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Ramy Michel Labib Aweda

Address: 6 mostafa kamel st.
sheraton cairo,Egypt

Tel : 0222682331 :
Mob : 0105025827 Being a fresh graduate qualifies me to have better knowledge than
Mail : previous classes and more willing to learn new material.


1992-2005: High school certificate - Cairo-
Egypt. Graduation project
St.jossef maronite school

2005-2010: Bachelor certificate - Cairo- Egypt.
Faculty of Engineering, Department of computer science, Grade:
Modern Academy mokatam. University of district of columbia
inWashington D.C in USA
 Arabic: Mother Tongue.
 English: V.good. Reading, Writing and Understanding.


 Computer literate: (word, excel, power point, ...).
Surfing most of internet operations

Professional experience

Information technology

19/8/2008 till 1/9/2008 in Novartis pharma in Egypt
1/9/2008 till 30/9/2008 in galaxia tours
1/6/2009 till 30/7/2009 in alpha omega group

Date of Birth: November 1, 1987 Marital Status: Single

Place of Birth Cairo, Egypt Military Service: exempted
Nationality: Egyptian Characteristics: Active, Enjoy team work,
Driving License: Valid