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Another Proof for God’s Existence


Anthony J. Fejfar, B.A., J.D., Esq., Coif

©Perpetual Copyright 2011 by Anthony J. Fejfar, and Neothomism, P.C.

This Proof for God’s Existence builds upon that Proof presented by

Anthony Faber.

Consider the following:


Being is an Unrestricted Act of Understanding, by Defintion.


Being is Form of Form, by Definition.


Being is Good, by Definition.


Being is the Unmoved Mover, by Definition.


Being is Actuality by Definition.


The Actual is that which Manifests, by Definition.

7. The Actual is Relatively Real, by Definition.

8. The Relatively Real is Probably Real, by Definition.


An important aspect of The Good is Existence, by Definition.


An important aspect of Reason is Logic, by Definition.


Reason is defined as a composite of Logic, Love, and Intuition.

12. God is Reason, by Definition.

12. God is Being, by Definition.

13. God is Good, by Definition.

14. Since God is Reason, it is logically required that God is Reasonable.

15. Since God is Good, and since and important aspect of The Good is Existence, it is logically required that an important aspect of God is Existence, or in other words, that God Exists.

16. Since God is Being, and since Being is Actuality, it is logically required that God is Actual or in Actuality, or put another way, God is an Actual Being.

17. Since God is Actual, God is also Relatively Real .

18. Since God is Relatively Real, God is also Probably Real.

19. Since God is Probably Real, The Probable God both Exists and Manifests.