Narration & point of view

Who sees the story? (Focalization)

Application: say what you know about the narrator and the point of you in the following extracts:

External pov / focalization !!! Vision ?

Use the following terms to complete the grid : Internal point of view – external point of view – Omniscient point of view – 3 person narrative – 1st person narrative
Who tells the story ? He tells the story

Narrator: 1st person narrative POV: Internal point of view

Omniscient pov / focalization

3rd person narrative Vision


"Bob felt tremors through his heart as he saw the vampire suck his cat dry." Narrator: 3rd person narrative POV: Omniscient focalization

He tells the story (he’s God!)

He tells the story

Internal pov / focalization "Mrs. Bagnet is not at all an ill-looking woman. Rather large-boned, a little coarse in the grain, and freckled by the sun and wind which have tanned her hair upon the forehead, but healthy, wholesome, and bright-eyed.” Narrator: 3rd person narrative !!!!!

1st person narrative

He tells the story

POV: External point of view

He tells the story