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Solution to automobile fuel crisis.

Crawling to its last drop, the fossil fuels are dangerously threatening the
human civilizations, and succumbing to their careless use. Automobiles have
become inevitable; from the very food we eat to the biggest projects we
undertake, nothing can serve its purpose without being backed with proper
transportation facilities.

Transportation, today, has developed its own hazards; the biggest one is the
pacing depletion of the fuel which runs it. The problem is threefold. First,
the exponentially increasing numbers of automobiles, thus increasing
pressure on already affected fuel levels. Second, the lack of awareness
among people regarding sustainable development. Third, deficiency of
proper and genuine technology to use renewable sources of energy.

The solution to the first problem is what we all can comply with i.e. the use
of public vehicles. There are many a places we can never go alone, may it be
our workplace, multiplexes or malls. These are where one needs to take
opportunity of using public vehicles. Even if we use our personal vehicle,
suppose a car, while commuting to these places we should make all efforts
to make its fullest use, like going with our colleagues together and using
their cars in turns. This won’t only solve a part of the fuel crisis but would
also increase our security during road transport.

Sustainable use of a resource suggests we should use just as much we need
and save the rest. People all over the world must remember that we don’t
inherit the fuel resources from our ancestors; we rather borrow it from our
upcoming generations. As much as possible we should try stopping wastage
due to ship collisions and sinking and stop engine at traffic.

This alarming situation of fuel shortage demands new resources and their
effective use. Solar energy stands high apart in this field. The electric and
hybrid cars can also serve as a solution to this but this technology is not
much developed in India and middle class can’t afford it. Storing energy
from various sources like nuclear, tidal, winds and then using them on
wheels can be a way out. But everything is short of proper research and

It is time that we take initiative personally to measure the consequences of
the crisis and consider all possible solutions else it will soon be too late.