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CIRCLE MACHINE - a more complex transmitter

To make this instrument you will need:

1 cardboard box

3 potentiometers (value unimportant

wire (guage unimportant but workable)

18 small, ceramic magnets (usually found at Radio Shack)

Attach the potentiometers to the bottom of the box top so that the stems stick out through the calibrated circles. 5. . 8. Print out the gif of plate 1. Punch holes for the stems of the potentiometers at the center points of the three calibrated circles at the base of the pattern. Cut out a circle of aluminum foil and glue it to the center of the large circle so that it contacts the two wires. 6. Put the end of each longer wire through the holes in the box top and lay them in the large cirlce. 7. 3. Attach a longer wire at each end of the series of potentiometers. Glue that to the top of the cardboard box. 9. Punch two small holes at the edge of the large circle. 2. 10. 4. Wire the three potentiometers to each other like the three circles.3 knobs a piece of aluminum foil 1 plastic can lid 1. Glue a magnet to each of the smaller outlying cirles around the larger one. where the lines from the calibrated circles meet it.

Attach the knobs to the potentiometer stems. Gaze intently at the witness and think what you wish to send to the target. To use this instrument: 1. 3.11. When you get a stick (and you will know it when you get it) that knob is properly tuned and you repeat the procedure with each knob until all three are tuned. 2. Tune the instrument for the rate for the target by laying the plastic cover next to the instrument and gently rubbing it with your thumb while turning each knob. . Place the witness of the target in the center of the foil circle. The combination of tuning and the magnetic vortex will significantly amplify your telepathic sendings.