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Environmental Education Story Book Sri Lanka CES Diogo Verissimo (2)

Environmental Education Story Book Sri Lanka CES Diogo Verissimo (2)

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Published by Sudarshani Fernando

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Published by: Sudarshani Fernando on Feb 02, 2011
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dense forest did not allow much light in. In his run to escape

the forest demon Tim trips over a tree root, and falls hitting

his head on a log. Then everything went blank.


At first Tim could not see any bird defending it, but as soon

as he tried to get up, a brownish hen resembling a bird

started pecking his aching head. She was so well

camouflaged that even when standing near him, Tim could

not see her.

Tim woke up some minutes later, with the sun on his face

and still struggling to understand what had happened to

him. He opened one eye and then the other. There was

now much more light reaching the forest floor, and Tim found

himself laying in the ground with his head still aching. He

was also very surprised to find right next to him a nest,

containing three eggs.

“Get out of here you brute, think you can just jump on top of

my eggs?”

“Uhhm, where am I? Who are you?” Tim asked still trying

to figure out what had happened to him.

“You seem a little confused” replied the bird. “You are in

the forest, and for some reason you almost landed on my


“Yes, the forest” Tim recalled. Pieces of his memory began

coming back to him. Suddenly he looked back and instantly

asked in a scared way, “Did you see any demons?”


“Demons?” the hen looking bird replied. “I have lived in

this forest for many years and have yet to see a demon”.

“At least the demon is gone” Though Tim slightly relived.

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