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A lot of people have problems when installing Orcad.

I hope this would help at l

east some of them. This is my Orcad 16.3 installation procedure. I recommend you
print it and follow closely. Some people go with Orcad instalation with no prob
lems at all, some have plenty of problems. This should be general procedure for
all of them.
My Orcad 16.3 have SHooTERS crack on it, but others I saw are very much similar,
with appropriate files only differing in file names. It is your job to find the
files instead of file names in the text down there :-) For example, instead of
license.dat you will have maybe orcad163.lic, or whatever.
1) if any previous Orcad installations, remove them properly (Control Panel, Add
/Remove). You remove separately both LicenseManager and Orcad, in any order you
like. Then browse the system environment for variables CDS_LIC_FILE, CDS_LIC_ONL
Y, CDSROOT and CHDL_LIB_INST_DIR and delete them.
2) Find the name of your computer (Start\right mouse click on MyComputer \Proper
ties\Computer Name and so you get it). In this text it would be: MYPCNAME
3) turn off anti-virus program if any on your computer.
4) insert your Orcad installation media and start setup.exe, then choose License
Manager, choose the directory c:\cadence\LicenseManager (better do not change th
is), then leave empty box for LicenseFileLocation and choose Cancel; when asked
"Are you sure" respond with Yes.
Finally click Finish.
5) copy SHooTERS\license_manager\cdslmd.exe to replace original c:\prog\orcad\Li
6) copy SHooTERS\license_manager\license.dat to folder c:\prog\orcad\LicenseMang
er. Then edit that copied license.dat, change the first line to contain your com
puter name instead of this_host, to be for example "SERVER MYPCNAME ID=07071982
7) from the main installation screen (setup.exe) start the ProductInstallation o
ption, go through two Next screens, leave empty ControlFile field and press the
third Next button, choose the destination folder c:\cadence\SPB_16.3, ..., choos
e your home working folder as you wish, go through five dialogs with Next button
s, and wait for the installation to finish.
At the end the dialog box would ask you for License path. If it suggests you any
thing, just delete it completely and input appropriate text like this: 5280@MYPC
Installation will respond: "CDS_LIC_FILE license path environment variable has b
een updated with the new value you specified."
Click Finish, wait for screens to disappear, wait 1,000 years for help indexes t
o be created, wait for Setup complete screen, click Finish, wait for large white
screen Cadence SPB/ORCAD 16.3 to disappear and before you got retired with high
pension everything should be done.
8) copy shooters/crack.exe to c:\cadence. Then start crack.exe
9) Now launch Start/Programs/Cadence/LicenseManagerServerUtility, when asked for
license file use C:\Cadence\LicenseManager\license.dat, then click Next, and yo
u get the dialog LicenseServerData where you are to type Port number=5280, Host
name=MYPCNAME, again click Next.
After this, you will get one of three possible responses from your installation
routine, depending on previous state (responses A1, A2 and B). Responses A1 and
A2 are good and you are finished if you got them. Response B is not good, but th
ere is solution for it.
a) Response A1:
"The host name you specified doesn't seem to be valid for this machine" accept w
ith Yes
You get report:
Unable to start Cadence License Server with the new license file 'C:\Cadence\Lic
enseManager\license.dat'.' Please check the license log file 'C:\Cadence\License
Manager\debug.log' for details. The new license server setting '5280@MYPCNAME' w
as successfully added to your CDS_LIC_FILE license path environment variable.
Do not pay attention on the nature of message: your installation has been done a
nd you should be able to launch Orcad.
b) Response A2:
Unable to restart Cadence License Server with the new license file 'C:\Cadence\L
icenseManager\license.dat'.' Please check the license log file 'C:\Cadence\Licen
seManager\debug.log' for details. The new license server setting '5280@MYPCNAME'
was successfully added to your CDS_LIC_FILE license path environment variable.
Again do not pay attention on the nature of message: all is good and you are don
e with installation.
c) Response B:
Cadence License Server started successfully with the new license file 'C:\Cadenc
e\LicenseManager\license.dat'. The new license server setting '5280@MYPCNAME' wa
s successfully added to your CDS_LIC_FILE license path environment variable.
After some time you will get the dialog with the message "cdslmd.exe has encount
ered a problem and needs..." Debug|SendErrorReport|DontSend
This means your installation is not correct (yet); do not dismiss that dialog wi
ndow, but follow the solution: copy again the file license.dat from the installa
tion Orcad media, and also correct the file name as you did previously, and then
click the Don'tSend button. Now you should be able to use Orcad as in the case
10) launch your antivirus program. Tame it to accept launch of Start/Cadence/Rel
ease 16.3 / Capture, as well as Start/Cadence/Release 16.3 / PCB Editor, or what
ever Allegro package you are using.