Career Opportunities in Information Technology Industry

Presented by T.N.C.Venkata Rangan
for Rotary Club of Central Madras and Vidya Mandir Senior Secondary School on 26th November 2005

Microsoft Regional Director from ¶99 Board of Studies Computer Science: BGCW College (Deemed). Vishwak Solutions Pvt. INFITT Professional Bodies:    IEEE Software Process Improvement Network (SPIN) Kani Tamizh Sangam (KTS) Technical Journals Business Journals Reading & Writing:   . Government of Pondicherry Executive Council. Ltd. Pennalur CMD.What shapes my views? Bachelor of Engineering. SVCE.

TCS. 10. A degree in computer science means you¶re going to be rich immediately Everyone in IT is a Developer and talks only Java Only Engineers have a career in IT Mathematically impaired people need not apply Academic Marks don¶t matter for getting IT Jobs You¶ve got three professional certifications . 5. . 7. INFY & WIPRO All core work in IT is done in United States IT Career is not for Women People skills don¶t matter in IT jobs .Common 10 Myths About IT Careers in India 1. you¶re ready to work Everyone in IT works for IT companies . 3. . 2. 9. 6. 4. 8.

China is hardware superpower China has taken away the manufacturing cake. we can do nothing about it No high tech product design happens in India The productivity of Indian IT industry is low .Top 4 IT Industry Myths India is software superpower.

Is an IT Career Right for You? Considerations:      Salary range Location / Travel Constant learning A changing workplace Stress NEXT SLIDE .

What Realm of IT Should You Work In? Planning & Development Technical Services Support Services More« .

IT Industry needs are beyond IT Obvious:     Management Human Resources Finance and Accounting Advertisement / Marketing / Sales Legal: Especially Cyber Law Design ± Visualizing. Important but Non obvious:     Ancillary Services:  . Insurance. Identifying needs. Retail. Administration. Defense. etc.Banking. Aerodynamics. Creative Documentation / Writing Consultants ± Vertical Specialists . etc. Food. Dreaming. Infrastructure.

Engineering Post Graduation Technical Specialization Other Specializations: Finance.Path to reach there Good Education Sports & Extra curricular activities Post Schooling:    Polytechnic Graduation: Arts and Science Graduation. MBA. Law Training Institutes .

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