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Published by Beka Shakur
Dedicated 2 Those Never 4Gotten
Dedicated 2 Those Never 4Gotten

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Published by: Beka Shakur on Feb 02, 2011
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Afrikan 365 1827: Freedom's Journal, the first Afrikan newspaper in Amerika, beginz publication 1846: Rebecca Cole

is born in Philadelphia, PA 1858: John "Bud" Fowler is born in Fort Plain, NY (Negro Leagues) 1884: James H. Bronson Remembrance Day 1915: Bill Monroe Remembrance Day; dies in Chicago, IL (Negro Leagues) 1959: Flavor Flav is born in Roosevelt, NY 1968: The My Lei Massacre is ordered by William Calley in Vietnam 1970: Tammi Terrell Remembrance Day; dies of a brain tumor at age 24 in Philadelphia, PA 1971: "Why I Oppose The War In Vietnam," by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., receives a Grammy for best spoken word recording 1991: Latasha Harlins Remembrance Day; murdered by Soon Ja Du in South Los Angeles 2000: Patrick Dorismond Remembrance Day; murdered by a NY pig

March 16

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