Exploring and communicating outside the class

Designing own investigation

Discussing and presenting findings

Ongoing reflection

Written language - reading

Listening and speaking

Spoken words connect us with others.

Illustrations convey meaning.

Written language - writing

Viewing and presenting

Visual language is all around us.

The sounds of spoken language can be represented visually – letters, symbols, characters

Differentiated and meaningful contexts for learning, We can take different pathways to reach the same end point.

Use of individual and group goals.

Focused on children’s needs through the use of assessments and continuums.

Use of technology for recording. Play based learning activities.

Use of concrete materials.


• Supportive • Nurturing • Parent and community involvement
My mum comes to help.

I’m encouraged to learn my mother tongue.

• Learning Opportunities •Power of Mother Tongue

I work with my friends on projects.

• Collaborative • Socially Constructed

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