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By Dori Miles UTLA Atea Representative: Abisation Soeciaist indy meas nd ftir worpes he UTTACLAUSD corr pls a mune of poret git. UTA came fo Adin mas Sener has nhs fe chelate pang lance for febrile cng lng ge ets andrei mers ae fs. "Matng th Cast” port tts ont ones and ele dct tak Iceman mores UILA fos ad very busy year defending mambec’ Sights under the collective bargaining agement a8 wel Sin otec legal fora Snce July 20.5 ft leet thee case have bean bited tb coclnien We wo one ae a al Svaiting the etiatre’ deco inthe ‘he fo In at lent 16 ser come ‘efered t arbration, UTUA achieved Fnvorebesetterent Store toring he ‘ual besingsFovorble setUements ‘ere reaches in cases fer te ac Xraton hearings ad begun but befoe they vere subsite for a decision. A summary of @ paricolrly inereting ‘see follows ‘Teacher let go for speaking out ‘on school conditions UTLA attorney Rick Schoeab of the Law Office: of Larry Trygrad reoenly filed an amicus cima ("friend of the court") brief in the Caltomia Cour of Appeal in support of former Locke High teacher Amite Motevalls ight ®o fee peed ‘Mtevali auc the District and Locke's then principal, Armie Webb, in July 2007, ‘laiming she had been wrongly erm fated from her teaching postion for protesting Locke's fare to provide ts (dens witha eafeschoo environment and basic metnicios) materals The Dstt aimed Motevall's contract was not renewed boca she vas» pooe teacher tnd had been disciplined for misconduct. iva stunning verdict Lan Angeles ary sgread with Motevalive claims and srverced her $4250, The Disc suc- not have a teacher (or substi teacher) for an ene semacter, The lack of cle ttl consistent Gaciptinery rules waa Hondas of dent routine Wy mened te halls and. quae chr, ‘structional time with no consequence. Moteval as ected the lo school ladeship councl where she often crt ded school acminisasion and Distt ‘fas fc allowing such deplorable core dlitons.On several ccaions, ste person- Sally witnesed the school's “weapons Search teams” brutaize suudent during Supposed “random” wenpons searches ‘Att end of her fist ye in June 200, Motevali recived 9 satistactory final ‘Supporting a teacher's right to speak out against Inadequate school conditions is particularly important In the case of emergency credentialed teachers, who are “at-will” employer cesflly persue th: rel judge, bow fever, to set the jury's vendct asd, and the case was appesec. The Court of ‘Appeal decsion is expected oon, WMotevalli had began her employee with the LAUSD in September 195, teaching. art ane art history at Locke under an emergency credential, The tenncceptnble school conditions were immediatly apparent, Thace war an extreme shortage of textbooks and other Instructional material The teacher shot. ages wereso severe that come casas dic Winners of the ICEA petition- signing contest Congratulations to the following winness of UTLA' Improving ‘Cassroorn Education Act petition drive, evaluation port ‘When se rehimad to her assignment in September 2000, Moteall: became ‘even tore vocal about the tribe cond fora af the school She began working, ‘witha group of shaders wt formed an ‘organization called the Locke Student Union (LSC) tp improve thar school Webb and other Distt officals reacted negatively to the LSU and terest for change. Later in the school ear, the Dsnet aud Motevall a Notice of UUneatisactony Actanda five day ssepen sion for alleged insubordination ‘and ‘other alleged: misconduct. UTLA chal- lenge the Dist action. ‘Motevalli continued to speak out against the unacceptable conditions at the school and to work with the LSU. “Toward the very end of the year, the principal decided to replace the asa {ant prindipal ac Motovall’s evaluator, te Gn the nl evabustion sepent steel in June 2001, she ate her 6“ then Sulsacion’” Her contac with te Binet wo nt ene LA fled girs culling tela erat Gig erence Sy ah timo he Southern Calon Chapter of tie ACTL tl fd ln tn libalfef conn Loca secicy pe ing among ote thigy hat bs maar insti Loe cane eat repr, ‘Sunes lone! the stunt! Toh Amensiont ight ne ee mien orate ence That nl won t= Sc A prominent ogi Em fepat npmcarng Mow gant te Deore hrc cf wag rn Son in Onober 2, horse poe {oti on hen he Cort of Apex ILA weighed in at te Cou of ‘Appa level teem of te spn of sue wal LAUSD aches SemperngateaSer's ght wet ol tote neingats ecocl cocoee is paricerly inportant in the ewe of Emergeney, resents feichems neo Se Sowil enpbyes wit ew pte Some The Distt exo alent fe feel cut ot fr co foe Hever foe Di it the invifthe mann bx ronnesval bse fo aged i Meters cam, on Bot Saas proc agit to bonepooch ‘Aschepery site nUTLAC onic boa he Sato Caer hos ange opted Gt sha are he founds or damoency and the ‘maraiplace of dem! Te perennation protection oh nes poe by wy ne ewig pit etal copy inant cut witout a mening tae fev cogent ‘ey rtion of pbk eda” Re aw hopeful Gut the Cout of Appeal wile n Mosvali’s favor and mica theprjeveice I For more on tis cane: Te rir ami Ce bit cane road ar wnt

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