1. Are you aware of the Gift Tax Act of 1958? Yes 2. If Yes, from where? Income Tax web site Self Awareness Friends Experience No

3. Are you aware that Gift Tax has been re-introduced in the year 2001? Yes No

4. Are you aware that the limit of exemption on Gift tax is not more than ` 50,000 a year with effect from the year 2004? Yes No

5. Are you aware of all the deductions available regarding Gift tax which could benefit you? Yes No

6. Are you aware that gifts given by blood relatives, irrespective of the gift value is completely exempt from tax? Yes No

7. In your opinion, do you think that gifts given by an employer to its employees in the form of bonus, gratuity or pension are tax free? Yes No

8. In your opinion, do you think that gifts to notified temples, churches, mosques, gurudwaras and other places of worship are exempt from Gift Tax act?

Have you ever availed the exemptions available in Gift Tax Act in anyway.Yes No 9. D you think that Gifts under will and in contemplation of death are tax free? Yes No 10. till date? Yes No .

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