packing machinery, which has helped in increasing the shelf life of roasted coffee beans, and significantly increased

the packing apabilities and speed. Since the company has many vendors supplying it a variety of food and beverages, it has linked its supply chain to its vendors supply chain as well. This has ensured the efficient flow of products and information across

We use these inputs to refresh our menu. look and overall feel. along with POS solutions for front office solutions. Marketing. We also use Facebook and Twitter to understand and listen to what our consumers have to say. also has a number of technologies in the process of being adopted or deployed. says The two key technologies we use are POS for our café operations and SAP IS Retail for the back-end warehouse supply chain requirements. bio-metric devices at cafés for attendance. integrating POS devices to the Electronic Data-Capture (EDC) machine. and touch screen POS systems .‡ Currently the most popular technologies being used are accounting systems for back office needs and the Internet. our Cafés are Wi-Fi enabled. president. he adds ‡ CCD. These systems are found in over 90 per cent of the establishments in the industry. Besides. K Ramakrishnan. Café Coffee Day. It serves as an excellent tool to receive reviews on what we do and how we can make the café space more fun and exciting. like analytical tools. integrating POS machines to the coffee espresso machines.