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myPower online Design Center

Featuring IR Ballast Designer Software
Prepared by: Dan Barsell Design Services Applications Engineer

Home page & login: Click on any image to log in Login protects your saved designs Enter email address and password here Or register free by clicking here .

bill of materials.Ballast Design Assistant Software Generates complete electronic ballast schematic. air gap and number of windings. IR2166. Time domain graph showing actual ballast output waveforms. IR2167. IR21592. IR21593. and inductor specifications for a selected lamp type and input voltage range. IR21571. Advanced display page of lamp requirements and ballast operating points. IR2520D. Inductor designer feature for calculating core size. Electrical data and component value tables are also included for optimizing entire ballast product families. •Free Software! •Simple 5-Step Ballast Design Process •Lamp Browser •Design Browser •Advanced Display Page •Ballast Operating Points Calculation •LC Tank Component Calculator •Ballast Operating Points Graph •IC Component Calculator •Time Domain Graph •Inductor Designer •Windows-based Graphical Interface PFC Component Calculator •IR2156. IR2161 Component Calculator Schematic •Bill of Materials •Electrical Data Table •Inductor Specification Sheet •Component Value Table •Operates on Windows XP .

. 5. plus inductor design with part numbers. IR2520D or IR2161. bills of material. 3. 4. Select your IC IR21571. Click on “Design” and a complete analysis is done with complete schematic. IR2166. Select your lamp type Built in database with 38 types listed! Select circuit configuration 2 single lamp & 4 dual lamp types. 2. IR21592. Select your input voltage range 80-140.EASY 5 step process 1. IR2167. 90-265 or 185-265VAC. IR2156.

4A 1.3 Apk 5% 5% 1A 250VAC Rating 1000V 275VAC 400V 25V 450V 25V 25V 25V 25V 1500V 25V 630V 25V 25V 25V 250VAC 1A 1% 5% 5% 105C 5% Tolerance Reference BR1 C1 C2 CBOOT CBUS CCOMP CCS CEOL CPH CRES CSD1 CSNUB CT CVCC2 CVDC CY DBOOT DCOMP DCP1 DPFC F1 IC BALLAST L1 LPFC LRES MHS MPFC RCS RDC REOL1 REOL4 RHO RLIM RPH RPU RSD RSUPPLY RT RV1 RVBUS1 RVDC RZX Complete schematic & BOM! .2 uF 0.Software output: Qty Type 1 1 2 2 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 3 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 Bridge Rectifier Capacitor Capacitor Capacitor DC Bus Capacitor Capacitor Capacitor Capacitor Preheat Time Capacitor Resonant Capacitor Capacitor Capacitor Capacitor Capacitor Capacitor Y Capacitor Fast Recovery Diode Diode Diode PFC Diode Fuse Ballast Control IC Common-mode Line Filter PFC Inductor Resonant Inductor Half-Bridge MOSFET PFC MOSFET Current Sense Resistor Resistor Resistor Resistor Resistor Resistor Preheat Frequency Resistor Resistor Resistor Resistor Oscillator Timing Resistor Varistor Resistor Resistor Resistor Value 1A 0.6 Apk 1.15 uF 0.15 KOhm 62 KOhm 470 V 680 KOhm 56 KOhm 22 KOhm 200V 1% 400V 1% 1% 200V 5% 1% 0.1 uF 10 uF 0.2 uF 3.2 nF 600 V 12.1 mH 2.47 uF 0.2 Ohm Do Not Place 220 KOhm 1.68 uF 330 pF 0.01 uF 2.3 nF 470 pF 820 pF 470 pF 2.1 uF 0.7 mH IRF720 IRF730 1.6V 1N4148 600 V 2A IR2166 2x10mH 1.2 KOhm 20 Ohm 1 KOhm 51 KOhm 220 KOhm 100 KOhm 343.

wire. gap and turns! Graph showing operating points: • Preheat • Ignition • Run Comments: mypower@irf.com 4-25-2006 .Additional software output: Inductor data including core part number.

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