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Movie Magic Scheduling 5 User Manual

Movie Magic Scheduling 5 User Manual

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Published by: jiaminn212 on Feb 03, 2011
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This option allows for automatically rearranging strips into a specified order. There are
unlimited sort levels in the Sort window, with each featuring a list of Breakdown Sheet
Categories. Level 1 represents the Category with the highest priority by which the strips
are to be sorted.

NOTE: The Sort feature only works for scheduled strips. Strips that are in the
Boneyard area are not included when conducting Stripboard Sort functions.

From the Stripboard:

Movie Magic Scheduling 5

User Manual

© 2009 Entertainment Partners

Page 83

1. Click on the Sort button, located on the Stripboard toolbar.

The Sort window will open.

2. Click on the Add button to add a Sort level.

Add additional sort levels by clicking the Add button. Delete sort levels by selecting
the level to be deleted and clicking the Remove button.

3. Specify the sort parameters by selecting Sort By and Order options. If Ascending is
selected, the corresponding Sort Level will be listed in ascending order. Meanwhile, if
Descending is selected, the corresponding Sort Level will be listed in descending
4. Click OK.

The Sort will occur immediately.

NOTE: All assigned Daybreaks will be deleted upon sorting.

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