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How to Install:

1: Mount the file "PTC Pro Engineer Wildfire 4.0 CD1.iso" in Power Iso ore simu
2: Run the "Setup.exe" in the mounted disk.
3: Write down the PTC HostID in a txt document, located in the left corner in th
e bottom of the setup screen.
4: In the Next window accept the terms and press Next
5: Now select the option: "Pro/ENGINEER & Pro/ENGINEER Mechanica.
6: Select features, It is recomended that you dont change the deafult features
7: Press next.
8: Now open the Crack folder, and copy the "ptc_li-4.0.dat" file to the "C:" dri
9: Next Open the license file "ptc_li-4.0.dat" in a txt editor (Notpad), and rep
lace every occurance off
with your own PTC HostID, (see pt.3)
(The easiset way to do this is to press "Ctrl"+"h". Type in , and replace wit
h your own
HostID, then select "Replace all"). Save and exit
10: In the "FLEXnet License Servers" press "Add" and select "Locked License file
(no server running)". Point to the edited license
file "ptc_li-4.0.dat" in your "C:" drive. Then press "OK"
11: Select "next" and "install"
12: Mount CD 2 and 3 when asked to do so.
13: Exit when the installation is done.
14: Do not start PROE!!!!! Open the Crack folder and run the patch: " eng
15: Serch the files the patch dont find in the install.dr/i486_nt/obj. Ignore th
e files you dont find
(The two first files and the 4.) Exit when Patching is done.
16: You can now start ProE. (PS: You can safely remove the firewall block if ask
ed so)