accordance with the IEEE Standard 8301984 model.

PURPOSE This SRS Document contains the complete software requirements for the Online Student Information Management System (OS I MS) and describes the design decisions, architectural design and the detailed design needed to implement the system. It provides the visibility in the design and provides information needed for software support.New reliable and fast school management software with the great customers support. It'll help you with your daily school management routines and deliver you from your paperwork. SCOPE Online Student Information Management System is developing for Fatima Jinnah Women University and used to replace old paper work system and PUMS. OSIMS is to build upon the existing information system PUMS in order to efficiently provide student information to teachers and school administration .This increase in efficiency of result making, provide result to parents, give feedback to student, finally, publication and email student result. It provides a mechanism to edit the student information form which makes the system flexible. DEFINITIONS, ACRONYMS, AND ABBREVIATIONS IEEE OSIMS PUMS SRS FJWU J2EE JSP UP Link OS The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. Online Student Information Management System Project Units Management System Software Requirements Specification Fatima Jinnah Women University Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition Java Server Page FJWU Student Portal Facility Operating System

PRODUCT PERSPECTIVE Product Functions Online Student Information Management System this software is used to maintain and manage the information of the student .This software help the user to easy access the information of students .This software is also helpful for the administrator because he can easily bring changes to the records of the student. 1

User Characteristics The users of the system are students, teachers and the administrators who maintain the system. The users are assumed to have basic knowledge of the computers and Internet browsing. The administrators of the system to have more knowledge of the internals of the system and is able to rectify the small problems that may arise due to disk crashes, power failures and other catastrophes to maintain the system. The proper user interface, users manual, online help and the guide to install and maintain the system must be sufficient to educate the users on how to use the system without any problems. General Constraints The information of all the users must be stored in a database that is accessible by the Online Student Information Management System. The university information security system must be compatible with the Internet applications. The Online Student Information Management System is connected to the university computer and is running all 24 hours a day. The users must have their correct usernames and passwords to enter into the Online Student Information Management

Assumptions and Dependencies The users have sufficient knowledge of computers. The University computer should have Internet connection and Internet server capabilities. The users know the English language, as the user interface will be provided in English The product can access the university student database

This section provides a detailed description of the problem that the software must solve .Information content flow and structure is documented. USER INTERFACES All pages of the system are following a consistent theme and clear structure. The occurrence of errors should be minimized through the use of checkboxes, radio buttons and scroll down in order to reduce the amount of text input from user. JavaScript implement in HTML in order to provide a Data Check before submission. HTML Tables to display information to give a clear structure that easy to understand by user. Error message should be located beside the error input which clearly highlight and tell user how to solve it. If system error, it should provide the contact methods. The page should display the project process in different colour to clearly reflect the various states that student done. Each level of user will have its own interface and privilege to mange and modify the project information such as supervisor able to monitor/manage his student progress and make comment on it, student can change his detail, view the progress, submit 2

project idea. The System should provide a feedback form for all users to give comments or asking questions. It should provide a FAQ to minimize the workload of system administrator.

HARDWARE INTERFACES Server Side The web application will be hosted on one of the department¶s Linux servers and connecting to one of the school Oracle Database server. The web server is listening on the web standard port, port 80. Client Side The system is a web based application; clients are requiring using a modern web browser such as Mozilla Firebox 1.5, Internet Explorer 6 and Enable Cookies. The computer must have an Internet connection in order to be able to access the system.

SOFTWARE INTERFACES Server Side The UOP already has the required software to host a Java web application. An Apache Web server will accept all requests from the client and forward SUMS specific requests to Tomcat 5.5 Servlet Container with J2EE 5.0 and Strut 1.2.8 hosting SUMS. A development database will be hosted locally (using MySQL); the production database is hosted centrally (using Oracle). Client Side An OS is capable of running a modern web browser which supports HTML version 3.2 or higher.

COMMUNICATIONS INTERFACES The HTTP protocol will be used to facilitate communications between the client and server.

This section describes in detail all the functional requirements. FUNCTIONALITY Logon Capabilities The system shall provide the users with logon capabilities.


Mobile Devices The Online Student Information Management System devices such as cell phones. Alerts

is also supported on mobile

The system can alert the administrator in case of any problems. Usability y The system shall allow the users to access the system from the Internet using HTML or it¶s derivative technologies. The system uses a web browser as an interface. y Since all users are familiar with the general usage of browsers, no specific training is required. y The system is user friendly and self-explanatory. RELIABILITY The system has to be very reliable due to the importance of data and the damages incorrect or incomplete data can do. Availability The system is available 100% for the user and is used 24 hrs a day and 365 days a year. The system shall be operational 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) The system will be developed in such a way that it may fail once in a year. Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) Even if the system fails, the system will be recovered back up within an hour or less. Accuracy The accuracy of the system is limited by the accuracy of the speed at which the employees of the library and users of the library use the system. Maximum Bugs or Defect Rate Not specified. Access Reliability The system shall provide 100% access reliability. PERFORMANCE Response Time The Splash Page or Information page should be able to be downloaded within a minute using a 56K modem. The information is refreshed every two minutes. The access time for a mobile device should be less than a minute. The system shall respond to the member in not less than two seconds from the time of the request submittal. The system shall be allowed to take more time when doing large processing jobs.


Administrator/Librarian Response The system shall take as less time as possible to provide service to the administrator or the librarian. Throughput The number of transactions is directly dependent on the number of users, the users may be the administrator, employees of the school and also students or teachers. Capacity The system is capable of handling 250 users at a time. Resource Utilization The resources are modified according the user requirements and also according to the books requested by the users. DESIGN CONSTRAINTS Software Language Used The languages that shall be used for coding the Online Student Information Management System are Active Server Pages (ASP), Java Servlets, Java Server Pages (JSP), HTML, JavaScript, and VBScript. For working on the coding phase of the Online Student Information Management System, the Internet Information Services (IIS) Server needs to be installed. Development Tools Will make use of the available Java Development Tool kits for working with Java Beans and Java Server Pages . Also will make use of the online references available for developing programs in ASP, HTML and the two scripting languages, JavaScript and VB Script .

BEHAVIORAL DESCRIPTION Operation as a result of external events and internal conditions y System States y Events and Actions VALIDATION CRITERIA A Software Testing Plan (STP) will be created to define a set of qualification methods and to specify for each requirement in this document a method of ensuring that the requirement is satisfied . How do we recognize a successful implementation? What classes of tests must be conducted to validate function, performance and constraints? y Performance bounds y Classes of tests 5

y y

Test to be performed and expected software response Special considerations


Following websites visited were: y y Following books were consulted: The following books were preferred during developing the course of software. ‡ Software engineering by ³Roger S. Pressman´. ‡ Complete Reference java 2 by ³Herbert Schildt´. ‡ Database management systems by ³Korth´. ‡ Mastering UML with Rational Rose by ³Michael Boggs´. ‡ Swing programming by Dave Wood & Marc Loy


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