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Sample Stress Management Questionnaire

Sample Stress Management Questionnaire

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Sample Stress Management Questionnaire

How do you handle an excessive workload? * I prioritize my work and go ahead to meet my goals * I slowly begin to tackle my work * I become frustrated and irritable When you are faced with financial challenges, how do you react? * I come up with ways to overcome my financial challenges * I take time to recover from the financial challenges * I stay home and worry endlessly How would you describe your life in general? * Interesting * Challenging * Miserable How do you handle problems? * I try my best to sort them out * I enjoy the challenge that problems present * I get angry and find someone to blame When a person makes you wait for too long, what do you do? * Try to keep busy while I wait * Find something else to do * Become angry and leave What is your perception of change? * I do not like change in my life

you. . and then I take my time doing what I need to do. B: Stable. C: Brood over the problem. C: Get annoyed and bored with work. 4. 3. When forced to work overtime. it would be? A: Progressive.* I accommodate change * I am unwilling to change my life for anything or anyone Please answer yes or no to the following.. 2. A: Try to settle all your financial problems as soon as you can manage.. If you suddenly find yourself in debt. If you were asked to describe your life in one word. B: I think first. C: Difficult. When you encounter a problem.. how do you deal with it? A: I start working on the things that need to be done. B: Assess the situation and gradually recover from your financial losses. you. When I am stressed I feel Pain ___________ Anger _______________________ Embarrassment _______________ Exhausted _________________ Headaches ________________ Tense __________ 1..

B: Trace a course of action and slowly but surely adapt to the pressure. You feel like you're? A: Ready to tackle anything that comes my way. 9. C: Difficult. If a person you are waiting for is late. you? A: Redouble your efforts in order to make ends meet. C: Not able to make things go my way. C: Blame others for the problem. During a vacation you? A: Go everywhere I can go to. 7. C: Complain about it. . 8. B: Calm and open-minded. You find work? A: Engaging. you? A: Find something to distract myself with while waiting. C: Find it difficult to relax. B: Read a good book or take in the sights and relax.A: Take it as a challenge. B: Amusing. B: Think about what necessary steps to take to deal with it. B: Relax. 6. 5. C: Get annoyed and angry. When you're given more work than you can deal with.

" it means that you're a very active and reliable person. It may be beneficial stress (eustress). Be honest in your answers if you sincerely want stress management. You usually achieve this by distracting yourself with a hobby or resorting to some form of exercise. as a physically healthy person will receive stress much more favorably than one in poor health. It would also be a good idea to start getting into shape. It is also this very methodological approach to things that allow you to root out most problems before they even become problems. If most of your answers are "A. which makes us happy. laid-back and logical individual. Your nature could also be attributed to some life-changing event that may have happened recently. . Chances are you rarely deal with problems. B: Learn how to deal with the changes. Stress is Your Response We respond to unusual demands placed on us. and when you do. It might be advisable to seek professional help and start changing the way you see problems when they come.10. it doesn't affect you as much as it normally should. The only drawback to all these traits is you are prone to becoming too passive. minimizing the chances of error on your part. How do you respond? Do you need stress management to learn how to respond better? Stress Management Questionnaire This stress management questionnaire is about you and your responses to the demands made on you – stressors. C: Complain about it. You're probably irritable and always want things to go your way. which causes anger. The combination of your sound mind and healthy body will enable you to withstand a good degree of stress. Mostly "C" answers would reflect your relatively poor coping mechanisms. you? A: Accept the changes. When something forces you to change your lifestyle. and that response is stress. If the majority of your choices end up as "B" you're most likely a very relaxed. tension. You take your time with things. It may be detrimental stress (distress). Give each question a “yes” or “no” answer. and you perform as though nothing happened. You run the risk of overlooking problems or giving yourself too long a time to deal with things and thus you may find yourself facing a problem that you could have nipped at the bud. and illness. You address problems by either dealing with them directly instead of letting things resolve themselves. which is never the case in life. It's most likely that your stress coping mechanism is turning stress into positive stress (eustress) which allows you to benefit from it while dealing with it at the same time. You become frustrated because of this and you end up putting unnecessary tension on yourself.

When you are given an unexpectedly large project. Do you have the time you want with your family each week? 3. and “yes” to the last four. When you are asked to do something unplanned. and work out that plan? Stress management goes much further than a simple stress management questionnaire. Do you respond in a positive manner when asked to do something for which you lack training? 8. relax. Do you have the personal time you would like each day? 4.1. and planning how you will respond when you meet one of them. do you respond with anger? 5. Do you proactively respond with positive power to stressors? 10. you answered “no” to questions 1 through 3. Then put your plan into action. It takes no more than identifying the demands in your life. . In all probability. When you are interrupted at an activity. you should be able to answer “yes” to the first three questions. Most answered “no” to the remaining questions. do you respond angrily? 6. “no” to the next three. Do you have the time you need to do work without interruption? 2. Correct Answers With proper stress management. Do you plan your life each day. Do you accept with a healthy attitude circumstances that cannot change? 9. do you get tense? 7. but your answers will give you an indication of where you stand right now. Many answered “yes” to questions 4 through 6. If you are thinking that will take a lifetime of workshops in stress management techniques.

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