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patriotic cupcake glyph

patriotic cupcake glyph

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Published by Brooke Perry

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Published by: Brooke Perry on Feb 03, 2011
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Sweetest Little Citizens
{a cupcake glyph for
young Americans


* Cupcake liner  Boy- dark blue  Girl-red

*Would you like to be the President someday?
 Yes-add a star to the cupcake liner  No-add stripes to the cupcake liner (add with crayon or marker)

*Cake-What’s for favorite flavor
 Strawberry-pink  Chocolate-brown  Vanilla-white

*Have you visited Washington D.C. before?
 Yes-add a heart on top of the frosting  No-add a mini star on top of the frosting *Number of sprinkles = age *Frosting  White-born in spring or summer  Light Blue-born in fall or winter

cupcake liner (copy on red/dark blue paper)

lg stars

(copy on yellow)

mini stars

(copy on yellow)

Cake batter (copy on pink, white, brown construction paper)


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