#### I really hope you enjoy this great book, it took me forever to made this ar chive!

#### Cocaine Handbook, An Essential Reference (Revised Edition) By David Lee # ISBN-10: 091590456X # ISBN-13: 978-0915904563 Testing for Purity Step By Step Enhancement of Purity (easy) Health Risks and Safeguards Improving Quality Inside the Cocaine Trade Cocaine and the Law 68 Full Color Plates 136 Black and White Photos ======================================================== Cocaine Handbook gives a closeup view of the illicit international cocaine trade , focusing on what happens at each stage as the product passes from cook to alch emist to dealer to user. Cocaine Handbook includes health and safety information, laws for all 50 states, and the loaction of testing labs and treatment centers. Cocaine Handbook describes in exact detail how samples are tested for common adu lterants and impurities. Test and photographs show how unwanted substances are r emoved from street cocaine by the use of special refining procedures. All processes in Cocaine Handbook are made exceptionally clear by charts, tables , more than 110 photographs showing the lab tests step-by-step. ==========================================================

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