CLOSE COMBAT VEHICLE DATAFAX Name Points WS BS S Front Side Helljaw 158 4 4 5 13 12 Type: Tank Size: Normal Speed

: Normal Weapons: 2 x Twin-Linked Heavy flamer 1 x Twin-Linked Heavy Bolter 2 x Close combat weapon Special Options: Daemon, Fury of Khorne, Insane (in the manner of a chaos dreadnaught) Vehicle Category: Heavy Support Structure Points: 1

Rear I A 10 4 3

The Helljaw is a daemonic construct of the Soul Forge, combining scrap metal from bloody battlefields with sinew, bone and gristle. Its most notable feature is the immense skull of a carnivorous beast, stripped of flesh and bolted to giant mechanical servo-motors. The spirit of a raging daemon inhabits the shell of the Helljaw, driving it onwards to acts of bestial carnage, scourging the foe with flame and bolt-fire. As the machine prepares for battle its skeletal face hinges open, and the lower mandible splits into two tooth-studded blades. Cannons on jointed arms creak forth from the recesses of the skull, dripping with promethium fire. But it is in close combat that the madness of the Helljaw is given full rein, as the great jaws of bone and steel snap shut again and again, shearing enemies in two with savage ease.

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