Reported Speech

Choose the correct verbs 1. At the cinema Pete: “I want to watch Batman.“ Susan: “ I don’t want to watch it. It’s so boring.” Pete: “We can watch Hellboy, if you like.” Susan: “That sounds better.” Pete said he would want/wanted to watch Batman. Susan answered that she didn’t want/hadn’t wanted to watch it because it is/was so boring. Pete suggested that they could/will be able to watch Hellboy if she wanted/wants. Susan said that that would sound/sounded better. 2. At home: Mum: “You have to tidy up your room, Eve.” Eve: “I tidied up my room yesterday. It is clean.” Mum: “It isn’t clean at all, it looks terrible.” Eve: “So I will tidy it up tomorrow, today I don’t have time enough.” Mum told Eve that she had/should to tidy up her room. Eve replied that she had tidied/would tidy up her room the day before and that it was/had been clean. Her mum said that it wasn’t/hadn’t been clean at all. She thought that it was looking/looked terrible. So Eve suggested that she could/would tidy up her room the next day, because that day she wouldn’t/didn’t have enough time. 3. In the park: Old woman: “Hey, you nearly ran into me!” Bernard: “I’m sorry, I hadn’t seen you.” Old woman: “You will hopefully be more careful next time.” An old woman shouted at Bernard that he had/would nearly run/ran into her. Bernard apologized that he didn’t see/hadn’t seen her. The old woman hoped that he would/had to be more careful next time.

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