Evolution Test Review

Who was the naturalist that proposed that evolution happens through natural selection?
‡ Charles Darwin

Darwin observed changes in the ________.

‡ finches

What is a characteristic that that improves an organisms¶ ability to survive?

‡ An adaptation

Organisms that are not able to adapt to their environment may become ___________.

‡ Extinct =(

A group of organisms that can have babies and their babies can have babies is called...
‡ A species

The preserved remains of once living organisms from the past are called ____________.
‡ Fossils

Darwin did NOT say that humans came from monkeys. He said _________________________.
‡ We have a common ancestor

The place where Darwin¶s discoveries led to his theory of natural selection is called ________________.
‡ The Galapagos Islands

The process where organism who have the best traits for their environment survive and reproduce more than others do is called _______________.
‡ Natural Selection

The process by which populations slowly change over time is called ______________.

‡ Evolution

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