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Harding-Deadfalls & Snares

Harding-Deadfalls & Snares


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Published by: RonLayton on Feb 02, 2011
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writes J. C. Hunter, of Canada. A—the snare,

should be made of rabbit Avire, four or five

strand twisted together. Should be long enough

to make a loop about seven inches in diameter

when set. Bottom side of snare should be about

six inches from the ground. E—is a little stick,

sharp at one end and split at the other, to stick

in the ground and slip bottom of snare in split

end, to hold snare steady.
B—is catch to hohl down spring pole. C

is stake. D—is spring pole. Souje bend down

a sapling for a spring pole, but we think the best

Spring Pole Snare.


way is to cut and trim up a small pole about ten

feet lono;; fasten tlie l)i.i>- end under a root and

bend it down over a. crotch, stake or small tree.

Snare should be set on a summer sheep path,

where it goes through the bushes.

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