Tau Ethereal

Points: 60 points Description: Ethereal WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv 4 3 3 3 2 3 3 10 -

Unit Type: Infantry Number/Squad: 1 Equipment: The Ethereal carries the symbolic weapons of the Aun which count as as a pair of close combat weapons. These may be exchanged for: -Honour Blade at +10 points -Celestial Staff at +15 points In addition, the Ethereal may purchase the following upgrades: -Battlenet Uplink at +20 points -Carapace Armour at +10 points -Drone Controller at +0 points Special Rules: - Inspiring Presence: Any Tau unit within 12" of the Ethereal counts as Stubborn, and may also use the Ethereal's leadership for morale checks. Additionally, any Tau unit joined by an Ethereal may reroll morale checks. - Price of Failure: Should an Ethereal die, all Tau units become Fearless and Slow & Purposeful. All Ethereals count as 2 Kill Points, and are counted as an extra objective if captured by the enemy (alive or dead) in games using objectives. - Guidence of the Aun: At the start of the game, all Ethereals are awarded Guide points equal to the Tau player's priority roll. Guide points may be expended to reroll any dice roll made by the Ethereal or any squad within 12" throughout the game. This includes successful rolls, scatter dice and already re-rolled dice. Wargear: - Honour Blade: The Honor Blade must be used in two hands, and the wielder cannot count as carrying an additional weapon. It adds +2 to the wielder's strength and it's hits are Rending. - Celestial Staff: The Celestial Staff must be used in two hands, and the wielder cannot count as carrying an additional weapon. Any unit joined by the wielder gains +2 BS for as long as they are joined to that squad. In combat the Celestial Staff count as as a single close combat weapon. - Battlenet Uplink: The range of the Etherea's Inspiring Presence rule is extended to any unit within Line of Sight of the Ethereal. - Carapace Armour: This upgrade grants the bearer a 4+ armour save. - Drone Controller: The Ethereal may choose up to 2 drones at the relevant points cost. These drones do not impact on the Ethereal's Independant Character status. If the Ethereal joins a unit, the Drones also become a part of the unit until the Ethereal detaches from the squad.

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