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Published by: Jim Manning on Feb 04, 2011
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It's Here, The Urban Survival Supply List
Posted by revolutionist on December 25, 2010 at 1:40am in Escape, Evade, Survive. Back to Escape, Evade, Survive. Discussions

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In addition to my Wilderness Survival List, I have now created an Urban Survival List. While the Wilderness Survival put the emphasis on keeping a small pack, the Urban Survival List puts just as much emphasis on blending in to city life. You must be able to carry your kit in a way that doesn’t stand out. For this reason you must be able to fit everything into a backpack or briefcase. Often these will not be allowed into certain buildings, or must be left for other reasons, making it necessary for you to carry everything on your person. This is easier for women then for men, as they usually carry purses, which allow for easier concealment. Each item will be marked as either personal or stored, depending on its size and importance. It is important to try to keep your full kit with you at all times, but if you can’t, you still must never part from the personal items (unless they are an item which is not allowed beyond a certain security check. Try to think ahead about where you will be going and what you will be permitted to retain within the areas you plan to visit. Handgun-personal This item is essential to personal security when on the streets. Although martial arts and other weapons such as knives, tasers, and pepper spray may protect you, there is no better self-defense item than a gun. I would suggest using a midsized, 0.40” caliber autoloader. The reason for this is that guns utilizing smaller calibers such as 9mm, 0.35”, and 0.38” may reduce recoil, but lack the power to put down an assailant. Larger guns, which use calibers such as 0.44”, 0.45”, or 0.50”, are generally too big to conceal easily and have too much recoil. You will want a cross between recoil and power, as it will mostly be used for close encounters, but possibly for mid-ranged shooting. Recoil is a low priority in close combat, as you should hit within the first shot or two (hopefully you will be trained well enough to hit your first shot even at a mid or long range), but at mid ranges, you won’t want too much. This means that you don’t need to worry about it to a great extent, but larger calibers won’t be as effective. You don’t want to be standing in front of a man with a Desert Eagle 0.50” or an M1911A1 0.45” with little more than a squirt gun, for which reason you will want at least a medium caliber, of a minimum of 0.38”. This makes a 0.40” caliber the perfect cross between power and recoil. You will probably want to use a specialty form of ammunition such as JHP and/or +P. It is your choice on the specifics of both the gun and ammunition, but try to follow these guidelines as best as possible. You may want a second smaller gun (9mm, 0.35”, 0.38”, etc.) in an ankle holster in case you lose your primary gun for whatever reason. You may want to carry other self-defense items, including tasers, pepper spray, and an assortment of knives. http://www.wikihow.com/Choose-the-Right-Pistol-%28Handgun%29 http://www.lewrockwell.com/reese/reese3.html http://www.thehomesecuritysuperstore.com/Self-Defense.asp Knife-personal

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In your bag you will want to keep a larger supply of these items. made by the original Leatherman company. Mucinex.html http://www. including a seatbelt cutter and window breaking pin. It’s small enough when folded up that it can be easily carried on your person unnoticed. Benadryl. or even just a simple headache. diphtheria medication. an old apartment. even if they are complete strangers. and a few shims (professional or homemade) for basic combination pad locks. a gauss pad. Between the two of these you should be covered for any simple task. whether it’s a friend’s house. http://www. and superglue (for closing cuts). both keeping you warm.com/11-Key-Standard-Bump-Key-Set. or even a vacationer’s home (not highly recommended).com/ Leatherman-personal A leatherman has thousands of uses. and not found in any other multitool. you may want a small set of bump keys too. You will also want to try to get a military or replica military model. First Aid Kit-personal/stored You never know what might happen to you.html http://www. medical scissors. as this is only a day or two worth of equipment.bumpkeyshop. You will definitely want a partially serrated blade. Whatever the job is. or not be as strong as it is required to be. which you need to get past. If the blade is too long it will be hard to conceal.com/watch?v=EZVbCA9olxE&feature=fvw http://www.swissarmy. Unfortunately this is not the case.can and bottle openers.A knife is always useful for self-defense in addition to everyday purposes. A folding knife with a 3-5” blade is a must have. a mini-saw. and even a ruler. you might trip. You might catch a cold. and any other personal medications. You may also want to carry a boot knife and/or possibly a concealed automatic opener. scissors. and hiding you from thermal scanners. or even get hit by a car. sometimes you will find yourself sleeping outside a bar or club just for the feeling of security that is present with other people. a role of gauss tape.. because it allows for cutting stronger and rougher materials in a saw-like fashion. otherwise it might be missing important tools. Lock picks-personal When living in the shadows of the city you may come across a door or gate that is locked. It is also a good idea to get a full sized genuine Victorinox Swiss Army knife (not one of those tiny multitools). For times like this you can thank NASA for inventing the space blanket.youtube. but be made to fit in a pocket. Its pliers are unique. and may find yourself sleeping in an abandoned warehouse or dark backstreet or alley. and will not do any good for self-defense.com/MultiTools/Pages/Product. It also includes a variety of tools such as screwdrivers.aspx http://www. http://www. To do so include 2 or 3 doses of Pepto Bismo. You may also want to have an old hotel card or two for wedging doors. Advil and/or Tylenol. Bactine and/or Neosporin. http://www. Phone Site operated by james adap :) Update on Chat rooms converted by Web2PDFConvert. It always helps to have a basic pick set. A tanto blade is useful for fighting.youtube. and about 5 water purification tablets. Unless you are in extreme danger of dying you don’t want to check into a hospital. a mini-knife. and other purposes.com .com/family/multi-tools/Full-size_Tools http://www.com/watch?v=34TGBGR_K7w Space Blanket-personal Hopefully you will be able to find a warm place to spend the night. burn yourself.com/Padlock-Shim-Set-p-17182. the leatherman can almost always get it done. You might find yourself in any of the previously mentioned scenarios and need to treat yourself. A small first aid kit can deal with any of these problems.ebladestore.selfdefenseproducts. the stomach flu.aspx?category=out. get stabbed or shot.lockpicks. as it allows for stabbing and other cutting uses.95/mo -1. An all-purpose wrap/brace may be useful also. but if it is too short it won’t accomplish some simple tasks. Some of these places may be cold and unsafe. making a 4” blade ideal. Lock picks ensure that you will never be stuck or trying to find another way around.com/brockhage-lock-pick-set-b230. Get a full sized leatherman (at least 12 tools).200 voice minutes -1. about 5 q-tips.. a few band aids.200 text or picture messages -50 megabytes of data. Sometimes you won’t even be able to do this. Aspirin. Rise People Rise – The Global Revolution is Upon Us! (video) WORLDWI DE:REV OL UTION View All 8 9 10 BEST PRICE ON PREPAID CELLULAR Talk n Text 1200 $29. For when you’re in a hurry or being chased. but will reflect 97% of your radiated body heat. tiny bottles of hydrogen peroxide. They are also waterproof which makes them an affective replacement for ponchos and raincoats. and too large for some purposes. a file. this month? Tax avoidance protesters needed hospital treatment today after police used CS spray to break up a demonstration on Oxford Street in central London. alcohol wipes. A thumb stud and forefinger opener (assisted opener) are a necessity.leatherman. tweezers.

You may also want to keep a few more in your bag along with some other Episode 7 items such as jerky. and possibly an MRE. than you will always be able to talk to anyone you need to. so that it can’t be tracked. Nor do you want to have your credit card scanned by a third party. etc.” Episode 2 Sewing Kit-stored If you trip and put a hole in the knee of your pants you will probably want to repair it.com/doc/38647831/How-to-Hide-Money-on-Your-Person Flashlight/Headlamp-personal You never know when you will find yourself in an old abandoned building without power. Even if they discover you have one secret hiding place for your valuables. and one or two credit cards (in case your debit card runs out for some reason). Five 1s). or even an underground tunnel of some sort. you don’t want to be discovered simply because you are carrying an ID which contains RFID. There are thousands of dark places within the city. it is important to keep at least 20 oz. A flashlight ensures that you will always have light. Episode 1 More… converted by Web2PDFConvert.). For an almost never ending power supply. Instead of simply trying to memorize them. http://www. under shoe soles. a dark alley. For times like this. along with some spare coins. along with a couple of coins made of precious metals (for whatever reasons might come up). on which you can mark these spots. as the old saying goes.com/?gclid=CKfblf6NhKYCFddA2godTAqtZA http://www. a public library card (might come in handy). in addition to various building codes and padlock combinations. “Duct tape fixes anything. as it allows you to retain use of both hands. You may also want to carry a handhold GPS. and possibly have a role of electrical tape on your person. Episode 8 Food-personal/stored Episode 7 Keep a couple of energy bars on your person in case you find yourself in need of food. Map-personal Cities tend to be very large and full of various places that may be important to your survival for some reason or another. Disperse these throughout 4 or 5 hiding spots (inside pockets. RFID proof wallets and sleeves prevent this from happening. You will want about $40 in cash (One 20.RFID Proof Wallet-personal When trying to stay unnoticed. A headlamp is even better. A satellite phone is your best option as it is much more reliable. but unable to find it. These may be handy in many situations. making them the ideal choice for your light source. although you will want to keep it in a foil-lined pouch when not in use. and most importantly. One 5.” Cell Phone-personal Keep a cell phone on you at all times. Finding Episode 6 yourself hungry is never a good situation. and carry a second wallet with only a few dollars. Make sure you are getting something that Episode 4 will actually suffice – not an “Energy Drink. they won’t suspect more. If you are mugged. a small amount of dried rice. It also helps for closing cuts and a variety of other uses. In your wallet you will want to keep a Transit Card for busses and trains. you may want a map.idstronghold. It may be difficult to remember all of these places. '12160 RADIO Drinking fountains are becoming rarer and rarer. you can use a light with a crank and built in generator. Remember to keep it in a foil lined pouch (if you have a GPS. as it may look tacky if you are in business attire. but rather private buildings. Full Size or Visit the 12160 Zazzle Store Water Bottle-personal/stored Even in the city you may find water hard to come by at some times. There are also Episode 5 various forms of gels and drinks which use natural substances to boost your energy and provide you with nutrients. You may want to keep a second one in your bag. With a map you will never find yourself lost. You may find that the only source of water you can find for a day or two is a vender selling it for $5 a bottle. One 10. they can share a pouch).com . and will have a greater chance of working in a disaster. be able to make emergency calls. If you do this. in addition to PODCAST disasters and emergencies. to prevent reverse tracking. and it may cause you to become cold. In addition to this you might want to carry a role of duct tape in your bag. sewn in underpants pocket. of water Episode 9 with you at all times. Elsewhere on your person you will want to hide $200-300 in cash. a debit card with a few hundred dollars (in case of emergency). and having a couple of days’ worth of food will ensure that you won’t go hungry in an emergency. LED lights provide massive amounts of light using only a small amount of energy. and are usually not found in public areas. you can use your proxy wallet to convince the assailant that you don’t have much on you. while still having a source of light.scribd.

Make sure you include a local police.freeinfosociety. or even a room filled with tear gas..com/pdfs/misc/anarchistcookbook2000. Body armor almost guarantees you safety if you are stabbed or shot..htm Anarchist’s Cookbook-stored Hopefully you will never need to use any of the information contained in this book. If you have a partner. you may also want a two-way radio. http://www. Between these five types of radio you will be able to get the news. If you use matches.buy. For random purposes like this. Gas masks will let you survive in the most extreme conditions ever. Dragonskin is currently the best form of armor on the market. 2010 at 2:48am Thank you.com/prices/midland-75-822-cb-radio http://www. if not.com . knives. As a General class HAM I have to take issue with your item about shielding a gps or cell phone. or create an excellent distraction. Sometimes it is heavy and large. Make sure it isn’t too big either.com/discovery/7227-dragon-skin-body-arm. HAM. and directions for hotwiring a car. I have only been able to find the AM/FM/CB. tasers. or the AM/FM/Shortwave. http://www.com/v/_nqAQlw1_Ro&hl Gas Mask-stored A gas mask may seem like something that no civilian will ever have use for. Body armor often can be worn under your normal clothes without being obvious.pinnaclearmor. You may want a small ear bud to listen without allowing other people to hear. and Shortwave. and CB. Try to get all of these forms of radio in a single utility that is a small as possible. and even guns fail. put it in your bag.com/product/index. directions for wiretapping. fire. will start chewing on this after the holidays. http://www. If you can fit it on your person. so the minimum is probably three.com/body-armor/dragon-skin/ http://videos. pepper spray. A conductive metal will only absorb a very small fraction of the EM energy impressed upon it. http://approvedgasmasks. Be careful with the legal hassles that surround this book. make sure they are strike anywhere and water proof.howstuffworks. Make sure it includes goggles. it never hurts to have a source of fire. the better.radioshack. You never know when you will be in a large fire. ▶ Reply Reply by Nathan Keith Kane on December 25.mysimon.youtube. That is why aircraft show converted by Web2PDFConvert. If it is too big. because this is a really good list. a collapsing building. than to need it but not have it..pdf Body Armor-optional Self-defense usually works. keep some extra fuel in your bag. to ensure that you know what is going on where.Radio-personal/stored It will be helpful to have a radio that receives AM. and medical scanner. help you cook. while still being ultra-strong. Matches or Lighter-personal Even in the city. but other forms are smaller and still provide equal protection. fire can sometimes bring comfort.com/mask-gas. communicate over long ranges without being tracked. http://www. it is vital to survival in the city. and much more. 2010 at 9:05am I hate to contradict you on anything. do so. as it is lightweight and flexible. The smaller everything is (even if it includes more than one radio). and if you use a lighter. but it’s better to not need it and have it. but in reality. The rest is either reflected or reradiated. This book contains information including plans for various explosives. but when martial arts. but one of your items could get you killed in a worst case scenario. than don’t even bother wasting space in your bag. You should also carry a walkie-talkie.com/prod/allison-dj-175t-144mhz-handheld-transceiver. FM.jsp?productId=2634485 http://www. you need a backup plan. ▶ Reply to This Replies to This Discussion Reply by James adap2k on December 25..

2010 at 2:23pm Thank you for the info. 2010 at 5:28pm Nathan dont be shy. Welcome aboard! ▶ Reply Reply by Ron on December 25. but that does not mean that the tower cannot find the phone. how do you really feel? :) I am fairly new to this topic and very interested in all perspectives. In fact there might be a very good reason to stand out as armed and dangerous. a lady would have to be toting one hell of a large purse to carry all this weaponry. plus purses are NOT immune to searches when entering buildings. I'm more than you can handle!" While I would agree that all of the listed items are very worthwhile to have available. maybe? Or. Your phone may not be able to find the tower. smuggled into your work place and concealed there to be ready when TSHTF? converted by Web2PDFConvert. which is what you are trying to create with the foil. 2010 at 2:26pm Re: The Urban Survival Supply List « Reply #1 on: Today at 09:05:42 AM » Quote Modify Remove IMHO This list is TOTAL FANTASY BULLSHIT! The author(who is this? what qualifications to be dishing out hairbrained advice?) states an "emphasis on blending in to city life". All of the above listed armament stowed in a SWAT type vest stored in your vehicle. is just a secondary omnidirectional antenna unless it has a good ground. The RFID proof stuff has a layer in it that is engineered to either scramble the data or shift the reradiated energy to a different band. "Pick somebody else to mess with.com .up on radar. by a huge stretch of the imagination. you would find yourself behind bars in a New York minute! After TSHTF the streets will be full of MZBs and there Will be no need to blend in. as long as there is ANY law enforcement presence. ▶ Reply Reply by James adap2k on December 30. I would gather most of our members arent above a proper and decent discussion. A Faraday cage. ▶ Reply Reply by Ken Nestle on December 30. the idea that you could somehow get away with toting them around on a daily basis(in daily life as we now know it) is totally ludicrous! ! ! And. In what city on the planet can you expect to carry TWO GUNS and several knives and BLEND IN? Before TSHTF. and that is one reason why you can use your cellphone inside of your car.

To maintain any sort of technological edge over the competition will take teamwork. to make the knife you need steel.But again. test the steel by trial and error until it tempers properly. supper is being called. Not a good thing. I would suggest getting out of the city if at all possible. Something that you pretty well can't get along without in the wild (at least. most notably your children. Iron you need to know how to find and smelt the ore. and quite possibly plague after a while. and I would not be taking that route anyway. and you will see widespread dysentery and other water-borne diseases quickly. First. You also want to be especially far away from any research hospital. but it takes ages to rediscover knowledge. Second. so plan to use that window to your advantage. tungsten. or puddle it. a knife. not comfortably. That means a relatively high carbon content and some alloying elements. and then you finally get to make your knife. living in a rural area as I do. depending on what sources you are watching. Requires a working knowledge of ceramics and furnace design. It is conceivable that you could even have a couple of weeks warning if you have friends in high places. also requiring charcoal. and second. as long as you make the blade thick enough. I mean wild and crazy. and you end up with cast iron. and particularly at the technology tree. you are going to want some "stuff" to begin with.com . Lead. to even consider attempting to carry this many weapons on your person. no one is going to be able to be a sustainable system unto themselves unless you want to go back to the early iron age. pick one simple item. Carbon. for example. probably cholera. and by wild. but are not absolutely necessary. in a modern city environment. grandchildren. not wilderness). To do that with a fifty pound pack(which is about what I would be starting out with). No good. because the cities will become cesspools of filth very rapidly. is just total bat shit crazy! ▶ Reply Reply by Nathan Keith Kane on December 30. you can always make stuff. and knowledge. and years to develop a high level of skill. Specialty tools require a specialist to use them well. Forget about them unless you are willing to put in the time to become good with them. I would recommend this. It's got way too much carbon in it to make a knife with. endurance. or to an alternate cache if they are waiting for me at home. don't use any. I have a good thirty miles to go to get from where I work to where I live in a straight line. More later. You are going to want to have knowledge and skill more than you are going to want stuff. it takes time. but what good does that do the human race. so I figure 40-60 and four days minimum. ANY communication is subject to intercept. your fireclay and kiln. but as a training exercise. Don't count on finding food along the way. Now you have to build a converter. and nickel will help. This is why I say that you need human resources. Food and water contamination is going to be your biggest enemy starting about the end of the second week. You are going to have anywhere from an hour to three days from the time tshtf until everybody is crazy. First. Go figure. So now you have your charcoal furnace and your iron cupola. I would burn 6k-8kCal per day. which is pretty much pure carbon. 2010 at 7:14pm My personal philosophy on this topic is one weapon and a backup and BE PROFICIENT!!! One pack and enough ammo and food in the car to give me a good chance at hiking home. stuff that can be hardened to C 60+ and still be tough. take a look at one of the civilization building strategy games. While I was working in SAR/recovery and disaster relief we would always travel as light as we possibly could. so if they are chasing you. So your materials on the next level down for a simple easy setup are Iron. ▶ Reply Reply by Nathan Keith Kane on December 30. on a daily basis. Burn wood without oxygen to get charcoal. and you don't know whether it is contaminated or not. That will give you an idea of how to trace the development of a given item. to get steel. because it doesn't weigh anything. so you can see that this is a sizable amount of food that I need to carry. Carbon is easy to get. Not just any steel. unless you can also pass down the knowledge of how to get the sort of comfortable lifestyle that we are all used to? I doubt if any one group is going to be long term stustainable to start with at a significantly high converted by Web2PDFConvert. 2010 at 8:49pm Naturally. You can stock up on stuff to last you the rest of your life. and so on.

I was not referring to storing weapons.technological level. I'm glad to be back to reply to your comments. because you won't know when it will happen. When I mentioned "blending into city life. in addition to what IDstronghold claims their bags do. tshtf. and then start working forward in a specialty as a hobby. To summarize my philosophy. If you have any idea how to set up a field test.com .com/Cell-Phone-Stronghold-Bag/productinfo/I. ▶ Reply © 2011 Created by James adap2k. in case they drop their normal gun. and become engaged in a hand-to-hand fight. This is all referring to the time before the breakdown.. The portion about the knifes was poorly worded. while women can escape that problem by putting it in a purse. I personally believe in carrying one gun. but it you can't then store them in your bag. their pockets might be bulging. Try to fit as many of the personal items on yourself as you possible can. but their service has been running slow over the holidays. On the topic of the cell phone tracking. and either one or two knifes. let the jerks kill each other while staying as much out of the way as possible. I would suggest getting ~1930 and back down pretty solid. The stored items should be left in a car or office. you will definitely get some weird stares. but should be kept with you before the breakdown. once they finish.idstronghold. was that you should definitely have a military model folding knife. or you are openly carrying a gun or a gas mask. I was basing that part off of a small amount of articles that i have read. I am currently doing some research on the Faraday cage. train.. ▶ Reply Reply by revolutionist on December 31. and possibly one fixed blade or auto opener. I don't know what they would be referring to. I have had no opportunity to field test it. If everything goes to pot. and doubt I have the resources). Of course you can't carry all of this on your person. Btw. I was referring to the fact that if men try to fit everything on their person. and. I listed a second gun because I know some people feel more comfortable carrying a gun in an ankle holster. but carried with you if you are walking around. When I mentioned women having an easier time because of their purses. What I meant by that section. I would like to start by addressing the weapons issue. but unfortunately Ning disabled my account for "spam". I am not an expert in the area. The items are mostly for after the breakdown. 2010 at 6:31pm I'm sorry I didn't reply to your comments earlier. complete with cached reference works. if you start out with ten jerks. our government induced order is a significant factor in our level of technology. I would love to know (I don't know how to track a phone. I haven't addressed the staying out of the way part because that has already been beat to death many times by many people. you are likely to end up with only one or two to worry about if you can manage to stay out of their way for a few years. is the size. Another issue that seems to have come up. http://www. rebuild. That is why the items are marked as personal or stored. Badges | Report an Issue | Terms of Service Sign in to chat! converted by Web2PDFConvert. If your pockets are bulging." I was referring to looking normal before the breakdown. as it does imply that you should carry three or four knives. unfortunately.

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