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Let’s write a hook together!

Thesis (your opinion about the topic):

REMEMBER: You don’t need ALL of these.

A. Surprise!
What type of surprise did you use?
• Disgusting
• Joyful
• Shocking
• Surprising because of who said it

B. Story
What type of story did you use?
• personal story
• family/friend story
• story from the news
• story from history
• other story
What descriptive details (5 senses) did you use to make it more

C. Question
What questions could you ask in your hook?
Are they yes/no questions?
How many sentences do you have AFTER the question BEFORE you
answer it (if you answer it)?
Is the question about your TOPIC or about your THESIS?

D. Quotation
What quotation did you use?

E. Imaginary Situation
What imaginary situation did you use?
• Imagine you are…….

F. Shared Memory
What shared memory did you use?
• Remember when….
• Remember how….

• Did you use personal pronouns (you, your, we, us)?
• How did you get the readers HEAD (thinking) and HEART

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