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Sample Scholarship Letter2

Sample Scholarship Letter2

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Published by: kaitlein_md on Feb 03, 2011
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Sample Scholarship Letter

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Dear Sir/ Madam, It is with deep gratitude I write this letter to thank you for you generous scholarship support Through the 2005 Jane Doe Scholarship. It¶s especially meaningful to write to you once again thisyear, as I received your scholarship last year. This support for two years means a great deal forme ± I¶m very proud to share this connection with you, and I am extremely grateful for yourfinancial assistance. Your willingness to maintain strong ties to the University of Iowa and the College of Business isan inspiration as I begin to reflect on my college years and plan for graduation. I¶m beginning torealize just how instrumental this academic community has been in shaping who I am and mygoals for the future. As a junior Marketing and Journalism major, I have found a number ofopportunities both inside and outside the classroom in the College of Business that haveencouraged my decision to pursue a career in integrated marketing communications. One ofthese opportunities has been serving as a communications consultant in the Business WritingCenter. In this position, I work one-on-one with students to improve their written assignments andcommunication skills. I have been able to form important connections with faculty, staff andstudents through this position, and it¶s motivated me to further pursue a career in marketingcommunications. Your scholarship serves as an exciting challenge for me to maintain and improve my level ofachievement before graduation. It is also an important connection to someone else who has hada meaningful experience at the University of Iowa. I look forward to strengthening my own ties inthe coming years to this academic community and someday being able to support students asyou do today. Thank you once again for your generous support. Yours sincerely, / faithfully Name Signature

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