBM System I * Database: IBM DB2 © 2010. Tropos Key Features: Solarsoft’s Tropos software is specifically designed to work in process manufacturing businesses. Tropos will bring unprecedented levels of control and efficiency to your operations. pricing and deliver schedules. Reproduction Prohibited. * * * * * Quality Control. mills and metals processing. pharmaceuticals. All Rights Reserved. specialty chemicals and general manufacturing in process oriented industries. Tropos will manage your complete production process from quote to delivery. Runs in any web browser (Microsoft Explorer. particularly those supplying the major retailers or those distributing short shelf-life products.com. Linux. marshalling and tracking materials to match production to demand. With builtin shop-floor data capture and support for supply chain integration. 8 . Business-Software. Multiple sales order processing options with support for complex product configuration. This makes it ideal for food processors and packers.

Functionality is delivered through a series of role-based portals which are user-configurable to meet specific requirements. production and the warehouse.com. * Highly scalable so 1 server can support your entire enterprise regardless of the number of locations or users. Business-Software. It is deployed on a Windows 2008 platform with a choice of MS SQL Server 2008 or Oracle 11g databases. * Updates. * EDI links directly into Solarsoft order entry.About Solarsoft Tropos Technology Tropos is a web-based product delivered through an ASP. touch screens or direct feed from PLC’s. easily and accurately capture data in shipping. * Accurate data capture has allowed Solarsoft customers to achieve over 99% inventory accuracy. Easy To Maintain * No client software to install or maintain. shipping and purchasing. Reproduction Prohibited. All Rights Reserved. fixes and many enhancements are available daily * All custom enhancements are built into the core product © 2010. Real-Time Reporting * Solarsoft provides multiple ways to quickly.Net client with zero footprint on the PC. 9 . Solarsoft Highlights The following are areas that Solarsoft provides a unique advantage over many other ERP solutions. * No need to maintain data in multiple systems or multiple interfaces * Data can be captured directly into Solarsoft using bar code scanning. iVP Highlights: EDI * Solarsoft creates and manages all inbound and outbound EDI and non-EDI data as well as ftp and AS2 communication.

Reduced Inventory * Order management and retailer schedules * Replenishment and procurement orders * Base and end product demand planning * By-products. Business-Software. Reproduction Prohibited. waste and feed-back * Automated production scheduling * Inventory movements and back flush * Superior WIP tracking and shop-floor control Accurate Delivery Scheduling * Customer/supplier management * Delivery planning and invoicing * Fully loaded costing and finance * Export management * Real-time job completion forecasts © 2010. co-products. Tropos Highlights: The majority of ERP products were designed around discrete manufacture. Our dedicated Customer care center is staffed by certified APICS specialists. In collaboration with our customer base many new functions have been added to drive value from the computer systems.About Solarsoft All of our software is backed by comprehensive in house support team * We will handle installation. 70 .com. This modular ERP package extends beyond Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) and MRPII to meet the needs of process manufacturers and includes recipe based materials scheduling and production management. configuration and data load. Tropos is unusual in that it was originally designed for process manufacture. All Rights Reserved.

About Solarsoft * Advanced shipment notices * Electronic invoices and billing Materials Traceability * End to end batch trace for all input and output materials * Flexible batch analysis and records keeping * Integral barcode management for product and containers * Optional RFID and voice-pick modules * Data capture using fixed. Business-Software. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. mobile and handheld scanners * Comprehensive labeling and print options Full Regulatory Compliance * Certification for production.com. 71 . labeling and tracking standards * Tax reporting and declarations for alcohol and bonded goods * Regulatory labeling and package controls * Workflow controlled batch release approvals Solarsoft ERP Modules * Sales & Distribution * Customer Relationship Management * Production Planning * Scheduling * Warehousing & Inventory * Export Documentation * Inbound and Outbound Logistics * Integrated Quality Control * Process and Materials Planning * * * * * * * * * Purchasing Production Monitoring Shop-floor Data Collection Plant Maintenance Project Management Financials Business Intelligence & Reporting EDI and Electronic Commerce Human Resource Management © 2010.

All Rights Reserved.www. EMTEQ. including: Construction. Business-Software. UFP Technologies. SCM. Communications. Electric. Reproduction Prohibited. Sanitary Services and Wholesale Trade.com. BI and PSA solutions for small to medium companies worldwide * Established in 1984. Services. Netherlands US: Middleton. Teledyne Continental Motors. DHS Systems. 72 . Exact has 25 years experience in providing business software solutions to businesses around the globe * Strong global presence with offices in 40 countries. Finance. Real Estate. providing solutions in more than 40 languages OWNERSHiP: Public (NYSE: EXACT) FOuNDED: 1984 HEADquARTERS: Corporate: Delft.com | sales. Baker Triangle. Manufacturing . SELECT CuSTOMERS: Armour Valve. Dover Industries. serving local and international companies in more than 125 countries. Davis Controls. Credit Union of Nova Scotia. Transportation.usw@exact.exact. MA ERP SOLuTiONS: * Exact Globe CuSTOMER FOCuS: Small to medium-size companies across a variety of industries. HRM. Public Administration. Biosensors International. Gas.com | 1-800-48-084 ext 20 HigHligHts * Comprehensive end-to-end ERP. Saint Gobain. Retail Trade. CRM. Insurance. M&M Pump and Supply © 2010.

About Exact Software Exact started serving the entrepreneurial world with information technology in 1984. large parent organizations (LPO) around the world. Exact takes pride in understand enterprises’ mindsets. how they collaborate within their business community. as well as. and their entrepreneurial roots are a constant reminder that adding value for our customers is what they’re here for. Business-Software. sales management. Servicing entrepreneurial businesses is at the heart of Exact’s operations. 7 . EDI and an extensive Software Developers’ Kit (SDK) to extend the application beyond traditional uses. HRM. Exact serves over 100.com. Exact Globe focuses on delivering innovative value to organizations from $ million to $100 million in revenue. with built in workflow capabilities and includes features such as advanced warehouse management. This gives customers the freedom to successfully address challenges and opportunities. logistics.0 million in 2008.400 employees in 40 countries. Exact has been listed on the NYSE Euronext Amsterdam since June 1999 with our revenues amounting to € 261. With approximately 2. Globe provides a consistent and intuitive interface. and the structure they need to achieve results. © 2010. Exact Globe is a real-time system that integrates your entire financial and administrative infrastructure. projects and production – are contained in a single central data source. Reproduction Prohibited. discrete. creating value for their customers and ultimately for themselves Exact globe Key Features Exact Globe is a versatile ERP business solution that caters to the needs of distributors and quick-turn. All transactions – financial. With this knowledge they provide software solutions that support every business activity and give real-time insight into the entire business. All Rights Reserved. The company has grown from a student start-up to a global solution provider.000 local and international companies in more than 12 countries and provide our business software solutions in more than 40 languages. light manufacturing businesses.

About Exact Software Integrated Financials: Financial Management * Budgeting * Cash Flow Management * General Ledger * Assets * Compliance Management * Auditing/Controlling Administration * HRM * System security with strict access rights Streamlined Logistics Item Management * Item assortments * Pricing Purchase Management * Supplier Management * Purchasing * Purchasing Invoicing Warehouse Management * Inventory/stock control * Stock handling * Traceability Planning and Production Planning * Forecasting * Material Requirements Planning (MRP) * Resource Planning Manufacturing * Production Costing * Outsourcing * Production Result Project Management * Project related transactions * Project Accounting Sell and Service Sales Management * Customer and Sales Analysis * Quotations * Order Processing * Invoicing Service Management CRM via Exact Synergy Exact Software Technology Exact Globe is based on Microsoft technologies. 74 . © 2010. Exact Globe is also MS Windows 7 compatible and certified.com. All Rights Reserved. with integration to MS-Office 2007 to extend the document management capabilities. Business-Software. Reproduction Prohibited. using Microsoft SQL as the database.

making it the ideal standard for internationally operating companies * Exact Globe is a modular. Exact draws from 2 years of experience with more than 100. * Exact Globe has unparalleled strength in real-time financials with true multi-currency capabilities. All business processes are linked to this central financial administration which is the backbone of the ERP system.Accounting. Supplier Management * Service Management * * * * * * * * * Workflow and document management Customer Relationship Management Human Resource Management Business Intelligence Exception Event Management Enterprise Portals Additional industry-specific add-ons Multi-site Management (MSM) Bill of Materials Management (BOM’s) © 2010. All Rights Reserved. replacing islands of information and uniting them into a single. Finance. 7 . Exact Globe is available in 40 legislations and languages. flexibly solution that adapts to your companies requirements – allowing for an operation to come together. organization-wide system.About Exact Software Exact globe Highlights * Founded in 1984. Costing * Project Management * Estimating and Quoting * Quality Management * Product Configurator * Procurement.000 customers worldwide delivering powerful business software solutions * Supported by Exact’s self-owned international subsidiary network. distribution and manufacturing. Exact globe ERP Modules * All aspects of Inventory Management * Supply Chain Execution/Warehouse Management * Operations Tracking and BOM’s with ECM * Material Requirements Planning * Forecasting and Master Production Scheduling * Advanced Planning and Scheduling * Integrated Financials . Reproduction Prohibited. central datasource.com. Business-Software. * Exact Globe integrates a companies financial and administrative infrastructure into a single.

New York City Housing Authority. SELECT CuSTOMERS: Schneider National.ORACLE1 HigHligHts * Backed by the strength of one of the largest software application companies in the world * Committed to technology innovation/integration.com. benefit from a predictable cost model.com | 1. and reduce risk * Partner expertise: Oracle solutions leverage third party solutions and add on applications from 19. Pella Corporation. 1974 HEADquARTERS: Redwood Shores.000 partner companies OWNERSHiP: Public (NASDAQ: ORCL) FOuNDED: California.www.800. Hellmann Worldwide Logistics. and enterprise-level organizations in a wide array of global business sectors. Panasonic Factory Solutions. Doskocil. 7 . Reproduction Prohibited. Business-Software. mid-size. All Rights Reserved. Oracle’s ERP solution suite helps customers achieve 30-80% lower total cost of ownership. Intersil © 2010.com | oraclesales_us@oracle. CA ERP SOLuTiONS: * Oracle E-Business Suite * PeopleSoft Enterprise * JD Edwards Enterprise One CuSTOMER FOCuS: Oracle’s enterprise-class business products and solutions empower a broad range of small.oracle.

All Rights Reserved. Business-Software. * With Oracle’s powerful. resulting in a superior ownership experience. Oracle applications are now running in over 1. using a unique top-down approach. over . Oracle is the first software company to develop and deploy 100 percent internet-enabled enterprise software across its entire product line: database. Oracle has begun debuting new products and functionality that reflect the company’s goal to connect all levels of enterprise technology to help customers access the knowledge they need to respond to market conditions with speed and agility.com. © 2010. and reduce risk. Oracle Real Application Clusters. business applications. and Oracle Fusion all fuel a commitment to innovation and results that has defined Oracle for thirty years. 10 of the world’s top 10 banks. benefit from a predictable cost model. The company is the world’s leading supplier of software for information management. on-demand software technology. Today. and 10 of the top 10 academic universities worldwide. With the release of Oracle Fusion Middleware. Reproduction Prohibited. million end users are able to increase their productivity and gain competitive advantage. and in the data centers of 98 of the Fortune 100 companies. Oracle technology can be found in nearly every industry. Oracle Grid Computing. and the world’s second largest independent software company.00 public sector organizations. 20 of the world’s top 20 telecom companies. Oracle remains a major player for database technology and applications in enterprises throughout the world. support for enterprise Linux. 77 . Oracle was one of the first companies to make its business applications available through the internet—an idea that is now pervasive.80% lower total cost of ownership. It provides strong monitoring and management that encompasses end-user experience. Oracle ERP Key Strengths * Oracle’s ERP solution suite helps customers achieve 0% . application flows. and application development and decision support tools. and the underlying software and system infrastructure. * Oracle Enterprise Manager is the only management software that provides complete management solution for business applications. Oracle E-Business Suite.About Oracle After thirty years of providing leading-edge solutions.

third party and custom applications. Extend the business value of your applications across user communities. Oracle ERP Highlights Oracle E-Business Suite * The world’s leading solution for companies with smaller budgets and a need for fast deployment. financial management. standards-based foundation. Oracle’s 19. while greatly shortening time to value. 78 .000-strong partner network delivers deep. and other business applications. industry-specific functionality and best practices.About Oracle * Oracle offers proven and open solutions—and a network of partner expertise. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited. created by JD Edwards. © 2010. With its open. Oracle ERP Technology Oracle Application Integration Architecture is a comprehensive set of products that deliver sustainable business process based integrations across Oracle. PeopleSoft Enterprise * Designed to address the most complex business requirements for a wide range of businesses. CRM. The only comprehensive and integrated middleware foundation certified with Oracle HCM. lines of business. the world’s most successful purpose-built market applications company. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne * The solution with the lowest TCO in the industry. Oracle Application Integration Architecture enables you to create streamlined business processes that span application boundaries. The company’s solutions are built on open standards and leverage third-party solutions and add-on applications. Oracle Fusion Middleware for Applications applies Oracle’s market-leading middleware portfolio to the leading business applications. and organizations.com. Business-Software.

© 2010. supply chain execution (logistics). human capital management. manufacturing. supply management (procurement). JD Edwards EnterpriseOne * Management for food and beverage producers. Supply Chain Management. Business-Software. inventory and fulfillment management.About Oracle Oracle ERP Modules ORACLE E-Business Suite * Asset Lifecycle Management. Product Lifecycle Management. Procurement. 79 . All Rights Reserved. Customer Relationship Management. supply chain planning. Enterprise Resource Planning. Manufacturing. Reproduction Prohibited.com. manufacturing solution. PeopleSoft Enterprise * Customer order management. supply chain planning (SCP).

high-tech electronics.www.000 customers worldwide with 95% customer retention rate. plan. Georgia HEADquARTERS: Alpharetta. * Serves mid-market manufacturers OWNERSHiP: Private FOuNDED: 2002.com | sales@infor. Heinz Frozen Foods © 2010. and food and beverage markets. Reproduction Prohibited. and aeropace sectors. automotive. Georgia ERP SOLuTiONS: * Infor ERP Baan/LN * Infor ERP SyteLine * Infor ERP VISUAL * Infor ERP BPCS/LX * Infor ERP Adage CuSTOMER FOCuS: Infor’s customer base comprises mid-market discrete manufacturing enterprises in industrial equipment. and mid-market process manufacturers in consumer goods. Del Monte. and execute based on their unique business requirements * Tenth largest software company in the world * Over 70.com. Lacks Enterprises. Belden Brick. metal and plastic fabrication. collaborate. All Rights Reserved. Cumberland Packing. Cadbury plc. International Truck and Engine Corporation. ThermoFab. chemical. Shaklee. Business-Software.infor.com | 1-8-244-479 HigHligHts * Offers a variety of ERP solutions that help companies in a wide spectrum of subsectors automate. Superior Fastening Technology Limited. Organic Valley Family of Farms. Inalfa Roof Systems. 80 . SELECT CuSTOMERS: Herman Miller.

Business-Software. infor Key Strengths * Continuous Innovation.. The company is committed to continuing its growth by broadening its best-in-class focus. * Faster implementation. the agility. and over 70. 81 .000 customers worldwide. and the resources to meet the business demands of a rapidly changing world. * Better global service and support. open technology and global reach. It has the stability.com. Infor listens to customer and adds the new features they need to do business better. and then add more software functions whenever they are ready.400 experienced © 2010. Over the past six years. Customers can expect Infor to continue adding solutions based on market need and customer demand. and next year. Infor is a different kind of software company — four years old with more than thirty years experience. market experience.About infor Infor is the 10th largest software company in the world. All Rights Reserved. today. A company unparalleled in application breadth. with approximately $2. like service oriented architecture (SOA). Additionally. Infor gives customers more software choices and help them add solutions at their own pace—by using next generation technology. Infor provides the systems and support organizations need to do business around the corner or around the world.00 product specialists and 1.000 new customers chose Infor last year for its unparalleled application breadth. The thought leaders at Infor understand that their customers want to reduce the number of vendors they work with and Infor strives to continue as their trusted “vendor of choice. over 1. open technology. Infor offers Fast Start programs that let organizations get up and running quickly in specific areas of business. tomorrow. and by providing the most innovative solutions and services globally.000+ employees. Infor has . direct offices and implementation and support capabilities in 100 countries. Reproduction Prohibited. Infor has 8. and global reach.1 billion in revenue.” Infor has a consistent 9% customer retention rate — one of the highest in the industry — and 72% of its license revenues are generated by its current customers. Infor has grown to become one of leading business software companies in the world by building and acquiring some of the best solutions in the world.

Infor also provides a 24x7 collaborative community. 82 . infor ERP Manufacturing Solutions Highlights Discrete Manufacturers: For order-driven manufacturers looking to balance customer satisfaction. and other process manufacturers. pharmaceutical. and profitability. sub-contract management. Infor offers a variety of buying options so you organizations can make thier software purchase match their operating requirements—not the other way around. food and beverage. strategic data * Capture real-time shop floor data to adapt processes and reduce costs * Accelerate critical information between you and your suppliers Process Manufacturers: For chemical. inventory and purchasing management. improve quality. Infor delivers the critical ERP tools required to thrive in a lean world. environmental regulatory compliance tools. These include sales planning. All Rights Reserved. and ensure compliance. and delivers support and training in 20 languages. hosted applications or software as a service (SaaS). infor Technology Infor is committed to enriching their software with ongoing functional enhancements and extending customer capabilities by providing more solutions from one vendor. Infor evolves its solutions with new technologies (such as service-oriented architecture-SOA) and improved interoperability with Infor and non-Infor products. that connects our customers worldwide. called Infor. quotation and order processing. * Flexible buying options. Based on © 2010.com. Customers can choose from traditional software licenses. production planning and control. configuration and variant management.About infor * sales and professional service partners. Infor delivers a set of proven value optimization capabilities that can increase revenue. boost profits. You’ll streamline end-to-end processes by creating reliable projections and integrating this information into your operations and those of your suppliers. operational efficiency. Infor ERP’s manufacturing solutions help companies: * Streamline logistics operations to minimize warehouse costs * Optimize planning to deliver the right products on time and on budget * Improve performance by capturing and sharing rich. Reproduction Prohibited. and costing and value flow management. Business-Software.

About infor a configurable infrastructure and backed by domain experts who understand the process industry. Business-Software. All Rights Reserved. our solutions allow you to react to changing conditions with the best sourcing options and most profitable product mix. Infor ERP’s process manufacturing solutions help companies: * Improve perfect order rates * Reducing costs by minimizing the total cost of quality * Improving margins by minimizing the cost to serve and promotions * Improve product traceability and decrease risk of recall * Effectively manage multi-faceted delivery channels * Increase efficiency by eliminating all manual processes * Improve governance and compliance capabilities © 2010.com. Reproduction Prohibited. 8 .

Paul. Business-Software. SELECT CuSTOMERS: Advocate Health Care System. source and serve * M3 Products – Applications in the M3 product line will help you manufacture.www. distribute and monitor goods or equipment * Industry Solutions – Pre-configured functionality that addresses the specific business needs of certain industries OWNERSHiP: Public (NASDAQ: LWSN) FOuNDED: 197 HEADquARTERS: St. MN ERP SOLuTiONS: * Lawson M ERP Suite * Lawson S ERP Suite CuSTOMER FOCuS: Lawson customers are typically medium sized to large organizations that operate in complex supply chains with tough competition and limited internal resources. Vincent Health. Texas Local Governments © 2010. St. All Rights Reserved. Frisch’s Restaurants. Safeway. 84 .lawson. Reproduction Prohibited. Jelly Belly Candy Co.shcm.com. Boeing Employees Credit Union (BECU).com | 1-800-477-17 HigHligHts * S3 Products – Applications in the S3 product line help customers staff..

bottlenecks and pain points. Lawson M3 Enterprise Performance Management Lawson M Enterprise Performance Management Suite for manufacturing and distribution provides solutions that deliver intuitive. and service industries. Then they help you identify your weaknesses. All Rights Reserved. 8 . * Opportunity Analyzer – The first strategic enterprise performance management tool that enables you to set practical business performance targets and identify.com. distribution. Lawson will measure your progress and identify the next set of improvements. © 2010. * M3 Analytics – The reports generated cover four key areas: sales. and then help you implement our integrated enterprise software to alleviate – or even eliminate – those weaknesses. and many of their customers say Lawson helps them continuously improve their operations. finance. Over 4. Lawson’s mission is simple: to make you stronger. Lawson ERP Key Features Lawson S3 Enterprise Performance Management Lawson S Enterprise Performance Management Suite provides solutions that deliver intuitive. in turn giving you the power to make better decisions faster. predictability and certainty into business processes. in turn giving you the power to make better decisions faster. They start by comparing your performance to industry benchmarks. role-based intelligence for everyone in your organization—from operational employees to senior management—instilling discipline. predictability and certainty into business processes. role-based intelligence for everyone in your organization—from operational employees to senior management—instilling discipline. Reproduction Prohibited. Business-Software. quantified financial and non-financial gains before committing capital expenditure to new business process improvement projects. Suite components include: * M3 Business Intelligence – Operational business intelligence for strategy and decision support.00 customers use Lawson software solutions throughout the world. procurement.About Lawson Lawson provides enterprise software and service solutions in the manufacturing. maintenance. in advance. * M3 Business Performance Management – Supplies the information and analysis you need to make critical business decisions. and warehouse.

* In order to adapt quickly to your organization’s specific needs. Based on common good practice. Lawson’s technology platform. analytical views of data. budget. supplier performance. and more. a Java-based code. 8 . and highlight cause-and-effect relationships with truly meaningful business intelligence and information.About Lawson Lawson Technology Lawson provides open. * M Analytics for Manufacturing offers your organization over 70 predetermined. All Rights Reserved. customer. account manager. These include subjects like: sales vs. which speed up time-to-value. transform your business strategies into actionable metrics. Lawson ERP Highlights With the business intelligence Suite components include: * The business intelligence tools in the S Enterprise suite will help you: # Harness business intelligence. Reproduction Prohibited. stock turnover. Business-Software. Lawson also builds applications using its Landmark technology environment. standards-based software. © 2010. M Analytics also includes over 90 built-in template scorecards allowing you to build taskspecific. manufacturing specific KPIs. combines their own technology with middleware from IBM.com. and more. customer debt. M Analytics for Manufacturing removes the guesswork from deciding which KPIs you should monitor and enables you to track multiple KPIs by individual product.

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