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microsoft surface

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Microsoft Surface Technology

Microsoft Surface Computer ± Multi Touch Technology Microsoft Surface Computer is the first in a new category of surface computing products from Microsoft that will break down traditional barriers between people and technology. It is technology. the next generation of computer interfaces those offer multi-touch multitechnology. technology. Unlike most touch screens, Surface computer can respond to more than one touch at a time. time.

direct control of content such as handsphotos.Surface Computer A surface computer is able to recognize physical objects from a paintbrush to a cell phone and allows hands-on. objects. tabletop into a dynamic surface that provides interaction with all forms of digital content through natural gestures. touch and physical objects. music and maps. Surface turns an ordinary maps. .

Microsoft surface computer .

What is Microsoft Surface? Microsoft Surface is a revolutionary multimultitouch computer that responds to natural hand gestures and real-world objects. interface. other. helping realpeople interact with digital content in a simple and intuitive way. With a large. . horizontal user way. Surface offers a unique gathering place where multiple users can collaboratively and simultaneously interact with data and each other.

then processed by the computer and the resulting interaction is displayed using rear projection.How does Microsoft Surface work? Microsoft Surface uses cameras and image recognition in the infrared spectrum to recognize different types of objects such as fingers. tagged items and shapes. projection. . The user can manipulate content and interact with the computer using natural touch and hand gestures. keyboard. This input is shapes. instead of a typical mouse and keyboard.

providing a collaborative. MultiMulti-user experience: The large. face-to-face computing experience. face-toexperience. horizontal. . keyboard.What are the key capabilities of Microsoft Surface? Microsoft Surface has four key capabilities that make it such a unique experience: experience: Direct interaction: Users can grab digital information interaction: with their hands and interact with content on-screen by ontouch and gesture ± without using a mouse or keyboard. 30 inch experience: display makes it easy for several people to gather and interact together with Microsoft Surface .

Object recognition: Users can place physical recognition: objects on the screen to trigger different types of digital responses ± providing for a multitude of applications and the transfer of digital content to mobile devices .Multi-touch: Multi-touch: Microsoft Surface responds to many points of contact simultaneously . as with a typical touch screen.not just from one finger. but from dozens of contact points at once. once.

Surface Computing Technology .

tags. Surface can also recognize objects by their shapes or by reading coded "domino" tags. Screen: A diffuser turns the Surface's acrylic tabletop into a large horizontal "multitouch" screen. . capable multitouch" of processing multiple inputs from multiple users. The users.1.

When screen. Infrared: Infrared: . nearusing an 850-nanometer850-nanometerwavelength LED light source aimed at the screen. Surface's "machine vision" operates in the near-infrared spectrum. the light reflects back and is picked up by multiple infrared cameras with a net resolution of 1280 x 960. objects touch the tabletop.2. 960.

CPU: CPU: Surface uses many of the same components found in everyday desktop computers. Communications). The underlying operating system is a modified version of Microsoft Vista. Wireless communication with devices on the surface is handled using WiFi and Bluetooth antennas (future versions may incorporate RFID or Near Field Communications). . Core 2 Duo processor. 256MB card. A computers.3. 2GB of RAM and a 256MB graphics card. Vista.

The HDTVs. is actually smaller than the invisible overlapping infrared projection to allow for better recognition at the edges of the screen. footprint of the visible light screen. screen. Projector: Microsoft's Projector: Surface uses the same DLP light engine found in many rearrear-projection HDTVs.4. . at 1024 x 768 pixels.

year. retail establishments. . restaurants and public entertainment venues and should be commercially available towards the end of the year.USES The new product is aimed directly at hotels.

Example Microsoft gives examples of ordering a beverage during a meal with just the tap of a finger and quickly browsing through music and dragging favorite songs onto a personal playlist by moving a finger across the screen. This is touch screen point broad. Build this into a bar screen. practical uses for Surface at the point of sale are broad. . of sale technology at a new level. and you'd get one-touch beer service onealthough I'm not sure if they've found a way to work out when your beer glass is empty so replenishment becomes automatic. maybe in a later version. level. The version.

Leave content. allowing you to move information between devices like mobile phones or cameras. social and exciting computing experience like you¶ve never had before.For Users: Microsoft Surface represents a fundamental change in the way we interact with digital content. the mouse and keyboard behind. before. cameras. behind. Surface lets you grab digital content with your hands and move information with simple gestures and touches. The result is a fun. and interacts with objects placed on the screen. . Surface also sees touches.

ever. The multi-touch and multi-user multimulticapabilities create an incredibly collaborative experience. where sharing and exploring information is easier than ever. too. and be more efficient in how they deliver information and services to their customers. customers.For Businesses: Microsoft Surface provides tremendous potential for businesses to improve communication. too. . The intuitive and approachable interface is easy to learn and the familiar software platform makes it easy to manage.

Creating new business opportunities every day Customers have more control and flexibility of their experience. which creates more opportunities and efficiencies for companies Enhance the customer experience CrossCross-sell and up-sell products upAttract new customers Grow new revenue streams Differentiate product offerings Improve brand perception Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty Reduce cost of service .

Industry opportunities Financial Services Microsoft Surface can help replace complicated product descriptions with a dynamic and easy-to-use interface that is empowering and easy-toengaging. patients can receive a better clinic experience by allowing self check-ins or researching and reviewing treatment options in checkcollaboration with clinical staff. reviewing portfolio options and creating a more personal and informed customer experience that drives higher customer loyalty. . while improving brand image. relationship. For clinicians. image. For example. Microsoft Surface could staff. For example. options. be used as a smart white board for the emergency room or medical center. an employee and customer may use Surface as their collaborative meeting space. Health Care Microsoft Surface can help improve the clinic and patient relationship. engaging. helping teams collaborate on treatment options.

loyalty cards can be placed on Microsoft Surface to trigger purchases of a customer¶s favorite drink or meal. For example. features. connecting the physical store. helping boost revenue without incurring higher staffing costs. Retail Microsoft Surface can connect customers with more and richer product information and create collaborative sales engagements right inside retail outlets. Or companies could meal. and select add-on crossaddfeatures. devices. and virtual tours. allowing customers to download product information. costs. sales staff and digital content. For example. Surface recognizes mobile content. tours. compare products. with interactive content. . games. extend their digital marketing campaigns to include an onsite presence.Hospitality Microsoft Surface offers entirely new ways to inform and entertain customers. cross-sell related items.

Or educators can data. environment.Public Sector Microsoft Surface creates a seamless way of connecting people with important and complex data. with agency personnel working together with real time mapping and location data. security or emergency agencies can create a collaborative digital command center for planning and orchestrating large scale events. deploy Microsoft Surface in classroom settings to create an entirely new way to integrate rich and interactive digital content into the learning environment. data. . For example.

‡ For Developers ‡ For Designers ‡ For IT Professionals . and there are multiple resources that describe the various aspects of Surface. Surface.Technical resources Microsoft Surface is a new product and a new platform.

. workstation. APIs. Surface SDK This package includes the Microsoft Surface SDK 1. Before you download the workstation. The Surface SDK includes the documentation. basic Surface application. make sure you read the Setting Up a Development Environment article to learn about the hardware and software requirements for developing Surface applications on a workstation. and tools to help you develop Surface touchtouchenabled applications on your workstation. documentation. the following resources can help you set up your development environment and develop your first.For Developers If you want to start developing Surface applications.0 SP1 Workstation SP1 Edition installation file and documentation. Surface SDK.

program managers. read the Microsoft Surface User Experience Guidelines. applications.For Designers To help you understand the unique aspects of designing Surface experiences. Guidelines. and developers of Surface applications to inform you about requirements and recommendations for designing great Surface applications. . These guidelines are intended for designers.

including planning. you will need to understand the core administration tasks that you can perform with a Surface unit. . troubleshooting. monitoring. configuring and deploying. and troubleshooting.For IT Professionals If you are managing one or more Surface units in a venue.

There are two types of Microsoft Surface units available for sale: ‡ Commercial Units ‡ Developer Units .Now available for sale!* Microsoft Surface units are only available for commercial purchase in authorized countries. countries.

Commercial Units Commercial units are designed for venues where users can interact directly with them in either public or private settings. (Commercial units do not include the Surface SDK) .0 SP1 software and Windows Vista Business SP1. consisting of Surface Platform runtime 1. Each commercial hardware unit includes one Surface Software license.

0 SP1 software.Developer Units Developer units are designed for the development and testing of Microsoft Surface applications. Each developer hardware unit includes one Surface Software license. consisting of Surface Platform runtime 1.0 SP1. and the Surface SDK 1. . Windows Vista Business SP1.

Denmark. Canada . France. Qatar. Germany. Netherlands. Switzerland Canada ± French. Spain. United States .English . United Arab Emirates. United Kingdom.Ireland Sweden.Italy. Belgium . Norway.How to buy Microsoft Surface units Microsoft Surface units are available for purchase today in the following countries: Austria. .

Availability and questions If you would like to inquire about eligibility to purchase Microsoft Surface units in your country. .com. sbizdesk@microsoft. please contact the Microsoft Surface Business Desk at sbizdesk@microsoft. or if you have any questions.com.

Any queries .

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