For some strange and incomprehensible reason, not all instruments work in the same key. You will notice that if the piano player calls out a song in the key of C, that your C on the saxophone probably won’t sound too groovy with it, if not downright awful! Since the alto is an Eb instrument and the tenor Bb, it means that you will always have to transpose the key they call out when they start a song. For instance, when they say blues in C, an alto player will have to play in A and a tenor sax player in D. Terribly annoying, but it will sound better if you stick to these rules, trust me. Of course you can learn to transpose the keys, and you will after you’ve done it for a while, but why not give you this instant transpose chart now and let us do all the hard work for you? Piano C #C D #D E F #F G #G A #A B C Alt A #A B C #C D #D E F #F G #G A Tenor D #D E F #F G #G A #A B C #C D

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