Tarot Noir

Dark Tarot
An investigative study of an approach to Magick
by Tim Hartridge

In the dark we do not see, but we feel things. It is in the dark that we conjure the soul of Night and dream-up the spirit of the 'other', who is not outside of us, but within.

Wicca, Magick, Alchemy exploring the psychic experience
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where as those with a Wiccan or Shamanic approach to magick might use it for 'Initiation' or simply the acquisition of some particular need. I'd ask that anyone interested in exploring it with me to be prepared to put aside all the more generally accepted interpretations of the Tarot. The quick answer is . Q. "You should see it. Why the name 'Dark' Tarot? A. So what can you do with the Dark Tarot? A. Q. and at the other end I experience a feeling of frustration about where to begin in explaining what it is.anything that deals with the 'Occult' or the 'hidden' aspect of esoteric practice is 'dark'. At the one end I am enthused and excited by this system of magickal work. I've found it's a bit like trying to describe the storyline of a movie. There is certainly no sinister notion here. Those with a more Thelemic orientation to magick might use such an operation in the furthering of 'True Will'. for this is not 'fortune telling'. The role that any physical Tarot cards might play is more as a divining tool to the real work . Together they form a magickal formula which is used to create an operation of ritual invocation or evocation. PAGE 3 . You can use it as a way to 'divine' a magickal procedure for the accomplishment of anything.which is part divinatory and part ritual.the practice of Magick. although the 'dark' theme does seem to haunt me. And seeing we are talking about it." But. The cards play a duel role in this process .T A R O T N O I R Part 1 Whenever the topic of the Dark Tarot (or Tarot Noir as I also call it) comes up I am gripped by a juxtaposition of emotions. I should briefly address some basic questions before we try exploring what's involved in a Dark Tarot working. when pressed for an explanation I describe the Dark Tarot simply as a unique blend of Divination and Magick. I find it best just to say instead. if at first you go directly into all the in's and out's you may wind up boring your listener.

if the oracle can reveal something of the inner workings of Destiny or True Will to the Witch/Magician. if only because once you 'knew'. The theory works like this: the Witch or Magician theoretically is in-touch with a sense of their personal Destiny . In other words. but also provide valuable clues to the means of it's accomplishment. a Witch or Magician 'theoretically' already knows what's in the reading. because at the same time the cards also supply the Witch/Magician with the practical occult or 'dark' formula in how to take a consciously active role in the accomplishment of their True Will or Destiny.T A R O T N O I R Q. can't I leave it PAGE 4 . Are there any practical principles to using the Dark Tarot? A. (This is done via a simple formula described in some detail later).they intuit their True Will. before the reading they could not see or intuit what Fate had in store for them. Therefore when the Witch/Magician draws the Tarot cards in regular reading there will be (theoretically) nothing new in what they see. There are. Okay. Doesn't this make the idea of even doing a reading redundant? A. They are apparently not aware of their destiny and so are simply 'amazed' with the reading. Now this is another key point to the Dark Tarot . it is this inner or occult component that we want to get at and use. any ordinary person drawing the cards for a reading will have an entirely different reaction. Now in contrast. or at least nothing they weren't already intuitively aware of. No. what excuses would you have to not getting on with it!? The idea that you might say. This idea that you could divine True Will or Destiny and have the means to invoke it was frankly something which frightened me. theoretically there would be nothing to prevent the Witch/Magician from directly invoking it. Indeed. Q. Therefore the 'Dark' Tarot can reveal not only glimpses of the hidden forces at work in a Witch's life. and there is also a fundament difference in 'who' can use it too. "Hey.

PAGE 5 . How do you obtain an interpretation of the cards? A. I'd like to introduce you to the Dark Tarot in a sequence of logical stages. this 'reading' was supplying me with information about something which I had yet to experience. The first step to be taken is the divining of the Tarot by selecting 3 cards needed for the work ahead. I had to find a way to free myself up from any bias and begin to open myself up to unknown. When I initially began using the Dark Tarot I was very much aware of how limited my life experience was. I decided to try trance and intuition as a chief source for exploring the Dark Tarot. By working with my recorded descriptive 'pictures' rather than drawn images I was able to keep adding to them as I gained more experience in the trance journeys. I began devising a set of Tarots through a combination of numerous trance journeys as well as drawing upon certain magickal experiences. Later. 'dark' possibilities.T A R O T N O I R 'til next full moon?" bemoans a certain lack of sincerity and personal integrity in your magickal work don't you think!? Q. I also created a basic table of correspondences which assisted me in developing my ritual procedures. we've probably talked enough. I concluded that there was probably vital information in the cards which I would not see. (I'll reproduce this later. my Destiny. These were descriptive images rather than drawn pictures.) Okay. After all. especially if all I was using was an orthodox interpretation.

or something more specifically related to the practice of witchcraft such as . Put plenty of you into this moment and allow the cards to shuffle completely at random .all the while contemplating your question.How may I evoke a familiar spirit?. Using these cards you will be performing a trance journey and working with a new set of motifs than might appear on any physical Tarot deck you are using. PAGE 6 . although I do not recommend this as a starting point. I'll be posting the practical methods in several stages in the coming days. again using the left hand. This is quite important to do because we'll be working in the strict order they appear in. b. gather the cards up with both hands and stack them neatly in one pile. You may also simply allow destiny to offer you insight. or d. Record these cards and the order they appear in from left to right.T A R O T N O I R First steps: Take any ordinary Tarot deck and separate the 22 trump cards from the minor part of the deck. Now turn over the top card on each of the three piles. mix and shuffle the cards on a flat surface. Next. You'll only be using these 22 cards from the Tarot. Take the 22 trump cards place them face down in front of you and using your left hand spread. When you have finished. Any other issue not covered by any of the above. What do I need to do in my life? c. Something related to your life and how to achieve it. cut the deck into three. Formulate a question about one of the following: a. and finally e.

Perhaps I should draw your attention to the importance of allowing 'chance' to play a full role in this process. The method of using the Dark Tarot then lays open a way of magickal PAGE 7 . In the method I described previously. I need to ask "Would you want to?". especially without knowing the complete picture. I suppose the suggestion that you can be 'in-sync' may be a convenient explanation. So why divine the future from the cards in order to practice magick? Because I think you can influence the future. or at least influence any potential destiny shown in the cards.) However when it comes down to it I am not suggesting that one should try to change things. I am quite a fatalist when it comes to such things and am also big on the Jungian concept of synchronicity . quite the contrary. I say to allow the cards to fall completely at random. Fate has a funny way of getting what She wants anyway. or to put it poetically. It is important to feel you are 'insync' while shuffling and drawing the cards. but for anyone who has worked with the Tarot it seems completely natural. I am proposing that we nominate to accept our Destiny. Presuming you are prepared for the ordeals. I'd even go so far as to say that during the divinatory process a mutual relationship emerges between you and cards.the meaningfulness in apparent randomness. (Maybe I am a Fatalist after all. or are about to choose three cards for your Dark Tarot working.T A R O T N O I R Part 2 If you recall you have. Destiny What I am suggesting here is that there is significant and meaningful consequence to the cards you draw. While I think it is possible to influence a possible outcome before it happens. submit to Initiation at the hands of the Goddess Fortuna. challenges and transformation necessary. After all. it's not really Fate until it's all over. And besides.

The method of working in a Dark Tarot operation is to determine the meaning of the cards and then combine the three components into a magickal working of evocation or invocation and thereby. The practice of dividing the cards in three is an ancient one. there are really two distinct areas of use here for the cards in a Dark Tarot working. spell and sorcery In part one I asked that once you had shuffled the cards that you should cut them into three and turn over the top three cards. For the purpose of a Dark Tarot working though the three cards divide our magickal work into three interacting components. Sigils are the forms and symbols. As a comparative reference. Perhaps then what I really mean by 'Destiny' is really 'Initiation'. the Spells are any words or sounds. Sigil. from left to right. in summary then. The first is divining personal destiny which we've been discussing. Mantra and Tantra. having reference mainly to three parts of time . Spell and Sorcery respectfully. You should then make a note of the cards in the order they fall. Briefly. and the second is to use the cards to 'divine' a magickal method to achieve some more limited goal. and lastly. Present and Future.the Past. in the Oriental esoteric traditions these translate as Yantra. manifest your destiny or desired goal.T A R O T N O I R work to aid manifesting Destiny in a more purposeful way. PAGE 8 . if successful. These three cards form the basic components of a Dark Tarot working and are known as Sigil. the Sorceries are the rituals or acts.

The full definition of Sigil in the Dark Tarot not only includes all icons or signs. You must 'divine' the PAGE 9 . for example . once all the attributes of the three cards have been identified they are then combined to assist you in a magickal operation. and spirit images or forms (eg. This especially includes any ritual objects. kinds of familiar spirits. In order to use the Dark Tarot the whole operation must be very intuitive and specifically personal to you. It especially reveals the psychic dimensions or ambience which are active.T A R O T N O I R The Sigils . The remaining two cards are used to divine the 'Spells' and 'Sorceries'. Equally. On a mundane level the Dark Tarot may act in much the same way as one would use a traditional set of 'Tables of Correspondence'. the Sigil card relates to colours. of deities. In other words. These are tables which tell you for example that 'Love' corresponds to the planet 'Venus'. and so on. herbs. Briefly. digits. Even if you adopt this rather literal approach to divining the Correspondences. gems... etc). alphabetic letters. you could theoretically collect all the various components to use as your 'Sigil'. metals. via the Dark Tarot 'reading' you can divine the forces in operation. robes and the like. and equally any physical locations analogous to the particular card. BUT. there would be just one problem with approaching the work in this formulaic and mechanical way .and spells and sorceries The first card in our undertaking connects us to the Sigil of the working.it could apply to anyone and that's not how the Dark Tarot works. In a Dark Tarot ritual this card will particularly related to signs or seals.magickal tools. perfumes. which in turn corresponds to the colour 'Green' and the gemstone 'Emerald'. symbols which contain a particular energy. but also any 'forms' or 'objects'. identify the components and using these 'invoke or evoke' them into your life. totem animals. Sigil comes from the Latin word 'sigilum' meaning 'sign'. your 'Spell' and the 'Sorcery' and produce a magickal working.

Trance I found was the best method to utilise and so I employ a sort of specialised 'vision quest' .I have called this method of magickal work the 'Dark Tarot' precisely because it is concealed or occulted from your consciousness.described next. As a consequence in order to divine the hidden meaning. Dare I over stress the point . you would be unlikely to succeed.T A R O T N O I R meaning. If all you were doing was looking up some tables and apply the elements by formula you'd end-up 'short circuiting' the whole practice. PAGE 1 0 . resort must be made to the unconscious in discovering destiny's secrets. Consequently. You certainly wouldn't have discovered the hidden or 'dark' significance of the cards as they relate to you.

In particular the Order of the Golden Dawn and the various off-shoots were quite fastidious in the cataloguing all the sympathetic elements to be found within a specific sphere and the Tarot play a key part of the equation. naught can truly known. For where your ghosts and phantoms choose to dwell Your sage philosopher's accepted well." . Collectively these catalogues have become known as the 'Tables of Correspondence'. Will bring a dozen novel ones to light. If I were to break through and reconnect to something more authentically a part of my own psyche. spread for your delight. Unless you err. My experiences were direct and very personal. the act must be your own. If life you want. "To gain your end. This is where you use an image such as a Tarot trump as a 'doorway' and attempt to project your consciousness PAGE 1 1 .Goethe ("Faust" Act II) Correspondence and trance From among the Western Mystery schools the Qabalistic traditions have long been at the forefront in tabulating the values and attributes of the Tarot. then find it as your own. Now as useful as these Tables might seem it was precisely this type of moribund inflexibility that was stagnating my magickal work before I began exploring the Dark Tarot. Naturally I recommend anyone seeking to apply an authentic use of the Dark Tarot to use this or similar methods. I decided trance would be my main method in the acquisition of magickal knowledge. then I would need to approach things very differently. His art and favour.T A R O T N O I R Part 3 Mephistopheles says. Psychic doorways Most witches and magicians are probably familiar with the practice known as 'astral doorways'. I devised a type of 'vision quest of the Tarot' which would induce trance.

The idea being. as well as past and present Witch-cult practices and Alchemy. In a sense. I would get stuck and languish in the predictable. Can see what this method of work will do for you? From such trance experiences you'll begin to create your own 'hidden' Tarot and through exploring the Unconscious or 'Underworld' in trances you'll create an authentic 'Dark Tarot'. I also combined icons and images from the 'forbidden' and left-hand path traditions . everything considered 'dark' and nocturnal. the only legitimate way you can work with the Dark Tarot is to undertake a vision quest for each card you draw. and then searching for the hidden keys . I also used the ritual themes from Eastern Tantra. I conceived a new set of names to these icons to PAGE 1 2 .everything associated with the Cults of the Shadow. in things too familiar. Through doing this trance work you'll also begin to build own set of 'correspondences' and begin to form the images which will become your own personal 'Dark Tarot'. spell. Forbidden images I knew from my own past experiences though that if all I did was to use the images from the regular Tarot I wouldn't get far. and sorcery). I needed a new energy to inspire this work so I could tap into fresh potential.the Gothic.T A R O T N O I R into card's psychic counterpart. I commenced by drawing from a combination of my own trance experiences and some past 'unusual' magickal workings. the Medieval.your sigils. to make contact with the psychic reality that the card represents. I decided to created a new set of images for my Tarot. sigil. spells and sorceries .combine them in a magickal working. maybe even things which would shock me awake. other sexual magicks and even Voudoun . I needed to connect to the Tarot at deeper level. In a Dark Tarot working your next task after drawing your cards is to undertake a trance journey of each card and to retrieve clues to three areas of your magickal work (ie.

T A R O T N O I R further break with the predictable while still adhering to relevant principles. The following became my Dark Tarots presented here in abbreviated table descriptions: PAGE 1 3 . Gradually I synthesised the experiences down into compact images which activate the psychic atmosphere necessary as an entry point for trance and vision quests.

All around them lay the naked bodies of unconscious individuals. The Emperor Geomancer The hidden forces of the dragon tracks both within and without. A ruin abbey and graveyard whose entrance is a half open gate. The Magician Sorcerer Within a ritual chamber a Sorcerer prepares elemental and familiar spirits for their night errands. Manual stirring of ojas in a partner. Strength Enchantress A crescent moon hanging low in the western night sky. The Empress Witch A Witch or Mambo within her ritual chamber preparing to open forces upon the physical plane. The Tower Phallus Dionysian excess. The Hierophant Black Magician A priest making preparations for a funerary rite. played with or freed. Dark and unseen forces erupting. A dreamer. The Hermit Hermeticist A silent darkened room in which is seated a silhouetted figure. Awakening the Kalas. within two naked people sit starring into each others eyes. Never Neverland. night sky. Fetishes. An elixir. inter-acted with. The Hanged Man The Abyss The Spider Sorcerer whose victim may be killed. An energetic redheaded woman riding her male partner. A lone man walks starring at the moon. The Priestess Vampyre An open coffin in a crypt or sanctuary. A dark figure who is hidden by the cowl of his robe. Solo sexual sorcery. The Star Yoni A star-strewn. the forces of change. A dark universe. Wheel of Fortune Time A dark spiralling goddess from whom emanates a vortex of irresistible power. projections. saved for later use. Shattering of forms. Kaos magick and sexual sorcery. forbidden knowledge. the wastelands. Comets and meteors. a neutron star. absorption of all light and energy. A black hole in space. Ancient Egyptian rites of passage. Blasphemy acts.VISUALISATIONS OF THE DARK TAROT 0 11 The Fool Lunatic A lonely deserted path lit by moon light. a black sun. the eternal myth.The Mass of Amrit. heavy incense burning. Judgement Awakening Dark sorcery overthrowing the status quo. Withholding knowledge. A rite of Initiation by tribal ordeal. Evocation of the forgotten powers. Cults of the Shadow. Sigils of desire. Evocation of the Dark Self. The desert of Set at night. The Devil Master A Witches’ Sabbat and invocation of the Beast. Development of chakras. Within the shrine appear dew drops upon the altar. Death Necromancer A séance circle in which a spirit appears in the centre. The Sun Vortex An eclipse. The Moon Familiar Spirits Sorcerers assume animalistic form and perform acts of lunar sorcery . Trance. in which the Dreamer awakens. sleepwalking. Temperance Alchemist A magus massaging sensually a priestess. astral states of consciousness. The Lovers Sex Magicians An Arabian boudoir. in which lays a female vampyre. Secret venoms and fetishes. A powerful force emanating from beyond. A dark bedroom in which lays a naked negress. tinged red with the ochre of desert dust. Justice Adjustment Invocation of destiny or karmic forces. The World Underworld The domain of the living dead. PAGE 1 4 1 11 2 13 3 14 *17 15 5 16 6 17 7 18 8 19 9 20 10 21 11 22 12 23 13 24 14 25 15 26 16 27 *4 28 18 29 19 30 20 31 21 32 . The Chariot Initiation Yogic and tantric practices.

T A R O T N O I R Part 4 Journey of many returns While not completely abandoning the traditional Tarot tables of correspondences. Although a drum or other 'drone' instruments can equally be utilised. I started to relegate them to a position of a backdrop to my own direct experiences. That way I could use the traditional Tarot attributes more as an archetypal or mythical shadow. I particularly favour many of the excellent recordings by the dark ambient or atmospheric artist Robert Rich. Meanwhile. My original 'images and icons' of the Dark Tarot (described in Part 3) became my basic knowledge base or platform to start from for trance experiences. This is particularly relevant among certain Indian tribes of America. During the 1980's writers such as Dr Michael Harner described his own initiation into the Shamanic experience in his book the 'Way of the Shaman'. The practical method I continue to use for doing trance journeys and retrievals involves the use of a small ritual gong and an electronic amplifier. Dark vision quests Most contemporary practitioners of magick and witchcraft will have either experienced or heard of the practices of 'Vision Quests'. helping me to develop a greater understanding of the cards and magick.imprint. while my own experiences would be more personally authentic and relevant to my state of being at the time. Each journey I do for a working adds more knowledge and energy to the cards. "Elysian E" by Michael Stearns or "Zeit" by Tangerine Dream. As does initiating others into the work. the regular Tarot and their correspondences act in the role of supportive material and for the purpose of amplification. As can such recordings as "Well of Souls" by Steve Roach and Vidna Obmana. The method utilised is a simple. but effective technique of PAGE 1 5 .

the wastelands.T A R O T N O I R using a monotonous drum rhythm to aid in a shift of consciousness thus producing the onset of trance. The vibrations cause the priestess of the cult to transform and become a multiform vehicle of the Goddess uniting with her devotees in ecstasy. A dreamer. In their occult rites a gong is ceaselessly struck producing a shift in the psychic atmosphere of the temple. sleepwalking." After the ritual prelude the student-witch uses this scene to commenced her vision quest. The method I prefer to use combines all of these above techniques. Another author and occultist. Kenneth Grant has also described the potent effects of trance in rituals. By using a steady rhythm of percussive strikes upon the gong a whirling wall-of-sound soon produces an irresistible energy submerging one into a trance world. The Dark Tarot trump this particular student drew was the 'Lunatic' (the Fool 0). strong incense. imbibing of chalice wine. sensual anointing of sabbat oils. Using a small gong which I amplify via a microphone and then add a digital delay. and submerging dancing around a fiery cauldron 'til collapse and thence into trance accompanied by the gong. A lone man walks starring at the moon. The following is an example of one such experience undertaken by a witch during private initiation. This visionary work was usually preceded by a simple ritual form: a Circle casting. The depicted image is described as: "A lonely deserted path lit by moon light. The effect of which produces an echo when the gong is struck. In particular he relates experiences from the secret tantric style trance practices of an Oriental sect known as 'Cult of Ku'. the more unexpected the better. With these trancing-gong rhythms I combine the projection of consciousness into the psychic scenery the 'Dark' trump with which I am working and submit myself to the experience. (The PAGE 1 6 . When executed correctly this Iays open a way for any possibility.

2. clothed in a white diaphanous gown open at the front.) 1. This visionary example was rather typical PAGE 1 7 . The room is dimly lit and in the centre is a raised stone altar. Then a dove flies out of the opening up through the stream of light. The following text is given with her permission. I can see a small red multifaceted gem in my lower abdomen. The stream of light then ceases and the hooded figure sews me up in a zig-zag fashion with some brown string. I feel empty and lost. I move toward it. Background and comments The person who was doing this Dark Tarot work had not long been studying with me. The walls are stone and shaped into arches. fashioned in gold and slowly spins. The opening widens and the stream of light extends up through the ceiling. Writhing up from its centre is an emerald and ruby encrusted gold snake. in fact each part just flowed from one scene into the next. The Leopard: In the darkness the head of a leopard appears.T A R O T N O I R descriptive titles are her own. The Snake: Against a backdrop of darkness. into the sky. moving toward me. After some time I look down and notice a frog sitting at the base of the altar. It appears to be the top of a staff. The Altar: I am standing in a room which appears to be part of a ruined gothic period style building. Although she divides the narrative into three parts. He is gone and I am left alone in the ruin. She was in fact still receiving even basic instruction on circle work. 3. a cauldron appears. the ceiling open to the night sky. Lying down on the altar the gown falls away and I wait. I feel rather blissful and open (perhaps a little naive!) A figure in a brown hooded robe moves toward the altar and produces a ceremonial dagger which he takes in both hands and beginning at my breast bone slices my torso down the middle to my lower abdomen. He stands back and through the opening a stream of white light emerges. holding an egg shaped emerald in its mouth.

T A R O T N O I R of many her experiences. everything flows quite spontaneously. PAGE 1 8 . What struck me about these visions was not their dramatic nature. but their purity. the visions felt free and uninhibited. There doesn't appear to be any conscious Ego construction.if it could work so well for her it could work for any one. In fact. where the imagery was rich in content. I think particularly because this person had no real orthodox magickal training that I found this quite encouraging and helped validate this system of magickal work for me .

"How may I evoke a Familiar Spirit?" Next. as well as PAGE 1 9 . My selection was: XIV Alchemist (Temperance) for the Sigil. but to illustrate how I've used the Dark Tarot in a simple and practical way I offer the following example to the student. This is a special type ally or spirit helper. As you now understand the first card is representative of the Sigil or sign by which I may evoke the Familiar. My second card is the Spell or sound by which I may call the spirit. and 0 Lunatic (The Fool) for the Rite of Sorcery.T A R O T N O I R Part 5 Applied magick: How to evoke a Familiar spirit As pointed out previously the Witch may utilise the Dark Tarot for guidance in fulfilment of any desire. The first step is to express your request as a simple and direct question . Using my method of Dark Tarot divination I offer a way to formulate a magickal working for the evocation of a Familiar spirit. In historical records Witches are often described as associating with a Familiar Spirit. My dark vision quests enable me to more fully explore the energies of the Familiar I'm destined to interact with. By combining the ingredients of the three Tarot trumps a complete method for the evocation of a Familiar Spirit will have been divined. I Sorcerer (The Magician) for the Spell. while concentrating upon the desire you shuffling a deck of the 22 Tarot trumps and draw the three cards. Sometimes the Familiar may even take the role of the Witch's spiritual guide. Previously I have suggested that the two may really be indelibly linked. In order to begin the work I undertake three separate trances for each card. as well as the larger issues related to his/her Destiny. and the third card will show me a rite of Sorcery to be used in the work of evocation.

Each card's image will act as my entry point. numbers.) XIV ALCHEMIST . form and appearances. the archer (see tables below). There is a serpent like hiss to this exhalation and I feel a word trying to form in my throat. plants and animals.sigil Trance-Vision: I enter the scene and am immediately aware of identifying with the Alchemist-magus. I/He is exhaling in the manner of someone with a frosty breath. and a heady perfume. stones. though not unpleasant perfumed odour. In my hand I hold short cross-bow arrow. Now it should be noted that the Qabalistic correspondence to this card is Sagittarius.T A R O T N O I R directly experiencing its nature as a psychic reality. as well as correspondent colours. symbols and actual sigils. almost as though it PAGE 2 0 . perfumes and incense. magickal tools.spell Trance-Vision: Again I immediately identify with key figure. textures. For the sake brevity I have condensed the experiences. shape. I am walking in a B-line toward a naked priestess who is outstretched on a target (just like one of those knife throwing acts seen in a circus). perspiring with beads of sweat and emitting a heady. this time in the role of the Sorcerer-magus. I am immersed in an azure light. (You may wish to review the descriptions of each Dark Tarot trump I gave in Part 3. Examples of other elements which could be drawn from the vision include: an azure light. I notice she is very flushed. Also under the heading of Sigil are included: signs. Sigil analysis One of the strongest symbols which came up in the Alchemist (Temperance) vision was the 'arrow'. the naked priestess. I SORCERER . Using this as a starting point I decide to construct an arrow fetish as a physical sigil for my rite of evocation. A powerful energy feels to be erupting. a target.

or even stellar-planetary time periods. "Sheba". This calabash is a simple seed rattle from West Africa. with any "chattering" or "tittering" sounds (its Mercurial quality).) Now apart from words and music also under the category of Spells fall such things as rhythms and any sort vibrational resonant. (I'd also like to draw your attention to the similarity of this 'spell. Any of these factors could be taken into account. This is because any Spell. such as "Sheba" there was never the less the 'hiss' of breath from the Sorcerer and so I could have simply used this. Eg. Something else which is less obvious to the category of 'Spells' is Time. like music consists of sounds which are arranged in Time as a sequence. which can produce the right "chattering" sound to the accompaniment of my spell. For example. particularly any natural sounds like wind. rain and thunder. PAGE 2 1 . I also note from the Tables (see below) that this card corresponds to the key of "E". or Lunar cycles. I now spontaneously remember these and they are hissed out as the word "Sheba". A final note about the Spell: Even if I hadn't deduced a word. and probably reveals qualities which resonate naturally in the spell. Spell analysis The Sorcerer-magus has chosen "Sheba" to be hissed as the spell of evocation for my rite.word' to the name of the fabled Queen Sheba. Previously I had noted the 3 letters which correspond to my three cards . Because of this fact I decide to use a calabash in the rite.T A R O T N O I R were trying to be expelled from the gut and throat. dawn and dusk. an Arabian beauty who charmed King Solomon. Because of this fact your Spell card may reveal various types of Time. So a chosen time for a final Dark Tarot working can even be divined. the Sorcerer card is correspondent to Mercury which in turn is attributed to Wednesday.they are SBA. solar-terrestrial day and night.

sorcery Trance-Vision: A dreamy.I decide to be very careful that no-one is about when I open my eyes!).T A R O T N O I R 0 LUNATIC . It is as though I am in a dream-bubble. especially in affairs of the heart. The Lunatic/Fool or 'Outsider' who's powers come from 'outside' or the 'otherside' may impress upon the unawakened Dreamer many unthought of dreams. PAGE 2 2 .it is riotous and crazy (loco = mad . I feel blown along by all sorts of foolish thoughts some comic. While on a mundane level we can see how Puck-like love spells could be cast with the aid of this Familiar's influence. lunar quality seems to envelop me as I enter into the Lunatic's province. Psychically these are known as 'thought forms' and can be expressed in acts of creating 'astral globules' (see table notes). together these denote the Moon's power over dreams and thought. I am reminded of Shakespeare's 'Puck' from a "Mid-summer Night's Dream". there is also another side to the Lunatic. but many sexy. This card is under the rulership of Air and also lunar forces. dance or movement which might induce this as part of my ceremony. you might become the vehicle for the channelling of thoughts from the otherside to the mundane world. In the play he placed a drop of juice from a strange poppy upon the dreamers' heads and they fall madly in love with next person they set eyes upon . and so I could try using any ritual acts. If for example this were to be acted upon oneself. Sorcery analysis The Sorcery card is correspondent to such things as specific types of magickal powers or operations. I also assess that my Familiar may be cable of some mischievous acts. My experience from this card revealed a strong hypnotic and dreamy quality. The Dreamer thus impregnated with such thought forms may act as medium for inspired thought.

A Dark Tarot working is usually marked by a time of personal Initiation and changes which are rarely simple or smooth sailing. Ahead of me is the sheltered ruin of an old farmhouse or barn. but in the words of Durban's natural mystic Madala Kunene ". The final trance Alchemist. Combine them in a visualisation as an aid to dreaming-up your working. For some reason I am aware it is in the early hours of a Wednesday morning (Mercury-Sorcerer).) Treat this as though you are about to undertake Initiation. prepare and perform an actual rite using all your new discoveries. As I enter within it walls.T A R O T N O I R Dark rite of Dwall Interpreting the overall message of the Dark Tarot symbolism is a subjective experience. but hangs low in a mist shrouded night sky.. The moon is visible. Finally. Lunatic In the final stage I combine the three components of my rite – Alchemist. Keep your ideas to the point. The last thing you want to do at this stage is to short-circuit the whole thing by being too biased or conservative. I arrived at the following visualisation-trance experience and outline for a ritual. I merge identifying with PAGE 2 3 . Laying on the ground in front of him is a sleeping priestess. 4. Keeping the following points in mind will assist you in your Dwaal: 1.. 3. Expand your understanding the cards via study of their correspondences (see tables below). but to try be as objective as possible. I see the back of the Alchemist cum Sorcerer cum Lunatic. isolated path. By all means investigate the cards thoroughly. Expect transformation and changes in yourself. Sorcerer. Try to learn from this experience and don't forget Witches are 'heretics' at heart. I am wandering a lonely. Sorcerer and Lunatic.each dreamtime journey or dwaal is different". 2. adapt. but the roof is open to the night sky. ('Dwaal' means to be confused or to take a journey with no fixed destination. I naturally warn the Student not to be too Egocentric.

A dew is formed on her vaginal lips and I catch this with the steel tip of the arrow. but he requires a powerfully erotic rite to stimulate any latent powers. A shiver spontaneously runs down my left arm into the calabash. The key to building an effective rite of evocation ultimately lies in PAGE 2 4 . At the same time a powerful serpentine ripple flexed the muscles through my torso finishing in my head and a compulsive gust of air from my breath. she is laying on a deep blue velvety cloth.T A R O T N O I R the magus. A weird sort of psychic container seem to hold us together for a moment and then I find myself back in front her again. The word is expelled in a long breath over the priestess.dreaming priestess. I have embodied him or evoked him from within my unconscious. In my right hand I am holding the Blue-Arrow fetish and in my left the seed-calabash. As I gaze at her I feel completely mesmerised by the whiteness and beauty of her body against the blue cloth. The arrow-fetish may be useful as a type of magician's wand or dart to hold the eroticpsychic charge. Holding the arrow in my right hand I extended the feathered-end toward the priestess. I hiss "SheeeBAaa". At one end of the arrow is bright yellow feathers which are attached to a blue shaft. I can see under her body an irregular eight-sided figure. traced in yellow. At the same time I moved from a trance state and became consciously alert of the following: The Alchemist-Sorcerer-Lunatic is the familiar Spirit. I am now naked and hang suspended horizontally above the body of the white priestess. When their coconsciousness is raised in a mutual trance or seance they stimulate each other and produce a honeyed 'dew' which contains their latent powers. Little trickles of perspiration moistened feathers. He has a contra-sexual soul-mate in the form of the ecstatic. Using feathered arrow I stroked over the erogenous zones of the her body. A sharp steel tip is at its head. I am now squatting down in front of the priestess. At this point I suddenly become aware of a number of key points.

but I feel transformed through the experience. PAGE 2 5 . I used as many of the elements from the trance experiences as I felt were necessary and decided to do the following . Trance-visions like these may be compared to an awake dream and is the means I use to connect with the unconscious. I enlisted the aid of a Priestess who can aid me in incubating the 'dew'. Fetish rites For personal reasons I offer only a brief comment about the results of this Dark Tarot working. I inscribed with the fetish with the letters 'SBA'. I successfully invoke the Familiar and have it act through me as medium. I obtained the various elements needed. but in this work free reign is given over to the imagination in order to draw out the most from the unconscious.I treat the working as a rite of self-Initiation. The first is the arrow-fetish and I paint it blue. It will act from this point on as a material basis or contact for the work with my Familiar.T A R O T N O I R how keen is your intuition. We celebrated rite as a type of mysterium coniuntio. research and imagination. Where research is highly valued by the rational mind it will be via the your irrational intuition and imagination that the hidden or dark knowledge may come. The progeny manifest from outside my own limited experience and begin lives of their own. Fantasies are more often discarded as fanciful. I obtain a blue cloth and paint an irregular eight-sided star pattern on it and use this as a ritual mat or 'circle' in which to operate.

while at a microcosmic level it depicts the psychic anatomy of the individual. PAGE 2 6 . On a macrocosmic level the Tree of Life is an esoteric representation of the Universe.T A R O T N O I R The arrangement of the Dark Tarot upon the Tree of Life showing the ten Sephiroth and twenty two paths with astrological & elemental attributions.

censer. roaring. white on violet 266. mirror. galbanum ox goad. Aries Female sexual sorcery shape-shifting Pisces Male sexual sorcery purifications. chanted Tzaddi B Qoph D. imperious intonation.cross. silver on a black circle. galbanum fish hook. camphor.TABLES OF CORRESPONDENCE Number 0 Path 11 Orthodox Title The Fool Il Matto Dark Tarot Lunatic Demons/Gods Amprodias Sigil (signs. narcissus hand. lurid indigo. 393. benzoin fish. colour. winds. cord. 640. horns. Zain D sharp. nail. Aleph Sorcery (magickal operations. lower register. upper register. high pitched electric crackling Samekh A. cinnamon. dragon’s blood. luminous pale yellow on a square of emerald of gold.11. Kalas induced as clear and cool. mellifluously Resh C. hissing explosive force Teth F. olibanum serpent. a shrill stridulation Mem G lower register. discipline. head. words. splashing Kheth E. an open coffin. raucous bleating Ayin C. assafoetida Tau. chattering or tittering. lamp. 55. 13. prolonged Lamed G sharp. fence. murmuring Yod A sharp. furnace. vermilion on emerald 1040. ambergris back of the head. Beth Evocation of Elements. indigo vesica rayed with violet. arrow. sword. Hé C sharp. cross. numbers. new leather yellow on a mauve vesica.green on silver-grey slate 315. Daleth A sharp. tripod.pain of obligation. upper register. pyramid. bellowed Vau D. cord. saffron palm. sword. burin.onycha. etc) E. deep blue on an inverted triangle of sea-green. images) 1.1 lamp & wand. Air 1 11 The Magician Il Bagattelliere Sorcerer Baratchial E. howled. ritual. red rayed on amber disc 500. Aquarius Invoking earthly forces. Sol Evocation Aeonic magick. phallus. names of power. black sigil within an indigo pentagram 450. bright yellow on vivid dark blue. twilight. bright red on an emerald square 302. lower register thunder Peh A sharp. door or gate. rich purple on a blue ground rayed with yellow 671. black rectangle Spell (sounds. red gum. mytle. powers. aloes. 160. lurid red on glowing red inverted triangle 395. incense. dagger. crooning or lilting. a ruin. sulphur. like lightning in a night sky 237. 260. Venus Astrology. almost inaudible whisperings. vivid sky blue on a rose circle rayed pale green 1054. Moon Invoking powers. mense. 401. sandlewood. cup. hollow reverberation Tau Clairvoyance and projection. lamp.sickle. bubbling cauldron Nun G sharp. wine. asperger. lines of flame on a brown triangle 292. pale green on rich blue 307. civet eye. tools. swastika. sickle. wormwood. myrrh. Taurus Bi-location Invocation of Horus & Set Gemini Casting enchantments Channelling Kalas Cancer Invoking Totems Leo Will Invisibility Virgo Material power Changing destiny Jupiter Karma Libra Exploration of qlippoth Water Necromancy Evocation of Hell Scorpio Transmutations Alchemy Sagittarius Witches Sabbat Evocation Capricorn Awakening Kundalini Works of wrath & revenge Mars Manifestation Earth currents. fan. hoarse cachinnation. acts) Creation of Astral Globules. bow & arrow. dragon’s blood mouth. wand. slug trail silver on a circular stone 406. sibilant & sinister whisperings Shin B sharp. musk. roared.brown like a black beetle on a greenish-blue triangle 300. galbanum window. onycha water. yellowish. Kaph F sharp. greenish-yellow on a grey arrow-shaped. galbanum.secret force. Gimel F sharp. dorje. Fire Works of malediction Saturn 3 14 Witch Mambo Yoni Dagdagiel *17 15 Hemethterith 5 16 Black Magician Bukor Sex Magicians Uriens 6 17 Zamradiel 7 18 Initiation Characith 8 19 Enchantress Temphioth 9 20 Hermeticist Yamatu 10 21 Time Kurgasiax 11 12 22 23 Adjustment The Abyss Lafcursiax Malkunofat 13 24 Necromancer Niantiel 14 25 Alchemist Saksaksalim 15 26 Master A’ano’nin 16 27 Phallus Parfaxitas *4 18 28 29 Geomancer Hungan Familiar Spirits Tzuflifu Qulielfi 19 20 21 30 31 32 Vortex Awakening Underworld Raflifu Shalicu Thantifaxath PAGE 2 7 . wand. dark green-brown on an amber-hued circle 610. sighing. sceptre. gum mastic. ligum-aloes prop. pepper. Mercury 2 13 The Priestess La Papessa The Empress L’Imperatrice The Star Le Stelle The Hierophant Il Papa The Lovers Gli Amanti The Chariot Il Carro Strength La Forza The Hermit L’Eremita Wheel of Fortune Rota Della Fortuna Justice La Giustizia The Hanged Man L’Appenso Death (none) Temperance La Temperanza The Devil Il Diavolo The Tower La Torre The Emperor L’Imperatore The Moon La Luna The Sun Il Sole Judgement Il Giudizio The World Il Mondo Vampyre Gargophias G sharp. Minotur. olibanum tooth.